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Daisy: We're back! That young boy wasn't happy to hear of his father's passing, but we were able to cheer him up.
Josiah: Actually Daisy took care of most of that, I'm not really as good as her.
Annabel: Well we've been trying to find info on the black market's drug trade, and thanks to <Rank> <Name>, we've intercepted one shipment so far.
Annabel: Officers at the port are double checking all shipments, so hopefully they won't be importing any more into Warrenville.
Isabel: But aside from that, we'll need more leads. We don't have much to go on right now, so we need to keep looking.
Kenny: Um yeah, about that...
Kenny: Officers reported a murder by High-Top Academy, they need you guys to investigate it.
Josiah: There's always something, isn't there?
Josiah: Okay, me, Daisy and <Name> got this one. Let's go!

Chapter 1

Investigate School Entrance
Josiah: Sheesh, this person certainly didn't have a pleasant end. Looks like his neck got snapped.
Daisy: His?
Josiah: Well it looks like a male from the facial features, but what's with the feminine clothing?
Daisy: Um, Josiah. I got an ID, this is one Amy Preston.
Josiah: A female? Wait, is this person...
Daisy: Yep, transgender. How horrible, they were trying to find their place in the world, but now her only place is the morgue.
Josiah: From what I hear, this place is pretty progressive, and supportive of the LGBT community. I don't think they'll take kindly to hearing about this.
Daisy: We better send her to autopsy. And it looks like her phone got dropped during the murder, let's unlock it and see if there's anything useful on it.
Daisy: But this backpack seems out of place, what's it doing out here?
Josiah: Well whether or not this is our victim's, we'll need to look through it. Open it up and let's dig in, this murder won't solve itself.

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Daphne: Ouch, this murder certainly ended in a snap, but too bad her head couldn't stay straight.
Josiah: Daph, now's not the time for that.
Daphne: Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Daisy: So the neck snap was the cause of death?
Daphne: Yep, death was instantaneous, and whatever they used was flat, but very heavy and hard.
Daphne: But I found traces of boba tea along your victim's neck, I'm guessing your killer was checking to see if the victim was dead.
Daisy: Was there any in the victim's stomach?
Daphne: Not a drop, so its without a doubt your killer's.
Josiah: They can spill their tea all they want, but when they spill blood, they've gone too far!

Examine Victim's Phone
Josiah: Nice work, now let's see if Marco can find anything useful on here.

Analyze Victim's Phone
Marco: I gotta admit, this girl really had quite the social life, she nearly filled out her data with selfies.
Josiah: Interesting, but not helpful, anything on there that could point to her killer?
Marco: Actually, that was the point, the most recent selfie was actually just before the murder. Its hard to see, but you can see the killer behind her.
Daisy: You're right, but I can't make out any features.
Marco: True, but take a look at the textbook they're carrying.
Marco: I did some enhancements, and it looks like they were carrying a US History textbook.
Marco: I checked your victim's schedule, and US History wasn't one of their classes. That was just to be on the safe side.
Josiah: So our killer takes US history then? Well, time to enroll them in our school of hard knocks.

Examine Backpack
Daisy: Well, it looks like it wasn't the victim's given the school schedule you brought out.
Josiah: This apparently belongs to a certain Ayan Osborne. Wait, Osborne as in the founding family?
Daisy: Yeah, I did some looking up on the Osbornes. Ayan is Raiden Osborne's adoptive son. Though why he adopted is the question, he isn't married from what I checked.
Josiah: Well we better see if Mr. Osborne knows anything about our victim.

Talk to Ayan about the victim
Josiah: Ayan Osborne, we're with the Warrenville Police Department, we need to ask you a few questions.
Ayan: The police? Why are you here?
Daisy: Reports of a murder, a girl named Amy Preston was found dead.
Ayan: *gasp* Amy? She's dead?
Josiah: You knew her?
Ayan: Yes actually, she and I were part of the same club, Pride Club.
Daisy: Pride Club?
Ayan: Its basically a club we organized for members of our school who are part of the growing LGBT community. We want them to feel comfortable for who they are...
Ayan: But if they're jerks, then their butts are outta our house!
Josiah: And was Amy one of those jerks?
Ayan: Not to us, but to plenty of others. But for good reason, so I can imagine it won't be hard looking for anyone who'd want her dead.
Ayan: She and I were just at the last meeting about 2 hours ago, if you want you can check the room we hold the club in.
Daisy: Why that's very nice of you. Alright <Rank> <Name>, lead the way!

