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Evan: I hope we can learn something about Dr. Cyanide by talking to George Framel, <Name>.
Evan: Lindsey thinks that Jessica Trimmle is the key to solve this mystery. Maybe it is but I don't think so.
Evan: We'll see if he knows something important about Dr. Cyanide.

Evan: This place is so big, <Name>! Where could George be? It'll take ages to find him in this building, The Catalunya Palace.
Evan: Oh, there's this woman. Excuse me, where can we find Mr George Framel?
Peggy: You must be <Rank> <Name> and Lead Inspector Evan! My husband is waiting for you in the basement. Those are the stairs.
Evan: Oh, so you're George's wife!
Peggy: Yes, I am Peggy Framel.
Evan: And what do you use the basement for?
Peggy: When we host important events we set the decorations and everything there.
Evan: Wow, that's great! Let's take a look at it, <Name>.

Evan: <Name>, this man is injured! Call an ambulance!
Evan: Wait, HE'S DEAD!!! <Name>, what happened here?
Peggy: Why are you shouting, could you-
Peggy: GEORGE!!!
Evan: This is George Framel?! <Name>, what will we do now? He was Jessica's son and-
Evan: You're right, let's investigate.

Chapter 1

Investigate Restaurant basement
Evan: I wonder what Lindsey's face will look like when she sees George's corpse entering the lab. She was so amused. She thought...
Evan: She thought we'd find out who Dr. Cyanide is.
Evan: These shards seem to come from a... an object. Can you restore them?
Evan: You say there are small pieces of Glass in George's wounds? So these shards make up our murder weapon! You have to restore this!
Evan: And our first suspect is obviously Peggy, <Name>.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Lindsey feels really disappointed. She just wanted to help you. She wants to know who Dr. Cyanide is.
Daniel: But the important thing now is the murder. George's wounds were deep and important veins were damaged, so the small cuts resulted in something bigger.
Daniel: If someone had called an ambulance, he could be alive now. I also found some hairs on him.
Evan: Do they belong to our killer?
Daniel: Maybe, maybe not. I don't really know.
Evan: What can you tell us about the killer?
Daniel: Actually nothing. I can't find any useful information about the hair.
Evan: Oh, God, why? Just give us the sample, Daniel. We'll see what we can do.
Evan: And we can give it to Sabrina.

Analyze Hair
Sabrina: There were some microscopic shards of glass in these hairs, <Name>.
Sabrina: It means these hairs belong to the killer! These shards came from the shattered object you found in the basement.
Evan: Don't these come from George?
Sabrina: No, it doesn't match his hair. But you know now that the killer has blond hair!

Examine Glass shards
Evan: A wine glass, <Name>! This was our murder weapon. It seems our killer hit George with this in his head, but I doubt this can really kill someone.
Evan: Let's take a sample of the blood-
Lucy: Is it true? Is my father dead?

Examine Wine glass
Evan: The blood sample must have useful information about the killer. I'll give this to Sabrina and you'll see!

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: This blood sample contains actually two different types of blood. One belongs to George, the victim.
Sabrina: The other type of blood belongs to your killer. As the murder happened some minutes ago, the sample isn't damaged.
Sabrina: And I found out that the killer has a particular blood type, AB-!
Evan: That will help us identify our killer! Thank you, Sabrina.
Sabrina: That's not all. The killer has blue eyes as well, according to the DNA report from this sample.

Interrogate the victim's daughter
Lucy: M-m-my fa-father!!! NOOO!!!
Evan: Who are you, girl?
Lucy: M-my n-name is L-Lucy Fr-Framel, I am G-George's dau-daughter.
Lucy: I knew that the ghosts would kill my father sooner or later. This couldn't be any good, I was sure!
Evan: What ghosts, Lucy?!
Lucy: The ghosts that live under the Palace, Lead Inspector!

Evan: Do you really thing there are ghosts in the Palace, <Name>?
Evan: I don't think George was killed by a ghost, I refuse to believe that. And no ghost will take the evidence away from you.
Evan: We should see if the ghosts left anything for us in the restaurant.

