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At the Cloverport PD's Headquarters...
Chief Sharp: Welcome to the beautiful city of Cloverport <Name>! I hope you enjoyed the plane trip.
Chief Sharp: Right now, we're in the Serenity Slopes. This district is also the hometown of one of your partners, Myra Larson, our news reporter-turned-detective!
Chief Sharp: With Myra as your partner, you'll leave no stone unturned-
Myra: How are you, <Name>? Good I hope! We've heard that you're one of the best <Rank>s out there.
Myra: As you've been told, Serenity Slopes is my hometown. I hope you'll enjoy your time here.
Chief Sharp: The weather's nice today. You know what, Myra, show <Name> the scenery. Once that's done, you can relax.
Myra: Thanks Chief Sharp!

At the Main Street...
Myra: What I love about the main street is how there's a mix of both houses and businesses here. Want to check out a restau-
Myra: Oh cr*p. I think that was a gunshot. Quick, the shooter must have aimed at the window in 45 Balboa Street.
Myra: I'll try to tail them down, you look for some evidence.

Chapter 1

Investigate CEO's Office
Myra: Clearly I need to visit the gym! They ran like there was no tomorrow!
Myra: Unfortunately someone always has to die. Evidently, they were shot in the head.
Myra: Looking at the nameplate on his desk, we can identify our victim as Edwin Cooper. I can't believe he's dead!
Myra: Edwin Cooper was the founder of Pear Inc., a technology company.
Myra: We should send the body to Kim Lawrence, the coroner of the CPD. She autopsies the corpses we find. I'm shocked she's still sane at this point.
Myra: It appears he was writing something at the time of his death! Perhaps it might reveal something about our killer!
Myra: Wait a minute! It's faded. Dust some carbon powder over the faded text and we'll see what it says!
Myra: And there's also some broken pieces. Try to fit and tape the broken pieces until the pieces are intact! It looks to be a keychain...
Myra: I know you can do it!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Kim: Hey <Name>. Hope you picked a four-leaf clover or two because you guys need A LOT of luck.
Myra: Why? Were you too busy at a party or something?
Kim: Nonsense. The parties are too serene here anyway.
Myra: Kim here loves partying. And traveling. And talking. Basically not doing work-
Kim: If the last point were true, then I certainly wouldn't be able to tell you that this was a very precise shot to the back of the head with a .38 revolver!
Kim: Interestingly, this was how Mongolian executions took place before their abolition in 2012. However, that's not the most informative piece of information.
Kim: Luckily, I can tell you that the killer's shot was extremely precise. In other words, they definitely can handle a gun!
Myra: That's great! It's too early to take a shot in the dark at guessing our killer's identity but with you as my partner, I'm sure we won't have to!
Kim: There's something else you need to know: since they shot from the window, there's probably some glass shards at the murder scene that could help you learn more about the murder!

Examine Faded Paper.
Myra: See, <Name>. That wasn't so hard.
Myra: "I, Edwin Alexander Cooper" - nobody cares about the rest. Blah, blah, blah. Oh I see! He left his inheritance to his daughter, a certain Isabelle Cooper.
Myra: We better inform her of her father's death...

Inform Isabelle Cooper of her father's death.
Myra: We hate to inform you of this, but-
Isabelle: Yeah, yeah, my father's dead.
Myra: Why are you treating it like nothing happened? Your. Father. Is. Dead. How are you not crying?
Isabelle: Because he cared more about Pear Inc. than he ever did about his family!
Isabelle: I highly doubt he'd even leave any money to his family. Good day and good riddance.
(After interrogation)
Myra: Had she not acted so... nonchalant to her father's murder, I would have probably told her about her inheritance.
Myra: <Name>, don't look at me like that. She'll learn eventually.

Examine Torn Pieces.
Myra: Oh my gosh! That's a keychain for the local park!
Myra: Our victim was probably a local to the park. Let's go!

Investigate Park View.
(Before investigation)
Myra: Look! There's a statue of Lucas Sutton, our mayor! You'll probably meet him soon.
Myra: He's a good man. Because of him, the amount of poor and homeless people here has drastically reduced.
Myra: Enough reminiscing. Let's investigate!
(After investigation)
Myra: Good job finding the briefcase. Unfortunately, it's locked. In order to unlock it, you have to see what numbers or letters fit in the letter fragment.
Myra: And would you look at that! There's a selfie. I though only squeaky-voiced 12-year-olds take them... not old women!
Myra: To identify the old woman in the photo with Edwin, we look at some physical traits, such as their hair, eyes, and mouth.
Myra: And there's a trash can. Let's throw some of the stuff in there around until we find a sufficient clue!
Myra: I understand that I sound like I'm talking to some computer player, but you have to try it out!

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Myra: Great job <Name>! You did it. I always had faith in you.
Myra: And look. There's the victim's badge in there.
Myra: What's more is that there's photos of Edwin in there. Except Edwin's throat isn't covered in red marker.
Myra: Our killer must have touched his badge! Let's get a sample of the green substance off it!
Myra: To extract a sample of the green substance, you tap around it and go up and down until you get enough of it.

Examine Victim's Badge.
Myra: Way to go <Name>! You collected a sample of the green substance. Let's send it to Gregory!
Myra: Who's Gregory? Gregory West is the head of the Cloverport PD's Forensics Laboratory. Let's go!

