This is a second fanmade by Koyos456

Case Background

The victim gamer name is Zack Orman.Murder weapon a throw 40 stone.The killer is Walton Sam


Zack Orman

Murder Weapon



Walton Sam


Jack Orman -Zack's brother (Use mozila firefox,play GTA)

Emma Throne-Administrator (use mozila firefox)

Walton Sam -(play GTA,uses google chrome,sagitarus,watch tv)

Tommy Finn -Fisherman (Sagitarus,Watch TV)

Jones Gamer -Host (Watch TV)

Tampa Swat -Engineer N/A

Michael Sacker -Game Maker

James Sonda -Spa

Say Walker -Carpenter N/A

Killer's Profile

The killer play GTA

The killer uses google Chrome

The killer own a sagitarus

The Killer watch TV

The killer eye black

The killer weight 380 lbs

Crime Scene

Exculsive Park

Love Fist Theatre




Jones's shop

Chapter 1

Investigate Exculsive Park (Victim's body,Stone)

Autopsy Victim's body (5.00) (Evidence:Play GTA)

Talk Jack about a victim.

Investigate Love Fist Theatre (GTA CD,Watermelon)

Talk Emma Throne

Examine Watermelon 

Examine Stone (Murder Weapon:Stone)

Talk Walter about a eating watermelon (Attribute:Play GTA and uses google chrome)

Talk Jack (Emma:uses mozila firefox Jack:play gta and uses mozila firefox)

Go to next chapter 2 (1 stars)

Chapter 2

Investigate Home (Torn picture)

Examine Torn Picture

Talk Tommy about a threating victim (Evidence:Sagitarus,TV) (Tommy:Sagitarus,Watch TV Walton:Sagitarus,TV)

Talk Jones (Attribute:Watch TV)

Investigate Playground (Book,victim's tv)

Examine Book

Talk Tampa Swat about a buy TV.

Analyze Victim's TV

Go to Next Chapter 3 (1 stars)

Chapter 3

Investigate School (Michael's book)

Talk Michael about a jacket

Examine Jacket

Talk Michael Sacker (Suspect:James Sonda and Say Walker)

Talk James about a scene

Investigate Jones's shop (Game CD,Victim's Game CD)

Analyze Victim's Game CD

Examine Game CD

Talk Say about a CD

Arrest Killer

Go to next Additional Investigation (Non-stars)

Additional Investigation

Go and talk James about a clues

Investigate Love Fist Theatre (Torn card)

Examine Torn Card

Analyze Birthday's card

Talk Jack about today is a victim birthday!

Go to Next Case (1 stars)

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