Investigate Restaurant
Evan: Do ghosts wear badges, <Name>? No? Then this broken one comes from a human!
Evan: Time to piece it back together.

Examine Broken badge
Evan: What does this badge say, <Name>? It says "Bluesnight". Have you any idea of what Bluesnight is or might be?
Evan: Me neither. At least we could see if it can give us any clue.

Examine Bluesnight badge
Evan: Fingerprints? Perfect, <Name>! I'm sure that this person will help us understand what this thing of the Bluesnight is.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: Looking for fingerprints in the badge was a great choice, <Name>! You've just found a new suspect.
Lindsey: It's Charlie Framel, the son of the victim.
Evan: Weren't you sad to know George had died?
Lindsey: Kind of. But I'm happy now because I saw a photo of Charlie.
Lindsey: He's handsome, even more than Octavius!
Evan: <Name>, let's interrogate this guy.

Ask the victim's son about the Bluesnight badge
Evan: Charlie, I guess you already know your father is dead.
Charlie: Yes, I do. My mother told me about it.
Evan: We want to ask you about this Bluesnight badge. Does it belong to you?
Charlie: Yes, but I broke it. I hate everything my father does!
Charlie: Every weekend, we host a different event in our auditorium. This month my father invited some blues musicians to play their songs.
Charlie: And he made those badges. We were supposed to have a total of eight bluesnights this month. The next one was tomorrow.
Charlie: I'm glad that a ghost decided to kill him!

Calm the victim's wife down
Evan: Calm down, Mrs Framel. I know it isn't easy b-
Peggy: What will I do now? Who will support me now? What will happen to the Palace?
Peggy: I'm sure it was a ghost. One of the ghosts killed my poor George!
Evan: Huh?

A while later...

Evan: Lindsey, can you help us? Everyone says that a ghost killed George. Could you see why they are saying this?
Lindsey: It'll take me less than a minute. Wait...
Evan: While Lindsey does that, let's recap what we know.
Evan: Peggy looks really desperate because her husband died. She says that nobody will support her now. Really saddening.
Evan: Lucy... well, she's just Lucy. But she cried a lot.
Evan: Charlie hated his father. At least we can say he has a motive for-
Lindsey: Here it is! This is a really long text, but I don't need to read the whole thing.
Lindsey: It seems that The Catalunya Palace was built on a land where... Oh, dear. There used to be a cemetery there.

Chapter 2

Evan: Are you saying that the Palace was built above a graveyard?!
Lindsey: Well, at least that's what this blog says. That explains why your suspects think that there are ghosts in the basement.
Lindsey: This blog article was written by a woman called Shirley Adams. She works as a waitress in George's restaurant.
Evan: Perfect! Another suspect.
Evan: <Name>, Charlie said that Bluesnights take place in their auditorium. Should we take a look at the place?

Talk to the restaurant waitress
Evan: Shirley, we read... I mean, we saw your blog article which talked about the graveyard below the Palace.
Evan: Could you explain that to us a bit... better?
Shirley: Once, Lucy and I went to buy some drinks. And when we left everything was normal.
Shirley: But when we got back, all the lights were off! Besides, there was some weird heavy music playing. Like the one Charlie listens to.
Evan: That sounds like there could be a ghost, but... where did you hear about that cemetery?
Shirley: There's a witch in this neighborhood called The Bald. She told me about it.
Evan: You're right. This witch must know some important things, <Name>. Let's look for her.

See if the witch knew the victim
Evan: Good evening, miss. Do you know anything about George Framel's recent death?
The Bald: So he finally died! The ghosts claimed the soul of the non-believer.
Evan: What do you exactly mean?
The Bald: He never believed that there were ghosts in his restaurant. And that's what he got. His death!
The Bald: One by one, the non-believers will all perish! Hahahahaha!!!
Evan: Let's leave, <Name>!

