The Poisoned Kiss is case 18 of Grimsborough 2 (Financial Center)


The victim was a 24 year old millonaire called Tom Luther. He was shot with a dart that contained viper venom. The killer was the Blue Flamingo Manager - Ginger

Tom was dating Ginger for 3 months, but when she found out that he was a womanizer, who was having an affair with Rozalina Davidov, and immediately broke up with him. Tom still sent her gifts, and attempted to manipulate Ginger into loving him again.

Ginger told the team that she had stole the venom stored in a container by Saddam Jukoson, and inserted it into a handmade dart. Closed the dart and built a booby trap outside of Tom's $500 million. Mansion, and waited for him to open the door. And waited for the posion to run through his blood and kill him.

Ginger was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with a chance for parole in 6 years


  • Tom Luther (was found dead by the door of his own mansion. Subjected to poison)


  • Venom


Killer Profile

  • The Killer is a Woman
  • The Killer has Long Hair
  • The Killer uses Hand Sanitizer
  • The Killer wears Red Clothes
  • The Killer has Blue Eyes


  • Rozalina Davidov - Owner Of Glam Modelling (41) [SuspectProfile: Female, LongHair, WearsRedClothes, BlueEyes]
  • Saddam Jukoson - Reptile Breeder (39) [SuspectProfile: LongHair, UsesHandSanitizer, WearsRedClothes, BlueEyes]
  • Lauren Holt - Journalist (25) [SuspectProfile: Female, LongHair, UsesHandSanitizer]
  • Ginger - Blue Flamingo Manager [SuspectProfile: LongHair, Female, UsesHandSanitizer, WearsRedClothes, BlueEyes]
  • Mark Thompson - CEO of Grimsness [SuspectProfile: UsesHandSanitizer]
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