Analyze Green Substance.
Gregory: Nice to meet you <Name>. Hope the investigation's going well.
Myra: With me as <Name>'s partner, it sure is!
Gregory: Spare the bragging rights for another day.
Gregory: Anyways, this was a rather palatable sample.
Gregory: It's a mixture of two ingredients well loved by the Japanese.
Gregory: I found residue of processed fish, but the main part of the substance is wasabi.
Myra: I love sushi, but I can't stand wasabi! I remember that time I thought it was pistachio ice cream...
Gregory: Oh god.
Myra: We're certainly delving into the fishy business called murder!

Examine Selfie.
Myra: So you identified the old woman in the photo as a certain Ellen Lowry. She's 80 years old yet she looks rather youthful.
Myra: Apparently she's the victim's neighbor! Let's see if she heard the gunshot.

See if the victim's neighbor heard anything suspicious.
Myra: Hello Mrs. Lowry-
Ellen: No. I did not kiss the dowry.
Myra: About the murder-
Ellen: What turtle?
Myra: The shooting
Ellen: There's a plant rooting? What?
Ellen: No need to raise your voice, young missy. No, I was sewing at home the whole time.
Ellen: I was applying anti-aging cream while hearing the gunshot though. That's my alibi. Now leave!
(After interrogation)
Myra: Someone seriously needs to buy that woman a hearing aid!

Examine Trash Can.
Myra: Yeah, this town has some interesting trash. If that yoyo wasn't covered in orange gunk I'd certainly pocket it.
Myra: So <Name>, what did you find?
Myra: It appears to be a pair of... high-tech binoculars.
Myra: Let's send it to Ross Leopold Caldwell, our kid genius and tech analyst. I just love saying his middle name...

Analyze Binoculars.
Ross: Welcome to the PD <Name>. If you're ever bored, we can play some video games.
Myra: I think <Name> will pass.
Ross: I presume you're here for the result about the binoculars.
Myra: Good thing my hunch was right about them being binoculars!
Ross: No duh. They're digital recording binoculars capable of shooting both video and still images with high definition and the latest 3D technology. I'm actually jealous.
Myra: That means someone was following Edwin! Who could that have been?
Ross: This is an expensive pair of binoculars, meaning that their production is limited. This made it easy to track them down.
Ross: This particular pair was military issued to the victim's bodyguard Jamison Rivers!
Myra: We better see if Edwin had any enemies. He must have had a few, considering the fact he was killed!

Ask the victim's bodyguard whether Edwin had any enemies.
Jamison: There's no time to talk. I heard the news.
Myra: We'll make it brief Mr. Rivers. Did you know if Edwin had any enemies?
Jamison: He must have, considering the fact he hired a bodyguard for his protection.
Jamison: To be honest, I'm not really sure, as Edwin was a pretty secretive guy.
Myra: Thanks for cooperating Mr. Rivers. Please stay in case we have more questions.

Back at the station...
Myra: Why don't we go over our investigat-
Spencer: No time to recap! Myra, you know how you used to be a news reporter?
Myra: This is Spencer Collins, an agent for the CPD. He's a bit egotistical... I give you permission to slap him if he ever talks about his so-called abs...
Spencer: At least I have them.
Myra: I also have a hand that's good for slapping people...
Myra: Yeah, I used to be a news reporter. What about it?
Spencer: Well, according to Ross, one of your colleagues broke in to the Pear Inc. servers.
Spencer: Want to know the worst part? They might have compromised files belonging to the victim.
Spencer: In other words, all the Pear devices across the globe are vulnerable to a potential virus!

Chapter 2

Spencer Collins: All the Pear devices across the globe are vulnerable to a potential virus.
Spencer: And it's all because a news reporter broke into the server room!
Myra: And you believe that it's a news reporter because?
Spencer: Because a Pear Inc. employee found a notepad from the same station you worked for!
Myra: I don't want to do this, but we've got to go to the server room!

Investigate Server Room.
Myra: That's weird. Nothing's out of place. It looks perfectly normal.
Myra: Except for that notepad you found. There's some dust on it.
Myra: Let's use the vacuum. It's like a real vacuum but WAY smaller.
Myra: And there's an open diary, but the text is faded. Carbon powder never lies!

Examine Dusty Notepad.
Myra: Easier said than done <Name>. You collected some dust off it.
Myra: Look at the logo at the top! That's KKDE's logo; I used to work there!
Myra: We could send it to Gregory... but let's save some time and put it under the microscope.
Myra: It's pretty easy. Just match the molecules and the microscope takes care of the rest!

Examine Dust.
Myra: Okay then... some of the test had traces of skin in there!
Myra: It's not just ANYONE's skin. It's Bella Ingram's.
Myra: She was a colleague of mine... Let's just say some of her tactics for gaining news were a bit unorthodox.
Myra: Bella's still a good person though, I assure you. Maybe we could catch up on old times?

See why Bella broke into the Pear Inc. server room.
(During interrogation)
Bella: Myra? Is that you? I haven't seen in you in what, five years!
Myra: Yeah, I had a career change. I'm going to ask a rather unsettling question...
Myra: Did you break into Pear Inc.'s server rooms?
Bella: Of course not Myra! I was... out getting sushi at the time.
Myra: I know you're lying Bella. We found your notepad there.
Bella: Fine. I did it. I just needed some... extra info about the victim. It was so we could... enhance the quality of the article about Edwin's death!
Myra: Alright Bella. But please stay nearby, it'll make our job easier.
(After interrogation)
Myra: Does she think we're that gullible? I just KNOW Bella's hiding something... but we'll find it out, won't we <Name>?

Examine Faded Diary.

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