Previously on Criminal Case...
Silvano: It’s just crazy how the mysterious organization behind the murders of the previous Aurelian Law Enforcement Agency had tied into Jax Morell’s devious motive!
Silvano: However his silence behind what he knows is playing with us. He wrote us a misleading note in his locket. We need to talk to him!
Victoria: <Name>, Silvano, I got some bad news…
Silvano: God, what is it now?
Victoria: I just received a call. It would appear that someone attacked the prison and the guards found Mr Morell dead in his cell!
Silvano: WHAT?! Come on <Name>, we better get to the prison immediately! I’ll drive!

Now, on the way to the prison…
Silvano: I can’t believe it, <Name>! Jax deliberately asked us to find his “lost” locket and left us a note saying that he had misled us!
Silvano: And now he let himself get murdered, at the cost of other lives…
Silvano: You know, you’re right. No time to talk, just stomp the pedal!

At the ruined prison…
Silvano: Good god, a wall was blown up in the prison!
Silvano: You’re right, we can't worry about the prison, we need to collect the body and find any clues!

Chapter 1 - Edge of the Knife

Investigate Prison Cells.
Silvano: You gotta be kidding me! Mr Morell was stabbed in the heart!
Silvano: Plus that spray painted message on the wall says that he should’ve exposed himself! Is that the potential motive for his murder?
Silvano: No trace of a blade in the body, we’ll have to send this to Dominic to figure out how Jax died.
Silvano: It’s just so annoying! Almost every lead we’ve discovered in the district just leads to dead ends!
Silvano: Sorry <Name>, you’re right, I can’t let this murder cloud my hopes. Did you find anything else?
Silvano: Some broken pieces? Well I’ll let you grab the glue and restore it.
Silvano: And the victim’s pillow is here too, torn open and stained with blood. Maybe there’s a clue the victim or the killer dropped in, have a look then.
Silvano: Someone killed our dead end, we just got to make sure the killer reaches their dead end!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Silvano: Is that an ALEA badge, <Name>?
Silvano: And the picture in this badge proves that this badge belonged to Chief Aleiso!
Silvano: Hang on a second… If the ALEA and PANDORA were the only ones who knew about Jax’s connections with the police department, does that mean the spray paint message and the murder was done by one of the team?
Silvano: T-that’s impossible, but we should talk to Chief Aleiso now!

Talk to Florence Aleiso about Jax’s death.
Silvano: Chief Aleiso, we have bad news to report. The murder of Jax Morell and the evidence found at the prison points to one of us being behind this!
Florence: Good god, how is this possible?
Silvano: Well, whoever killed Jax was certainly a member of the police! We can’t trust anyone here!
Florence: Very well, as my last order, I will have the headquarters locked down. No one will be able to leave except for you two.
Florence: I’ll be stepping down till you find Jax’s killer but tread lightly as the killer could be anyone...
Silvano: We know, Florence. <Name> and I have been through so many homicides together. We know the drill, so we’ll be investigating the headquarters!

Investigate ALEA Headquarters.
Silvano: It’s kinda weird that the headquarters is now being treated as our crime scene while it’s been locked down. Anyway, did you find anything?
Silvano: You found a piece of faded paper? Let’s pull out the dusting kit and recover that information.
Silvano: If you think the lost and found will be helpful, you should crack the lock first!
Silvano: The headquarters is locked down but the killer is still wandering the halls! Let’s find them!

Examine Faded Paper.
Silvano: Is that the transport order for Jax from the courthouse to the prison?
Silvano: And the driver of the truck… is Vito?!
Silvano: Why did Vito not tell us about this? Maybe we should ask him about Jax’s actions on his transport to prison!

Ask Vito Panzica about taking the victim to the prison.
Silvano: Vito, how come did you not tell us that you transported Jax Morell to prison?
Vito: I didn’t think of telling you guys about it. I was busy locking things down with Chief Aleiso when she ordered the headquarters lockdown.
Silvano: Can you still tell us about the victim’s last trip outside of the prison?
Vito: Certainly, Jax was quiet, not wanting to say anything to me. He was like that till we got to the prison, when he he tried to escape, but I kept him in line.
Vito: It’s just disappointing how our efforts has led us here…
Silvano: Well, all we can do is let time unravel itself, Vito. Please don’t leave headquarters.

Examine Locked Box.
Silvano: Good work on unlocking that lost and found box, <Name>.
Silvano: Let’s have a little rummage through its contents!

Examine Lost and Found Contents.
Silvano: What did you find in the lost and found, <Name>?
Silvano: Hey, you’re right! This necklace belonged to Jax!
Silvano: Let’s give this to Callum so he can examine the victim’s necklace.

Analyze Necklace.
Callum: Did you say it was the victim’s necklace, <Name>?
Silvano: Yeah, what did you find?
Callum: That’s not possible… can it?
Silvano: What are you talking about, Cal? Tell us!
Callum: I found Lydia’s fingerprints on the victim’s necklace!
Silvano: What?!
Callum: It’s just so confusing…
Silvano: I’m sure she had a good reason, Callum!
Silvano: And we’ll go find Lydia and make her explain why she had the victim’s possessions.

