The Veil of Secrets
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Far West
Case # 9
Initial release date 13.9.2020
Partner(s) Parker Colton
Case chronology
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Bull-Time Job The Ambush Attack

The Veil of Secrets is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the ninth case of Secrets of Yahatu and the thirty-ninth case overall. It's also the fourth case to take place in Far West district.


After the video call ended, chief Clint Russo told Autumn to trace the call and find Caroline's location immediately. Few minutes later, Autumn gave them the location of the underwater temple, begging them to find and rescue Caroline from her attackers. The team then immediately headed to the temple, their guns at ready for their attackers. After few minutes of walking down through the caves, Parker Colton pointed at the dead body in front of them. The team approached closer, only to realize that the body belongs to treasure hunter Elysium Lucas, who was stabbed in the back. Suspecting that Elysium's killer might be Caroline's attacker, chief ordered Parker and player to find her killer and fast. Since Caroline was still missing, Logan Neal took over the autopsy while Parker and player searched around and outside of the temple, eventually adding bounty hunter Mike Lahela, victim's mother and another treasure hunter Kiara Lucas and novelist Archibald Carpenter. When they returned back, Logan told them that he heard Caroline's voice further down.

Parker, Logan and player then hurried towards the voice, only to find Caroline, smiling at them. The trio then shared a group hug before Caroline told them that her attacker was a dark-skinned woman with ombre hair. Logan and Parker looked at each other before showing her Elysium's photo. Caroline nodded, saying how that woman was following her from the start and that she was probably the one that attacked her. After leading Caroline back to others, the team investigated Elysium's equipment and found enough evidence to suspect scuba diver Avery Wadhwa. Through their investigation, the pair discovered that Kiara was jealous of her daughter's work, saying how she slowly faded in background while her daughter was getting more recognition. The pair also learned that Elysium scamed Archibald after making him pay a lot of money for a fake gold goblet she stole. When they returned back to others, nervous Logan approached them, saying how the fingerprints on the trident belong to Caroline.

The pair then confronted Caroline, who tried to explain them that she found the trident on the temple entrance and that she couldn't kill Elysium because she was knocked out at the time of the murder. Hoping that Caroline is innocent, Parker and player returned back to the entrance and investigated it, eventually finding a defaced poster of the victim with a threat from Avery. The pair went back and confronted Avery, who told them that Elysium sabotaged his diving equipment, thinking that he's stalking her. Later on, Parker and player also discovered that Mike was following Elysium, suspecting that she might be up to something dangerous. After all of these events, Parker and player found enough evidence to arrest Kiara for her daughter's murder.

When confronted, Kiara snapped and confessed to the murder. Clutching her fists, Kiara admitted that she couldn't stand being in her daughter's shadow anymore. Kiara revealed that, when Elysium became a treasure hunter like Kiara, she became famous worldwide while Kiara slowly became less and less recognizable, even though they were always travelling and exploring together. Few months after starting to work together, Elysium told Kiara that she is just slowing them down and that she is too old for their treasure hunting expeditions, angering Kiara. After Eylsium left the city to explore the underwater temple by herself, Kiara followed her and confronted her. The mother-daughter duo argued before Elysium told Kiara that she doesn't need her anymore and that she should stop acting like a jealous child. Enraged after hearing her daughter's words, Kiara grabbed a trident from Elysium's equipment, chased her down the temple and stabbed her through the back before escaping from the temple, leaving Elysium to die of blood loss. Parker and player then brought Kiara to chief Russo, who said that Kiara will face justice when they stop the hurricane and return home.

Few hours later, excited Parker Colton wanted to speak with player, telling them that he found a secret passageway in the temple and that it could be useful for the silver box or the dagger. The pair then returned to the temple and found Parker's passageway. After going through it, the pair found a wall with weird shapes on it and suspected that the shapes might match the ones on the silver box. Parker and player approached Rudy for help, who managed to move the wall by bringing the silver box closer to it. The trio then found themselves in a weird chamber, beautiful waterfalls surrounding them. Parker then noticed a stone structure shaped like the silver box. Taking a deep breath, Parker placed the silver box on the stone structure, making the temple tremble. The trio then hurried back at others, telling them that they need to find the dagger and stab it into the silver box before it's too late. Immediately, Autumn stood up and showed them Elysium's phone and her messages with Rosa, exposing her as Luz del Sol cult member. Parker and player then hurried and investigated Elysium's camp and managed to find Elysium's tablet in her backpack before they sent it to Autumn. After going through Elysium's tablet, Autumn told them that she has another shocking discovery. Clutching her fist, Autumn revealed that Mike the bounty hunter was never hunting Elysium since he's the cult member himself. Before Parker could react, Chief told him to step aside since he'll make Mike talk. Worried Rudy warned Clint to be careful, making chief stroke Rudy's cheek and kiss him on the forehead, promising him that Mike won't stand a chance against them. The pair then found and confronted Mike outside of the temple. After Clint told him that they know his true identity and that he'll be spending rest of his life in prison for all murders he and his cult caused, Mike's jaw dropped. The terrified bounty hunter reluctantly told them that he and Elysium had Serpent's dagger the whole time, but Mike freaked out and threw it in the water when he heard them approaching. After finding Kiara's diving equipment, Clint and player managed to find Serpent's dagger at the bottom of the temple and stab it into the silver box. Clint then grabbed the player's hand and hurried to the exit, where other team members waited for them. Exhausted Clint dropped on his knees before smiling at them, telling him that they did it. The team then shared a group hug before Autumn told them that the hurricane stopped just few minutes ago. Clint smiled and told everyone to rest because they are finally able to go home.

Meanwhile, nervous Jay Riorta wanted player's help with finding a opal necklace he made for Logan. Elena, Jay and player then investigated the temple entrance where Jay dropped the necklace. After successfully finding the necklace, blushing Jay approached Logan and gave him the necklace, wanting to make their relationship official. Trying to hold his tears back, Logan put his hands around Jay's waist and slowly kissed Jay on the lips, making their relationship official. Happy that Logan finally found love of his life, Elena and player returned back to others, leaving the nerdy couple all alone.

After all of these events, Parker stood up and thanked Clint and player for finally stopping the hurricane and making them able to finally go home and report Rosa and her cult to the police. Right then, half-naked Autumn approached the team and thanked them for catching Mike Lahela and giving her the honors of having him tied up in their van. The team shared a concerned look as Autumn licked her lips and went to sleep, followed by all other team members. Before Clint put out the campfire, he wished everyone good night and promised them that they will be heading home as soon as they wake up...

The next day...6AM...Elena's eyes flutter open, only to realize that she and player are all alone on their campsite. Outside, they could hear shouting...chief's voice...Autumn's voice...and another familiar female voice. Elena jumped out of her sleeping bag and hurried outside, only to see masked cult members standing over their friends sitting next to each other, their hands tied behind their backs. Before Elena and player could react, a strong blow to their head send her and player falling down to the ground. Clutching her bloody head, Elena looked up at her attacker, only to see Rosa Chapman standing in front of her, holding a big bloody cleaver...



Murder Weapon:

  • Trident




Killer's Profile

  • The killer is a scuba diver.
  • The killer eats melktert.
  • The killer is a Virgo.
  • The killer wears red lipstick.
  • The killer wears red.

Crime Scenes

Underwater Temple Stone Door Underwater Temple Bonus
Temple Entrance Waterfall Temple Entrance Bonus
Elysium's Equipment Tent Elysium's Equipment Bonus
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