At the police station
Tom: <Name>, with the news of the Ripper of Time, Rowan Atwintin, somehow being alive once again, We need to be on our top guard, We aren't letting him go anywhere
Edward: D-Do we have to go? I have a banging headache
Tom: Sadly we do Edward, Maybe taking some headache pills will help you, When did you start having these...headaches
Edward: It was last week, when we were at the fair, It's like my brain is trying to tell me something but I don't know what
Tom: Don't worry Edward, We're here for you, take some headache pills and I'm sure you'll be fine
Edward: Where are they?
Tom: In the bathroom, Take your time, we'll wait for you in the car.
Tom: I feel sorry for Edward sometimes, He had a cousin trying to kill him and many more things, I just hope he'll be alright, anyway, Let's go to the museum, still we?

Tom: Here we are, Keep your eyes out for Rowan, he's not to escape this area. Understood?
Edward: We the ice area first, be leads there
Tom: Good idea! Come on <Name>, let's go to the ice area and see if we can find anything there

Chapter 1: Cold Relation

Investigate Cold Exhibition
Tom: Oh my word!? That old woman was frozen in ice!
Tom: Edward? Are you alright?
Edward: Nothing, don't worry, We better get the body to Clara at once
Tom: Also that medal seems to have a name on it, Let's dust it and see who it might belong too
Ben-Ji: I came as fast as I could, Is something wrong officers
Tom: Yes, We would wish to talk to you about the victim and fast!
Edward: Come on <Name>, we need to get moving and fast!

Examine Medal
Tom: So that medal was a birth medal to a Mr Zookoiburg, He's the owner of Zookoiburg Clothing and many other things
Edward: I've heard of him, He's one of the richest men in Parinaita!
Edward: If he's here, We need to talk to him right now!

Talk to Charles Zookoiburg
Charles: Ah, New customers, Amazing, how may I help you on this fine day
Tom: We have some questions to ask you about a murder of a lady in the museum, We have a picture right here
Charles: That's my mother! Not my son and mother
Tom: Sorry, Please explain what you mean by "Son and mother"
Charles: 20 years ago, I loss my 15 day old baby in that exhibit, He was never seen again and I'm worried about what may have happened to him
Edward: Did you file a missing person's report?
Charles: Maybe I did, I can't remember though, My mother, Glados, was a great and I don't know who would do this to us
Edward: I'm sure your son is fine, Never give up Mr Zookoiburg!
Charles: Thank you, I won't, Anyway, Let me show you where my mother lives!

Investigate Glados's Rooms
Tom: Wow, Talking about fancy, These rooms are covered in gold, silver and Crystals.
Edward: Yes but we need to find out what we can find in here and then leave
Tom: Good point, <Name> found some broken crystals in a box. Maybe looking at the code will give us a lead
Edward: And that icicle might be able to tell us something, Let's see what we can find on it

Examine Icicle
Edward: So there are some green frozen thing on the icicle, Let's send it to the lab!

Examine Code on Box
Tom: What!? The code on the box is Rowan's card number?
Tom: That means he was in this building, We need to find him and fast!
Edward with Rowan: No need too, I found him sneeking round the back of the building
Rowan: Oh for god sake, You got me...
Tom: Yes and we wish to talk to you!

Speak with Rowan Atwintin
Tom: Right, Finally time to ask you how you are alive again
Rowan: L-Listen, I-I don't know, I just woke up in a strange tomb, and my skin was new and so was my blood, I don't know what happened!
Tom: Next you'll be telling us you don't know the victims you killed
Rowan: Not true, I remember every single one of them. Even the sweet Appleton I accident
Tom: (Holding a picture of the victim) Do you know this woman!?
Rowan: No, I think she might be a Zookoiburg though
Tom: Don't play coy with us Atwintin, We know what you really did and what you really are and you're coming down to the station with us!
Rowan: Well can I have a newspaper, cookies and some hot chocolate?
Tom: No, Come with us NOW!

Question Ben-ji about the victim
Edward: Mr Camper, Do you remember what the victim was doing round here?
Ben-Ji: No, I just remember that she was here on some trip, I don't remember why
Edward: Did you see anything strange going on?
Ben-Ji: Not that I can think off, I remember seeing the woman in her wheelchair with one of our helpers
Edward: Helpers you say, We request that you give us the name of this helper at once!
Ben-Ji: Her name is Grace Followbird, She's in the staff room
Edward: Thank you Mr Camper, We will talk to her at once!