Ask Lydia Striker why she had the victim’s necklace.
Silvano: Lydia, we need to talk about Jax.
Lydia: Oh no, you found his necklace, didn’t you?
Silvano: Yeah, we did! Can you explain why in the world you had the victim’s necklace?
Lydia: Look, let me explain, <Name>.
Lydia: I knew that Jax was a bad person after he committed murder but I went to see him earlier to attempt to get the truth out of him!
Lydia: You guys may think this is strange, but I know that.
Silvano: What I’m appalled is that you didn’t think of telling us!
Lydia: I’m not sorry for confronting him, but I should’ve come forward earlier. I’m sorry, <Name>.
Silvano: Well, do us a favour and stay here at headquarters until we find Jax’s killer.

Examine Torn Pillow.
Silvano: What did you find, <Name>? A bloodstained piece of paper?
Silvano: “I’ve killed your lead. He was a mere pawn in my game. It’s up to you to make the next move!”
Silvano: That’s an interesting message, from the killer!
Silvano: Let’s get this message to Victoria and see if she can crack the message!

Analyze Killer’s Message.
Victoria: Well this message was certainly from your killer as the message and blood of the victim points out, <Name>!
Silvano: That means the threat was from the killer! Did you find anything in the message?
Victoria: And the meaning behind this message took a bit of time to think over…
Victoria: But I figured it out! The message makes references to the game, chess!
Victoria: Like they refer Jax as their pawn of the game, and killing him off.
Victoria: And their encouragement to make the next move tells us that they’re expecting you to catch them!
Silvano: How infuriating, <Name>! They killed our only lead and then gave us this… message to taunt us!
Victoria: Despite the taunting, it proves that your killer’s well knowledged in chess, <Name>.
Silvano: Their knowledge in chess will be our checkmate to outroot the traitor among us!

Autopsy Victim’s Body.
Silvano: Hey Dom, what did you find on Jax’s body?
Dominic: Well, as you two ascertained, Jax was stabbed in the heart.
Dominic: Although the murder weapon was nowhere to be seen from outside his body, I found a splintered blade inside the victim’s heart where his aorta was punctured!
Silvano: So you found half of the murder weapon?
Dominic: Precisely, Silvano. You’ll have to find the weapon’s hilt to complete the weapon. And the substance the blade was made from points to an obsidian knife.
Dominic: Also, I found out that the victim was stabbed, with the killer behind him pulling his head back via his hair.
Dominic: And I found traces of caffeine, sugar and water in his hair, all from an ordinary coffee!
Dominic: As the victim has never had coffee in his life, it indicates your killer is the one who drinks coffee!
Silvano: Well I hope the killer will have troubles sleeping as soon they lose their caffeine fix!

Back at the headquarters’ offices…
Silvano: Well, this is a tough day for the Agency!
Silvano: Convict Jax Morell was assassinated, and the proof points to one of us!
Silvano: But who can we trust in this agency now that we know one of us is a murderer?
Silvano: We know that the headquarters was shut down thanks to Chief Aleiso.
Silvano: And we know that Lydia confronted him before the murder and that Vito was the one who drove him from the courthouse to the prison!
Silvano: But I dunno where else we can go…
Victoria: Silvano, <Name>! You got an audio message from the prison that was left in the voicemail for a few hours!
Silvano: Really? Well, let’s play the voicemail!
Jax: I know that by the time you receive this, <Name>, that I will be dead.
Silvano: Wait, this is a voicemail from the victim?!

Chapter 2 - Never Try to Hide It

Silvano: Well, this is a tough day for the Agency!
Silvano: Convict Jax Morell was assassinated, and the proof points to one of us!
Silvano: But who can we trust in this agency now that we know one of us is a murderer?
Silvano: We know that the headquarters was shut down thanks to Chief Aleiso.
Silvano: And we know that Lydia confronted him before the murder and that Vito was the one who drove him from the courthouse to the prison.
Silvano: But I dunno where else we can go…
Victoria: Silvano, <Name>! You got an audio message from the prison that was left in the voicemail for a few hours!
Silvano: Well, let’s play the voicemail!
Jax: I know that by the time you receive this, <Name>, that I will be dead.
Jax: But I want to help you solve my murder, and I can tell you that I left a few clues in your break room before I was arrested.
Jax: I also had a relationship with your agent, Lydia Striker. We had briefly dated before she dated your technology expert.
Jax: Now this is where my message ends.
Jax: Use my words wisely, and hope that my killer won’t get you next.
(The answering message beeps as the voicemail ends.)
Silvano: Was that really a voicemail from the victim?
Silvano: And he said that he knew he was going to die!
Silvano: So Jax did know his killer, and he gave us leads to find his killer!
Silvano: Well, should we go search the break room, or do you want to talk to Lydia instead?

Investigate Break Room.
Silvano: It’s a shock to think that Jax had sent us a voicemail mere hours before his death!
Silvano: It’s even weird that he would know that he would be killed… and to leave clues for us!
Silvano: You found some torn pieces? Well I’ll grab the tape for you!
Silvano: You also think you’ll find something in the trash? Well I’ll let you have a look then!
Silvano: We have a killer to find! Let’s find out who!