Investigate Auditorium
Evan: Just because we don't find any clues here doesn't mean you can pick any random object. A rabbit, seriously?
Evan: Well, that's true. It isn't usual. But how could it be related to the murder?
Evan: You know what? I'll let you do what you want with that rabbit.

Examine Rabbit
Evan: Hm... This looks like human hair. But I can't find a link between the murder and this.
Evan: You want to see who the hair belongs to? Fine, just do whatever you want.

Examine Hair
Evan: Ok, so Peggy Framel has a rabbit. And??? Why do we care about that?
Evan: Oh, <Name>, I just can't believe that a <Rank> like you- OHH, fine, let's ask her!

Ask Peggy about the rabbit
Evan: Mrs Framel, <Rank> <Name> wants to know some details about your rabbit.
Evan: Oh, God, what am I doing with my carreer?
Peggy: Oh, but that's not mine. That rabbit is Charlie's one.
Peggy: Charlie is a very good magician. He always makes this rabbit appear from the most unexpected places!
Evan: Thank you, Peggy. <Name>, I guess you will want to talk to Charlie now.

Question Charlie about the magic shows
Evan: We found your rabbit, Charlie.
Charlie: Oh, Jimmy! Sometimes I think he's the only living creature that understands how I feel. Thank you, <Rank> <Name> and Lead Inspector Evan.
Charlie: You know, some weeks ago, the vet told me he'd drunk some cyanide. But the dose wasn't lethal and everything turned out fine.
Evan: <Name>, I'm afraid Jimmy was a victim of Dr. Cyanide too.
Charlie: I use Jimmy for most of my magic tricks, but... George didn't like them.
Charlie: I asked him to perform my show in the auditorium just one night. But he prefered those stupid musicians to his own son!!!

After investigating a bit more...

Evan: <Name>, I think I noticed something about Dr. Cyanide!
Evan: The first victims we found were a petunia and a fern. Two plants.
Evan: Some weeks ago, this Jimmy and that parrot, John. Two little animals.
Evan: The latest one was Adam Nobally. So there must be another person who will be poisoned soon. Is it Linda?
Evan: You're right, Linda's sauce was also poisoned by Dr. Cyanide! So it was two foods?
Evan: Maybe some other food was poisoned by them and we never noticed?
Evan: Joe Lafed was poisoned with cyanide, but no food there. Lucy Loas wanted to use cyanide for Gandil's murder but she used roach poison.
Evan: That's not possible, are you saying that the other food hasn't been poisoned yet?
Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, Sabrina Stone is in a hospital! This morning she had another parfait and the doctors found cyanide in her body.
Evan: <Name>, I can't stand this anymore. This guy is messing with MY people!
Evan: You say it was two people instead of two foods? Yes, Adam was poisoned via water and Linda's sauce wasn't eaten by anyone.
Evan: What are they planning to do next? Are they coming for Linda now?
Alan Smith: You should focuse on this murder now! Forget Dr. Cyanide for a moment.

Evan: <Name>, I can't believe we hadn't noticed Dr. Cyanide's pattern before.
Evan: But the Chief is right. It's time to arrest this killer now. And we'll find evidence in that basement for sure.

Investigate Basement table
Evan: This wallet has George's ID inside, <Name>. It belongs to him!
Evan: Now, let's see if we can find something else here. If you find a rabbit, don't pay attention, just keep searching!

Examine Wallet
Evan: A broken flash drive? Why did George keep this in his wallet, <Name>?
Evan: Maybe restoring it gives us a clue, huh?

Examine Broken flash drive
Evan: Ok, now we'll give this USB to Lindsey. She will tell us what George was trying to hide in his wallet.

