The Secrets Unrevealed
General information
Season 2
Setting Flag of USA USA
City West Ridge, USA
Key city figures TBA
No. of cases in season 25
No. of districts in season 5
Initial release date TBA
Appears in Criminal Case
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World of Hazards TBA
The Secrets Unrevealed is a title of the second season of the Book of Secrets created by Inspector Diaz.

Set in the city of West Ridge, a city in Washington state of United States, knows for it's tradition and safety. One day a mysterious murder occurs. The murder put a lot of pressure on the department and chief of the police. Eventually, the murder was forgotten, but another murder will trigger the old question of the unrevealed secrets. Join this department and help them to solve the unsolved mystery.

West Ridge=

Main article: West Ridge

The events of The Secrets Unrevealed are set in the city of West Ridge, a calm city in the state of Washington. Th city is made of five districts that spread with twenty-fifth cases through this journey. The West Ridge Police Department acts as the law enforcement agency in the city.



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