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The Seventh Curse
General information
Case # 2
Initial release date 30th May 2021
Main characters Kindaichi Hajime
Nanase Miyuki
Case chronology
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Screams from the Dead Despair and Abandonment

The Seventh Curse is a case featured in The Kindaichi Case Files as the second case of the series.


Deep inside the forest near Kindaichi’s city, Fudosan, the police discovered a skeleton buried under the grounds for close to a whole year. Per analysis, it was a male skeleton, aged around 30 and dead through a massive blow to the back of the head. And this skeleton was actually the source of a new tragedy.

The Hexagonal Village as the trio just came to

Realizing that one of his students, Tokita Wakaba, had skipped school for five consecutive days with no exact reason, Mr Odagiri Susumu decided to head for Wakaba’s residence deep inside the Hexagonal village to meet up with her family. Discovering Mr Odagiri’s motive and worrying for Wakaba, their friend, Kindaichi and Miyuki persuaded Odagiri to take the two along with him for the trip to the Hexagonal village as well, to which Odagiri agreed. After hours through bumpy roads and rocky forest paths inside Odagiri’s SUV, the three finally made it to the Hexagonal village, Wakaba’s residence - a weird village with its main path shaped like a hexagonal star. As six different mansions were located at each side of the star-shaped path, a burnt church was situated in the middle of the village, giving a scary vibe to the three visitors.

Hexagonal Village's map

Kindaichi, Miyuki and Mr Odagiri then headed to Wakaba’s house - the Clock House situated at the northern side of the Hexagonal village, where they were greeted by a surprised Wakaba. The trio then discovered the truth behind Wakaba’s skipped school days - her father, Tokita Juzo’s sudden heart attack. As Juzo had Wakaba as his only family member, Wakaba had to stay at the village for her father’s funeral preparations. Per Wakaba, her father passing away was not the only recent death of the village, as the owner of the Ivy House located at the Southeast part of the village, Kusanagi Mitsuko, was also found mysteriously decapitated in her house, with the killer still remained unknown and the head still nowhere to be found.

Much to Kindaichi’s suspicions, Wakaba received a sudden call from Mr Kazamatsuri Junya, the owner of the Weather Vane House, situated in the Northwestern part of the village. Wakaba dropped her phone mid-call as she was informed of another death in her residence. Kindaichi, Miyuki, Odagiri and Wakaba then quickly headed to the Glass House in the Southwestern side, only to find its owner, Mr Isshiki Torao, hung upside down inside the house’s cooling room with his leg cropped off.

Kindaichi and Miyuki then reunited with Inspector Kenmochi, who headed to the village as soon as Miyuki called. They then opened an investigation into the serial deaths in the Hexagonal village, believing that there was a mysterious truth behind the events of the village. As the case proceeded, Kindaichi and Kenmochi flagged Wakaba herself and Mr Odagiri to the suspect list. They also suspected the case’s witness, Mr Kazamatsuri, who went to the Glass House and discovered the victim’s body since Isshiki was late for a chess match with him. Per Kazamatsuri, he himself was also the witness of Kusanagi’s murder after finding Kusanagi’s dear kitty biting her own finger near the Ivy House. As Kindaichi was still struggling with the mysterious events of the Hexagonal village, he decided to take a look at the burnt church for clues. Yet, little did he know that the giant cross on the top of the church was about to fall right at him.

Someone is aiming for Kindaichi's life with the church cross?

Fortunately, before the church’s giant cross could fall into Kindaichi, he was saved by Mr Odagiri in a narrow escape. Miyuki then came up to Kindaichi’s side as well. Thanking Odagiri for his quick thinking, Kindaichi was still shocked at the fallen cross next to him, thinking that the killer was aiming for Kindaichi’s life as well, despite him being an outsider. Not wanting to give up, Kindaichi and Miyuki continued their investigations, and with Kenmochi’s help, they flagged two more people, who were also the owners of the rest two houses of the village: Goto Ran - owner of the Tower House in the northeastern side, and Kabuto Reiji - owner of the bottomost house of the village, the Armor House. Per both, they totally were not aware of any clues that could help the investigation sadly.

As Kindaichi headed back to the Clock House, he found a set of two pictures peeking out of Wakaba’s duffle bag, which were in fact the selfies of Wakaba and her teacher Odagiri making a hand heart together. Shocked at the revelation, Kindaichi and Miyuki confronted a panicked Wakaba, only to discover that she and Odagiri were in fact in a secret relationship with each other. Odagiri also admitted to his secret love for his student, stating that he would propose to her once she graduated. After the surprising discovery of Wakaba and Odagiri, Kindaichi and Miyuki continued their investigation before Miyuki excused Kindaichi for going to the WC. Yet, while Miyuki was washing her hands, a mysterious figure approached the girl and made her drop unconscious with a handkerchief full of chloroform.

Who attacked her?