Examine Torn Pieces.
Silvano: What do you have there, <Name>?
Silvano: You got a photo of a young child with an older male…
Silvano: Wait, you’re right, the child is the victim! The striking features still shows it in him today!
Silvano: But who’s the older man next to him? Let’s scan his face in the database!

Examine Photo of Man.
Silvano: Who’s the man in the photo next to Jax, <Name>?
Silvano: Wait, you say the victim is sitting next to a younger Thomas Wilford?!
Silvano: I never thought the man had brown hair!
Silvano: You’re right.. he could’ve dyed his hair black soon as his hair started greying…
Silvano: Nevertheless Thomas knew the victim when he was younger! We’ll need to talk to him!

Interrogate Thomas Wilford about knowing the victim.
Silvano: Thomas, you didn’t tell us you knew the victim!
Thomas: Oh dear…
Thomas: Yes, I knew the young lad over twenty years ago!
Silvano: How did you know him?
Thomas: Well the young lad was bright and kind, he was a neighbor of mine for a short while before he moved away.
Thomas: In the time we were neighbors, I taught him a lot about science that we became scientists in our own lab. We also played chess from time to time.
Thomas: But after he moved away, we lost touch over the years.
Thomas: I’m sorry I didn’t inform you guys sooner but I had no idea what to say.
Silvano: Well for the better, we would like you to refrain from touching anything to do with forensics.
Thomas: Certainly, I’ll just do some light reading…

Examine Trash Can.
Silvano: Did you find anything in the trash, <Name>?
Silvano: You found a photo? Wait a second! Is that Fiona and Jax together at some school ball?
Silvano: We should ask Callum to do a background check on the duo!

Analyze School Ball Photo.
Callum: This investigation proves that the team knew the victim more than we know!
Silvano: Indeed. Did you find anything on the victim’s photo?
Callum: Well this photo was from the Senior and Freshman ball they had in 2009, a decade ago.
Silvano: So that means…?
Callum: A senior is supposed to invite a freshman to the ball, and it seems as the victim attended as a senior at the same school where Fiona started as a freshman that year!
Silvano: That’s interesting. Perhaps we should talk to Fiona about how she knew the victim!

Ask Fiona Carraway about the victim inviting her to the senior/freshman ball.
Silvano: Fiona, how come did you not tell us that you went to the senior and freshman ball with the victim.
Fiona: Honestly, <Name>, I forgot about it!
Fiona: All I remember is being invited by a senior and going to the ball with him. That’s all!
Fiona: That’s all it happened between us! We went to the ball, and afterwards, we never spoke again!
Fiona: It’s just a shock to know now he’s dead...
Silvano: Well I hope you’re not lying, Fiona!

Confront Lydia Striker about her relationship with the victim.
Silvano: Lydia, we got a voicemail from the victim while he was in prison, hours before he died.
Lydia: He must’ve told you.
Silvano: He did! Why did you lie to us?
Lydia: Look, <Name>, even if I’m a pro at chess, I know when I have been cornered. I’ll explain what happened.
Lydia: As he surely told you, we briefly dated before I started dating Callum.
Lydia: The true reason why I had his necklace was because he threw it at me after…
Silvano: After what? Lydia, tell us!
Lydia: After he kissed me and I pushed him away!
Callum: Wait what?
Silvano: Callum?! Were you eavesdropping?!
Lydia: Oh no! Callum, please believe me! I didn’t kill him!
Callum: I don’t know what to believe, Lydia…
Callum: But I know you’re innocent till proven guilty, so I’ll only believe in you till the end.
(Callum then kisses Lydia.)
Callum: Now I’ll leave you to be, Lydia. I’ll think about your kiss that tastes like the coffee you brew every morning…
Lydia: Callum… Thank you.

Callum: Thank for not intervening <Name>. I’ll head back to my lab for when you need me.
Silvano: Thank you, Callum.
Silvano: Now, do you think we should check out the victim's prison cell for more clues?
Silvano: Then, that’s what we’ll do!

Investigate Jax's Cell.
Silvano: So did you find anything in the cell?
Silvano: Interesting, you found a scrapbook! Let’s open it…
Silvano: Wait, there’s a message… “YOU KILLED HER! YOU WILL PAY!”
Silvano: The photos are ruined, but maybe that greasy substance will tell us the owner!
Silvano: If you think the victim’s lockbox will provide a clue, then go for it!

Examine Scrapbook.
Silvano: Good work on collecting that greasy substance from the scrapbook!
Silvano: It’s odd how this scrapbook says that message…
Silvano: Hang on, I think I found a newspaper clipping among the greasy mess, “Future bride Teagan Benedict was killed days before her wedding!”
Silvano: That’s strange, maybe that grease will tell more under the microscope.

Examine Greasy Substance.
Silvano: What’s that grease we found <Name>?
Silvano: The results says its gun cleaning grease?
Silvano: That’s odd considering the only one who would use a large amount of gun grease would be Vito...
Silvano: Vito didn’t tell us about his deceased fiancée! We better go and ask him more about how she died.

