The WEP is the Primary LEA in the 4th season of Mysteries From the Future series.


Name is abbrevated "Worldwide Establishment of Peacekeeping".the history of the WEP begins after the Interpol united with other global agencies of "peacekeeping",creating WAP(world agency of police which was affilating the U.N)..many years later,the corruption ruined this agency,and it become a sham not important agency,after World War III with few years,Until Osvald Whittacker(the international finnland-born wap ex chief,who was the chief before huang) had led that agency..he started to fix the corruption,choose good agents,making the first steps of the WAP indpendece from its funders &financiers by starting to build factories,hospitals,and other establishments that will give the WAP the needed money in the future...after more than 20 years of osvald leading the wap,he resigned after he fixed many problems of WAP..then a (World Citizen chinese born) economy professor called Huang Chi took the WAP leadership,he promised to continue Osvald's legacy i ,and to work for no one but justice,and to try to spread the peace all over the world,making the WAP a useful agency that provide benifets to many countries..he accomplished osvald's work,and started to build WAP HQs in many countries,employing in every HQ people from its country,and made the all HQs able to turn to factories in the peace stat(so it's now half establishment,half agency),by that..he made the WAP an idpendent neutral agency,and changed it's name to the WEP(Worldwide Establishment of peacekeeping)as it had many other business and dont only for police work..after more than 5 years from huang's leadership...the events of this episode starts.

Main roles

The WEP contains detectives and soliders and scientists from all over the world,has nany HQs around the globe,but there are International Mobile Team in it,chosen from the every contenint's most intellegent(all sides:physical,psychological...etc) ,efficent,and honest people from both genders (but its the male mode so the team is males) in all fields of work.

Personnel Age Nationality Position
Huang Chi Feng 52 International WEP director
Harry Leonard 54 USA Deputy chief-Adminstrative assistant
Dimitri Raskolnikov 46 Russia Lab Chief
Hienrich Von Hoffenberg 48 Gremany Senior Coroner
Rai'efa Radi 42 Egypt Senior Coroner
Carlo Ferreira 43 Aragentina Investgations Agent
Martin Anderson 30 Pacific Islands Investgations Agent
Olly Westmark 26 USA Investgations Agent
Andrew Maxowell 20 Greenland Tech Expert/Hacker
Pierre Migworow 40 Zambia Explosives and Weapons Expert
Herbert Woods 31 England Profiler
Yoshiro Redahari (NAME WILL BE CHANGED) 47 Indonesia-Malaysia Historian
Agasa Kudo 25 Japan Civillian detective/spy (like informant,but instead,when the team travels to investigate in any country,he disguise and go wander and patrol through the place they are in,collect necessery information for the team that they can't get easily)

The judges

The judges are independnt special members.every region in that season has one judge:

Name Age Region Nationality
April Douglas between 53-60 Oceania Australia
??? 50 east asia Korea-japan
Araju Patil 58 asia india
Natalia Dorselova 45 Eurasia Russia
Ludvigh Schmidit 49 Euroupe Iceland
Abdelqader ben Zohaier 57 The arabic east Algeria
Garod Shahir 60 Africa Nigeria
Roberto Ortez 65 South america brazil-coastarica
William Nelson 58 North america U.S


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