The Unscaled Isles
Founder Unknown
Established 1700
Country Unknown
Inhabitants Americans


Population + 6 million
Primary LEA The Cove

The Armada

Key figures Morgan Berry (Chief of The Cove)

Deacon (Armada Force Leader)

Kane (Armada Troops Warhand)

Captain Avery (Mayor)

Appearance(s) Season 1 of Criminal Case
The Player is a low life pirate taken under the wing of the Chief of the leading Police Department Morgan Berry of six mysterious islands, each island containing a new conflict to resolve. From a small gang of rats, to a realm of witchdoctors, to the mysteriousness of the Armada, the protector of the Unscaled Isles's forces, past and trust, and many other conflicts, this thirty-six case adventure will keep the Player on edge along with his small ship of team members.


The Unscaled Isles contain six districts, all different islands, with six cases on each district.


Scrimshank is the first district of the Unscaled Isles. A small pack called the Rat Pack has been haunting the streets of Scrimshank, and it's the Cove's job to stop them.

Cases #1 - #6 are situated in this district.

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