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Josiah: This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!
Josiah: I thought you told the warden about this!
Zoya: We did, but it looks like the market was still one step ahead of us.
Annabel: I just got word from the warden, despite the damage, they were able to contain the prisoners.
Annabel: However, two of them managed to escape...
Sonia: That's not good, do we know who?
Annabel: The Warden's doing a roll call now, so we won't hear back for a while.
Annabel: But we did receive word that the guards reported two rafts missing from storage, they must've went out to sea.
Josiah: Great, they could be miles out by now!
Sonia: We can't afford to wait, we need to go, now!
Josiah: Right, tell me we've got a speedboat.
Annabel: Lucky for you we do, local law enforcement has one they can spare. <Rank> <Name>, take Josiah and Sonia out to sea and find those missing prisoners!
Josiah: Hopefully your luck can help us find them, let's go!

In the middle of the sea...
Sonia: Ugh, how long have we been out here?
Josiah: Last I checked, almost 2 hours. And no sign of either of them.
Sonia: At this point its best we head back to shore and...
Josiah: Wait, do you hear that?
Sonia: No I don't... hey wait, I hear something.
Josiah: You hear it too <Name>? It sounds like a woman, singing.
Sonia: Hey, I see something in the distance. Its in the same direction as the singing!
Josiah: We better head over there, maybe they saw where the prisoners went. Or maybe we got lucky and found one of them.

Chapter 1

Investigate Life Raft
Josiah: Well that can't be good, looks like we found one of the missing prisoners.
Sonia: Only someone else found him before we did.
Josiah: Wait, I know him! That's Sam Porterson, the navy ensign we arrested for affiliations with the black market!
Sonia: Yeah I remember that. According to the case, you arrested him after it was discovered he and his late partner were in on the ship-jacking scheme.
Sonia: Guess they went ahead with their plan to clean house.
Josiah: There's no way he could've set the bomb, so it had to be someone else. My bet is the same person who sent Porterson to his untimely grave.
Sonia: Right, but what was that song earlier? It sounded wonderful.
Josiah: Guess it stopped, whatever it was we'll have to listen for it later. Right now, let's get to work.
Josiah: Looks like <Name> is one step ahead again, these must've been Porterson's handcuffs.
Sonia: Whoever springed him must've helped him out, let's have a look for anything they left on here.
Josiah: And while we're at it, we better let Warden Inoue know we found one of the missing prisoners. Better get to work!

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Daphne: Well, I gotta say, I'm surprised you found this guy.
Daphne: Any longer, and he would've likely sunk to the sea, never to be found again.
Sonia: Well keep in mind, we still have one more prisoner to find, and they could be at risk of dying too.
Josiah: So the sooner we find out who killed Ensign Porterson, the better. So what've you got for us?
Daphne: Cause of death came as a result of trauma caused by flogging, whatever the weapon was, they used something rather heavy.
Daphne: I found marks around his neck, suggesting the killer tried strangling him. But he fought back.
Daphne: However, I found traces of salbutamol on your victim's eyes, its an ingredient used in asthma inhalers.
Josiah: So our killer stunned Porterson, then proceeded to flog him to death?
Sonia: If they have an asthma inhaler, then they have to have asthma, right?
Daphne: That's my guess.
Sonia: That settles it, our killer has asthma! Let's hope we can catch them soon.

Examine Handcuffs
Sonia: Looks like our killer left something after all, red crumbs by the looks of things.
Josiah: We'll leave these to Victor, he can tell us where these came from.

Analyze Red Crumbs
Victor: Well, I must say, it was rather sweet of you to bring me something to work on. I've been in a stump recently.
Josiah: Hopefully it hasn't deterred your forensic work Victor.
Victor: It hasn't, the crumbs on your victim's handcuffs are come from the fragari ananassa, the common strawberry.
Sonia: Did they come from our victim?
Victor: Nope, Daphne told me Ensign Porterson hasn't had any strawberries in his system at all.
Josiah: Best bet is our killer left them here when they helped Porterson out of his cuffs.
Sonia: They better eat up on strawberries while they can, prison food will be a new experience for our killer when you catch them <Name>!

Inform Patrick Inoue of Porterson's murder
Josiah: Warden Inoue, we have important news for you.
Patrick: Good or bad?
Sonia: Both. The good news is we've found one of your escaped prisoners.
Sonia: But the bad news is, someone killed him before we could find him.
Patrick: Killed? How horrid, who was it?
Josiah: Sam Porterson, he used to be a Navy ensign.
Patrick: Ah Porterson, that explains a lot.
Patrick: Black market dealings aside, he was actually turning out to be a model inmate. Though he ended up in the odd scrap every now and again.
Patrick: His cell is on the upper level, it wasn't affected by the blast, so you're free to have a look and see if there's anything there to help your investigation.
Josiah: Thank you Warden, let's go have a look.

Investigate Victim's Cell
Josiah: Looks like our victim kept to himself most of the time.
Sonia: And this cell is pretty neat, I got word that Porterson was alone, so we won't have any potential cellmates to talk with.
Josiah: Maybe not, but it looks like someone left their uniform behind.
Sonia: Talk about lazy, the ID tag is unreadable, let's see if we can decipher it.
Josiah: And it looks like <Name> found a journal of some kind, it must be Porterson's.
Josiah: The last entry seems faded, let's see if he was meeting anyone.

