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Arrest the killer now!
Brooklyn Carpenter: So it was you all along... Roger Archer, you are hereby under arrest for the murder of Mason Indigo!
Roger Archer: How dare you accuse me of something like that! I thought you would leave me alone after the bank-robbing...
Brooklyn: Frankly, we can't just let murderers run free, especially if they kill one of the biggest leads in our investigation!
Roger: Is this about that weird conspiracy theory you have? Why would I care for that?
Brooklyn: That's what we need to now know so tell us or this won't be pretty!
Roger: You know I still don't understand why the police would hire a gangster, you caused more crime than you solved girl!
Brooklyn: Right, <RANK> <PLAYER>, I shouldn't sink to this guy's level...
Brooklyn: We found your blood on Mason's monocle, your allergy treatment on his body and your DNA on the garrote wire, confess already!
Roger: This is why I always hated the police! Yes, I killed Mason!
Roger: Archer Banks is an old friend of the Indigo family so I couldn't just sit around when you were going to ruin our plan!
Brooklyn: Your plan? What're you talking about? We need every bit of information!
Roger: You're smart enough to figure it out yourself but I might as well tell you now...
Brooklyn: Spit it out old man, we're listening!
Roger: Never call me old again you brat! Anyways, where was I...
Roger: The Indigos got a very nice offer from one of my most trusted affiliates, I'm assuming you already heard of them.
Brooklyn: So you are receiving money from POWER! I knew it ever since the investigation in your bank!
Roger: It's true but this isn't about me. Sadly, the family was very split on what to do, some wanted to accept while others declined.
Roger: They settled on not cooperating, or at least that's what those cowards thought.
Roger: To put it simply, some of the Indigos are aiding POWER while the others are still clueless!
Brooklyn: But why would that bring you to kill Mason?
Roger: Mason was a non-believer! He didn't care about anything I told him so knowing that you were going to confront him, I had to do something.
Roger: Those POWER guys, controlling so many little puppets. I kind of admire them you know...
Brooklyn: I bet they'll appreciate you admiring them from a prison cell, you're under arrest!

Judge Blade: I truly never expected to see such an infamous man sitting here, Mr. Archer. I must say, I'm very dissapoin-.
Roger: Eventually you'll all learn that not joining POWER will only end in your demise!
Judge Blade: Silence Mr. Archer! You committed a heinous crime and now you'll pay for what you've done!
Judge Blade: No remorse, aiding a huge criminal syndicate and interrupting me, my decisions are clear!
Judge Blade: Mr. Roger Archer, this court hereby sentences you to life in prison, all rise!
Roger: You're making a big mistake <PLAYER> <RANK>... This is only the beginning!

A Dark Shade of Blue (5/6)

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