Speak with Grace Followbird
Tom: Miss Followbird, We found out that you helped the victim around the museum, What can you tell us?
Grace: Well she came here for our Science event, I didn't see much more then that
Tom: Ben-Ji said you were helping the victim
Grace: Indeed, I help people with wheelchairs around the museum!
Tom: And you saw nothing strange during that time?
Grace: Not that I can think of Sir, Sorry I can't help, I left for dinner and then came up here to get something
Tom: Very well, We must request that you say here

Analyse Frozen Green thing
Edward: What did you find on the Icicle Holly?
Holly: Well what I found was the interesting part, The Icicle was made of something other then ice
Edward: What do you mean?
Holly: Well the victim was frozen in something colder then ice, I think it might be a kind of dry ice and I can tell you that the victim froze to death
Edward: Froze to death! How horrid, Anything else you can tell us
Holly: Well the frozen green thing was a type of smoothie, I tested it and it came out as an apple smoothie
Edward: An apple smoothie, It seems like the killer likes to stay healthy, Let's hope they can stay healthy in prison!

Analyse Victim's body
Clara: It took some time but I managed to get the victim out from under her frozen tomb
Tom: It's alright, Did you find anything on the body?
Clara: Well the victim has classic signs of being frozen to Death, however in her pocket, I found something even more interesting
Edward: And what was that Clara?
Clara: A single sweet, Does anyone know what these are
Edward: They the humbug sweet or the bullseye sweet.
Clara: Right, Edward got it right, It's a humbug sweet
Tom: And how can we be sure it isn't the victim's sweets
Clara: Because I couldn't find any in her body or mouth which means your killer eats these sweets
Tom: Well if our killer eats them sweets, We might be able to find them by how sweet they really are!
Edward: Really Tom!

Later, In the office
Tom: We have a victim who was frozen to death but we have no idea how long for, We learn her name from her son, Charles, Who seems to think the place is cursed!
Tom: We also have Ben-Ji Camper and Grace Followbird who claims to only see the victim in pasting
Tom: And of course we also have Rowan, He claims not to know the victim and we still don't know how he's alive
Tom: The question is...Where now?
Edward: Guys, This is important, you know that I'm remembering things from my past
Tom: Edward. You don't look good but yes
Edward: I know where I've seen the victim before....
Edward: I'm not a Looper Rochester. I'M THE VICTIM'S GRANDCHILD

Chapter 2:The Kidnapped Child!

Tom: We have a victim who was frozen to death but we have no idea how long for, We learn her name from her son, Charles, Who seems to think the place is cursed!
Tom: We also have three suspects who also claimed to know the victim but who knows anymore
Tom: The question is...Where now?
Edward: Guys, This is important, you know that I'm remembering things from my past
Tom: Edward. You don't look good but yes
Edward: I know where I've seen the victim before....
Edward: I'm not a Looper Rochester. I'M THE VICTIM'S GRANDCHILD
Tom: Edward, Are you quite sure, It might just be the shook talking, You might have heard it from somewhere and you got it in your head
Edward: I'm sure, It just makes scene, I'm 20 and would have been 19 days old when Zookoiburg's child got kidnapped or murdered
Tom: Edward. I know you may want to close the case but...Ah...You do understand this makes you a suspect now
Edward: I don't care. Come and talk to me when you're ready!
Tom: I've never seen Edward so serious before, When you're ready, Let's go talk with him

Ask Edward about his theory
Tom: Edward. I can't believe this, Why didn't you tell us? When did you find out you won't a Looper Rochester?
Edward: I went to see Lewis in his cell and he confirmed it for me, He said "I only tried and killed you because you're not part of our family"
Tom: But he might have lied, I wouldn't take his word as fact
Edward: (Holding a faded letter) Oh yeah, How about when I found this
Tom: Where the hell did you find that letter
Edward: On my kidnapper's desk! It reads "Got the child and will make him think he's a Looper Rochester any minute now!"
Tom: Edward, This are very serious and you just going around trying to justifies things will not work.
Edward: B-But...
Tom: Listen, I trust you, You're a good friend but we CAN'T have your kidnappers hearing you
Edward: (Crying) B-But... I-I want to be reunited with my father
Tom: I know but don't worry, Me and <Name> will solve this little puzzle, We however don't want you to go back to the Looper Rochester house, Do you have your own house?
Edward: Yes, Why?
Tom: Go there, You'll be safe there and no one will come looking, Don't let anyone in, You got me?
Edward: Yes but what if someone tries?
Tom: Yes, That's a problem, Tell you what, Let's come with you, The Looper Rochesters might have left something in your house, Come on <Name>, Let's go to Edward's house!

Later in Edward's Home
Tom: Geez Edward, How did you get a place like this?
Edward: Someone gave it to me, I don't know who but I got it 2 years ago
Tom: Interesting, Anyway, Let's have a little look around!

