The victims are Antonio Smith and Edith Smith. They were skinned to a skull and abandoned in a warehouse. The killer is motorcycle gang racer, Jackie Ashworth. Jackie killed Antonio and Edith because they asked to pay the race money. Jackie said to Antonio and Edith he didn't have enough money to pay the race money.

Antonio and Edith forced Jackie to pay in two days. After two days passed, Antonio and Edith packed all the goods in Jackie's house. Jackie was sad, and planned to kill them at night. When Antonio and Edith were racing, Jackie set land mines in the street, Jackie stole the land mines in "Karkaroff Weapons Shop".

When Antonio and Edith went to the street that had been rigged with mines, the tires touched the mines and exploded. Jackie put the bodies in the warehouse and skinned the two alive. The Judge sentenced Jackie to life imprisonment with no chance of parole.


  • Antonio Smith (Him and his brother was skinned alive in a warehouse)

Murder Weapon

  • Skinning Knife


  • Jackie Ashworth


Jackie Ashworth (The Fire Motorcycle gang leader)

Age                      20             

Weight                 171 lbs      

Eyes                    Blue          

Blood                   O              

Height                   6'0           

Hair                      Blonde     

Profile and Appearance : The suspect is a racer gang - The suspect has a scratch - The suspect skin is white - The suspect is asthmatic

Johny Karkaroff (The owner of "Karkaroff Weapons Shop")

Age                       30        

Weight                  200 lbs 

Eyes                     Brown   

Blood                    AB        

Height                   6'4       

Hair                      White    

Profile and Appearance : The suspect has a scratch - The suspect is asthmatic

Eduardo Smith (Father of Antonio Smith and Edith Smith)

Age                       41       

Weight                250 lbs  

Eyes                   Black     

Blood                    B         

Height                  6'4       

Hair                     Black    

Helena Smith (Mother of Antonio Smith and Edith Smith)

Age                       39      

Weight                 195 lbs

Eyes                     Green 

Blood                     AB     

Height                     5'9    

Hair                       Blue   

Profile and Appearance : The suspect skin is white

Killer's Profile

  • The killer has a scratch
  • The killer is a racer
  • The killer has asthma
  • The killer blood type is O
  • The killer skin is white

Crime Scenes

Warehouse Route 59  Antonio and Edith Room
Karkaroff Weapons Shop Jackie Ashworth house Warehouse
Smith's Family house Smith's family kitchen Karkaroff Weapons Shop


Chapter 1

  • Investigate Warehouse (Clues : Victims body, Phone, Camera.)
  • Autopsy Victims body (Result : Killer has a scratch)
  • Examine Phone (Clues : Eduardo Smith missed call)
  • Talk to Eduardo Smith
  • Investigate Smith's Family House (Clues : Pocket)
  • Examine Pocket (Result : Skinning Knife)
  • Examine Skinning Knife (Result : Killer weapons)
  • Go to next chapter

​Chapter 2

  • Karkaroff want to talk
  • Investigate Karkaroff Weapons Shop (Clues : Broken glass)
  • Examine Broken Glass (Result : Killer blood)
  • Investigate Route 59 (Clues : Exploded Motorcycles)
  • Examine Exploded Motorcycles (Clues : Finger print)
  • Talk to Jackie Smith
  • Investigate Jackie Smith house (Clues : Medicine Canister)
  • Examine

Additional Investigation

  • Talk to Helena Smith
  • Investigate Kitchen (Clue : Broken Medal)
  • Repair the Broken Medal (Result : Medal)
  • Give Helena Smith the Medal (Gifts : 2000 Coins)
  • Talk to Karkaroff
  • Investigate Karkaroff Weapons Shop (Clue : Briefcase)
  • Examine Briefcase (Result : HK416 Rifle)
  • Give the HK416 to Karkaroff (Gifts : HK416 Rifle)
  • Talk to Eduardo Smith
  • Investigate Antonio and Edith Room (Clues : Teared jackets)
  • Repair the teared jackets (Result : Racer Jackets)
  • Give the jackets to Eduardo Smith (Gifts : Racer Jacket)