Investigate Pride Club
Josiah: Wow, this place looks pretty nice. Glad to see that they're being treated fairly.
Daisy: Agreed, but we need to focus. We'll need to speak with a few other members to learn more about our victim.
Josiah: Alright, we can start with this flyer and this faded paper, maybe we can get some more insight into our victim and this club's activities.

Examine Flyer
Daisy: Nice work, looks like this is an advertisement for the club.
Josiah: Huh, says here its run by Alexandra Harper. We better check with her on what happened here before the victim died.

Ask Alexandra about the club's recent activities
Alexandra: Hello officers, please tell me its not another bigot trying to report us.
Daisy: Worse I'm afraid. We found one of your members, Amy Preston, murdered outside the school.
Alexandra: Murdered? Oh no, that's way worse!
Alexandra: I hope this wasn't a hate crime, I've really had it up to here with all the senseless hate from those simple-minded idiots!
Josiah: That aside, we were informed she was here a few hours before her death?
Alexandra: Amy really didn't take club activites too seriously, but still, she was sure better than some other people we have around the school.
Alexandra: But still, she had a bit of an ego about her. Though I've learned to deal with it, as have the others.
Daisy: I see, well we'll let you know if we have any other questions.

Examine Faded Paper
Josiah: Well, out of all the things I expected, a music sheet isn't one of them.
Daisy: It doesn't look like there's any indication of who this belongs to, guess we've hit a dead end-
Anabel: Hey, my music sheet! Thank you, I've been trying to fix this for a while now!
Josiah: Oh, hello, who are you?
Anabel: I'm Anabel Wright, my hobby is mostly music, who are you?
Daisy: We're with the Warrenville PD, we need to ask you a few questions.

Ask Anabel what she knows about the victim
Anabel: I heard all the commotion outside, there was a murder?
Daisy: There was, it was one Amy Preston, do you know her?
Anabel: Yeah I know her, she's dead? That's horrible!
Anabel: Though aside from the various stories she's told about her transition, I never really got to know her.
Josiah: Really?
Anabel: She um, had this kind of edge to her, it kinda... scared me. I just kept my distance from her.
Josiah: So you don't really know if anyone would've wanted her dead?
Anabel: Well even from not knowing her, she was known around the school for causing trouble. I don't think it'll be that hard to find people who hated her, but I preferred to stay away.

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well, the last thing I expected to do was investigate the murder of a transgender student, but I've heard worse.
Daisy: Still, this girl was going through a tough period in her life, she didn't deserve to have it cut so short.
Daisy: We know she was at least tolerated from what we heard from Ayan Osborne and Alexandra Harper.
Josiah: But we know she was known for causing trouble even by people who didn't really speak with her, like Anabel Wright.
Josiah: We'll need to know the extent of her troublemaking, but where do we start?
Kenny: I think I can help with that one guys.
Daisy: You can, how so?
Kenny: There's some guy here to see you, says he knows something about the murder.

Chapter 2

Josiah: Wait, someone came forward? Who is it?
Kenny: Hang on, I'll get the guy for you.
Daisy: Well hurry up, the sooner we bring this killer to justice, the better!
Art: So you're the officers trying to solve Amy's murder, right?
Josiah: Why yes we are. Who would you be?
Art: My name's Art, Art Rat; and yes you heard right my last name IS Rat.
Art: But that aside, I got some info you might be interested in hearing.
Daisy: Well then Mr. Rat, please step into the interrogation room, we'll talk to you there.

See what info Art has about the victim
Art: Sorry I didn't come earlier, I had to catch up on my courses. We're studying the Louisiana Purchase in US History I, and I'm already behind.
Josiah: No worries Mr. Rat, just tell us what you know about our victim and we'll let you go.
Art: Right right, anyways as I'm sure you've already heard, Amy wasn't exactly the princess she deemed herself to be.
Daisy: We certainly heard about her over-inflated ego a bit.
Art: Yeah well rumor was, she was trying to shut the Pride Club down for good.
Josiah: What? Why would she do that?
Art: Beats me, but I think you better check out the rooftop. She always liked hanging around there, said she got the best cell phone reception there on snowy days.
Daisy: Alright, we'll check it out. And if you happen to come across anything else-
Art: Don't worry, I don't intend to keep any secrets. If you want me to cooperate, I'll cooperate.