Analyze Flash drive
Lindsey: I thought I'd told you, <Name>. Once it's broken, it's broken. Stop putting electronic devices back together.
Lindsey: However, not everything was damaged. This contains a novel written by George Framel!
Evan: Is it good?
Lindsey: I don't know, most of it was missing. The device was BROKEN, Evan. But I got some things you might find interesting.
Lindsey: The protagonist was a chef who had a lovely wife, but that's not all. He had also a blonde daughter which was SOOO perfect.
Lindsey: It almost looks like Lucy wrote it. And the chef's son was a frustrated magician who did... stuff with one of the waitresses.
Evan: Very similar to George's life, <Name>. But I didn't know Charlie had an affair with a waitress.
Evan: And we know one waitress, Shirley. And you say we should talk to Lucy too?

Talk to Lucy about her father's book
Evan: Lucy, do you know anything about your father's novel?
Lucy: Yes, it was called "Life of a Misfortune". My dad always felt his life was awful, so he always told me and my mom how much he loved us.
Lucy: I sent a copy of the novel to an editor. I hope it becomes famous.
Evan: And what about your brother?
Lucy: I feel pity for Charlie... I don't know why my father never loved him. Maybe he was expecting a different kind of son.

Ask Charlie about his relationship with Shirley
Evan: I guess you already know about your father's book, Charlie.
Charlie: I'm glad he didnt' have time to publish it! He only portrayed me as a stupid man.
Charlie: Besides, he talked about my relationship with Shirley, and it was a secret! Her parents didn't approve our relationship, and so did George!
Charlie: Her parents think I'm no good for her. I mean, look at me. I know I don't look like a normal guy.
Charlie: But why am I not allowed to feel love? Why can't I be with whom I like?

Ask Shirley about her relationship with Charlie
Shirley: Are you looking for more ghosts stories, Lead Inspector Evan? Or is it <Rank> <Name>?
Evan: It's none of us. We wanted to ask you if you know anything about George Framel's novel.
Shirley: Don't remind me of it! He just found a more delicate way of telling my parents I was Charlie's girlfriend.
Shirley: My parents don't like Charlie because of his piercings, his tatooes, his stubble and the music he likes. Even though he looks weird, he is really handsome to me.

Some time after that...

Evan: We didn't get any news about Sabrina, <Name>. I'm worried about her.
Evan: But the parfaits were in the fridge, here, in the HQ. That means Dr. Cyanide came here, and poisoned her parfaits!
Evan: Is Dr. Cyanide in our team? If that's the case, the most suspicious person is-
Gino: <Name>, a woman wants to talk to you on the phone. She says she's The Bald.
Evan: Don't worry, <Name>, I'll talk to her. What happens, Miss Bald?
The Bald: I hear some people shouting at the restaurant. And loud music playing. I hear women...
The Bald: Woman listening to music, that's it!
Evan: Don't worry, we'll go there and see what's going on. I'll be there with <Rank> <Name> in a minute.

Chapter 3

Evan: I wonder who those woman playing music are, <Name>. Let's go.

Evan: It absolutely sounds like there's a party going on inside the restaurant, <Name>!
Evan: There are... Shirley, Peggy, and Lucy! Let's go there!

Evan: Hey, what do you think you're doing? You can't have a party here, this is a crime scene!
Peggy: Lead Inspector...
Evan: We'll talk to the three of you right now. Stay here and stop this party!
Evan: Peggy, leave that bottle of champagne in its place. NOW!
Peggy: Y-yes.
Evan: <Name>, I need to calm down. Could you come with me to the auditorium again?

Ask Peggy about the champagne bottle
Evan: Peggy, tell us NOW why you had that champagne bottle in your hands. And why are you dressed like a kid in a birthday party?
Evan: Don't tell me you are celebrating George's death!
Peggy: No, we're not celebrating his death! I'm celebrating that I own the restaurant now.
Evan: Because George was murdered!
Peggy: And what are you going to do? You can't arrest a ghost!
Evan: But we can arrest a killer, Mrs Framel.

See why Shirley is so happy
Evan: I can't believe you're laughing, singing and drinking when your employer has just been murdered!
Shirley: Now people won't think I'm crazy anymore. These ghosts really exist!
Evan: Even if those ghosts you talk about were real, they didn't kill George! George Framel was killed by a human, just like you.
Evan: How can we say you didn't kill him to make your blog more popular and credible?
Shirley: Think whatever you want to think. There's a ghost there!