Investigate Edward's Hall
Tom: I've told Edward to hide just in case, Anyway, You found a safe, Let's unlock it at once!
Tom: You also found a piece of faded paper, Let's dust it at once!
Tom: You also found a cell phone, Let's unlock it and see what's on it

Examine Faded Paper
Tom: So you revealed some of the handwriting on the letter, It might take days to figure out who's handwriting it is
Tom: But since Edward's life is in danger, We better examine this handwriting at once!

Examine Hand writing
Tom: What in the world? This house was given to Edward by his real father, Charles
Tom: Did Charles know that Edward was his real son, We need to question him NOW!

Ask Charles if he knew Edward was his son
Tom: Charles, We found your gift to Edward, His house
Charles: Of course, I also pay for everything in it, Edward is a kind kid that needs some love in his life
Tom: Indeed, Did you know Edward was your son?
Charles: Wait, Edward's my son! I didn't know at all officers
Tom: Did it cross your mind at all?
Charles: A little bit but I never bothered to ask because my mother always said that it wasn't him at all and never would be!
Charles: I got sick of that old bag just trying to stop my search for MY son, He's my son and I would look for him high and low!
Charles: But my mother always said that Edward died, I got upset after hearing that
Tom: I bet you did but Edward and you can finally reunite, Go to his house and stay there, You're not out of the woods yet
Charles: Thank you so much for finding my son, I think I'll buy him some humbugs and apple smoothies, I heard he likes them
Tom: Go now before one of the Looper Rochesters come looking for you and Edward
Charles: Alright, I will go now, Please take another look at my mothers rooms and see if you can find anything else!
Tom: Now that Edward and his father are safe, Let's have a look around the victim's room again!

Investigate Golden table
Tom: You found a golden bin, Let's emty it out and see if there is anything inside
Tom: We have no time to lose, Let's try and find out something about this murder!

Examine Golden Bin
Tom: You found a threatening message which reads, "If you say I'm alive, You're going to die!"
Tom: You're right, This message must have been from Rowan, Let's question him right away!

Question Rowan about the threatening message
Tom: Rowan, We found your threatening message to Glados saying if she told people you were alive, You would kill her
Rowan: Oh, You found that did you...
Rowan: Well she was to blame since she tried telling people I was alive but I stopped her
Tom: Maybe she should have told someone so we could have found you faster!
Rowan: You don't understand, I didn't WANT to be found, I wanted to stay hidden but no one ever listened!
Tom: Well luckily you are behind bars for good now and if I hear you wanting apple smoothie or humbug sweets one more time, You might have another meeting with us very soon!

Examine Safe
Tom: You found some small toys and they have fingerprints on, Prefect, Let's send them to the lab at once!

Examine Small Toys
Tom: So what did you find with the fingerprints on the toys Holly
Holly: Well the findings were very interesting and I think you might want to hear about it
Holly: According to the database, The Zookoiburg has always has a maid from the Mureșanu family and it hasn't changed at all
Tom: What does this have to do with the investigation Holly?
Holly: Well 20 years ago, the maid changed to Mihaela Mureșanu, According to the database, The victim wasn't happy with her and I think you better have a chat with her!
Tom: 20 years ago, About the same time Edward was kidnapped, You're right, I think questions are in order!

Question Mihaela about the small toy
Tom: Mihaela, We found some small toys in a safe with your fingerprints on, Care to explain?
Mihaela: How dare you take them out of Master Edward's safe, They were left there for his memory...after he disappeared
Tom: Well Master Edward was found alive and well but it's rather strange that he disappeared when YOU were meant to be looking after him
Mihaela: I swear I had nothing to do with it! Master Edward just went missing one night and never returned
Tom: And you never thought of ringing the police
Mihaela: I-It wasn't me who was meant to, It was Lady Zookoiburg
Tom: Well if you haven't got the news, Lady Zookoiburg is dead, She was found frozen in ice this morning
Mihaela: Lady Zookoiburg...MURDERED!? W-Who will I work for now
Tom: That's not our job, Maybe you should keep a closer eye on who comes in and who went out, You are requested to stay here until the investigation is over!
Mihaela: But Master Edward or Master Charles may need me

Examine Phone
Tom: You unlocked the phone but the website seems a little broken, Let's try and hack it back together!

Examine website
Tom: The website seems to be news website and the page is on a article about "How to stay fit", Maybe sending this to Holly will help!

Analyse Fixed website
Holly: That website was an interesting one for sure, It was for "Healthy living" and it shows ways on how one can stay healthy
Tom: I've heard of that website, My sister uses it all the time to stay fit
Holly: Indeed but what was more interesting is that the page was on how to stay fit
Holly: It took me some time so I brought Amir in
Amir: When Holly wanted me to check this for her, I jumped at the choice and I looked at the website myself and found out one thing
Amir: This phone had ice on it which means it's the killer's phone which also means that your killer was looking how to stay fit!
Tom: So our killer likes to stay fit do they? Well they'll have plenty of time to do whatever they want in prison!