Ask Vito Panciza about the scrapbook on his deceased fiancée.
Silvano: Vito, why didn’t you tell us that you were engaged? We found your scrapbook!
Vito: Oh no…
Vito: I don’t normally talk about my past, <Name>...
Silvano: But you know what police interrogation protocols are, answer the question!
Vito: I was getting to that, Silvano. You see, I was once happily engaged.
Vito: But my fiancée Teagan was killed in a car crash days before our wedding.
Vito: Depression pulled me into grief as I piteously drank cups of coffee one after another. Not even my brother Valentino could comfort me with numerous games of chess.
Vito: It was when I joined the police that I could have the chance to ensure justice unlike with my fiancée.
Vito: But then a week ago, I finally found out what had happened to my fiancée!
Vito: That COWARD killed her! He killed her and he didn’t even bother to man up and say sorry for the accident!
Silvano: Well, I hope you didn’t “man up” and killed him in revenge, Vito!

Examine Victim’s Lockbox.
Silvano: What did you find in the victim’s lockbox?
Silvano: A prison boot? Hey, you’re right, the victim was missing one when we found his body.
Silvano: And you’re right, it’s stained with blood! Let’s get this to Dom and see if he can find a clue on this boot!

Analyze Victim’s Boot.
Dominic: This case is just a tough case, knowing we have to suspect five of our own colleagues…
Dominic: And the analysis in the victim’s boot is just one of the annoying things I’ve found about this case!
Dominic: If I could just know who would kill our lead and betray us...
Dominic: Then I’ll knock their teeth in!
Silvano: Woah, calm down Dom! You know that we’ll make sure that the traitor feels the full weight of justice.
Dominic: You better, <Name>! And the clue I’ve found on the victim’s boot will help you despite the sad part about it.
Dominic: You see, the blood matched your victim. But I also found crushed chocolate, peanut butter and hardened corn syrup shells!
Dominic: Those three ingredients makes up a team favourite, Pretty Pieces! As the victim’s stomach was empty, the killer eats them!
Dominic: And we know that Lydia and Vito loves Pretty Pieces!
Silvano: So you were right about it being sad! Who knew something the team loved would become a clue some day!
Silvano: Well the killer snacks on Pretty Pieces, but they won’t realize that catching them red handed will be even sweeter!

Later in the headquarters offices…
Silvano: What a tough case!
Silvano: We had received a voicemail from the victim, sent hours before he was murdered!
Silvano: We were told from his own words that he dated Lydia.
Silvano: And the clues he left behind helped us suspect Thomas and Fiona!
Silvano: We also learned that Jax was responsible for the accidental death of Vito’s fiancée…
Silvano: And that the killer snacks on a team’s favourite, Pretty Pieces!
Florence: <Name>, Silvano, I’ve made a decision.
Silvano: Florence, what are you doing?
Florence: Due to the recent events, I’ve decided to step down from the police. I’m going to resign!
Silvano: WHAT?!

Chapter 3 - Justice Will Be Served

Silvano: This case just gets complicated as we continue!
Silvano: We had received a voicemail from the victim, sent hours before he was murdered!
Silvano: We were told from his own words that he dated Lydia.
Silvano: And the clues he left behind helped us suspect Thomas and Fiona!
Silvano: We also learned that Jax was responsible for the accidental death of Vito’s fiancée.
Silvano: But this case is just getting harder to handle...
Florence: <Name>, Silvano, I’ve made a decision.
Silvano: Florence, what are you doing?
Florence: In light of the recent events, I’ve decided to step down from the police. I’m going to resign!
Silvano: Florence, you can’t! You’re in the middle of a murder investigation!
Florence: But I don’t deserve to be Chief!
Silvano: Florence, please. Let us close this case and then we’ll talk to you about your position.
Ruth: It's okay, <Name>. I'll keep an eye on her, don't you worry.
Ruth: Come along now, Florence! We can sit down with Victoria and have some tea...
(Ruth and Florence leaves.)
Silvano: Thank god Ruth stepped in to look after Florence...
Silvano: Now, <Name>, let’s have a look around the break room! We can't afford to let the traitor slip away!

Investigate Break Table.
Silvano: I can’t believe Florence would think of trying to resign in the middle of Jax’s murder! It seems off…
Silvano: Maybe we’ll find something here that’ll make this case more clear, what did you find?
Silvano: You found a newspaper clipping? Maybe we could send that to Ruth and see what she can find about it!
Silvano: Hang on, is that the victim’s flask? His initials are engraved on the side!
Silvano: Maybe you can dust the flask for prints!
Silvano: If you think looking through the tray of dishes will help, then go for it!

Examine Victim’s Flask.
Silvano: Good work on recovering those prints, <Name>!
Silvano: We don’t have time to send these to Callum, let’s have a look at them in the archives ourselves!

Examine Fingerprints.
Silvano: What does the results say?
Silvano: There’s fingerprints for the victim…
Silvano: And fingerprints for Thomas Wilford?!
Silvano: Why did Thomas have the victim’s flask?
Silvano: We better ask Thomas ourselves, you’re right!

