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The Rhean Cult
Type Cult/Criminal Organization
General nature Antagonist
Colors Grey and Black
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Enemies Pacificburgh Police Department
Appearance(s) Pacificburgh

The Rhean Cult is a cult, which is involved in a number of crimes, featured in AlexClayton's version of Criminal Case. The organization has an evil alignment against the police department as the story progresses.

Events of Criminal Case

Financial Center: The Rheans uncovered and strength serum

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Industrial Area: Allying with The Vipers

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Historical Center: A mysterious Mayan stone

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Known Affiliates

Note: Due to the vagueness in the term "affiliates", the list below states confirmed members of The Rheans and the people who willingly helped the organization.

Murders Committed

  • Harriet Meadows - Derek Molina was ordered to kill her for unknown reasons.
  • Paul Greene – Kelly Speltz killed him as he refused to help The Rheans remake a strength serum.
  • Colin Stokes – Killed by Big Baby so that The Vipers could be reunited.
  • Dave Simmons – Maria Sanchez was bribed by The Rheans to kill him for unknown reasons.
  • Bart Williams - The Rheans used the rumored mayan stone to make Ginger kill him because he was helping the police in their attempt to neutralize the sale of the cocaine.
  • Monty Washington – Stuart O'Neil was manipulated to kill him as he wrote a book about the Mayan Stone.
  • Isaac Weston - The Rheans used the stone to make Ayden Young kill him because he tried to inform the police about the Project 72.
  • Kurt Leary - Dylan Cobbs killed him because he was intrusive and had snapped the picture of the Project 72.
  • Stuart O'Neil - Desmond Galloway killed him because he had discovered the identity of Colonel Morpheus.