Later; At Edward's Home
Tom: This investigation is getting more worrying by the second
Tom: Not only is Edward now a suspect but it seems everyone was against the victim for some reason
Tom: Charles hated his mother for reasons of her not letting him find his son
Tom: Rowan didn't want to be expoded as still being alive
Tom: We also have other things that are quite worrying but we don't have any time for that
Tom: (Phone ringing) We need more le- Oh my phone
Tom: Hello, Tom Smith of the PPD, How may I help?
Arther: I read the case file as far and it's not good
Arther: But there's something more worrying
Tom: Which is chief
Arther: Glados's killer is Edward's Kidnapper!

Chapter 3: Memories of Old Times

Tom: This investigation is getting worrying, With Edward as a suspect
Tom: To the fact that nearly everything seems to link to Edward's kidnapping
Tom: (Phone ringing) What are we go-
Tom: Sorry, My phone
Tom: (On phone) Hello, Tom Smith of the PPD, What do you need?
Arther: I looked over your case files and I found something really strange
Tom: Which is?
Arther: Your killer is Edward's kidnapper
Tom: What! Luckily we have Edward safe in his house
Arther: Indeed, Go and question him about what he may remember about his kidnapper!
Tom: We're on it chief, come on <name>, Let's ask Edward if he knows anything about the kidnapper

Ask Edward about his Kidnapper
Charles: (Holding Edward) Whatever you ask, Just try and be careful, I don't want Edward having nightmares
Tom: Of course Mr Zookoiburg. Now Edward, what do you remember about your kidnapper
Edward: I remember being in my cot with a golden mobile at the end of the cot
Edward: Mum and dad were sleeping next door and someone came
Tom: Any details that might be able to help?
Edward: Not really, They came though the window and grabbed me in a matter of seconds
Charles: Do you remember what time it was
Edward: About 10:45PM, I remember seeing the clock before I was grabbed
Charles: I was a minute late then, I heard crying and went to check on Edward but at that point, he was gone
Charles: I am a fit man myself and I would have knocked out the person myself
Edward: Me too, I'm fit as well but I remember going to the museum
Tom: Is there anything else?
Edward: No, Everything has gone blank, I'm sorry
Charles: Don't be sorry, You did well but you mentioned the museum?
Edward: Yes, That where I went
Tom: The museum, You two stay here, We're going to have a little look!

Investigate Exhibition space
Tom: You found a CCTV, Let's unlock it and see what we can find
Tom: That ripped paper seems fishy, Maybe putting it back together it will reveal a clue
Tom: and that checkbook might be hiding a lead, Let's dust it for clues!

Examine CCTV
Tom: You managed to unlock the CCTV, Let's see what is hiding on here
{Start of recording}
Ben-Ji: P-Please miss, Calm down, We're trying our best to find him but it has been 19 years since he went missing
{End of recording}
Tom: Whoa, So it seems Edward's grandmother, Glados, was angry at Ben-ji for not finding Edward
Tom: But could that threat at the end have pushed him over the edge, We need to question him about this recording right away!

Question Ben-Ji about the recording
Tom: Ben, We found a recording where you were threaten by the victim, You didn't mention this before when we last questioned you
Ben-Ji: Of course I didn't. That crazy lady was always looking for her grandson, Edward, I said I never knew him or anything but she never believed me
Ben-Ji: At the end of the day. I had to kick her out to calm her down, Luckily I'm quite a fit person
Ben-Ji: I gave her my humbugs and apple smoothie and we tried to talk about it
Ben-Ji: However she always thought I had something to do with the kidnapping even though I would have been 3 when it happened
Ben-ji: I managed to send her home and promise that I would help in anyway possible
Tom: And did she come back?
Ben-Ji: Yes, But only to look at the exhibitions, She was a nice lady but she was sometimes really annoying
Tom: I hope for your sake that you didn't kidnap Edward and kill Glados or you'll be in prison for a very long time

Examine Ripped paper
Tom: This paper seems to be some papers from 20 years ago with some box numbers on them
Tom: Wait, Look there, There seems to be Glados and Mihaela shouting over something, I think it's high time we have another talk with the maid and see what all the shouting was about!