Examine Journal
Sonia: Nice work, let me have a look and see what it says.
Sonia: "My girlfriend Olivia came by today to let me know its over. I should've seen this coming a mile away, but I did what I did."
Josiah: Well, guess our Navy Ensign had someone to return to. But I guess his arrest put a strain on things.
Josiah: This entry was written a few hours ago, maybe Olivia noticed something before the riot happened. Let's bring her in and ask a few questions.

Talk to Olivia about visiting the victim
Josiah: Miss Eastham, we've brought you here in regards to the murder of Sam Porterson, we know you two dated?
Olivia: Sam's been killed?
Olivia: Well I know he was a criminal, but I wouldn't go as far as to kill him.
Sonia: You and Sam broke up recently, right?
Olivia: I heard about his arrest, but it only took up until now for me to build up the courage to tell him we were over.
Olivia: Its honestly sad he turned out to be who he was, but he really seemed like a nice guy.
Josiah: And did you notice anything while you were at the prison?
Olivia: No, I heard about the riot, but I was gone before it happened.
Sonia: Alright, if we have any more questions, we'll let you know.

Examine Guard's Uniform
Josiah: The ID tag belongs to an Oscar Voss, he must've left this behind.
Sonia: Why he'd do something like this I don't think I'll ever know.
Josiah: Must've been panicking because of the explosions, if he Porterson he might be a useful witness. Let's go talk to him.

Ask Oscar about what he saw during the riot
Oscar: Hello officers, sorry but I've been trying to help out with the repairs, and I think my stuff must've went all over the place!
Josiah: Like your uniform perhaps?
Oscar: Oh thank you so much! I thought this got destroyed, where was this?
Sonia: We found it in the cell of Sam Porterson, we found him murdered at sea while he was trying to escape.
Oscar: What!?
Oscar: Oh man, the Warden is gonna have my hide for this. You really screwed up now Oscar!
Oscar: He was my responsibility, I was the one who was told to keep him in line.
Josiah: And unfortunately he's gone, did you notice him escaping?
Oscar: No, his cell was empty by the time I checked, it was like he disappeared out of the blue or something.
Oscar: But rest assured, if I find anything I'll let you know as soon as I can!

On the beach...
Josiah: Well things aren't off to a good start, we not only failed to stop the market from attacking the prison.
Josiah: But a black market affiliate got killed too!
Sonia: And there's still one prisoner missing, which we have no idea about their identity, or place.
Josiah: For now, let's focus on the murder investigation. Sam Porterson was apparently flogged to death, out in the middle of the sea.
Josiah: The Warden called him a "model inmate", while the guard Oscar claimed he didn't catch him escaping.
Sonia: And we can't forget his girlfriend, who...
Sonia: Hold on, do you hear something?
Josiah: Yeah, I think its that singing again.
Josiah: Hey <Name>, get the boat ready, its coming from somewhere else this time!

Chapter 2

Out at sea...
Sonia: I think we're getting closer, its gotta be here somewhere.
Josiah: Wait stop, listen.....
Josiah: That way! Quick!

A few minutes later...
Josiah: Well, we're here, where's the person who was singing that?
Sonia: Its stopped, but why are we here?
Josiah: I don't know, but...
Josiah: Huh, you found something <Name>? A bottle?
Sonia: There's a note in it! "Look beneath the waves, there's something you'll need for your investigation."
Sonia: Looks like someone wants to help, but what's underneath?
Josiah: I can't tell, good thing I came prepared. Don your scuba suits everyone, we're going underwater!

Investigate Shipwreck
Josiah: Wow, didn't think there was a shipwreck underneath the ocean like that.
Sonia: Yeah, but I didn't see anything there relevant to our investigation.
Josiah: Looks like <Rank> <Name> is one step ahead, someone left this scuba mask behind.
Sonia: The name seems worn out, better see if we can decipher it.
Sonia: And while you're at it, open up that old trunk and see what's inside.
Josiah: Good idea, but why the cannonball? If you want to get prints, go ahead, but don't be surprised if you can't get any good ones.

Examine Scuba Mask
Josiah: Says here it belongs to one Mimi Labarge, must be a scuba diver of some sort
Sonia: If she was out at sea, maybe she caught something, like our victim!
Sonia: Let's find this Mimi Labarge and ask her ourselves, come on!
Josiah: Keep your pants on Sonia, we're coming.

Ask Mimi if she saw anything unusual
Mimi: Officers? Mind if I ask why you're here?
Sonia: Miss Labarge, we found this scuba mask of your's. Were you at an underwater shipwreck recently?
Mimi: Yeah, I went there after having some fresh strawberries, why do you ask?
Josiah: We're investigating a murder, an escaped prisoner was found dead at sea.
Mimi: Escaped prisoner, who got killed?
Sonia: A man named Sam Porterson, he was a former Navy Ensign. Do you know him?
Mimi: Porterson... Porterson... Can't say that name rings a bell.
Sonia: Right, well we'll talk to you again if we have anything else for you.
Mimi: Cool, see ya around!

Examine Cannonball
Sonia: Didn't think we'd get any prints, but hopefully Marco can get a match for us. Let's send this over to him!