Josiah: Well, that guy certainly seemed to have his ear to the ground.
Daisy: If he's as credible as he says, we better see why the victim wanted the Pride Club shut down. Let's check out the rooftop.

Investigate Rooftop
Josiah: Well, looks like our victim wasn't the only one to frequent this place, looks like plenty of students come up here given all these footprints.
Daisy: Hopefully we can find something related to our victim, maybe these torn pieces that <Name> picked up can help.
Josiah: Alright, but is it just me, or does that pile of snow seem too out of place, like-
Daisy: Like someone was trying to hide something?
Josiah: Well, it seems we're all in agreement, let's dig through and see who was hiding what.

Examine Snow Pile
Josiah: Nice catch, that looks to be a textbook... covered in blood?
Daisy: Chances are this is the same book in that photo, looks to be a US History textbook.
Daisy: We'll need to be sure this is the murder weapon, let's see if Celeste can compare the wounds.

Analyze Bloody Textbook
Celeste: Frankly I'm glad you sent me this book to analyze and not to read, I was never really into these dime store books worth hundreds.
Daisy: Well, glad to see you took your studying seriously.
Celeste: Only when they got my interest. Anyways, Victor confirmed the blood was your victim's, and the wound matches with the book.
Josiah: So this is our murder weapon then. It must've been spontaneous since this isn't exactly a proper weapon.
Celeste: While the book itself had no traces, I did find a little something inside of it.
Daisy: What's that?
Celeste: Its a rainbow flag pin, Kenny did some looking around, and he said those were for members of the school's Pride Club.
Celeste: And although your victim was a part of it, her pin was found on her body. So this has to be your killer's!
Josiah: We were informed the club was for members of the LGBT community, so we better keep an eye out for members of that club.
Daisy: And since we know Alexandra is in charge of the club, then that's another black mark against her.

Examine Torn Pieces
Daisy: So those torn pieces look to be a receipt from this academy's book store.
Josiah: Why the heck would this even be torn up in the first place? Well, looks like there's a card number on here, so let's see if Marco can turn anything up with this.

Analyze Receipt
Marco: And its like I told them, if you can't expect a guy to relax every now and then, then-
Josiah: Marco! Are you chatting online again?
Marco: Yeah, what's up?
Daisy: Can you put it on hold please, we need to know about that receipt we gave you.
Marco: Okay, hang on. I'll chat with you guys in a bit. Esperas por un momento, gracias.
Marco: Alrighty then, so that receipt was for a purchase on some philosophy book, nothing I'd read.
Marco: I checked the card number, and it belonged to one Dean Russo.
Josiah: Well, maybe he knows about our victim? Can't hurt to check since he was at the roof too, let's go see this Mr. Russo.

See if Dean knows anything about the murder
Dean: Oh hey, you're the officers investigating Amy's murder, right?
Josiah: Yes actually, did you know her?
Dean: Kinda, mostly by reputation, she was certainly a spoiled princess.
Dean: Personally though, not so much. Frankly, I'd rather keep away from her and keep to a nice book and some boba tea.
Daisy: So you haven't really had any personal interactions with the victim at all?
Dean: Nope, well almost nope...
Dean: I saw her a lot on the rooftop, I usually go there to study when its quiet. US History isn't exactly an easy subject.
Dean: She'd try to pick on me, but I don't really bother with her.
Josiah: Alright then, we'll leave you to your studying then.

Josiah: Well, nothing much on that lead.
Daisy: I say we check out the crime scene again, maybe we missed something on our first run.

Examine Bike Rack
Daisy: Well what do you know, looks like our victim left her handbag here after all.
Josiah: We better have a look through it, and while we're at it we can check out these plastic pieces. Whoever's been littering really needs to stop.
Daisy: Agreed, but a lead's a lead so let's put them back together again.

Examine Victim's Handbag
Daisy: Hey, looks like our victim kept a diary.
Josiah: She did? We better get this to the lab and-
Daisy: Wait hold on, I know she's dead, but I don't feel right having anyone looking through a girl's diary.
Josiah: Well we don't have much of a choice here. Let's get this to Alice and see what she can tell us.