Question Mihaela about the picture
Tom: Mihaela, We found this picture in the museum which proves you were there, Why was Glados angry at you
Mihaela: Oh god, You found that did you
Mihaela: She was just in a bad mood and she came to ask me where master Edward went
Mihaela: Of course I didn't know and then she went mad, Blaming me for everything that went wrong over the last few weeks
Mihaela: She even threaten to fire me because I didn't have an answer
Mihaela: I needed that job, I didn't want to shame my family, I was very careful to eat my humbugs after that
Mihaela: Rowan let me use his house to stay fit, But I also got the blame for nothing, I'm glad she's gone now so I don't have to hear her shouting
Tom: Time will tell if you kidnapped Edward and murder Glados. You better hope you didn't or your cleaning days are over

Examine Checklist
Tom: So the checklist have many names on it and according to this, It was for the army
Tom: You're right, Glados and Grace's names are on the list but next to Grace's name, It said "Discharged". I think we better have another word about this...and you're right, If Grace was in the army, She much have been fit, Add that to her profile!

Ask Grace why she was discharged from the Army
Tom: Grace, We found out that you were discharged from the army when Glados has your commissioner, Care to explain
Grace: How did I know you would look into my past, Fine, I was discharged from the army
Grace: But she walked in on me when I was eating humbugs and drinking apple smoothies with my french boyfriend
Grace: She got angry that I wasn't taking the army seriously and discharged me on the spot and send me home
Grace: But she never let me explain my answer, I was going to give her a reason but she didn't let me, She just told me to get out
Grace: However when I saw her weak and old, It was my time to take care of her, We has a nice chat about the army days and it was nice
Tom: Well I sure hope you didn't murder Glados just because she discharged you from the Army or else you'll be looking at a world of problems very soon!

After interrogating all the suspects
Tom: After all that is done, Let's see what we can do next
Tom: So it seems the victim was angry because no one could ever find Edward and we also have Grace who was angry because she got discharged from the army
Tom: (Phone ringing) But where do we go no-
Tom: (On the phone) Hello Edward, What's the matter?
Edward: I swear I just saw something banging on my window and then it ran off to the maze
Tom: What did it look like Edward?
Edward: (Crying) My k-kidnapper!, O-oh god, My kidnapper was here!
Tom: Edward, Stay strong, We're going to have a look at your maze! You stay inside.
Edward: O-Okay
Tom: We have no time to waste, Let's have a look in Edward's garden maze right now!

Investigate Edward's Garden Maze
Tom: That locked box seems to be hiding something inside of it, Open it up and let's see what's inside
Tom: And that broken camera might have been hiding something, Let's fix it right away!

Examine Locked Box
Tom: You found a baby's pacifier in that locked box, It must have been Edward's judging by the E.Z. on the bottom of it
Tom: You're right, We better send this to the lab right away!

Analyse Edward's baby pacifier
Tom: Holly, I take it you know that we are against the clock so please be as fast as possible!
Holly: Well as you know the pacifier is some years old so anything on it will have gone with time
Tom: Damn it! Was there anything you found?
Holly: Of course, I found some old DNA on it and I had a look at it
Holly: Sadly I couldn't find out who it was because of how old it was but I can give you an age guess!
Tom: An age guess, Well I guess it will have to do
Holly: Well the DNA was that of someone aged 10 to 20 years old
Holly: Edward was missing this for 20 years which means your killer and kidnapper is over 30 years old!
Tom: So our killer and kidnapper is over 30 years old, Well they'll soon feel how mean we can get!

Examine Camera
Tom: You fixed the camera, Great, Let's send it to the lab and see what Holly can find on it!

Analyse Camera
Tom: Holly, I'm guessing you know what's on the camera, Please tell us what you have found
Holly: Well I found a blurry picture if that helps, If I didn't have good eyes. I wouldn't have seen it but I found something
Tom: What was that? We're on the clock here!
Holly: Some gold piece on the killer's chest, It seems strange so I had a look in a shopping article
Holly: And there it was, Clear as day, The Indian gold badge, It cost about £234,00 on the internet
Tom: Geez! That sure is a lot, Anyway, Now that we know the killer has one, We can see if their heart really IS made of gold!

Before arresting the killer
Tom: This is it <Name>, after 20 years and a murder investigation, We can finally arrest Edward's kidnapper and Glados's killer
Tom: Come on, Let's give some justice to Edward and Glados for once in their life

