The death of Donna king is the first case of

The player meet the player's partner, Julie Sparks. They went to the entrance of Brew York City only to find a dead girl with a slit throat. The victim was Donna King , an attorney. The killer was Ryan Agon. Ryan didn't tell any motive. So he was sentenced 2 years in jail without parole.

Victim-Donna king

Weapon-bloody knife

Killer-Ryan agon

Killers profile

-The killer wears black

-The killer watches The Journey

-The killer is 18 and above


Ryan Agon (resides near entrance)

Appearance:wears black

Profile:watches The Journey , 18 and above

Reilly Badun (victims cousin)

Apparance:wears black

Profile:18 and above

Crime Scenes

-Town entrance


-Entrance bonus

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