Interrogate Thomas Wilford about his fingerprints on the victim’s flask.
Silvano: Thomas, we found your fingerprints on the victim’s flask, care to explain why?
Thomas: Oh no…
Thomas: Well you see, Jax briefly worked for iPineapple during my tenure to the technology company before I resigned to join the police.
Thomas: But Jax got fired because of a laboratory accident that…
Silvano: What happened?
Thomas: It was Bring Your Child to Work that day, and Jax had miscalculated the machinery’s ability to make iPineapple phones…
Thomas: And it exploded! It blew, harming my daughter Savannah!
Thomas: I had crawled over, only to watch her die in my hands…
Thomas: I confronted him when you were investigating the murder he was convicted for!
Thomas: He offered me his flask, and I took it to have a swig of coffee.
Thomas: But my past depression had taken me so low that I spent nights crying, drinking wine and snacking on Pretty Pieces… I just wanted him to apologize!
Silvano: I’m sorry this happened to you, Thomas. But I hope your grief did not make you kill Jax in revenge!

Examine Tray of Dishes.
Silvano: What did you find in the tray of dishes?
Silvano: Is that a photo of the victim?
Silvano: And the one he’s bullying is… Fiona!
Silvano: She told us about how she went to the senior and freshman ball with the victim…
Silvano: But she failed to mention she was bullied! We better talk to her.

Ask Fiona Carraway about the victim bullying her throughout her freshman year.
Silvano: Fiona, you failed to tell us about the victim’s bullying in your freshman year!
Fiona: Oh no…
Fiona: Alright <Name>, I should’ve said something earlier but I didn’t know what to say.
Fiona: The truth was that Jax gave me a horrible time after that ball photo was taken. He bullied me, put pranks in my stuff, put spray whipped cream all over my locker.
Fiona: He made me suffer for so long that year that I was happy to see him leave when he graduated.
Fiona: I’m sorry for lying to you, but I didn’t know what to say. After you left me during that first interrogation, I ate a whole bag of Pretty Pieces in anxiety.
Fiona: Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go back to my chess game with Thomas.
Silvano: Very well, but I hope you didn’t go on to kill him over an old grudge!

Analyze Newspaper Clipping.
Silvano: Hey Ruth, what did you find on the newspaper clipping?
Ruth: Well <Name>, this clipping tells a lot about why Florence would want to resign.
Silvano: Really? Well tell us more!
Ruth: This newspaper article tells us how the victim made a scandalizing article about him blaming her for everything to do with the death of the previous team members.
Ruth: But, what I found out from Callum’s records of the old police department files…
Ruth: The former Senior Detective of the PD was Florence’s brother!
Silvano: Wait what?
Silvano: Could that newspaper clipping driven Florence into stress and guilt? Maybe his death was enough for her wanting him dead? Would she go far to resign so she can escape the city?
Silvano: You’re right, we need to ask Florence ourselves!

Confront Florence Aleiso about the real reason why she wanted to resign.
Silvano: Florence, we found out why you wanted to resign!
Florence: What do you mean? What proof do you have?
Silvano: We found the newspaper clipping about Jax belittling your brother!
Florence: I… how?
Florence: Alright, I know when I’m defeated, that article is like a solid checkmate to my happiness!
Florence: You see, I was a beat cop at the time my brother was a senior detective in the police department. We were close, exploring the city and snacking on Pretty Pieces after our shifts.
Florence: But his brutal murder made me grieve so hard that I drank coffee for every sleepless night I suffered.
Florence: When he accused me of being behind it all, killing my brother in cold blood, it made me want to give everything up.
Florence: Now you know why I wanted to resign, please close this case so we all can rest our demons away.
Silvano: I’m sorry this happened to you Florence, but I hope you didn’t retaliate at the victim in cold blooded murder!

Later in the headquarters lobby…
Silvano: What a day!
Silvano: We learned that Thomas blamed the victim for the death of his daughter...
Silvano: That Jax bullied Fiona in her freshman year of high school…
Silvano: And that Florence wanted to resign due to the death of her brother reappearing in the news thanks to the victim.
Silvano: But all these accusations, to know that one of them betrayed us…
(Silvano starts to cry.)
Jason (holding Katrina): Silvano? Are you okay?
Silvano: Oh Jason, you just had the right timing to show up…
(Silvano hugs Jason and Katrina River tightly.)
Jason: I know it looks hard right now love, but the only way to close this chapter of pain is to ensure justice is served.
Silvano (wiping a tear): You’re right, Jason. Justice will and must be served!
Silvano: You’re right, <Name>, we still yet have to investigate the headquarters lobby again. Let’s have a second scouring of the crime scene!

Investigate ALEA Offices.
Silvano: We’re on the home stretch, what did you find?
Silvano: You found a locked case! That wasn’t here before, maybe the killer locked up evidence!
Silvano: And you think that paper organizer is hiding a clue? Well dozens of cases tells me you have good intentions in your clues, have a look!
Silvano: We’re almost there, I can feel it!

Examine Paper Organizer.
Silvano: What did you find in the paper organizer? A key?
Silvano: Wait a second, this key belongs to the victim’s lockbox, it matches the serial number!
Silvano: As the victim was killed in the prison, that can only mean that the killer dropped it here!
Silvano: Let’s send this to Dom and let him figure out what clues he can ascertain from it!