Analyze Diary
Alice: Now this is a rather interesting change in tonality. This Amy character was certainly hiding her darker secrets.
Josiah: How so?
Alice: This diary was first written as a journal of sorts, detailing her journey through her transition.
Daisy: Kinda like a coping mechanism or something?
Alice: Exactly, but some time down the line I can sense a bit of selfish pride, like this line right here.
Alice: "That little trust-fund baby Ayan really makes me mad! What makes him so special, he's nothing compared to me!"
Daisy: Well, given the family that adopted Ayan, its easy to see how the victim was jealous.
Josiah: But it looks like Ayan neglected to tell us about that. Let's go see him and see if he changes his tune.

Confront Ayan over the victim's jealous attitude
Ayan: Okay, let's make this quick. I need to study for a test in US History and need to help Alexandra with planning for Pride Club.
Josiah: You're part of the club too?
Ayan: Yep, gay and proud of it!
Daisy: Well Amy certainly wasn't proud of you, she seemed to be a bit jealous given what she wrote in her diary.
Ayan: Oh, well I didn't want you getting the wrong idea.
Josiah: What wrong idea?
Ayan: Alright, Amy was just an insufferable little b***h is all! She felt that just because she was 'going through something big' that she had the right to act all high and mighty.
Ayan: And as for her allegations, they're not true! I didn't get to where I am because of my family, I got here on my own merits!
Ayan: I've put my sweat, blood, and tears into my school work to get straight As, and I didn't need my family's help for that at all. And if Amy wants to call me some 'trust-fund baby' then fine, we'll see where that takes her.
Daisy: That's a lot of rage Mr. Osborne, perhaps you took it out on the victim?
Ayan: Family or not, she's not worth the time of day. She can make all the noise she wants, but frankly I wanted her out.
Josiah: Well if we find out you killed Amy to keep her quiet, then you're going to jail, family or not.

Examine Plastic Bits
Josiah: Nice work, those plastic bits seemed to form a CD.
Josiah: But why was this out here to begin with?
Daisy: Hold on, there's a name on the back. This is Anabel Wright's!
Josiah: Then why is her CD broken? I thought a music student would keep better track of these things.
Josiah: We better go see Anabel for ourselves and see what happened.

Ask Anabel about her broken CD
Daisy: Miss Wright, we found this CD of yours broken. Do you know what happened?
Anabel: Oh that, that was Amy.
Josiah: Amy? I thought you said you really didn't interact with her much?
Anabel: I did. But unfortunately, as a member of the Pride Club, I couldn't really get away from her.
Josiah: You're part of the Pride Club?
Anabel: Yeah I'm asexual, not many people really talk about asexuals, but that was just one point Amy picked on.
Anabel: That jerk bullied me constantly, in every class from chemistry to US History, and she knew I couldn't fight back.
Daisy: Why not?
Anabel: Because she'd make herself look like the victim and me her attacker, and frankly she's right. They'd put more stock into a transgender girl than an asexual like me.
Anabel: I'm only glad she never spilled my boba tea, because its usually the only thing that calms me down.
Josiah: Well Miss Wright, Amy did become a victim, and if you had any hand in that then that won't be painting you, or your community in a good light.

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well, it appears our victim wasn't all that liked or even known, and she didn't like it.
Daisy: She certainly tooted her own horn a lot. She constantly bullied Anabel over her sexuality among other things...
Daisy: And got on Ayan's nerves because of his upbringing.
Josiah: While others like Art and Dean didn't really bother with her that much.
Josiah: With all the noise she mad, I'm kinda surprised she didn't end up getting kicked out of that club.
Luke: GUYS!
Daisy: EEK!
Josiah: Jesus Luke, I told you to stop!
Luke: Sorry, but its important.
Luke: I got some info you might want to know about your victim, she was kicked out of the club!

Chapter 3

Josiah: Wait, what? She did get kicked out of the club?
Luke: She did, I checked the school records to get you a list of the members of the club...
Luke: And your victim wasn't on there.
Daisy: So was she kicked out?
Luke: I don't know, but we need some time to get a warrant to look at the club again, the president doesn't want us looking.
Josiah: She doesn't? What does she have to hide?
Daisy: I don't know, but let's check out the roof again. Maybe there was something left by our victim that could help us.

Investigate Benches
Josiah: Looks like somebody left their tablet up here, these kids really oughta keep better track of thier stuff.
Daisy: Right, well let's unlock it and see what's on there. But what's this yearbook doing here?
Daisy: Hey, someone circled Art Rat's picture, but who?
Josiah: Seems like there's more to it than just that, I'll grab the dusting kit.
Daisy: And check it out, looks like a happy couple in this photo, but is it just me or does the girl look familiar?
Josiah: Well let's compare her to the database and see who she is.