Quiz Lucy about the celebration
Evan: Of all of our suspects, you were the one and only that looked like you really loved your father.
Evan: And now you're celebrating his murder? That's very suspicious, if you ask me.
Lucy: This is not what it seems! I just felt happier because Charlie won't be opressed anymore.
Evan: So you killed George to protect your brother?
Lucy: No, it wasn't me! It was a ghost, you have to believe me!

Investigate Auditorium seats
Evan: "The ghosts of the underworld will come soon to take your life in the shape of the person you'd never expect".
Evan: Is this a warning to George? We can't say it was written by the killer, but that's a possibility.
Evan: Let's give this threaten note to Lindsey, see if we can find its author.

Analyze Threaten note
Lindsey: Why didn't you tell me Sabrina was poisoned by Dr. Cyanide, <Name>?!
Evan: We were really worried, Lindsey. I thought Chief Smith would tell you about it.
Lindsey: Daniel told me. But I don't know how he got the news.
Evan: Now you mention it-
Lindsey: Forget that, you have to arrest a killer now! This threaten note was written by Charlie Framel.
Lindsey: I guess you'll talk to him now. I'll call you if I learn something new about Sabrina's situation.

Confront Charlie about the note
Evan: Do you think your father would have expected you to kill him, Charlie?
Charlie: Of course he wouldn't! He didn't even think I was a real man, he always said I didn't have the guts for anything.
Charlie: But that doesn't mean I killed him, does it?
Evan: You wrote this note. And you wrote "the person you'd never expect".
Charlie: My father always believed in this tale of the ghosts. I wrote that to scare him.
Charlie: But that bald witch told me to do it. She said she wanted me to kill George. Of course, I refused.
Evan: You refused but you wrote the note anyway? <Name>, just in case, let's talk to The Bald again.

Talk to The Bald about Charlie
Evan: Sorry to be a nuisance for you, miss. Did you ask Charlie Framel to kill his father?
The Bald: That would have been a great ending, don't you think? Killed by his sone, the one he always looked down on. Fantastic.
The Bald: And what is even better, everybody would have blamed the ghosts!
Evan: That's what they're doing. Couldn't you have killed him after Charlie refused to do it for you?
The Bald: Just because he didn't allow me to be in his restaurant? No! I'm just a witch.

A while later...

Evan: First, the son of the mysterious Jessica Trimmle dies and everyone blames the ghost.
Evan: Then, we notice Dr. Cyanide's pattern and Sabrina gets poisoned too. Anyway, we know they never use enough cyanide to kill people and animals. They did kill plants.
Evan: After that, there is a party going on because of this murder. That's not all, a witch asked George's son to kill him!
Evan: In my opinion, we didn't pay enough attention to the restaurant. We may find something else there.

Investigate Restaurant counter
Evan: A video camera might be really useful, but George died in the basement, not here.
Evan: I refuse. We'll do what you say.

Analyze Video camera
Lindsey: No news from the hospital, <Name>. I'm sure Sabrina will survive anyway.
Lindsey: You see, the video camera was actually in the basement before you found it in the restaurant.
Evan: But it didn't record the moment of the murder, right?
Lindsey: Shut that pessimist mouth of yours, Evan Day. It did.
Evan: Really? Now tell us who the killer is!
Lindsey: Well... Charlie used this to record one of his magic tricks in the basement. But he left the camera on the table, and then that moment was recorded.
Lindsey: Though only the killer's chest is visible.
Evan: At least don't you know if it's a man or a woman?
Lindsey: Not really. But they wear a Bluesnight badge and a tie!
Evan: That's far more useful. Let's arrest this ghost once and for all, <Name>.