Analyze Lockbox Key.
Silvano: Hey Dom, we’re getting closer to finding Jax’s killer, did you find anything on the victim’s lockbox key that the killer left behind?
Dominic: Well, I know that your victim was a slop. His fingerprints and skin cells were all over it. But the absence of any other skin cells or fingerprints tells me the killer used gloves to lock up the victim’s boot in the lockbox.
Silvano: Darn it, is this really a dead end?
Dominic: Not yet, because I found hairs on the victim’s lockbox key. They were brown hairs!
Dominic: As the victim was blond haired, it means the brown hair comes from your killer!
Silvano: So the killer has brown hair? Well, little did they know, we got them pulling their hair out once we have them caught to rights!

Examine Locked Case.
Silvano: What did you find in the locked case, <Name>?
Silvano: Is that a broken knife hilt?
Silvano: You’re right, Dom mentioned finding the blade of a knife in the victim’s body…
Silvano: That must mean this hilt is the missing piece!
Silvano: Let’s get this to Jason!

Analyze Knife Hilt.
Silvano:: Hey Jason, did you find anything from the knife hilt?
Jason: I had Victoria looking after Katrina while I looked at the hilt.
Jason: I can confirm it’s a perfect match with the blade Dominic extracted from the victim’s heart chamber!
Silvano: That’s a score for justice! Did you find anything to take us to the finish line?
Jason: Well, Dom and I examined the hilt and we found tiny specks of blood.
Jason: Dom said that the blood type was A-, but seeing your victim was B-, I’m guessing the killer attempted to hide the hilt, but cut themselves.
Silvano: So the killer’s blood type is A-? Well that’s a negative mark against the killer!

Silvano: We’re almost to the end, <Name>!
Silvano: We finally have the clues to arrest the one who betrayed us! Let’s not hesitate and arrest them!

Take care of the killer now!
Silvano: Vito? It can't be you, you can't have killed Jax Morell!
Vito (confused): Excuse me, whatever do you mean?
Silvano: We've found evidence tying you to Jax's death, we know you're the traitor!
Vito: Me? A traitor?! I am bound by my code of honour, Silvano, I would never betray the team I consider a family!
Silvano: Then how do you explain the traces of Pretty Pieces on Jax's boot? Or the brown hair found?!
Vito: Please, everyone on the team loves a bag of Pretty Pieces. As for the hair, you do realize I'm not the only person with brown hair in the department?
Silvano: Fine then! How about the blood we found on the hilt of the murder weapon?!
Silvano: We know it was you Vito, confess already!
Vito: …
Vito (clapping): Well done, well done indeed. It seems you've gotten it all figured out.
Vito: Yes, I killed Jax, yes, I betrayed this mockery that you call a police force.
Silvano: Why!?
Vito: Because I am loyal to PANDORA, the future of all that is. I wouldn't expect a small-minded imbecile like you to understand.
Vito: Jax did, until he broken PANDORA code and indirectly revealed that there was a double agent on the team.
Vito: That's when I knew I had to do something. I caused a prison explosion forcing the prison personnel to go there. That’s when I crept into that cell and stabbed him where he stood, watching as the life drained from his eyes.
Vito (laughing): Oh, and it was glorious! Another spineless and weak creature eradicated from the face of the Earth!
Silvano: You're... you're sick!
Silvano (holding handcuffs): You're going away for a very long time!
Vito: I wouldn't be so sure if I was you, dear boy.
Vito: Tell me, how much do you love Mr Ashton?
Silvano: You...what have you done?!
Vito: Nothing, yet. If you don't let me leave this station, however, I can't promise he'll stay in... one piece.
Silvano (tearful): Don't you dare hurt him!
Vito: Then you know what to do! Let me walk out of here like a free man and Mr Ashton will be safe and sound, enjoying supper with you and the wee girl you call a daughter.
Silvano: …
Silvano (sobbing): Go! And don't come back!
Vito (tips hat): A pleasure Silvano, till next time!
(Vito leaves the interrogation room.)
Silvano: I need to call Jason, make sure he's alright. You go get Florence, the team needs to know what Vito has done...

Callum: What just happened, <Name>? Vito just walked out without a word. The alarms didn’t go off either!
Silvano: That’s because Vito betrayed us! He’s a hitman for PANDORA and he murdered Jax in cold blood!
Silvano: He also mentioned that he made the police headquarters’ security so he could escape and leave us trapped in here!
Callum: Wait, so we can’t leave without setting off any alarms?
Silvano: Exactly, with Vito’s actions, we’re trapped!
Callum: I’ll get my computer and hack into Vito’s defenses. We’ll be free before we know it!
Silvano: Alright! While Callum does that, <Name>, let’s go report to Chief Aleiso!