Examine Photo
Josiah: Hold on, are you reading this right <Name>?
Daisy: That girl's supposed to be Alexandra Harper? But she's with a guy, I thought she was a lesbian?
Josiah: Well I can imagine she's not with him anymore, and that this was why she didn't want us looking around her club again.
Josiah: Miss Harper better have a clear story for this, because I'm starting to think she might have more to hide.

Confront Alexandra over her prior relationship
Josiah: Miss Harper, I'm afraid you've been keeping some info from us!
Alexandra: What? I wouldn't do that, I have an entire community to represent here, I can't afford to lie.
Daisy: A community you joined only after this?
Alexandra: WHAT? How did you...
Josiah: We found it on the roof.
Alexandra: I knew that's where that b***h hid it!
Daisy: You mean Amy Preston?
Alexandra: Yes, here let me explain. This was before I came to terms with who I really am, this guy was just some no name, Andre, Andrew, whatever.
Alexandra: I did love him, he helped me with my US History and I treat him to my favorite boba tea...
Alexandra: But then I find out he was dating someone behind my back! Said he was just "confused about his feelings" or some crap like that.
Alexandra: Amy saw the photo and was gonna use it to take over the club by claiming I lied about my sexuality. I'd never do that!
Daisy: Honestly I'm glad, but you seem to be a bit defensive here. Defensive enough to kill?
Alexandra: No way. But defensive enough to kick her out of the club, though she still threatened me and said she'd get the last laugh.
Alexandra: Well now she's dead, and I'm the only one laughing. People like her are a stain on this great community, and whoever killed her did our club, and everyone else, a favor!

Examine Yearbook
Daisy: Nice catch, let's check that message. "You're cancelled you Rat, I'll make sure you never work in this city again!"
Josiah: And it seems this was written by our victim, guess she didn't really like Art that much.
Daisy: We better see if Art knew about this.

Talk to Art about the victim's message
Josiah: Mr. Rat, it appears the victim didn't really like you all that much.
Art: Well yeah, but she didn't really like anybody that much anyway so...
Daisy: Mr. Rat, may we remind you she was killed recently. What makes us think you weren't responsible?
Art: Look, I get what you're saying, but you're barking up the wrong tree here.
Art: I like writing novels in my spare time, horror novels to be specific, and they've been getting a bit of fame lately around campus.
Art: Needless to say, Miss High and Mighty got jealous and threatened me to stop. Of course I know she wouldn't do anything, she's all talk and no action.
Daisy: Well if your actions led to her death, your work will only be seen from the prison library!

Examine Tablet
Josiah: Nice one, let's get this to Marco and see what this has in store for us.

Analyze Tablet
Josiah: Hey Marco, you had time to work on the tablet we sent you?
Marco: Yeah I did, and I gotta say, this is starting to get boring. When can I go back to looking into black market stuff?
Josiah: When we finish this investigation, so what did you find?
Marco: Well the owner of the tablet happened to record a little something involving one of your suspects. Check it out.
Daisy: Hey, that's our victim and Dean. They seem to be arguing.
Marco: And just so you know, this was taken the day of the murder. Sounds like you oughta find out what this is about.
Daisy: And find out we will. Let's go find Dean!

Ask Dean about the argument between him and Amy
Daisy: Mr. Russo, seems like you couldn't stay away from Amy forever given this photo.
Dean: Aw nuts, you saw that?
Dean: Alright, I'll admit it. She was nothing more than a spiteful ball of hatred! And I hated her for it!
Josiah: What made you say something to her?
Dean: It was during our last Pride Club meeting, I'm bisexual so Alex reccommended I join.
Dean: Amy was being a show-off and trying to put the center of attention at her. But I called her out for it and told her she wasn't that important.
Josiah: I'm guessing she didn't take it well?
Dean: No but the others certainly liked it, heck it was thanks to me Alex and Ayan said enough was enough and kicked her out on her flat a**.
Dean: She confronted me earlier today saying she'd make all of us pay, but I told her she had no one to blame but herself for what happened.
Daisy: Well you'll have no one to blame but yourself if we find out you killed Amy.