Arrest Killer

Mihaela: Oh so you finally found me did you, Wondered how long it would take you
Tom: Yes we did and we want to know why
Mihaela: Before I tell you, Tell me how you came to the judgement that it was me
Tom: Well your first mistake was murdering Glados, What was your motive for killing her?
Mihaela: I said finish what you were saying and then I'll tell
Tom: We got everything that was related to you, Your humbugs, Your apple smoothie, the fact you are physically fit and your DNA AND your golden badge
Mihaela: I thought I was making it too easy near the end, Anyway. Motive time
Mihaela: It might have been a bit late but the secret Looper Rochester group wanted her dead after she looked into the disappearance of Edward way too much
Tom: You mean the secret Looper Rochester group we closed in Rochester Road?
Mihaela: Indeed, They wanted us to wait however since you were closing the group down and then you finding Justin Martyn
Mihaela: The kidnapping was so much easier then this, The secret Looper Rochester group wanted him for "testing on". Of course I never saw the test they tried on Edward
Tom: Wait, You said us. What do you mean
Mihaela: Stupid me, Fine, Grace was helping me with the kidnapping and murder, thanks to her, The baby and that old woman got to where they needed to be
Mihaela: I've always supported the Rochesters and always way, They are the most powerful family and they will NEVER be stopped
Tom: Think again, Now that you have been exposed for your murdering and kidnapping, You and Grace will be in prison for a VERY long time, You're under arrest

At the courtroom
Alex: So you two are the ones behind Edward's kidnapping and Glados's murder, Please tell me how you managed to get Edward out the room
Mihaela: Why of course, I simply moved Edward to the ground floor bedroom and waited for Grace to arrive
Mihaela: Seeing Edward crying as music to my ears. It like he already knew what was going to happen
Grace: And then I arrived and drove them both to the Looper Rochester mansion and gave them to the contracter
Alex: And this contractor was?
Mihaela and Grace: You really think we'll tell you that, Find out by yourself
Alex: And then there's the matter of Glados, How did the murder her
Grace: That was quite easy, I wheeled her over to the ice exhibition and went to get something to eat, When I got somewhere secret, I told Mihaela that she was in place
Mihaela: When I got down there, I simply knocked her out and placed her in the ice
Grace: The contracter was very happy with out work and we went home like nothing ever happened
Mihaela: But then the PPD go involved and so we tried to kill Edward to keep him quiet but HE CLOSED THE BLOODY DOOR!
Tom: All thanks to us
Alex: Ladies, I am horrified about your lack of feelings for Mr Zookoiburg and Edward. May I mention that plotting to kill a police officer is a serious offend!
Grace: We did what had to be done to protect the Looper Rochester name
Alex: I have heard quite enough, Your lack of feelings toward what you have done only to make a group happy is horrid, I will NOT spend any sleepless night knowing that you NEVER get out of prison
Alex: I sentences you both to life in prison for the murder of Glados Zookoiburg, The kidnapping of Edward Zookoiburg and the attempted murder of Edward. Take them away!

Outside of the courthouse
Tom: Well that made me happy, Knowing that them two women will never get out,
Charles: I-I'm just shooked, I guess you sometimes don't think it's the person you put your trust in
Tom: Yes. The world isn't how it's used to be, I would be more careful
Charles: Don't worry, I plan too, At least I finally have my son back...
Tom: Is everything alright sir?
Charles: No, I lost my son for 20 years due to a Looper Rochester on the other side, I'm not saying anything bad but I have a feeling there's still one of them secret group members still out in the open
Tom: But that's impossible, We arrested the lot
Charles: People can hide their true personality and I'm going to find this last secret group member if it means Edward is safe once and for all!

New Blood: The Fall of the Looper Rochesters (2/6)

Tom: <name>, I am a bit stranged for Charles, He's planning on going out by himself and stopping this last Looper Rochester group member,
Tom: However Charles is waiting for you in the interrigation room and..good luck, It won't be easy finding the last one
Tom: But knowing you, You can do it, I'll see you later
Charles: Right, So as you know there's one more Looper Rochester who's in the group who has been lying low, We need to find them and bring them out but where do we start
Charles: No, I don't want to question Edward just yet, His headache is getting worse and he has been questioned enough
Charles: If we can find another one then that would be am-
Taylor: I heard you were looking for kidnapped children <Name>. I-I'm one of them
Charles: Taylor, But you're the one who did the LGBT event back in Life Rivers
Taylor: Yes but my last name isn't Looper Rochester, It's Shookie, I'm meant to be Taylor Shookie
Charles: Interesting, If you don't mind being questioned, Please come with us!

