The Writing on the Wall
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Hardville Town
Case # 3
Initial release date 7.8.2020
Partner(s) Elena Yellowstone
Case chronology
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Crystal Clear All Guns Blazing

The Writing on the Wall is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the third case of Secrets of Yahatu and the thirty-third case overall. It's also the third case to take place in Hardville Town.


After discovering that someone stole Serpent's dagger and caused a hurricane, Caroline Cummings told the team that she knows a place where they can learn more about the dagger. Excited Caroline then showed them a photo of old church, saying how the church has a secret library behind one of the paintings. Chief Clint Russo then ordered Caroline to accompany Elena and player and help them find it. The trio then headed to the church, where they got approached by PhD student Stefan Bross, who told them about a blood trail leading to the church. Elena sighed and followed the trail, only to find a body of priest Father Butler whose fingers were cut off and shoved down his throat. Knowing that the cops will close down the church forever and completely ignore the murder, Caroline told them to solve his murder quickly so they can find the library. Elena and player quickly searched the church and added Stefan, victim's niece Alesha Butler and con artist Lev Spalding on the suspect list. When they returned back to others, Rudy told them that the apparently someone saw Stefan commiting the murder.

Confused, Rudy and Elena went outside only to see a Mormon Nick Pilsnerfeld threatening to the police, saying how he saw Stefan and Caroline disposing of the evidence. Elena tried to convince him that they weren't doing that, but Nick still threatened to report them. Rudy then told Elena and player to solve Father Butler's murder and that he'll calm Nick down and, if he find time, he'll try to find the library himself. Elena nodded and the duo went to investigate the old bell tower where they found enough evidence to suspect Lev Spalding's bodyguard Nathan Hunt. Mid-investigation, Elena and player discovered that Father Butler harassed Stefan's girlfriend for being a witch and that he was never satisfied with Alesha's college work, causing her anxiety to become even worse. When they returned back to others, Clint told them that he found a bloody writing on the church wall.

Elena and player then went back to the church, only to see a quote about revenge from book The Glass Princess, written in blood. After Logan Neal confirmed that blood on the walls belongs to Father Butler, Elena and player investigated the abandoned shed and discovered that Father Butler was disappointed at Lev for leaving the church and that his bodyguard Nathan even had to send threats to him in order to keep Lev safe. Later on, they also discovered that he caught Nick drinking alcohol few days ago, angering him. After investigating the church once more, the team discovered that Father Butler's killer is Nick Pilsnerfeld.

When confronted, Nick sighed and told them that Father Bulter destroyed his family. Nick took off his glasses and revealed that he and his family were undocumented immigrants from Mexico and that they were homeless for few months until they met Father Butler, who offered them to stay at his church. Having no other option, Nick's father accepted his offer and the family stayed at the church. However, few months later, when Nick was on the nearby playground, he saw his parents being taken away by ICE agents, much to his horror. Heartbroken Nick then went back to the church and overheard Butler talking to the ICE agents, realizing that he is the reason his parents are getting deported. At that moment, Nick promised himself that he'll avenge his family and punish Butler for taking them away from him. Years later, after becoming a Mormon and changing his name, Nick met Father Butler again, who failed to recognize him. When the opportunity revealed itself, Nick knocked him out, restrained him and slowly chopped off his fingers before shoving them down his throat, suffocating him in the process. Elena felt sorry for Nick, but told him that a murder won't bring his family back. After reporting Nick to the police, Elena and player got approached by worried Rudy, who told them that Logan has been acting weird.

Rudy and player then decided to check up on Logan, but he refused to talk with them, saying how he needs some time alone. When Autumn told them that Logan was at the bell tower just twenty minutes ago, Rudy and player went there and searched the scene, hoping to find anything that could explain Logan's current state. After searching the bell tower, the duo found Logan's cellphone in his backpack. Rudy sighed and said that they can't just invade Logan's privacy like that, so they decided to give it back to Logan. However, as they were heading back, Logan's phone buzzed. When Rudy looked at it, he noticed a message from librarian Jay Riorta in the corner with few heart emojis next to his name. Rudy smiled, saying how he knows what's bothering Logan. Later on, the pair met up with Logan again and Rudy gave him his phone back. When Logan saw the message from Jay, he sighed and said that he has something to tell them. With a shaky voice, Logan admitted that he actually went on a date with Jay since he really has feelings for him. Rudy smiled and hugged the crying chemist, telling him that no one has rights to judge his sexual orientation and that he should be proud of who he is. Logan sobbed and apologized for keeping that a secret, but Rudy reassured him that it's okay and that they will continue to support him, no matter what. Logan then hugged Rudy again, thanking him for listening to him. Before they left, Logan told them that he'll come out to other team members later tonight.

Meanwhile, Caroline and player searched the church again and found a giant painting. Thinking that something could be behind the painting, Caroline removed it and saw a giant safe door with a code on it. After unlocking the door with Autumn's help, the duo went inside and found themselves inside of the giant old library. Caroline cheered, saying how this is the place she's been talking about. Caroline then collected some of the books that could be useful for them before leaving the library and giving them to Rudy. Few hours later, worried Rudy told them that Serpent's Dagger is Yahatu Goddess's most prized artifact and that whoever dares to take it away, will be punished. Knowing that a huge hurricane is coming soon, Caroline suspected that it's probably the punishment mentioned in the book. However, Rudy also told them that, if Serpent's Dagger is returned back to the village of Yahatu, the person holding it will gain enormous source of power and will be unstoppable. Caroline then sighed, saying how they must find the dagger and return it before the hurricane starts. Before they left, Rudy told them that he found Lev Spalding's signature on the back of the book, prompting the duo to talk with Lev once again. The duo approached Lev and his trusted bodyguard Nathan and asked him about the book. Rubbing his chin, Lev said that he always believed that the whole dagger story was just a myth, but after discovering the whole hurricane story, he and Nathan decided to find the library and see it for themselves. When Caroline accused them of having something to do with dagger's disappearence, Nathan quickly denied their accusations since there was another woman in the library along with them. After desribing the woman to Autumn, she was able to identify her as CEO Hope Reynard. Autumn, Caroline and player then went off to grill Hope about the dagger, but she rolled her eyes and told them that she was in the library for other reasons and not for some silly bedtime stories. When Hope left, Autumn grinned and told them that Hope definitely lied, since her current boyfriend is one of the most known tomb raiders in USA. Since Hope and her boyfriend are serious suspects in their current investigation, Autumn suggested that they should keep an eye on them.

After all of these events, the team comforted Logan and told him that they will always be there for him and that his sexuality won't change anything. However, Autumn then broke the emotional moment by saying that Hope Reynard is organizing a house party in few days. Knowing that Hope probably has something to do with the dagger, Clint suggested that Parker and player should infiltrate the party and pay attention to any suspicious activities, hoping that they will find the dagger or the person that has it...



  • Father Butler (died after getting his severed fingers shoved down his throat)

Murder Weapon:

  • Victim's Severed Fingers




Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats fiddlehead ferns.
  • The killer takes Vitamin C.
  • The killer has read The Glass Princess.
  • The killer wears gold accessories.
  • The killer wears a tie.

Crime Scenes

Old Church Wooden Cross Old Church Bonus
Bell Tower Dirty Stairway Bell Tower Bonus
Abandoned Shed Counter Abandoned Shed Bonus
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