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well its official, this victim is one of our worst, and our suspects seem to agree.
Daisy: She certainly had this aura of arrogance around her. Alex and Dean saw to it she was kicked out of the club, and she despised them for it.
Daisy: And anyone trying to get their own regonition like Art are put down by her constantly.
Josiah: At this point we're never gonna find who killed her.
Kenny: Hey guys, there's someone here to see you.
Alexandra: Hello... officers.
Daisy: Miss Harper? What are you doing here?
Alexandra: I'm here... to apologize for not letting you investigate the club.
Alexandra: I was scared about my past being found out, or the realization of one of my members being Amy's killer when they're all better than her.
Alexandra: But I can't let my feelings impact a police case, I'm sorry. Feel free to look around the club room if you want to.
Josiah: We'll take you up on your offer Miss Harper, let's head over there and finish this investigation!

Investigate Filing Cabinet
Daisy: Now we're sure the killer's been here, this bloody rag has to have the victim's blood on it!
Josiah: Let's grab a sample, and I guess they didn't like this pic of the victim.
Josiah: Well she wasn't well-liked so its a stretch to say whether or not the killer did this, but its clear it was handled recently.
Daisy: I think it must've been the killer since no one has touched anything but us. Let's check it for anything helpful.
Josiah: Alright, we'll catch this killer before the day is over, I'm sure of it!

Examine Bloody Rag
Josiah: Well chances are this is the victim's blood, but if you want to have Victor analyze it, go right ahead.

Analyze Blood
Victor: I know you're pressed for time so I'll make it quick. The blood you found was mostly the killer's.
Josiah: As I expected.
Victor: But it turns out there sweat traces on the rag as well, and that wasn't your victim's.
Victor: I wasn't able to determine who it belongs to, but I was able to determine it belonged to someone else around your victim's age. Less than 20 years to be exact.
Daisy: I hate to put someone so young behind bars for murder, but they left us no other choice.

Examine Defaced Photo
Daisy: Excellent, these flakes might've been left by our killer! Let's get them to the lab on the double.

Analyze Unknown Flakes
Daisy: So Victor, any word on thos flakes from the photo of the victim?
Victor: The flakes turned out to be skin cells, they came from a female as a matter of fact.
Victor: And before you suggest it was the victim who left these, I looked up her medical records, and she was still in the middle of transitioning before her death.
Josiah: So for all scientific purposes, the DNA she would've left behind.
Victor: Would still be male I'm afraid. So this has to be from your killer!
Victor: You know, that gives me an idea for another book. I gotta write this down!
Josiah: You do that, in the meantime we'll be putting this woman behind bars.

Josiah: This is it, we've got the evidence needed to arrest Amy Preston's killer!
Daisy: The can remain prideful all they want, but it's time we uncover that dark mask they've been hiding behind. Let's do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Daisy: Anabel, you killed Amy? But why, you never seemed like the killing type?
Anabel: I know, and I'm not. I promise, it wasn't me!
Josiah: What about the boba tea traces you left on the victim, you wanted to be sure she was dead or you didn't want her to?
Anabel: Boba tea is popular in our school, anyone could've spilled it.
Daisy: But we know it had to be someone from your club, we found your pin in the textbook you killed her with.
Anabel: That's not true, none of us would do something like this. We're not violent people, no matter what anyone says!
Daisy: Anabel please stop this, we have your skin cells and sweat, we know it has to be you.
Josiah: Just come clean Miss Wright, we're not bad people, we'll understand.
Anabel: .......
Anabel: Okay, I admit it, it was me...
Anabel: But you have to understand, it wasn't supposed to happen at all. I... I just got scared.
Daisy: Scared? Of Amy?
Anabel: Yeah, I overheard her talking to herself. She was gonna get the Pride Club shut down because she got kicked out.
Anabel: I tried to stop her after school, but she said she wouldn't and then... she...
Daisy: She what?
Anabel: She was... cornering me. Said she'd make my time... pleasant.
Josiah: She tried to force herself on you?
Anabel: She did! I tried calling for help, but no one came. And she told me no one would listen afterwards.
Anabel: And she was right, who are people going to believe more, a transgender girl, or an asexual person.
Daisy: Not all people are like that you know.
Anabel: I know, but I was scared. I didn't know what to do, I swung my book at her, hoping she would at least get pushed back but...
Josiah: But it killed her.
Anabel: I tried to get her back, I did. But it didn't work! I... I killed her, I don't care about what kind of person she was, she didn't deserve death!
Anabel: I just didn't want anyone to get hurt because of her, my friends did a lot for me, I just wanted to help.
Josiah: We understand Miss Wright, but I'm afraid we don't have any other choice. Anabel Wright, you're under arrest.