Ask Taylor about their kidnapping
Charles: Taylor, Whatever you say might help us find the last member of the group, Tell us everything you know
Taylor: Well I can't tell you everything because everything is a little blurry at the minute so you'll have to give me time
Charles: Of course, Take all the time you need, Just try to remember something!
Taylor: Right, So I was in my room, It was around my bedtime and I went up to my bedroom, I was scared that an animatronic would come and grab me, I had a fear of one
Taylor: I was hiding under the covers and I didn't see anything at first but then I saw a tall shadow coming toward me
Taylor: It grabbed me and ran me all the way to the Looper Rochester manor house, I didn't know a thing about it
Taylor: Then the shadow thing did test on me. I can't remember what or anything
Taylor: Although I do remember something
Charles: What was that
Taylor: You remember the first time I was a suspect and it mentioned me being a girl. That was right but I didn't choose to turn into a boy willinly
Taylor: It was to hide the fact that I was the Shookie's child, the shadow man told me
Charles: So this shadow man made you change gender to hide the fact that you were Isbella Shookie?
Taylor: (Crying) Yes. I wasn't best pleased when I heard about it. I-I want my mum and dad back
Charles: Don't worry Taylor, We will find this kidnapper and make sure you are returned to your mum and dad!
Charles: Before we finish, What else can you tell us?
Taylor: I remember going through the museum
Charles: The museum you say, Well we might as well have another look around the museum!
Taylor: Before you go, Please take this, I hope you can find our kidnapper!

Investigate Exhibition Space
Charles: You found a piece of ripped paper, Let's put it back together and see what we can find!

Examine Ripped paper
Charles: How interesting. You found a checklist however there is nothing to say what it might be but it's for Isabell, However the message does confuse me
Charles: It reads "Not the one we're looking for", How strange, So the kidnapper was looking for someone
Charles: Maybe sending it to Holly will help us figure out who it might have been

Analyse Kidnapper's notes
Holly: Well the kidnapper's notes told them a lot about themselfs but not enough information to make an arrest yet
Holly: However I did find something very strange on it, There was some soil on the paper so I analysed it and it turns out to be soil from Edward's house
Charles: My child's house, What was the kidnapper doing there, Where about in Edward's house
Holly: In the maze, I think it best that you check there
Charles: Very well, We will do that at once!

Investigate Edward's Garden Maze
Charles: You found a recording device and it seems to be locked, I hate things being locked
Charles: You say you can unlock it, Then let's do it at once

Examine Recording Device
Charles: You unlocked it but there seems to be sound waves on the device, Let's see what these sound waves can tell us about the kidnapper!

Examine Soundwaves
Charles: So you has a look at the sound waves, What did you find about it, It better be good
Charles: Oh it is, Then let's play it!
(Start of the recording)
Harold: Day 134, Still no sign of the child of time, We've tested about 4 children and nothing
Harold: Edward and Isabell seems to be doing alright after we brainwashed them so they can't remember what happened
Harold: But this isn't enough, We NEED that child of time and now, The Looper Rochesters must live forever
Harold: Oh...Bloody...I forgot to turn off the device again!
(End of recording)
Charles: So the person who was kidnapping the children was Harold Looper Rochester, The "Mayor" of our fine town
Charles: How dare he take kids from their parent, We need to talk with him right now but let's bring all the kids he kidnapped with us, They need to see the fall of the Looper Rochesters once and for all!

Arrest Harold Looper Rochester for kidnapping the children
Harold: Hmmmm What a lovey day it is, Nothing wrong at all
Taylor: Hello uncle Harold, How are things going
Harold: Alright, How are things going for you
Taylor: Amazing after I remembered that YOU kidnapped me and changed my gender without promission
Harold: What are you talking about, I didn't kidnap you, I will have to give you a beating
Taylor: Wanna bet because I think it won't work
Harold: (Had a cane) You aren't meant to remember that you were kidnapped!
Edward: (Got in the way) Don't think about it, Why did you lie to us
Harold: Lie? LIE? I didn't lie, I was looking for something
Yalgonate: Also known as the child of time, Your brainwashing made me think we were Looper Rochesters, What were you planning?
Taylor: And what is that?
Yalgonate: It's a child that can live through time and space, Can go anywhere at anytime, Never dying with all the looks of a normal human being, You were planning on taking it all for yourself. Won't you?
Harold: N-Now kids, There is no need to be angry at me
Edward, Taylor and Yalgonate: No need!? You took us from our families and tested on us!
Harold: Ehhhhh.....
Harold: And I was so hoping you wouldn't have found out that I was the one who released Justin Martyn, I was the one who give mayor jobs to my family and that mad asylum owner and that woman who couldn't do anything for herself!
Harold: Who cares how many innocent babies were killed or hurt duing the test, I was going to get my reward one day or another
Charles: And you did that by kidnapping children and testing on them, Do you understand how must you might have changed the children's lifes
(Harold saw all of the children he kidnapped, all 100 of them)
Harold: Oh god...Now let's just be g-good and g-go back to your c-caves
Young Adults: GET HIM!
Charles: (Holding handcuffs) This is where your kidnappings end, Your family is officially destroyed! You're under arrest for good!

