The Venom
Type Secret Organization
Headquarters Laroy Bay
General nature Evil
Formation 2017
Founded by Unknown
Years 2017-present
Colors Black


Enemies Laroy Bay Police Department (formerly)
Appearance(s) Laroy Bay Criminal Case
The Venom is a secret organization featured in Season 7 Laroy Bay of Criminal Case.Their plan is to poison air of USA and to make people their mindslaves.Ognen Radionov,their leader,also planned to kill the player,but he decided to get rid of Meera Kat.

However,they were brought back in Make Laroy Bay Great Again (Case #48 of Laroy Bay) with Wendy Stokes as their new leader

Name Age Position
Wendy Stokes 31 Leader of organization (deceased)
Ognen Radionov 22 Leader of organization (deceased)
Connie Weber 29 Agent (formerly)
Melania 25 Agent (formerly)
Baxter Demint 29 Agent (incarcerated)
Albert Sanders Unknown Agent (formerly)
Greg Gibbs 35 Doctor (incarcerated)
Philip Hoover 40 Geologist (deceased)
Ernesto Vega 57 Scientist (incarcerated)
Lilimar Brown 20 Geologist
Bruce Green 49 Scientist (deceased)
Maximus Powell 23 Botanist (incarcerated)
Other members from Laroy Bay Unknown Agents

Murders Commited

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