Analyze Fingerprints
Marco: Hey guys, I heard about what happened, you heard some woman singing and it led you to the ship?
Sonia: Yeah, why?
Marco: I think I remember something about that, but I can't put my finger on it. I'll look it up and let you know.
Marco: In the meantime, I'm surprised, it ain't easy getting fingerprints from something underwater.
Marco: Nevertheless I analyzed them, and I got a match. They belong to Octavio Davenport.
Sonia: Oh man, not him. He's that intimidating Quartermaster we met at that pirate ship case.
Josiah: Yeah I heard, the guy really isn't fond of people. I'm not looking forward to this, but we have to.
Josiah: Their ship hasn't left port yet, so let's go ask Octavio if he saw something.

Ask Octavio if he saw anything
Octavio: Well lookee 'ere, looks like you pigs haven't gotten enough of us yet, 'ave ye?
Josiah: No, a new matter has come up and we need your testimony.
Josiah: Have you ever met anyone named Sam Porterson, a Navy Ensign?
Octavio: No. Why, should I?
Sonia: He was found murdered out at sea, we were hoping if-
Octavio: Read me lips love, I didn't see a thing! I got business with the boys to take care of, and I don't want me asthma to come back!
Octavio: We done 'ere?
Josiah: Y-Yes, we'll talk to you if we have any other questions.

Josiah: Man you weren't kidding, that guy rubs me the wrong way. Like Zoya, Alice or Celeste.
Josiah: If he did kill Sam, I hope he comes quietly, I don't want a bloodbath to happen.
Sonia: Well it seems as though he's not gonna be much help. Let's check elsewhere.
Josiah: I think we oughta check our victim's cell again, maybe we missed something.
Sonia: Well <Name> seems to agree so let's get going.

Investigate Bunk Bed
Josiah: Well, find anything guys?
Sonia: There's this strange poster, seems out of place in a jail cell don't you think?
Sonia: Let's check behind it...
Josiah: Holy smokes, a secret door!
Josiah: Its asking for a password, strange feature, but let's check it out.
Sonia: And it looks like our victim ended up in a fight alright, this toothbrush was sharpened, and was used recently.
Josiah: Let's get a sample of that blood and check who this belongs to.

Examine Door
Sonia: Looks like this door leads out, guess that explains how our victim got away when the explosion didn't affect his cell.
Josiah: Must've been a distraction, but look, there's a note left behind.
Josiah: "I told you I can't help you out of this, I won't associate myself with people like you, so leave me alone or else!"
Sonia: Guess our victim ticked someone off, but who?
Josiah: This looks to be up Alice's alley, let's give this to her.

Analyze Note
Alice: Glad you could make it, the note you sent me was actually quite the challenge.
Sonia: But you were still able to figure it out, right?
Alice: Of course I did.
Alice: The message itself makes me assume whoever wrote it has to be closely associated with the victim, someone who they could trust.
Alice: But the sender is also very defensive, almost as if they're afraid of this person.
Josiah: Well, given what the victim was a part of, I wouldn't be surprised.
Alice: Going over your suspects, this has to be Olivia Eastham's work, no doubt about it.
Sonia: Well we knew she broke up with Sam, but I didn't think felt THAT threatened about it.
Josiah: Guess our victim tried to ask her for help, hopefully Olivia can give us the full story.

Talk to Olivia about the note she wrote
Josiah: Miss Eastham, did you write this note to Porterson?
Olivia: Yes I did officers, why do you ask?
Sonia: Any reason why you put "...or else" at the end of it?
Olivia: Actually, I can explain that...
Olivia: Sam kept pestering me, he told me they'd post bail if he talked, and he said he wanted to make sure of it first.
Josiah: Wait, he was gonna talk?
Olivia: Yeah, I was kinda surprised, glad I had my asthma inhaler on stand by since I felt like I was gonna go into an attack.
Olivia: But he betrayed me and my feelings, I couldn't help him out like that, I told him it was over between us and that was that!
Sonia: And that was it?
Olivia: That was it, I had no hand in his murder, whatsoever. Now I need to go get from strawberries for my afternoon snack, if you would excuse me.

Examine Sharpened Toothbrush
Josiah: Nice work, let's put this under the microscope and check ourselves who this belongs to.

Examine Blood
Josiah: Well that can't be good, the blood on this sharpened toothbrush belongs to Warden Inoue!
Sonia: I don't think a model inmate would attack the Warden like that, Porterson obviously was troubled.
Josiah: If the two got into a fight, we better get the details, let's see what Patrick has to say for himself.

Confront Patrick about victim attacking him.
Josiah: Warden Inoue, if Porterson was really a model inmate, then why did we find your blood on his sharpened toothbrush?
Patrick: Oh, you found that, did you?
Patrick: Alright, I admit it. But it was my fault, I wanted to reform him, and he lashed out at me!
Sonia: Why did you want to reform him?
Patrick: I was a member of the military myself, though I was on Air Force, I felt sentimental and decided to remind Porterson of his past.
Patrick: But the fool didn't care, it was like his mind was altered. He only cared about keeping the market's secrets.
Josiah: I can imagine that you weren't happy at what Porterson did.
Patrick: That's an understatement, I was furious! I had my first asthma attack in years, and it took me who knows how long to find an inhaler!
Patrick: But if they're so keen on keeping their secrets, then its no surprise he got killed. He wants to keep their secrets, but they see him as just another liability.
Sonia: I hope you didn't have any hand in this Warden Inoue, or you'll end up a liability yourself!

Examine Old Trunk
Josiah: Nice work opening that old trunk <Rank> <Name>.
Sonia: But what for, the only thing we found are chains.
Josiah: Wait, these chains have blood on them!
Sonia: Whoa, glad you noticed. But could this be the murder weapon?
Josiah: They seem heavy enough, but let's get Celeste's opinion on the matter.

