The Rises of a Killer
Season 1
City Cooold City
District TV World
Case Number #18
Date of Release September 25th, 2015
Partner(s) Amy Young
Preceded by Succeeded by
TV World is here When the Fireworks Fall on You

The rises of A Killer it is the second case of the TV World, and the eighteenth at Cooold City.

Case Background

When the police team goes to the forest of camping, they are a surprise, found dead the director of the television with a blow to the head, and his suit is a mixture of two different materials unknown. As Adam Bentley are suspicious, Sofia of Girona, Jack Archer, Analie Romanova, Queen, Tesla and Elliot Welingston.

The culprit was Jack Archer, who killed the victim in self-defense, after trying to kill him, but in his opinion, Sofia Girona and kidnaps Jack interrupted. In the Additional Investigation, Jack kills of Sofia with a blow to the head.


  • Beatriz Weingston
    TV Director are founded die on the forest

Killer and motives

Jack Archer...He murdered Beatriz, in self-defense for safe her life, with a blow in the head.


  • Adam Bentley (Victim's Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Elliot Weingston (Victim's Brother)
  • Analie Romanova (Victim's Teacher and Marina Aunt)
  • The Queen (Cellphone Contact)
  • Albert Tesla (Science Fanatic)
  • Sofia of Girona (Crazy Princesse)
  • Jack Archer (Police Team Member)


All time: Amy Jones

Crime Scenes

Forest Tree Forest Bonus
Jail Jail's Warehouse Jail Bonus
Big Castle Exit Ride of Big Castle Big Castle Exit Bonus


TV World is here The Rises of a Killer When the Fireworks Fall on You

In the next case....

Jack: Sorry, i'm a Stupid
David Jones: You save our lives, Save the World, Save the Kingdom, Save the Queen, you are a Hero.
Nathan: You are funny, You are great. And is fabulous take-you-back on the Police Team.

Marina: I Still Love You, Jack
Marina: -Kiss to Jack- MUAC
Sofia Ghost: Jack, how its possible.

Carmen: The killer cites Shakespeare, and all the suspects cites hem
Carmen: And, also the killer uses white-red-blue chotes, is a patriotic guy.

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