The Stage of Death
Season 1
City St Ronde
District Brancast Street
Case Number 43
Date of Release 9\2\19
Partner(s) Delaney Chapman
Preceded by Succeeded by
Racing To Murder [[Professor's Ideology][

The Stage of Death is the 43rd case in St donde and the 43rd case overall. It takes place in the Brancast street district of St ronde. It is the 7th case in the district


The team are told that there is a fire at a play, the team manage to save everyone but Rebbecca Jones, the stage director. The team quickly adds Pierce Evans, an actor in the play, to the list, and GIA agent Rachel machearth, the team then looks under the stage and add actor El Jay onto the list

The team also investigated the outside of the building, where they added Harrison Smith and Lily Casket to the suspect list

The team then investigated the understage again where Pierce told the team that he considered quitting from Rebecca's employment, due to the fact he felt that he needed to go into different forms of work, something that Rebecca supported, the team also spoke to Rachel, who told the team that Rebecca was her aunt, and that she was the most chill family member she had left.

The team then investigated the outside again, where they spoke to Harrison again, who told the team that he accidentally started a fire, he told the team that he was looking around for a Law agent, but then bumped into someone, who ran off. Soon afterwards there was a fire. The team also spoke to Lily who told the team that she looked to Rebecca as a bit of a mentor, even though she wasn't really interested in theater, Rebecca tried her best to introduce Lily to theater, the team also spoke to El Jay, who told the team that recently at practice, Rebecca was getting pissed off at him for missing lines repeatedly, El Jay said he didn't think it was a big deal, he signed a contract to act in her plays for another 7 years, so he didn't see the issue of missing a line every performance

The team then arrested El Jay for the murder, upon confession, El Jay told the team that he killed Rebecca due to the contract he signed 3 years prior, the contract had him act in all of Rebecca's plays for the next 10 years, but El Jay was getting tired of acting in Rebecca's plays, so he had two options, continue acting for another 7 years, or kill her. El Jay choose the latter, he was sentenced to 39 years in prison

The team then investigated the remnants of the stage, and found a mostly burnt pile of paper, Simon told the team upon analysis, that the peper depaled the Bomb Squad's plan, apperently they want to explode 70% of St Ronde to deal a large blow to the US, which would go up to removing the US government and constitution, and St Ronde is central to this plan. Not only this but the founder of the Bomb Squad is one of the Law leaders, as well as a Brancast member.

This prompted the team to go to Lily Casket, who was the co-founder, Lily told the team that she did not believe that anyone in the brancast is planning on blowing up over half of the city, and asked the police to look somewhere else, it was after this that the team was informed by Harrison that he discovered a member of the Bomb Squad, he told the team that Mason Higinbotham was a member, and so the team went to Mason's office to put him under arrest....


Victim: Rebecca Jones, burned alive

Weapon: fire

Killer: El Jay


Pierce Evans


Height 5'9
Age 22
Weight 198lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A+

The suspect eats apples

Rachel macherth

'GIA Agent'

Height 5'6
Age 26
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type A+

The suspect reads hieroglyphics

The suspect eats apples

The suspect is a monarchist

El Jay


Height 6'5
Age 20
Weight 150lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A+

The suspect can read hieroglyphics

The suspect eats apples

The suspect is Monarchist

Suspect's appearance

The suspect has burns

Harrison Smith

'Police informant'

Height 5'7
Age 22
Weight 147lbs
Eyes Hazel
Blood Type B-

The suspect reads hieroglyphics

The suspect eats fruit

The suspect is a monarchist

Suspect's appearance

The Suspect has burns

Lily Casket

'Brancast co-founder'

Height 5'9
Age 23
Weight 180lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type B+

The suspect eats fruit



Killer's profile

The Killer can read hieroglyphics

The Killer eats fruit

The Killer is a Monarchist

The suspect has A+ blood type

The suspect has burns

Crime scenes


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