Analyze Chains
Celeste: Its been some time, you really need to start coming by more, I really prefer not to get bored.
Celeste: Me... and some other certain people.
Josiah: Um, I don't know what you mean by that, but I'll keep that in mind.
Sonia: Well onto business, the chains we sent you?
Celeste: They match the neck wounds on your victim and the blood is his too, safe to say this has to be your murder weapon.
Celeste: Unfortunately, neither me nor Victor were able to find any other substances on this thing.
Josiah: Guess they were careful this time, does that mean we don't have anything?
Celeste: I wouldn't say that, the chest they were found in dates back to the 15th century, and that shipwreck has actually yet to be properly explored.
Celeste: The killer couldn't have reached it without diving under the water themselves, and as you know, you need diving gear to make it.
Josiah: So that means our killer scuba dives! They thought they wouldn't leave any evidence behind this time, but they thought wrong.

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well the way things look right now, we're only scratching the surface of our victim.
Sonia: Agreed, but its still too soon to call who killed him.
Sonia: We were able to find Porterson's escape route, and it seems as though he wasn't the model inmate the Warden said he was.
Josiah: And we met the scuba diver, Mimi Larbarge. Since she scuba dives like our killer, I'll write that down.
Josiah: And we know his killer visited some wrecked ship after killing Sam Porterson, but why?
Sonia: And what was that weird song that got us there?
Atticus: Wait, did you say song?
Sonia: Yes I did.
Atticus: Was it by a woman while you were at sea, perhaps it sounded mesmerizing?
Josiah: Yeah, why?
Atticus: I can't believe it, that was no ordinary woman.
Atticus: That was the song of a siren!

Chapter 3

Josiah: I'm sorry, but what?
Atticus: You heard me, it was a siren's song!
Sonia: I guess my mythology's a bit rusty, but what's a siren?
Atticus: Here let me explain: A siren is a mythical creature who uses their song in an attempt to lure sailors to their doom.
Atticus: Their form is similar to that of birds, though some people often confuse them with mermaids, and...
Sonia: Wait, so you think there's an actual siren or mermaid here in Warrenville?
Atticus: Of course not, I may enjoy history, but I'm no fool.
Atticus: But that may be something you want to ask your killer, or whoever is making that song.
Josiah: Actually, I'm thinking whoever this siren, mermaid or whatever is, they're trying to help us. We did find this message in a bottle, trying to help our investigation.
Atticus: You did? Let me see that.
Atticus: Hmm, this needs studying, I'll see if I can have Marco assist me.
Josiah: Right, in the meantime, the raft our victim just came in, but we oughta check the surrrounding waters in case anything fell out in the struggle.
Sonia: Right, back out into the sea we go!

Investigate Water Surface
Josiah: Wow, looks like a lot went overboard when the victim and killer fought.
Sonia: Yeah, a lockbox and a truncheon. I'll help unlock the lockbox.
Josiah: And this truncheon looks to have someone's name on it, I'll help uncover whose this is.
Josiah: If you think those wooden pieces need examining too <Rank> <Name>, then piece them back together and let's see what they form.

Examine Truncheon
Josiah: The name on the truncheon is Oscar Voss, must belong to that prison guard we spoke to.
Sonia: I know he misplaced his uniform, but how did the victim get ahold of his truncheon like that?
Josiah: No clue, but we better go see Oscar to find out.

Ask Oscar why the victim had his truncheon
Oscar: Can this wait, I don't want my strawberry salad to start wilting.
Josiah: Mr. Voss, is this your's? We found your name on it.
Oscar: Thank you, I thought that b****rd Porterson took it.
Sonia: He did, and we found it at the crime scene.
Sonia: Was this the first time?
Oscar: No, he was my responsibility, but I've been asking for a transfer ever since.
Oscar: I tried to assert my authority, but he just bullied me more and more.
Josiah: Sounds like you had it rough, enough to take your frustrations out on him and kill him?
Oscar: No! I wouldn't pull that! I just went scuba diving and cleared my head of all the crap he put me through.
Sonia: Hopefully that's all you did, because I'm sure the bullying will only increase if you end up on the prisoners' level.

Examine Lockbox
Josiah: Not much in this lockbox aside from this check, hey wait look at this.
Josiah: This check was written out to Mimi Labarge!
Sonia: Why would our victim give her money, she claimed to not even know him.
Josiah: Something tells me we oughta get the truth from Miss Labarge, let's go speak with her.

Confront Mimi on why the victim owed her money
Josiah: Miss Labarge, did Porterson owe you money?
Mimi: I told you, I don't know any Porterson. Now if you excuse me I need to get my asthma medication and...
Sonia: Mimi, I don't think you know how serious this is. A man is dead, and we're starting to think you might've done it.
Mimi: Me? Okay, let me explain.
Mimi: Yes, I know Porterson, I gave scuba lessons to him and his girlfriend, Olivia.
Mimi: Unfortunately, the idiot took some of my equipment, he claimed he was innocent, but I begeed to differ.
Mimi: So I asked him to compensate me, and he almost did, he just missed the last payment before he was arrested.
Sonia: Is that all Mimi, maybe you broke him out prison to get the money back, and killed him when he refused.
Mimi: I didn't I swear, if you think I had any hand in this, you have a lot to think about.
Josiah: And you will too if we discover you're lying to us about this.