Arrest killer
Evan: I'm glad we finally meet the restaurant phantom, <Name>. The ghost that took George's life was actually you, haha.
Evan: Lucy Framel, you are under arrest for killing your father.
Lucy: I should have confessed before, I'm sorry! <Rank> <Name>, take me to jail.
Evan: Why did you do this, Lucy? You loved your father!
Lucy: Of course! And I absolutely regret it! It was all an accident!
Lucy: My father and I were joking and laughing. I was holding that glass of wine in my hand. And then I moved. My dad was behind me.
Lucy: And this glass smashed his head. I thought he'd get better soon, but he stopped breathing after some minutes. I just panicked and we both didn't know what to do!
Evan: I'm sorry for you, Lucy.

Esteban Gonzalez: This was actually a sad accident. But you have no witnesses or proof.
Esteban Gonzalez: Lucy Framel, you-
Evan: We have a proof, your Honor! It's in Charlie Framel's video camera, the accident is recorded there.
Esteban Gonzalez: May I see that camera, please?
Lindsey: Here you are, your Honor.

Some minutes later...

Lucy: Yes, your Honor, I regret it because I loved my father. And if I had the chance to go back in time, I-
Lucy: I-I-would have left that glass on the table!
Charlie: Come on, sister, you can do this!
Esteban Gonzalez: Your words, your lawyer's exposition and this video are more than enough. Lucy Framel, I declare you innocent of the crimes you've been accused of!
Lucy: THANK YOU, <Rank> <Name>!!!

Evan: Our first killer who isn't arrested, <Name>. I mean, incarcerated. Sorry.
Evan: I hate to say this, but this accident happened for something. Charlie will be free of pressure. And I heard George used to mistreat the waitresses!
Evan: Don't you find it weird? Charlie, who had a deep grudge against his father, wasn't part of that celebration.
Lucy: Thanks for doing that, Lead Inspector Evan. I would have gone to jail if it wasn't for you.
Evan: It's my job, Lucy. I couldn't send you to jail when this was just an accident.

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: We have news from the hospital, <Rank> <Name>. The nurse wants to talk to-
Evan: Good morning, this is Lead Inspector Evan.
Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>...
Rita: I am Rita Deuce from the hospital, do you remember me?
Rita: Don't worry, Evan. Sabrina Stone is going to recover really soon. Next week, she'll be in your laboratory again.
Evan: Thank you, Miss Deuce!
Evan: <Name>, Sabrina will be here next week!
Alan Smith: Now you can stop worrying about her. She's fine. So I'd like you to see how things are around the Framel family.
Alan Smith: I know Peggy did that... little celebration, but I'd rather you see how she is coping.
Evan: Then we could also see what Charlie is up to. I'm sure he'll progress a lot in his shows now.
Evan: By the way, couldn't we get something to eat from Shirley?
Alan Smith: Why don't we give Gino a chance, <Name>? He's just been promoted to Detective.
Evan: Ok, but I will talk to Shirley.

Check up on Charlie
Gino: We wanted to know how you were doing, Charlie. Is everything fine?
Charlie: I thought about it better and I regret my father's death. However, I'm glad it wasn't a murder and that Lucy's at home.
Charlie: Did you hear that Bluesnights were cancelled? And tonight, I'll be performing at the auditorium.
Gino: That's great! I'm sure Lucy will love to see your show.
Charlie: Actually, I was practising in the auditorium and lost my set of cards. Could you look for them?

Investigate Auditorium
Gino: This box is full of magical things. I'm sure it belongs to Charlie.
Gino: Remember we're looking for a deck of cards, not for another rabbit, <Rank> <Name>.

Examine Carton box
Gino: It's the only deck of poker cards in the box, so these must be the ones. I like magic tricks a lot, <Name>.
Gino: Now we have to give them to Charlie.

Give Charlie the poker cards
Charlie: Did you find my poker cards, <Rank> <Name>?
Gino: Yes, we did! They were in a box in the auditorium, Charlie.
Charlie: I don't know how I could lose them! That deck was so expensive... These cards are specially altered to perform some magic tricks.
Charlie: Don't ell me you didn't know it. The greatest magicians can't change the laws of physics.
Gino: I thought you were using normal cards.
Charlie: No, no. You need to learn more about magic. Perhaps these clothes will help you.

