The Road Most Travelled
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Pharaoh's Den
Case # 28
Initial release date 24.1.2020
Partner(s) Parker Colton
Case chronology
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The Final Frontier The Blade of Life

The Road Most Travelled is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-eighth case of Secrets of Yahatu and the fifty-eighth case overall. It's also the third one to take place in Pharaoh's Den district.


After Parker discovered that one of the racers is going to deliver the exposives for followers of Esme's sibling, the team immediately headed to the finish line to try and find that racer. However, when they arrived, they noticed a huge bloody trail across the road. Horrified by the scene, the team followed the blood trai and found a dead body of racer Eloise Patterson, who was tied to her car and dragged across the road. Suspecting that Eloise could be the racer they were looking for, the team decided to solve her murder. After investigating the scene, the team found enough evidence to suspect mechanic Daniel Mardi, museum curator Christopher Blackhawk, and victim's publicist Cindy Blake. After returning to the scene of the murder, Autumn told the team that she discovered victim's whereabouts before the murder.

After Autumn told them that Eloise spent time in Pharaoh's Den bar before her death, Parker and player investigated the bar and found enough evidence to add their friend Watanabe Mashiro to the suspect list, along with another racer Caroline Becker. Later, after investigating Daniel Mardi's garage, the team discovered that Eloise berated Cindy for sabotaging other racer's car, saying how she wants to win fairly. They also discovered that Daniel was tired of fixing Eloise's car every single day, saying how she was definitely one of the worst racers in the rally. A little while later, when Parker and player reunited with others, Rudy told them that Eloise was definitely the racer they were searching for.

Rudy explained that they found messages about explosives that Eloise exchanged with an unknown number. Knowing that the cult might have killed Eloise to stop her from delivering the explosives, the team investigated the main crime scene, along with the bar Eloise was in. A little while later, the team discovered that Eloise accidentally spilled her drink all over Mashiro, embarrassing the waiter in front of everyone at the bar. They also learned that Caroline sent a threat to Eloise to scare her away, and that Christopher lashed out on Eloise as she was being too loud during one of the museum tours. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, Parker and player confronted Cindy for Eloise's murder.

Upon admitting to the murder, Cindy confessed that she killed Eloise in panic and simply didn't know what to do anymore. When asked to explain, Cindy faceplamed and confessed that she hid explosives in Eloise's trunk to bring them to the finish line near the tomb. Cindy proceeded to explain that, few days ago, she recieved anonymous call from someone who told her to convince Eloise to deliver the explosives to followers of Esme Laverne's sibling and that they threatened to expose Cindy's affair with a much younger man to her husband if she doesn't convince Eloise. After Eloise refused to do it, Cindy hid the explosives in her trunk without telling her, hoping that Eloise won't notice anything. However, few hours before her race, Eloise found the explosives and threatened to report Cindy to police. In panic, Cindy knocked Eloise out with a wrench, tied her to the car and dragged her across the road to make it seem like one of her rivals killed her. Cindy said that she regrets killing Eloise, but said that she couldn't ruin her family and her marriage. After driving Cindy to police, Clint told everyone that they need to find out where did Cindy deliver the explosives.

Right then, the team got approached by Mashiro, who told them that he has some info on Cindy. Elena and player then spoke to Mashiro, who said that he'll do anything to help them because they've reunited him with his boyfriend Cole. When asked about Cindy, Mashiro told them that she was at the bar shortly before her arrest and that she mentioned leaving some packages in the mechanic's garage. The duo thanked Mashiro for the info and asked Daniel about the packages, suspecting that he might be involved. However, Daniel denied knowing anything about the explosives and told them that all he saw was Cindy just panicking the entire time, but still allowed them to search his garage. The duo decided to believe Daniel and searched his garage, eventually finding Cindy's purse. After going through it and finding a folder labeled IMPORTANT, the team sent it to Autumn. After going through Cindy's folder, Autumn told them that it mostly contained important info about Eloise and her career. However, Autumn smirked and said that she still managed to find an address where Cindy dropped off the explosives. Surprisingly, the address belonged to Caroline Becker, prompting the team to confront her. Elena then told Caroline that they know about her connections to Cindy and how she should just confess that she's involved. After Caroline refused to confess, Elena and player searched the finish line to find Elena's lost cellphone and inform the police about everything. After Elena and player called the cops, the police investigated Caroline's house and found the explosives Cindy was planning to deliver to the finish line. The cops then arrested Caroline and the duo returned back to others.

Meanwhile, panicking Parker told the player that he misplaced the crystals and lost them. Horrified, the duo immediately searched the finish line before Rosa's cult or demigod's followers could get their hands on it. After failing to find it inside of Parker's backpack, the pair got approached by Christopher, who said that he's been trying to find them everywhere. Christopher then told Parker that he found a briefcase with their team's logo on it in the bar. Parker then remembered that he put the crystals inside before thanking Christopher for help and heading to the bar. After finding the briefcase and unlocking it, Parker and player found the crystals. Happy that he didn't mess up again, Parker nervously chuckled and told the player to remain quiet about it because chief Russo might get angry again. However, right whene he said that, Parker realized that Clint is standing right behind him. Angry that Parker can't do a single thing right, Clint lashed out at him and told him that he just put everyone in danger by misplacing those crystals. Enraged by Clint, Parker told him that he's tired of being put down and being treated like garbage before grabbing his badge and stomping on it. Parker then told Clint to never speak to him again before storming outside. Realizing that he was too harsh, Clint tried to stop him and convince him that they are still his family, but Parker shook his head and said that he's starting a solo career.

After Parker literally quit his job at Yahatu Archaeological Association, Clint punched the wall, saying how he shouldn't have lashed out like that and how he should have controlled himself better. To his surprise, shy Logan was the first one to put him down to earth and stop treating Parker like he's not one of them. After Caroline stopped Logan and Clint from arguing, panicking Elena told him that Parker took the crystals with him. Suspecting that Parker might bury the crystals all by himself, the team immediately went after him. Right then, the team heard a big explosion. Before anyone could react, Autumn stormed inside and told them that Yahatu Goddess's tomb and temple have been blown up and that Parker could have been inside there...



Murder Weapon:

  • Victim's Racing Car




Killer's Profile

  • The killer is allergic to peanuts.
  • The killer knows car mechanics.
  • The killer drinks Rocket Cow.
  • The killer wears black clothes.
  • The killer's initials are C.B.

Crime Scenes

Bloody Track Finish Line Bloody Track Bonus
Pharaoh's Den Bar Bar Counter Pharaoh's Den Bar Bonus
Daniel's Garage Crashed Car Daniel's Garage Bonus
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