Examine Wooden Pieces
Josiah: Looks like those wooden pieces form a... manta ray?
Sonia: That's... odd.
Sonia: And look at this, "You know what this means Porterson" Guess they were trying to tell Porterson something.
Josiah: Let's send this to Atticus, maybe there's something we're not getting about this wooden statue.

Analyze Wood Carving
Atticus: Well if you're here for that message in a bottle, we still haven't made any headway on that.
Josiah: What about that mantay ray carving we sent you, anything regarding that.
Atticus: Yes actually, it harkens back to an old curse, an omen if you will.
Atticus: Its a superstition has amongst sailors and pirates, who feared manta rays as much as sharks.
Sonia: Pirates? Must've been Octavio then.
Atticus: Then this Octavio must've wanted your victim dead, as pirates and sailors believed manta rays could hook onto their anchors and send them to the briney deep below.
Josiah: And I bet he wanted that to happen to Porterson, hate to say it, but this warrants another chat with the Quartermaster.

Confront Octavio over his threat to the victim
Octavio: You lot again, I told ya to bugger off already!
Josiah: None of that tough guy act Mr. Davenport, so what was this about?
Octavio: Ha, I knew that worm'd still 'ave it.
Octavio: The guy tried to board our ship, but me and the Cap'n weren't about to let 'im on 'ere.
Sonia: So you gave him this as a warning?
Octavio: That I did, the bloke was gettin' in the way of our exploration for treasure, we got the best diving gear imaginable for scuba exploration.
Octavio: What? Thought we were old-school all the way? Hahahahaha, not in this day or age.
Octavio: But we still gotta rely on fruit to prevent scurvy, oranges, strawberries, the works.
Sonia: Fine, but that better be all Mr. Davenport.
Octavio: Are ya threatenin' me?
Josiah: Yes, with jail time Octavio. So we better not find out you killed Porterson to get him off your back.

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well Atticus and Marco still have no word for us on the letter. They're thinking of asking Alice for help too.
Sonia: Sounds like a good idea, but we still have a problem of our own to deal with.
Sonia: But at least we have a better idea of what our victim has done before we arrested him.
Josiah: Yeah, he tried to board the pirates' ship and Octavio was none too pleased with that.
Sonia: And he stole from Mimi Labarge, and refused to give it back, instead compensating her.
Josiah: If we're gonna find Porterson's killer, we should head back to that wrecked ship. That siren or mermaid, whatever that person was trying to be, sent us there for a reason.
Josiah: And I think it may hold the key to solving this murder.
Sonia: Same here, let's get the scuba gear and head back there, the clock is ticking, so we better move!

Investigate Sunken Mast
Josiah: I hope that siren or whatever isn't trying to lure us into a trap.
Sonia: Agreed, I prefer not to be killed today.
Sonia: Hey, a snorkel! We know our killer scuba dives so this might be their's!
Josiah: Let's see if their saliva survived the plunge, and grab a sample for ourselves.
Josiah: And it looks like <Name> found an old dictaphone, wonder if it works.
Sonia: It does, that's kinda surprising. But it needs an unlock code, time to work your magic <Name>.
Josiah: Right, soon we'll have this killer behind bars, and hopefully we can find this other escaped prisoner too.

Examine Dictaphone
Josiah: Nice work unlocking the dictaphone, hopefully the water hasn't gotten to all of it, let's have Marco make sure.

Analyze Dictaphone
Marco: Hey next time you bring me something, can you not drag water in here too? I don't want any of the equipment getting wet.
Josiah: By equipment, you mean your phone, right?
Marco: No! No I... yes.
Marco: Let's just discuss business, the dictaphone you sent me was pretty corrupted thanks to the water.
Marco: But I was able to get something, here take a listen.
Voice on dictaphone: "No stop, you don't know what you're doing, you're losing it! O...."
Sonia: Well we can safely assume this is our victim talking, but who was he talking to?
Marco: I can't answer that entirely, but the message left something. He was clearly calling out to the killer near the end there.
Josiah: So that 'O' at the end there is part of the killer's name?
Marco: You got it Jo! Your killer's name begins with an 'O', I guarentee it!
Sonia: "O" really? Well we're getting close now, and soon they'll be walking away in handcuffs.
Josiah: You couldn't resist, could you?
Sonia: Hey, I try sometimes.
Marco: Now if you excuse me, I gotta look into this siren business, I'm kinda curious what's up with this.

Examine Snorkel
Sonia: Nice work, the saliva on this snorkel was still good, so with luck Victor can get a DNA sample from it. Let's send it to him!

Analyze Saliva
Josiah: So Victor, any word on that saliva?
Victor: Yes, and I made sure to put my focus towards it too.
Sonia: Glad to see you have your priorities right this time.
Victor: Well, I just haven't been able to get any inspiration lately, so hopefully when I'm done with this I can look into this siren I've heard about.
Josiah: Oh...
Victor: Now here's what I got, while the sample was mostly damaged by the water...
Victor: ...I did find it belonged to a female!
Sonia: That only adds more fuel to the fire, but we know a siren can't actually exist.
Josiah: Doesn't matter; siren, mermaid, human, we'll have this lady behind bars before the day is done!