Carry Secrets to the Grave (5/6) - The Traitor's Truth

Silvano: I can’t believe Vito threatened to shoot us if we didn’t let him escape custody!
Silvano: If Callum wasn’t here, I don’t know how we would’ve escaped the police department headquarters since Vito had locked us in after he escaped!
Florence: And now he’s on the run! <Name>, we must track him down and ensure he faces justice for what he did!
Silvano: Indeed he must, now that we know he was part of the very organization that killed the previous roster of the police department!
Silvano: We must bring Vito to justice, but where can we find out where he’s headed?
Silvano: You’re right, maybe he left a clue in the prison cell where Jax was murdered!
Victoria: Hey, Silvano, <Name>. You mind if I talk to you guys for a second?
Silvano: Sure thing, <Name> and Lydia can talk to you after we get back from the prison!

Investigate Prison Cells.
Silvano: You think that there’s something left under the rubble? Well I’ll let you have a search!

Examine Rubble.
Silvano: What did you find, <Name>? A broken VCR tape?
Silvano: Maybe it was a message from Vito… or someone else affiliated with him! Can you restore the tape?

Examine Broken Pieces.
Silvano: You restored it, score for the good guys!
Silvano: You’re right, the tape says “For the ALEA”. Sounds like Vito left this on purpose!
Silvano: But you’re right, the tape is damaged. Let’s ask Callum to recover the tape’s footage!

Analyze Recording Tape.
Silvano: Hey Cal, did you get a chance to recover the tape footage?
Callum: Yeah I did! I took the tape and recovered the footage on it with a VCR player. It’s ready for playing.
Silvano: Alright, then press play!

The tape starts…
Vito: Hello, <Name>.
Vito: I expected you to find out who I was and as you have made your move, I have made mine.
Vito: I know that you’ll be looking for me, so I’ll expect to see you very soon!
Vito: I’ve made my move, it’s time to make yours, the die has been cast.

The tape ends…
Silvano: How dare he teases us?!
Silvano: But you’re right, <Name>, it sounds like Vito is trying to lead us into a trap!
Silvano: You’re right, we better update Chief Aleiso on the developments!

Inform Chief Aleiso about the developments.
Silvano: Chief, we’ve found evidence that Vito is waiting for us somewhere…
Silvano: But the encouragement to find him may be a trap!
Florence: Regardless of whether it’s a trap or not, we have to face PANDORA, once and for all. Do you know where Vito may be?
Silvano: No, we don’t…
Silvano: But you’re right <Name>, we don’t have a choice. Whether it’s a trap or not, we’ll have to find him!
Silvano: Maybe he left a clue behind for us in the lobby, let’s go!
Florence: All your hard work deserves a reward! Please take these funds to fuel your search!

Investigate ALEA Headquarters.
Silvano: Did you find anything that’ll help us find Vito’s location?
Silvano: You’re right, this faded map wasn’t here before. Let’s get the dusting kit out!

Examine Faded Map.
Silvano: Score! This is the map that’ll help us find out where Vito went!
Silvano: Let’s get this map and prep for the showdown against Vito, for good!

Confront Vito Panciza once and for all.
Silvano (holding gun): Vito! Stop right there!
Vito: Oh great, it's you again. Didn't my security protocols stop you?
Silvano: It's over, you have nowhere to go, nobody to help you. You might as well let me handcuff you!
Vito: Do you seriously expect me to give up, to you? Ha! I would never!
Vito (laughing): Do you want to know something funny, my dear friend?
Silvano: Shut up, now!
Vito: You see, when your mother was ending lives, PANDORA decided to give your precious little sister a tip on "The Reaper".
Vito: That tip caused her to start investigating Angelica and, well... the rest is history.
Silvano (shaking): You... you... did what?!
Vito (smirking): We masterminded her death to break you and it worked better than we could have expected! She walked to our goal like a blind sheep!
Silvano (angry): You're just trying to get in my head, I won't let you!
Silvano (determined): For the murder of countless individuals and your allegiance with PANDORA, I hereby arrest you!
Vito (handcuffed): You may have beaten me but you'll never win! Never!
Silvano: We may have not won the war, but we’ve won a battle against PANDORA now that you can be safely put behind bars!
Silvano (with Vito in his grasp): Let’s get Vito to the courthouse so he can stand trial!

Judge Rodriguez: Vito Panciza, you’re standing trial for the murder of Jax Morell…
Judge Rodriguez: ...Your betrayal to the Aurelian Law Enforcement Agency…
Judge Rodriguez: …And your conspiring with a criminal organization responsible for the murders of many law enforcers! What do you have to say about it?
Vito: What do I have to say? Well, I say NOT guilty, Your Honor. PANDORA is the right way to achieve true justice!
Judge Rodriguez: That judgement of yours proves otherwise, the so-called organization you’re in part of is NO better than you are!
Vito: Whatever you may say, Your Honor! But I’ll never say a word!
Judge Rodriguez: As you have made your statement, for the murder of Jax Morell, your conspiracy with a criminal organization and refusal to cooperate with the police…
Judge Rodriguez: You shall serve a lifetime sentence in a maximum security prison, in solitary confinement! Court is adjourned!
Vito: You may think you’ve won the battle, but you won’t be able to stop the war, <Name>! We’ll crush your agency like a snake under a boot heel!
Silvano: Not yet, Vito! We’ll stop PANDORA! Just you wait and see!