Judge Blackwell: Anabel Wright, you stand here accused of the murder of Amy Preston. How do you plead?
Anabel: Guilty Your Honor, this was never supposed to happen at all.
Anabel: I just wanted to protect my friends, but she... she cornered me and... I lost it.
Judge Blackwell: Its a sad state of affairs when someone kills another in self-defense, and so young too.
Judge Blackwell: Be that as it may, I cannot afford to overlook a murder regardless of the circumstances. But I want you to know this is difficult for me as it is for you, and I'll see to it the word gets out the right way.
Anabel: Okay, its small comfort, but I just hope no one else has to get hurt from this.
Judge Blackwell: I hope so too. For now Miss Wright, given your age and the crime, this court sentence you to 3 years in a juvenile detention center.
Judge Blackwell: Given your behavior though, I imagine you'll be there for less.
Anabel: I understand Your Honor, thank you.
Alexandra: Don't worry Anabel, we'll wait for you!

Josiah: Man this was hard, the victim was rotten all the way to the very end.
Daisy: Its people like her that really give the LGBT community a bad rep, but we're really in no position to judge.
Daisy: I just hope the next few years for Anabel won't be so rough, considering this murder happen to sporadically, I think she deserves another chance.
Josiah: Agreed, but for now. I think we oughta rest, first thing tomorrow, we're back on the hunt for the black market!

Expedition Impossible (2/8)

Annabel: Nice work on solving Amy's murder <Rank> <Name>, but with that done, its time we get back on track with our original objective.
Daisy: Right, the black market. And I've actually been thinking about what to do.
Isabel: What would that be then?
Daisy: That Art Rat person seemed to know a lot about our victim, so maybe he's had his ear to the ground and heard stuff about the market's activities.
Josiah: Sounds good, let's go see him and maybe-
Kenny: Uh guys, sorry to interrupt. But someone named Ayan is here, and he says he needs to see <Rank> <Name>.
Josiah: Ayan? Must be Ayan Osborne, but what does he want?
Daisy: Not sure, you go check up on him while <Rank> <Name> go see Art.
Annabel: Alright, come back when you've got the info you need on the market. We'll discuss our next move from there.

Talk to Art about the black market
Daisy: Mr. Rat, you certainly helped us out during the case. So we're hoping you could help us out again.
Art: That depends, what do you need help with?
Daisy: Did you maybe hear something regarding the black market of Warrenville?
Art: Hmm, now that you mention, I heard there was some deal going on around school grounds.
Art: It was while I was on the roof, I overheard a few guys talking.
Daisy: The roof, we better look into this, chances are we'll get lucky.
Art: Hope I was help to you guys.
Daisy: You were plenty Mr. Rat, thnak you so much.

Investigate Rooftop
Daisy: Okay, so if Mr. Rat was right, there were some dealings going on up here.
Daisy: Hmm, I don't know, this bookbag may seem suspicious but maybe some student just left it here.
Daisy: Well okay if you want to check it be my guest.

Examine Bookbag
Daisy: Alright, let's see- OH MY GOODNESS!
Daisy: Who keeps syringes in their bag? This has to be the market's doing.
Daisy: Let's make sure these contain drug traces before making assumptions, off to the lab!

Analyze Syringes
Daisy: So Victor, please tell me we got something again.
Victor: Well the good news is I have something for you, and it is in fact, helpful.
Victor: I analyzed the contents, and found traces of heroin inside the needles. These were used, so I'm guessing they wanted these cleaned.
Daisy: Any chance you found fingerprints?
Victor: None on the syringes, but I checked the bag and managed to find some.
Victor: Marco took some time out of his video searching to check, and they belonged to one Dean Russo.
Daisy: Dean? Why would his prints be on the bag? He better not be up to anything, but just to be sure, let's go see him.