Josiah: Well, we have enough to arrest Sam Porterson's killer!
Sonia: And hopefully we can find out who bombed the prison too, and once that's done, we can find the other escaped prisoner.
Sonia: Let's get going, and arrest this killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Josiah: Olivia Eastham, you're under arrest for the murder of Sam Porterson!
Olivia: Me? But I couldn't have, I dumped his sorry a**.
Sonia: That's no excuse, and we found the chains you killed him with, the ones you put underwater.
Olivia: So what? I scuba dive sometimes, but that doesn't prove anything!
Josiah: We have you on tape, the victim called your name!
Olivia: Yeah right, I bet you don't have anything saying it was my name specifically.
Josiah: And what about your DNA, care to take a chance with that?
Olivia: I've taken enough chances thank you very much, but I guess you caught me.
Olivia: Fine, I killed Sam, you happy now?
Olivia: And I was the one who bombed the prison too!
Josiah: So the truth comes out at last.
Josiah: Was this part of your "cleaning house" initiative?
Olivia: You've found more than I thought, yes it was.
Olivia: We were starting to get concerned our operation was unraveling, especially when Sam told me he was gonna confess so he could be eligible for bail.
Olivia: So the person in charge around here told me we have to take it another step further, and dispose of those in prison.
Olivia: And we thought Sam and Piper would be perfect first steps!
Sonia: Piper? You mean Piper Solis?
Olivia: Yes! If it wasn't for her and Sam, you wouldn't have gotten any headway into our operation!
Olivia: They were careless, so I set them free, and lured Sam in.
Sonia: You mean the siren song, that was you?
Olivia: Wait, you heard it?
Olivia: That was only meant for Sam and Piper, I took the tape it was on with me after dealing with Sam.
Olivia: But anyways, once I saw Sam, I immediately dealt with him. He tried to fight, but the fool just couldn't win.
Olivia: And I'm fine with it, he didn't care for me or the market, and taking him out had a certain satisfaction to it.
Josiah: You're crazy Olivia, but you won't be cleaning house anymore!
Olivia: You think so, don't you!?
Sonia: Huh? Put that gun down!
Olivia: No way, I may have been caught, but I'll take you all out before I take myself out. Then the secrets of the market will be kept forever.
Josiah: This doesn't have to be like this, let's just talk this over and...
Olivia: He he he, ha ha ha ha ha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Sonia: I think she's too far gone for reasoning Josiah.
Olivia: Yes, this is what I've been waiting for, I'll finally do the market proud, finally!
Olivia: Say goodnight you-
Olivia: Agh, my arm!
Zoya: Sorry, but I prefer not to die today.
Josiah: Zoya?
Zoya: Talk later, cuffs now!
Josiah: R-Right, Olivia Eastham, you're under arrest!
Olivia: No, you should be dead, DEAD!

Judge Blackwell: Olivia Eastham, you stand here for the murder of Sam Porterson, who you've also helped escape from prison along with one other.
Olivia: I did, I did all of it!
Judge Blackwell: Miss Eastham, do you realize the seriousness of the crimes you committed?
Olivia: Yes, and I'd do them again, and again, and again!
Judge Blackwell: And I'm assuming you won't say anything about their operations?
Olivia: NO!! I won't, ever!
Olivia: How can you stand there, branding us as criminals? We're the ones who've been helping this city thrive, these people are suffering, and yet you...
Judge Blackwell: SHUT UP!
Olivia: Huh?
Judge Blackwell: I won't stand here and watch as you justify your sick and demented acts against our town.
Judge Blackwell: These people don't need the likes of you scum to aid their lives, as you simply kill of whoever you want to hide your dirty secrets.
Judge Blackwell: I for one am glad you and your group have been going down! You've done nothing but make the people of Warrenville suffer endlessly!
Olivia: Hahahahahahaha! You know nothing, NOTHING!
Judge Blackwell: You my dear, are too far gone for any reasoning, and I think you're in desperate need of REAL help.
Judge Blackwell: For the murder of Sam Porterson, destruction to the prison, and your clear lack of sanity, this court condemns you to life in Warrenville's Psychologic Institute for the Criminally Insane!
Olivia: Go ahead, call me insane, call me nuts! But you'll all be dead one day, DEAD!

Josiah: Man oh man, what a case.
Sonia: No kidding, Olivia really lost it there, talk about a loyal soldier for the black market.
Sonia: But now we know who was responsible for all this, its time to put our efforts into finding Piper before the market offs her too.
Josiah: Hey look, there's Zoya. Zoya!
Zoya: Huh?
Josiah: Thanks for saving us back there, I don't think I would've had the will to shoot in that situation.
Sonia: Me too.
Zoya: Its nothing really, you would've done the same for me.
Josiah: Yeah, but regardless, we really appreciate it.
Zoya: No problem.
Sonia: Well, with all that said let's-
Atticus: Everyone listen!
Josiah: Huh, what is it Atticus?
Atticus: We discovered who this siren really is, and you're gonna be surprised!

