Theresa Millhouse (1974-2018) appeared as a quasi-suspect in the events of Neighborhood Block Murder (Case #1 of Toomeswood) and A Murder Of The Opera (Case #9 of Toomeswood). She was later slain in Burn Into The Sun (Case #10 of Toomeswood)


Theresa was a 44 year old housewife and member of the Dr.B.A.Pearman Elementary School Parental Advisory Committee. She has mid length black hair with black eyes, red lipstick and white nail polish. She wears a chartreuse dress, red scarf, pearl necklace with matching earrings.

In her second quasi-suspect appearance, she retains her accessories from her first quasi-suspect appearance but her outfit changes to an off white sleeveless dress with a brown belt at the waist with a gold buckle and is seen holding a black leather purse. She also sports short pink gloves and a matching hat, as well as red sunglasses with dark frames.

At the time of her death, she kept her pearl necklace and earrings but ditched her red scarf. her outfit changed to a blue tanktop underneath a long white sleeved blouse with orange gaucho pants and white wedge sandals. She also sported a white hat with a red ribbon.

Height 5'11"
Age 44
Weight 170 lb
Eyes Black
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

Neighborhood Block Murder

After arresting Henry Baltimore's killer, Jordan and the player went to arrest the irate housewife for attacking kindergarten teacher Darcy Keller with a crowbar the team found at Dr.B.A.Pearman school. She demanded that school custodian Miguel Esposito be fired by acting principal Julianna Gideon for being seen smoking outside school property by her son Caleb and for Darcy to be fired as well for the two being romantically involved, as well as Henry's investigations on the teacher. When Darcy defended herself, she was attacked by Theresa. After her arrest however, the housewife taunted the teacher that after the victim investigated her, she would no longer have a job at the school before demanding her lawyer.

A Murder Of The Opera

Murder Details

After a response to a fire, the team found Theresa's charred skeleton at Mickey And Minnie's Tanning Salon, however Tazia was not able to find anything on the victim's corpse due to the intense charring so the team had to re-investigate the salon. There they found the a tanning bed broken by a strings that were part of a guitar which had been thrown by the killer, confirming that the killer played the guitar.

Mid-investigation, the team found a self help book at a popular yoga studio which per Jonah belonged to the killer. With Lucas's help, Jonah was able to deduce that the killer practiced yoga and drank orange juice, a feat which in particular incriminated prostitute Molly Greene.

Relationship With Suspects

A shocked Molly reported Theresa's murder after the tanning salon caught fire, she discovered the victim after she detected a strong burning smell after her spray tan. The prostitute was discovered to have threatened the victim as Theresa caused Molly to be banned from the community pool for life as the entitled housewife made a false complaint to the pool's director lying the prostitute had body lice and knew about it.Naturally like any husband would be, Kent Millhouse was fuming upon discovering his wife's murder as the two planned to go to the gym, he demanded the killer be brought to him so he could take revenge. It was later revealed that Kent and the victim always engaged in heated arguements over trivial things such as Theresa demanding that her husband eat more salads and Kent demanding that his wife go to a salon to have her anus bleached.Samantha Balkan informed the team that she was the victim's neighbor, however the two always had a rocky relationship as she found Theresa to be a nuisance of sorts. It was revealed that Samantha hired Jenna to spy on the victim as one day Samantha had gone for a nature walk only to find her property destroyed and the neighbor was desperate for answers as she suspected Theresa of being the culprit.Jenna Danson revealed that she was hired by a blogging recognition company called FOLLOWR to write a juicy blog on the victim. Later on, Jenna trashed the local yoga studio upon discovering that the company she wrote her blog for was a fake, meaning someone hired her to spy on the victim. An angry Todd Merowitz sued Theresa for everything she owned, feeling that she played a huge role in his adoptive son's murder despite no evidence of involvement. Todd was discovered to have had a physical altercation with the victim after he overheard her bragging about defecating on the prostitute's property after insulting the victim's weight.

Killer And Motives


  • Theresa bears a slight resemblance to Catherine Kelly from Criminal Case:The Conspiracy

Case Appearances

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