Get a meal from Shirley
Evan: Hello, Shirley! Can you give us two of your best meals?
Lucy: <Name>, Evan! I wasn't expecting your visit!
Shirley: Me neither. You thought I would kill a man to make my blog more popular.
Shirley: I'll bring you two sandwiches, fine?
Lucy: Do you want mine, <Name>? I didn't even touch it.
Shirley: Ok, so one sandwich. Here you are, Lead Inspector Evan.
Evan: This tastes really good!
Lucy: <Name>, you have to see what happens to Evan!

Investigate Restaurant counter
Shirley: I've already called an ambulance, <Rank> <Name>. I didn't poison Evan!
Lucy: Don't worry. <Name> will take a look at the sandwich you gave him.

Examine Sandwich
Daniel: <Name>, as Sabrina isn't here, I thought I could analyze this sample for you.
Daniel: I'll do this as fast as I can, for Evan's health!

Analyze Substance
Daniel: <Name>, the substance you gave me is homemade mayonnaise. In my opinion, it's delicious. But Evan surely doesn't agree.
Daniel: Maybe Shirley thinks that mayonnaise tastes better with a fresh touch of peppermint.
Daniel: I checked the medical records of Evan Gregory Day and he's allergic to peppermint!
Daniel: If Shirley called an ambulance, the doctors must have already taken care of him.

Apologise to Shirley
Evan: I'm alright, <Name>! Don't worry about me.
Shirley: The doctors told us he was allergic to something in my sandwich, and Evan recalled he couldn't eat peppermint.
Shirley: I'm sorry, I just didn't know that data! You should have told me.
Evan: I didn't know a simple sandwich could have peppermint on it.
Lucy: It was one of my dad's suggestions. He loved peppermint.
Lucy: But forget this issue. Now we can have a meal one hundred percent peppermint-free.
Shirley: What about... a burger?

Talk to Peggy Framel
Gino: Hello, Mrs Framel! I am Detective Gino Reina. <Rank> <Name> and I wanted to see if you were fine.
Peggy: I just wish George had had enough time to see the portrait I painted of him.
Gino: You paint portraits, Mrs Framel?
Peggy: Yes! Every painting you see in this restaurant is mine. Do you like them?
Peggy: In fact, I don't even know where I left his portrait. I think it was in the basement.

Investigate Restaurant basement
Gino: This is the only picture here, but it's torn up! Maybe one of the ghosts did this.
Gino: Um... Of course, detectives don't believe in ghosts. Let's piece this back together.

Examine Torn painting
Gino: I didn't see George Framel's face, but you did. Does it look like him, <Name>?
Gino: So it's his portrait! It looks fantastic, Peggy is a really talented woman. This would look great in one of the restaurant walls.
Gino: Peggy will love to see this portrait now that it is restored.

Give the portrait to Peggy
Gino: This painting looks really wonderful, Missis Framel! But it was torn up.
Peggy: Maybe George did it. He said that he didn't want any portraits of him because it would remind him of the days when he was young.
Peggy: But now George won't age anymore. So I guess this portrait is... the last sight I had of him.
Peggy: It will look great in the auditorium, don't you think?
Gino: Of course it will!
Peggy: Thanks for finding it and fixing it. I'd like to give some money away to the police.

Some days later

Sabrina: <Name>, I'm so happy to see you again! I can't believe I was poisoned just a few days after my birthday.
Sabrina: And I can't believe that your worst enemy, Dr. Cyanide, broke into our headquarters!
Sabrina: You say there's a pattern that Dr. Cyanide is following? And do you know what's next?
Sabrina: Something bigger than humans??!! Some kind of wild animal, maybe? A tiger?
Sabrina: What am I saying, there aren't tigers in Townville.
Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, do you know what day it is?
Sabrina: It's December the sixteenth, Chief.
Alan Smith: Did you hear, <Name>? Today is the Townville Soccer Tournament finals!

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