The Curse of de Gallo (6/7)

Josiah: Wait, what was that Atticus?
Atticus: I was able to discern the identity of your siren!
Sonia: Thank goodness, cause we have more questions than answers about that.
Sonia: Olivia said she left a tape recorder with the song for Sam, but she took it after she killed him.
Josiah: So who would want to help us with our investigation?
Marco: It wasn't easy man, but we managed to deduce your siren to be...
Marco: Mimi Labarge!
Sonia: The scuba diver, she helped us?
Alice: It makes sense given that she has easy access to the water thanks to her scuba equipment.
Alice: Plus, while the note didn't hint on any key characteristics of the writer, whoever wrote this clearly wanted to be secretive about this.
Josiah: Its kind of a weak link to be fair, but we oughta check to be sure.
Marco: Mind if I come along, this whole pirate business is kinda exciting!
Sonia: Sure, you can come with me to speak with Mimi.
Josiah: But in the meantime, we still have to find out where Piper has gone.
Alice: Piper Solis?
Josiah: Yep, turns out she was the other prisoner who managed to escape in the chaos.
Alice: You better go ask Warden Inoue if he could help then, I'll come along with you for help.
Josiah: Well alright, feel free to come with us after you guys speak to Mimi.
Atticus: And if you find anything related to the treasure, bring it to me and I'll look at it for you!

Talk to Warden Inoue about Piper
Patrick: Hello officers, we've finally been able to get around to checking on the prisoners. We should have the results for you in...
Josiah: No need Warden, we found out who it was, the other prisoner was Piper Solis.
Patrick: Piper!? Well given that Sam was in league with that market, I'm not surprised that another affiliate was busted out.
Alice: We need to look through her stuff now, in case she met anyone recently. They might've helped in the bombing.
Patrick: Well, the thing is, Piper's cell was unfortunately hit in the blast, so most of it is in ruins.
Patrick: We were able to save some of her stuff, we had to put it in an empty cell for the time being.
Alice: Which one?
Patrick: Porterson's, the only one we could find on short notice. Go have a look and see if you can get anything.
Patrick: And here, in case you need to keep any rowdy roughhousers in line.

Investigate Bunk Bed
Josiah: Doesn't look like much made it over, the cell looks like its barely changed since we last saw it.
Alice: Strange, <Rank> <Name> says this pillow wasn't here before. You think this was Piper's?
Josiah: It has to be, let's search it!

Examine Pillow
Josiah: Sheesh, Piper had a lot stuffed into her pillow.
Alice: I'm guessing the guards were just trying to make transport easy, but it seems <Name> is eyeing that coaster.
Josiah: Looks like there's something faded on it, let's dust it and see what we've got here.

Examine Faded Coaster
Josiah: What'd you find, what's the message?
Alice: "Don't worry, you'll be out before you know it, time goes by fast."
Josiah: This has to be someone who was helping Olivia out, who's it written by?
Josiah: Octavio!? How does that guy know Piper?
Alice: Guess we'll have to see for ourselves.
Josiah: Do we have to, that guy's pretty intimidating.
Alice: Yes Josiah. Don't worry, I'll handle the talking.

Ask Octavio why he met with Piper
Octavio: You blokes again, I thought I 'ad enough of your sorry behinds!
Alice: Afraid not Mr. Davenport, we need to talk now.
Octavio: And what makes you think I'd waste me time with a lass like you?
Alice: I'd advise you to watch your words Mr. Davenport, you don't want to mess with me.
Alice: So, what's your relation to Piper Solis?
Octavio: Can't say I recall that name.
Josiah: W-We know you spoke to her recently Octavio, and she just escaped prison, so we better not find out that...
Octavio: What are you tryin' to say!?!
Josiah: That you might've helped her escape.
Octavio: Look, I may be a pirate, but I'm no criminal. Besides, if I did break the law, I'd have you coppers on me tail 24/7.
Octavio: As for that Piper lass, I used to work for her before quitting to become a pirate, satisfied?
Alice: Fine, but we don't appreciate your threats Mr. Davenport. Here's a fine for threatening a police officer!
Octavio: Heh, go ahead. But if you cross me again, I'll make sure you and Davy Jones get real acquainted like.

Josiah: Well that wasn't helpful at all.
Alice: Agreed, we don't have anything definitive, we'll have to look elsewhere.
Josiah: Thanks for your help <Name>, we'll take it from here.

Confront Mimi over helping the invesigation
Marco: Are you Mimi Labarge?
Mimi: Um, yes, what's up?
Sonia: Mimi, we know you helped us out during the investigation.
Mimi: What, me, I wouldn't, really.
Marco: Then what about this, we know you wrote it.
Marco: Plus it would've been easy for you to help, given you're a scuba diver and all.
Mimi: Wow, you're better than I thought.
Mimi: Okay, let me explain. I've been worried about these pirates that have been going around.
Mimi: I've seen them jacking ships and stealing their cargo, they claim to be lawful, but they're just as bad as the pirates of the old days.
Marco: Why do you think they've been doing that?
Mimi: My guess, that black market everyone's been hearing about.
Sonia: You know about it?
Mimi: When you keep an ear to the ground, you can hear about a lot of things.
Mimi: But I wanted to get your attention for one reason, I know those pirates want the treasure of de Gallo, and I have an idea where the real map is located.
Sonia: You do, where?
Mimi: That shipwreck I sent you to, that's the ship that Roberto Montoya de Gallo was on centuries ago!
Mimi: I'm sure you can find something among the wreckage there about the treasure's location, whatever you need to do to keep it out of their hands.
Marco: Well, let's grab our gear and head back to the shipwreck!

Investigate Shipwreck
Marco: Man oh man, that was fun!
Sonia: I hope that trip wasn't wasteful, 'cause we may not have another shot.
Sonia: Nice one <Name>, that journal has to be from Roberto de Gallo!
Marco: Seems like its locked, so unless we decipher it, we ain't gonna find that treasure.
Sonia: Right, <Rank> <Name>, work your magic!

