The Writer's Hook
Season 1
City Queensville
District Conner's Village
Case Number 6
Date of Release October 25th 2018
Partner(s) Tony Freeman (All Chapters)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Bonfire Home-icide

(In Baker Street)

Journalist found stab with a hook in the gallery. Can you wipe the floors and find the clues inside?

-Case Teaser




  • Chuck Terreck (Found stab with a hook)

Murder Weapon

  • Hook


  • Joey Callux


Stacy Pines (Lawyer)

Luis Hernandez (Student)

Joey Callux (Jogger)

Han Forker (Hobo)

David Drog (Drug Dealer)

Quasi Suspects

Bryan Wilbur (News Reporter)

Killer's Profile

The killer watched 31st of October

The killer knows how to carve a pumpkin

The killer goes to Halloween Spirit

The killer has fake blood

The killer is 40 years old

Crime Scenes

Crime Scene 1:

  • Gallery
  • Paintings
  • Gallery Bonus

Crime Scene 2:

  • Victim's House
  • Stairs
  • Victim's House Bonus

Crime Scene 3:

  • Costume Shop
  • Shelves
  • Costume Shop Bonus


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

A Tour of Queensville (6/6)


  • The case title is a reference to "the writer's nook", means to chat with people.
  • This case was released on a Thursday instead of the usual Friday due to a Halloween case coming this Thursday.
  • 31st of October is a parody of the 1980 American slasher film, Friday the 13th.
  • Halloween Spirit is a parody of Spirit Halloween.
  • This case is one of the only district finales which entirely feature familiar suspects.
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