The Rich Die
Season 1
City Atlanta Bay
District Beach
Case Number 7
Date of Release October 9th, 2016
Partner(s) Amy Young (All Chapters)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Death on Stairs N/A
Rich woman found dead on Beach. Find this poor killer before they get rich.
—Case Teaser

The Rich Die is the seventh case in Atlanta Bay. It takes place on Beach, district base in Atlanta Bay.


The Team Found out that Cool Killer makes LGBT people to kill the one who are teasing them.


Amy took The Player down the Beach but they did not walked for to long, they found dead body on the Beach. The Victim was De Brills Diamonds founder Lavinia De Brills.

These suspects showed up: Mine foreman named Clayton Rose, miner named Goodwill Ngele, theif named Julian Ramis, Antartica explorer and illegal mine foreman Dr. Ernest Emerson and scuba diver named Brice LeBeau.

Killer was Goodwill Ngele. He killed her beacuse she was ordering to kids to work in mine. He added: "I wouldn't kill her if that man never came to me and make me to kill her." Amy instantly said: Cool Killer made you to do that." Goodwill got 1 year in prison for the murder of Lavinia De Brills.

After some time, the team found out that new director of De Brills Diamonds is Clayton Rose. And it was found out that the Cool Killer makes childern to murder the persons they hate.



  • Lavinia De Brills (found with deep wounds on her body.)

Murder Weapon:

  • Spear


  • Goodwill Ngele


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Killer's Profile

  • The Killer hunts.
  • The KIller is right-handed.
  • The Killer knows lock-picking.
  • The KIller is about 5'0" feet tall.
  • The Killer has a spear.

Crime Scenes

Beach Baywatch chair Beach Bonus
Lavinia's House

Living Room

Lavinia's House Bonus
De Brills Hotel Room 120 De Brills Hotel Bonus


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