Confront Dean over handling the bag
Daisy: Mr. Russo, do you recognize this bag?
Dean: Yes actually, I found it lying on the roof. I figured someone left it there by mistake, so I was gonna inform the teacher about it.
Dean: I would've brought it with, but I thought whoever left it would be coming back for it.
Daisy: Is that so? And you didn't look inside, because we found syringes in there. Which held traces of drugs.
Dean: Drugs? What? I swear I don't anything about it, and I don't go anywhere near the stuff!
Daisy: Really?
Dean: Yes really! I swear, I had no hand in this!
Daisy: Alright, we'll take your word for it. But be more careful next time, alright?
Dean: No problem. But here, the Pride Club would like to give you this as thanks for your work, thank you officers.

See what Ayan needs help with
Josiah: Hello Mr. Osborne, we were told you needed us?
Ayan: No need to be so formal, I already get enough of that from my dad's friends. Call me Ayan, please.
Ayan: Anyways, I heard you arrested Anabel for Amy's murder. I'm sad that it was her, but I understand that you had to do your job.
Josiah: I can imagine it was tough, Anabel didn't seem like that bad of a person.
Ayan: She was such a sweetheart, everyone loved her.
Ayan: So Alex and I agreed to give her a little something to show her we still cared. We're getting a care package together for her, but we're still missing a few things.
Ayan: Any chance you can help? We're looking for our flag pins, we're gonna wear the purple ones since that's the flag representing asexuality. And as you know, that is Anabel's preference.
Josiah: We'd be happy to help, let's check the club room and see if its there.

Investigate Pride Club
Josiah: Well, anything that can be used for that care package for Anabel?
Josiah: You think the pins Ayan wants are in here? Well there seems to be plenty in here, so let's dig in!

Examine Plastic Bin
Josiah: So these are the pins Ayan is looking for?
Josiah: We better make sure, let's send these to Atticus, he knows his flags so he'll tell us if this is the right one.

Analyze Flag Pins
Atticus: I must admit, it warms my heart to see people being unafraid nowadays. Free to express themselves regardless of other's opinions.
Josiah: Glad to hear they have your support Atticus, but any word on those flag pins?
Atticus: You were right to send them to me, flags aren't something your ordinary person would look up.
Atticus: These purple ones are in fact the flags representing asexuality.
Josiah: Okay good, I just wanted to make sure. Thanks Atticus!
Josiah: Let's bring these over to Ayan, he'll need them for the care package.

Bring the pins to Ayan
Josiah: Here you are Ayan, we made sure these were the right pins.
Ayan: Thank you so much! We've got almost everything ready. But I hate to ask again, I need your help with one more thing.
Josiah: Sure, we wouldn't be the police if we couldn't help.
Ayan: Anabel had a photo she kept close by, but we're having trouble finding her stuff.
Ayan: We're thinking she might've left it at the school entrance, where she... killed Amy.
Josiah: No worries, we'll have a look. Let's grab a bite first, keep our energy up.
Ayan: Oh no problem, my treat, I insist. Meet me with Alexandra once you've found it.

Investigate School Entrance
Josiah: Well, any sign of Anabel's stuff?
Josiah: Nice catch, this has to be her bag. Let's look through and see if its here.

Examine Anabel's Backpack
Josiah: Great work <Rank> <Name>, this has to be what Ayan talked about!
Josiah: How heartwarming, this must've been taken a few days ago, I notice the victim isn't here.
Josiah: Well we've got everything, Ayan told us to meet him with Alexandra later, so let's go find them.

Bring everything to Alexandra
Josiah: Alright, here's the photograph, we found it at the school entrance, like you thought.
Ayan: That's great, thank you so much!
Alexandra: Its really nice to know we have the police's support. Hopefully those jerks will think twice to attack someone over their sexuality.
Josiah: Well frankly we couldn't care less about people's sexuality. But if someone's getting attacked, we can't let it happen.
Alexandra: That's fair, but thank you so much, for everything.
Alexandra: Hopefully the next time we meet won't be on such grim terms. But here, a little thanks from the club.
Ayan: I'll be sure to let my father know about this, he'll be happy to hear you helped us out!

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well, I don't know about you <Name>, but that felt nice helping them out.
Josiah: Anabel was just a victim of circumstance, so personally, I'm hoping she gets another chance when she's released.
Daisy: Same here, but I got news regarding our elusive black market.
Daisy: Seems like some deal was going down at the school, we found heroin needles on the roof. The bag was handled by Dean, but he didn't check according to him.
Josiah: Hmm, we'll need to keep an eye on him for now.
Annabel: Agreed, but I'm afraid we're just scratching the surface. We better keep our eyes peeled for more development, who knows what they'll try and pull next.

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