At Harold's trail
Alex: Oh goodie, three trails in one day, What a lucky boy I am
Alex: Don't be so moody, You're going to prison for your crimes and let's face it, If you tell us information. I might give you a reduce sentence
Harold: I needed them children to find the child of time
Alex: What's the child of time, I've never heard of it myself
Harold: It's an alien that can travel through time and space that looks like a child or a adult
Alex: What utter lies, There's nothing about the child of time, It was just a child book that my mother always read
Harold: It was real. I was close!
Alex: Now now, Let's not get into that, I do believe that you will get the full senteces since you didn't just kidnap children and hurt/murder them, You hurt the mums and dads, You hurt the people around the city and you letting a known mad man and a crazy woman in the mayor office, oh and also your brother, was the last thing you'll ever do as mayor
Alex: I therefore sentences you too life in prison and for all of your families money to go somewhere else, No longer do people have to be scared of the Looper Rochester family
Alex: Good bye Mr Looper Rochester and make sure you are careful!

After the trail and at the Zookoiburg house
Charles: That should be the last of them. I'm glad that they are with their mums and dads now
Edward: but Taylor's still here
Charles: Indeed, Edward, Just try and ask him why they're still here, I'm not leaving till everyone's gone
Edward Alright, Let's go and talk with Tay

Ask why Taylor is still in the building
Edward: Taylor, Is everything alright?
Taylor: Hmm? Yeah, Just trying to call my mum and dad
Edward: Have they still not arrived yet?
Taylor: No, They haven't and I'm getting scared, What if they don't support how I am, What if they don't like how I dress. What i-
Edward: I'm sure they'll be alright with everything, Don't worry, What's the point in worrying if it hasn't happened yet?
Taylor: I know. It's stupid for me to worry but it just my fears grabbing hold of me
Edward: I wouldn't worry and if you ever feel worried, Please phone me, I'm just a phone call away.
Taylor: Thank you. It will be quite weird not being cousins though
Edward: Yeah. I know but try not to worry
Taylor: One last hug before we leave?
Edward: Sure, I'm all for hugs!
(Edward hugs Taylor)
Edward: You stay safe. I don't want to investigate your murder or anything bad
Taylor: You stay safe as well, I'll try to phone you whenever
Miss Shookie: Taylor? Isabell, Are you here?
Taylor: Yes mum, Anyway, See you another time Edward
Edward: You two. Thanks for helping with my nightmares, They've gone from my mind all together now
Taylor: Good, If Edmon reappears in your mind, I'm only a phone call away, Good bye
Edward: Goodbye...Ahh
Charles: Something wrong son?
Edward: It will be hard, Not remember that I'm not a Looper Rochester
Charles: Of course it will be but what's important now is that we work together to help us get use to being a family
Edward: Yeah...Dad?
Charles: Yes?
Edward: What's next? I need more things to do
Charles: How about you come with me to the Zookoiburg castle. It's safe there and there's lots of things you can do there
Charles: You will still have to come to work and what not but you come with me and meet the family. It's safe there
Edward: Sure, Just let me grab some things and I'll come with you
Charles: Of course. Take as much time as you need son
Edward: Can you help me <Name>? Amazing, Come on them!

Investigate Edward's house
Edward: Yep, That seems to be everything, Anyway, We better take it all out to my father

Tell Charles that Edward is ready to leave
Charles: So you got everything son?
Edward: I believe so, Let me just check
Charles: You believe so, a Zookoibug is always sure of their next move
Edward: What do you mean?
Charles: Well in 1546 out ancestor, Henry Jordan Zookoiburg the 4th, move all the bricks from Zookoiburg castle all the way to here by boat because he didn't like Gottingham
Edward: Did it pay off in the end?
Charles: Well we wouldn't be here if it didn't, Maybe a few bricks got broken but Sir Henry managed to get them fixed so if you feel a cold wind coming though the walls, Blame him
Edward: (Laughing) Alright, I've got everything, We can go
Charles: Amazing, You get in the cart and I'll put everything else on top!
Edward: Are you sure? I don't want you hurting yourself
Charles: I won't hurt myself, Don't worry, Just sit down and relax and maybe eat a little bit
Charles: And before we go, Please take this <Name>, Thank you for everything you did for the kidnapped babies

After packing the cart
Charles: Alright, That's everything, Are you ready son?
Edward: Yes, I want to see this castle and draw it with my boyfriend
Charles: Oh, You mean William Marcus, Don't you?
Edward: Yes, He's the dreamiest boy I've ever seen
Charles: Hahaha, You remind me of myself when I was young when I met your mother
Charles: You also remind me of my brother when he first saw the castle, Alright, Let's go
Edward: See you later <Name>!
(The phone rings)
Arther: Hello, <Name> Where are you?
Arther: What do you mean you're at Edward's house, Listen, Get back to the police station right away
Arther: A teenager has just been found murdered in a pizzeria!

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