Seeing that Miyuki took too long for a WC visit, Kindaichi checked out the place, calling Miyuki’s name, only to find the flower on Miyuki’s jacket in front of the bathroom door, with a piece of fake nail right next to it. Realizing that Miyuki might be in danger, Kindaichi searched every corner of the house to find his best friend, but failed. As Kindaichi calmed himself down, he realized that the fake nail matched the shade of Goto’s nails, before rushing to the Tower House with Kenmochi in tow. In the house’s bathroom, Kindaichi and Kenmochi witnessed Goto about to stab unconscious Miyuki in her heart. As Kenmochi stopped Goto and handcuffed her, Kindaichi came to calm Miyuki down. Per Goto, she only wanted to take Miyuki’s virgin blood to bathe herself in, stating that it will prevent Goto from aging herself and even make her look younger. After yelling at the woman about her ridiculous thinking that could get a girl killed, Kenmochi temporarily locked Goto up and continued to help Kindaichi proceed with his investigation, while Miyuki stayed with Wakaba inside the Clock House for safety.

The detective-inspector duo then continued their search at the church where Kindaichi was almost attacked, only to discover a mound of dirt digged up nearby with a shovel next to it. Per handprint analysis, the shovel belonged to Kabuto, who stated that he was just trying to find his own time capsule buried near the church. Kazamatsuri was also discovered to have an argument with Isshiki the day before the latter’s death, which was actually about Isshiki’s exotic eating habit as Kazamatsuri believed Isshiki had killed one of late Kusanagi’s kittens for his eating purposes. As everything seemed to connect with each other, along with the last search around the crime scene, Kindaichi finally found out that the real killer was actually teacher Odagiri himself.

Kindaichi pointed out that this was actually a very carefully-planned series of murders, when Odagiri secretly killed Kusanagi and Wakaba’s father by replacing his heart attack tablets days ago before coming to the Hexagonal Village with Kindaichi and Miyuki. Everything went exactly as planned when Wakaba had to stay at the village for her father’s preparations, creating a chance for Odagiri to come back and kill the other members of the village. Admitting to the murders, Odagiri unmasked himself to be Rokusei Ryuichi. As every owner of the house was shocked upon hearing the name, Rokusei revealed that he was actually the son of the burnt church’s priestess who had lived in the village with the other residents around two decades ago, before being killed during an arson, burning both the church and the priestess’ body to ashes. At that time, fortunately, young Rokusei was able to escape with his small body through the church window, leaving his mother willing to die for his son behind, who did give Rokusei a small notebook before dying. Mourning for his mother, Rokusei read her journal and found out that the five owners of the Hexagonal Village’s mansions (all except Kazamatsuri who was abroad at that time) were secretly planting an illegal field of cannabis as their main source of income, much to the late priestess’ rejection, leading the five owners of the houses to start an arson to silence the priestess forever, prior to Kazamatsuri’s comeback, leading him not to be aware of the events.

Welp, that's so scary...

As everything started to be brought to light, Rokusei also explained that the real Odagiri was actually the skeleton found earlier, who was killed by Rokusei in order to assume the role of Odagiri to spy on Wakaba, whom he knew was a Hexagonal Village resident. He also elaborated that he saved Kindaichi from the falling cross, which Rokusei actually sabotaged himself, to make him look even more innocent. After the shocking revelation, Odagiri brought out a rifle with Miyuki being held hostage, threatening to end the lives of Goto and Kabuto, as known as the left two targets. Nevertheless, before Rokusei could do so, Kindaichi snapped into him, trying to take the gun but failed. Kindaichi was then shot in the abdomen... and the murderer then turned the rifle towards the leftover targets.

The bullet was fired.

Rokusei's death... It looks so painful tho...

Yet it was Rokusei who started to collapse. It turned out that he was shot dead by Kazamatsuri with another rifle in his arms in order to protect everybody from being killed. Rokusei was shot dead... and the horrifying sequence of murders in the Hexagonal Village eventually ended with Goto and Kabuto’s incarcerations for their misdeed twenty years ago.

After all the events, Kindaichi, getting better, and Miyuki consoled a broken Wakaba after the truth behind her father’s death and the betrayal of her lover, while Kenmochi and his police force discovered the illegal cannabis field, thus starting to get rid of the field as soon as possible. In the end, before Kindaichi and Miyuki came back to the city, Wakaba gave them a hexagonal pendant as a token of gratitude and a memory keeper as Wakaba still had a lot of work back in the village, making her unable to come back to school soon. Understanding, Kindaichi and Miyuki kept the gifted pendant and waited until the day Wakaba could be herself again after the tragedy occurred at her village.



  • Isshiki Torao (hung up in the Glass House's cooling room)

Murder Weapon

  • Knife


  • Odagiri Susumu


Killer's Profile=

  • The killer is right-handed.
  • The killer eats sandwiches.
  • The killer is a sharpshooter.
  • The killer wears Stockinette stitch.
  • The killer wears a cross.

Crime Scenes

Cooling Room Freezer Cooling Room Bonus
Glass House Exterior Bushes Glass House Exterior Bonus
Abandoned Church Church Cross Abandoned Church Bonus