Talk to Victoria about what she wants.
Lydia: What’s up, Victoria?
Victoria: Well, I heard that Chief Aleiso tried to resign mid-investigation…
Victoria: And I overheard her saying that she would be resigning soon!
Lydia: Wait what? She can’t leave us!
Victoria: She has the right to do that now that she’s no longer suspected. But I know what we can do.
Victoria: We can give her a farewell party, with drinks, cake and a special video!
Victoria: Ruth and I are prepping the food, but I lost a camera that has footage of the Chief on it in the break room. You guys mind searching for it?
Lydia: Of course, Victoria! We’ll go have a look now!

Investigate Break Room.
Lydia: Do you think that’s the camera Victoria mentioned?
Lydia: Well if we’re going to make a video, we should unlock it first!

Examine Locked Camera.
Lydia: Good work on unlocking the camera!
Lydia: Hey, all these file names says Florence’s name on them!
Lydia: That must mean we got the right camera! Let’s send this to Callum so he can render a video for us!

Analyze Camera.
Callum: Good work on finding that camera. I was able to get the footage and make it into a memorable video!
Lydia: Great work Callum, let’s have a look!

The video starts…
Florence: Beat cop Florence Aleiso reporting for duty!
Chief Markham: You sound like an eager cop, I’m happy to have you here. Your brother is a brilliant detective.
Florence: I won’t let the ALEA down! I promise!

Ryan: Hey little sis, what do you got there?
Florence: Donuts for the two of us, because every cop needs their donut and coffee!
Ryan: You and your donuts… I’m glad to have you as my sister.
Florence: And to you, my brother, as a great detective!

Florence: I solemnly swear by the law that I will serve the new ALEA with justice and prosperity. I will ensure justice remains on the streets and that joy and perseverance stands among my colleagues.
Jonathan: Then rise, Chief Florence Aleiso of the Aurelian Law Enforcement Agency.

Florence: I love you Trevor Aleiso.
Trevor: And I love you Florence Nightingale. (The duo kiss in the sunset.)

The video ends.
Lydia: That was a sweet video, Callum!
Callum: Thank you Lydia. I do try.
Lydia: So, since we have this figured out, I’ll go help Ruth and Victoria prepare the video in our venue for the party.
Lydia: I’ll see you soon when we’re ready!

Later, in the offices…
Florence: Congratulations in arresting Vito Panciza for good!
Florence: But Vito’s revelations makes us believe that Vito’s only a mere hitman in PANDORA.
Lydia: As Vito has denied to say anything, we'll find more about PANDORA and unravel the mastermind’s identity!
Lydia: But Chief Aleiso, you don't mind if we go for a drive?
Florence: If you must insist…
Lydia: Great, <Name>, you mind going on ahead? We’ll catch up...

Lead Florence to her farewell party.
Florence: Why are we here, Lydia…?
Florence: Oh my, this is a surprise, alright!
Victoria: We heard about your resignation, Chief Aleiso…
Callum: But we couldn’t let you go without a proper goodbye!
Ruth: So we made this party happen so we could give you a proper farewell.
Trevor: Without your bravery and confidence, I would’ve never had an amazing wife like you.
Florence: Thank you everyone, for everything you’ve done.
Florence: Now we can enjoy ourselves, at least for a couple hours before the ALEA makes their last stand against PANDORA!
Silvano: To Chief Florence Aleiso, who rose above tragedy to enforce justice.
The Team: To Florence Aleiso!

Shortly after…
Florence: Hey <Name>, thank you for everything you did.
Florence: But before we wrap this party up, I want to do something.
Florence: You mind getting Silvano for me while I get ready to make a speech?

Go get Silvano Macerno in time for Florence’s speech.
Silvano: I wonder what Chief Aleiso is planning to do…
Florence: Thank you everyone for everything. I feel honoured to be your chief, but as we all know, tales must come to an end.
Florence: With my departure from the police department, I hereby declare Silvano Novelli Ashton as my successor to Chief of Police.
Silvano: Wait… what?
Florence: Please come up, Silvano.
(Silvano goes up to Florence, who puts the Chief badge on his blazer.)
Florence: Take this Chief of Police badge and lead the Aurelian Law Enforcement Agency proud as I was.
Silvano: Thank you, Florence. I will take the responsibility and be proud.
Florence: Then stand for your team, bold and strong for justice!
Jason: Good job Silvano, my beloved husband!
Lydia and Callum: Congratulations!
Ruth: Let’s toast to our new Chief, Silvano Ashton!
The Team: To Chief Ashton!

Later, after the party…
Silvano: We need to find out where PANDORA is hiding so we can confront the criminal organization once and for all!
Lydia: But it’s not like we have any direction of where we can go… Vito’s lips are sealed and our other lead is on a cold slab in Dominic’s lab!
Silvano: Well, all we can hope is that some lead will-
Victoria: <Name>, Chief, I’ve found some evidence of PANDORA’s locations, they have a hidden warehouse on the edge of the district!
Silvano: Good work Victoria!
Silvano: Now Lydia and <Name>, you should go-
First FBI Officer: No actions will need to happen right now, Mr Ashton.
Second FBI Officer: Victoria Ashworth, you’re under arrest!

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