after you got greeted by everyone Bonnie said that there is something wrong on a lab at Blue mountain you go to the lab and find scrap trap poisoned at the lab.

during the investigation, cuphead said that she found a notebook that belongs to spring trap and talks to spring trap and he said that he would never murder his cousin(he also found a bowtie (belongs to mangle), a jacket (belongs to Delilah) and a necklace (belongs to foxy)).

after finding out scrap trap was poisoned cuphead found a girl named Baby and talked to her but she cried because scrap trap is her BFF (cuphead also found an empty syringe (belongs to the puppet)) .

when they found out that mangle was the murder she was arrested for 10 years for poisoning scrap trap and she told where she kept the plan (plan SUPERSTARS)



scrap trap (was found poisoned in the lab)

murder Weapon 



mangle the fox


springtrap foxy mangle delilah baby puppet


scrap baby


toy bonnie

Killer's Profile 

  • the killer has a cold
  • the killer has a scar
  • the killer is wearing red
  • the killer knows how to dance
  • the killer got invited to LES

Crime Scenes Edit

lab lab table
victims house bed room
high school halls lockers

dreams and storms 1/6

  • talk to springtrap
  • investigate bedroom
  • investigate phone
  • talk to delilah
  • investigate lab
  • analyze book (6:00:00)
  • talk to nick
  • go to next case
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