Examine Old Journal
Marco: Nice work, but it looks like this is mostly Spanish.
Sonia: You can read this, right?
Marco: To an extent I'm afraid, downside to being born and raised here when your grandparents were the ones that immigrated here.
Sonia: Well, Atticus did offer to help, let's see if he can give us the details on the treasure's whereabouts.

Analyze Journal
Atticus: This is amazing! Absolutely marvelous!
Marco: I'm judging by your reaction you found something 'bout the old treasure?
Atticus: I did, I can confirm that the treasure of de Gallo is real!
Sonia: It is?
Atticus: It most certainly is! This journal is a copy of Roberto Montoya de Gallo's journey to the new world, his discovery of a bounty worth a king's ransom...
Atticus: And exact coordinates on its location, as he intended to retrieve it later. But of course, he never did.
Marco: Nice work! We got the location of that treasure!
Sonia: I'm shocked and surprised, I can't believe it myself. We gotta tell Chief Armstrong immediately!

Back at the station
Josiah: Well, going over Piper's things was a bust, we're nowhere closer to finding her.
Marco: Yeah but we got some good news for everyone!
Alice: Good news?
Marco: We actually found that treasure of de Gallo everyone's been going on about.
Alice: You're kidding, right?
Sonia: No, he's right! He went over everything in this journal, and this includes where he hid it!
Josiah: Holy smokes, they're right!
Alice: This can't be, I thought that treasure was just some rumor.
Luke: Guys! Problem!
Alice: Luke, what's going on now?
Luke: Mark Swallow is here to see us, and he's not alone.
Marco: Uh oh, this can't be good.
Sonia: Well, we're all here, so let's go see what Mark has to say for us.

See what Captain Swallow wants
Sonia: You wanted to see us Mr. Swallow?
Mark: Its Captain Mark Swallow love, don't forget it, please.
Mark: Anyways, I saw you guys head off with some old journal, figured it had something to do with the treasure.
Marco: And if it is?
Mark: Even if it ain't, I'm gonna need to see that.
Josiah: We can't just hand it over Mark, this is police property.
Mark: I see, well let me give you a little incentive...
Mark: Hand it over, I'd rather not let this end up bloody.
Josiah: Seriously, again? That's the second person whose threatened us with a gun!
Sonia: Regardless Captain, we're not letting you get this journal.
Mark: I see, so you need a bit more do you? Octavio, if you would please...
Octavio: 'ere, 'ave a look!
Allison: <Rank> <Name>? Help me, please!
Josiah: Allison Cline?
Octavio: And that ain't all...
Piper: Hey, get your hands off of me!
Luke: And Piper Solis, how did you...
Mark: You'd be surprised what'd you find while out at sea. I'm not all for wanting to hurt people and the like, but if you want them safe, I'm gonna need that journal.
Alice: You think we'll just let you walk away from this Captain Swallow? Threatening several police officers and kidnapping, both serious charges. I'm afraid we'll have to take you in.
Jabari: Oh no you won't!
Marco: Crap, the journal!
Zoya: Guys! Jabari came out of nowhere, I tried to stop him but...
Mark: Ah, perfect, glad we could be of service.
Mark: But just to make sure you won't follow, we'll be taking these two back with us.
Zoya: Jabari, how could you?
Jabari: This is the only place I belong Zoya, I'm already a criminal to everyone, so there's no point in making them think otherwise.
Josiah: Let them go you dirty pirates, now!
Zoya: We're not letting you get away!
Mark: Oh contraire, I'm afraid this is where we part, permanently.
Mark: But don't worry, this'll be the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught... Captain Mark Swallow.
Luke: Smokebomb! No!
Zoya: Jabari!
Josiah: Damn it, they're gone!
Zoya: Not for long, I managed to place a tracking device on my brother while I was pursuing him.
Josiah: We better tell the Chief about this development, quick!

A few hours later...
Annabel: Alright, I have an update from the local authorities stationed here.
Marco: I hope you got some good news for us.
Annabel: Sadly no, the team got as far as the open waters, but they dropped the tracker and can't find it anywhere.
Zoya: If we don't find that tracker soon, then those pirates will be long gone!
Josiah: We better go find it, up for a little more searching Marco?
Marco: You know it! Let's grab something to eat first, all this excitement is making me hungry.

Investigate Water Surface
Marco: Nice work, this has to be the tracker they lost!
Josiah: Yeah, but the downside is the water messed it up.
Marco: Don't worry for a second amigo, give me a few hours and I'll have it as good as new!

Analyze Tracker
Josiah: Marco, we have people's lives at stake here, tell me you've got something good.
Marco: It wasn't easy, but the good news is, I've fixed it!
Marco: On top of that, I was able to pinpoint their current location.
Josiah: Yes, we've got 'em now! Where are they?
Marco: According to the coordinates, they're at some undersea cavern.
Marco: But its the same cavern the treasure is supposedly hidden in.
Josiah: They're close! We have to catch them, let's go tell everyone!

In the Chief's office...
Josiah: Everyone, we have an update on the pirates, and you'll want to hear this.
Zoya: Well, what's going on?
Marco: We've managed to track their location, to this undersea cavern.
Atticus: Oh no, unless I'm mistaken that's where the de Gallo treasure is!
Josiah: He's right, so we need to find them, now!
Annabel: Alright, <Rank> <Name> take Luke and Isabel with you, the sooner we catch those pirates, the sooner we can put an end to the black market's operations in this district!

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