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Sabrina: You'd better not fall asleep, <Name>! It's already four o'clock... Gosh, time goes slowly.
Sabrina: At midnight, we'll have dinner at the lab. I've already cleaned everything and the dinner is in our fridge.
Sabrina: Of course, we have the Chief's permission to do this.
Sabrina: Yeah, I heard that Octavius has been promoted to Deputy. I guess he's not so bad after all. I'll congratulate him tonight, when he comes.
Sabrina: That's right, the Sakuras will be playing at half past six and the Flukes will go mad. Evan said he'd have to go with you to the stadium.
Sabrina: But don't worry if something happens. Deputy Keys will also be in the stadium.
Evan: <Name>, here I am! Hi, Sabrina! Are you ready for tonight?
Sabrina: Absolutely!
Evan: Perfect! I'm afraid <Name> and I have to go to the stadium. The worst part of it is that El Pantera is surely going to be fangirling over the Sakuras.
Evan: So, are you ready?

Evan: I'm sorry for having to leave my old car in a parking lot, but did you see that chaos? There were hundreds of cars near the stadium.
Evan: It seems that this japanese club is better than the Falcons. I never saw so many cars just because of a soccer match.
Evan: So it's Sakuras versus National this time. The National Sports Team is a public club, and playing there is free. Everything's paid by the government.
Evan: Look, the match hasn't even started and this man is already drunk. Hey, you!
Evan: How could you lie on the floor and not notice you are-
Evan: <Name>, let's start investigating!

Chapter 1

Investigate Parking lot
Evan: Here it is, <Name>! His ID. The victim's name is Hank Roberts. Let's send his body to Daniel.
Evan: A footprint, you say? But it could belong to many people, not just our killer!
Evan: Oh, this footprint is just a half! The other half isn't here because it was next to the victim's leg.
Evan: It means the person who left this footprint stepped on Hank's leg, so it could only be our killer. Any other person would have called the police.
Evan: Who is that man over there? Hey, why are you hiding?!
Evan: Ian Wickle? But, weren't you arrested for drug abuse?
Ian: Sorry, I'm already free of drugs, I stopped using them. And... I called a great lawyer who got me out.
Evan: We have to talk really seriously with you.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: <Name>, I'm completely shocked. This was a very, very, very, slow murder.
Evan: What do you mean?
Daniel: Your victim's lungs are really destroyed! And this sweater he's wearing is made of asbestos fabric.
Daniel: So we can say the murder weapon is in fact asbestos.
Evan: Asbestos... Isn't that a toxic mineral?
Daniel: Exactly, Evan! These clothes can't be sold so we could say that the killer made this sweater themselves.
Daniel: Or that they paid a high price to get asbestos clothes illegally.
Evan: What you want to say is that the killer made Hank wear asbestos clothes everyday?
Daniel: I don't know if Hank wore them everyday, but he did it very often.
Daniel: Nobody deserves to die this way. This person started killing Hank many months ago!
Daniel: And you said you found that half-footprint next to his leg, which means the killer stood next to Hank's corpse. I found some ink stains on his trousers.
Daniel: More precisely, in a part where I found traces of a footprint! These stains come from your killer. Will you examine them?

Examine Ink stains
Evan: These stains make up a... Falcon? This is the drawing that is seen in the Falcons' badge.
Evan: This is really weird. The Sakuras are the ones playing today, not the Falcons. But just in case, let's keep an eye on someone wearing this badge.

Examine Footprint
Evan: Our killer wears dockside shoes? Oh my, that's horrible. They really need to be arrested.

Ask Ian what he saw
Evan: This is the third time we meet, isn't it?
Ian: It is. And this is the third time you think I killed someone.
Evan: You were hiding behind a car. That's suspicious, if you ask me.
Ian: I got out of my car and I saw a man lying there. I got scared and decided it would be better to hide!
Ian: If you want to interrogate someone suspicious, the parking lot owner is there at his security post.
Evan: Thanks for the info. Anyway, I'm afraid you're not able to leave the parking lot.

Talk to the parking lot owner
Evan: Please, tell us your name.
Timm: I am Timm Nesta, the owner of this parking lot. And I had never seen a dead body here.
Timm: I came here thinking it would be a great day, and that many people who were going to see the match would leave their car here.
Timm: And I spent hours in my security post to hear that there's a dead man here!
Evan: Could you let us take a look at this post?
Timm: Yes, go ahead. I'll be waiting over there with that other man.

Investigate Security post
Evan: Oh, another surveillance record. They never show us the killer's face. I guess killers try to avoid being caught in them.
Evan: You've also found a torn card here! Let's see if we can restore it.

Analyze Surveillance record
Lindsey: Why did that man die right today? You should be here helping us with Sabrina's birthday, setting the table, prepairing her beloved parfaits...
Lindsey: Octavius will be back here after the match finishes. I already told him what to buy for Sabrina.
Evan: Can you tell us what you saw in the record?
Lindsey: Unfortunately, this record was in black and white. A real shame.
Lindsey: I saw the killer parking their car there and getting Hank out of the backseat. Then they left him on the floor.
Lindsey: Isn't this useful? Now you know the killer can drive!

Examine Torn card
Evan: This is Hank's membership card from the sports club! Why is it here?
Evan: After you discovered this weapon-trafficking business of Harry... The Chief could also promote me if I find something else about him.
Evan: As he knew the victim, couldn't we get him here, locked up with the other suspects?
Evan: He must be in the stadium, so why don't we call Octavius and ask him to bring Harry here?
Evan: It's calling...
Octavius: I have already told Lindsey eight times that I will be there at half past eight!!!
Evan: It's not that, Octavius! Calm down. Is Harry Clover there at the stadium?
Octavius: Of course he is. I didn't get my eyes off of him for a single second. He's a few meters near me.
Octavius: Can you believe he brought Orlando here?
Evan: Octavius, listen to me. Can you bring only Harry here? We're at the parking lot at Wisconsin Street. 1800 Wisconsin-
Octavius: Of course! I'll be pleased to take Harry out of this place. I'll be there in a flash!

See if Harry Clover knew the victim
Harry: Did you really need to get me out of the stadium?!
Evan: Don't worry. In some days, <Rank> <Name> will get you out of your house and take you to jail. The police already knows that you're trafficking weapons.
Evan: Why are you wearing a badge of the Falcons?
Harry: The Falcons' fans decided that it would be good to wear a badge today.
Harry: I hope you didn't make me come here to ask me about my badge!
Evan: We're here to ask you about Hank Roberts. He is dead.
Harry: Oh, this can't be true. I don't even recall his face!
Evan: So sorry. You'll be here until we find the true killer then.

A while later...

Evan: I feel so good with Harry being locked up here...
Evan: But we will have to go back to the lab many times. We'll have to make sure that the suspects stay in the parking lot.
Evan: Good idea! We'll tell Gino to keep an eye on the suspects.
Evan: Gino! Could you come to the 1800 of Wisconsin Street? You'll be in charge of watching our murder suspects.
Gino: Could it be later? I need to finish some more parfaits.
Evan: Sabrina's birthday will be celebrated anyway, Gino. But we don't know if this killer will wait until we arrest them!
Evan: This is your job, Gino. Take it seriously.
Gino: Fine, fine. I'm leaving.
Evan: When Gino comes here, would you like to go with me to the station and ask the Chief what to do with Harry?

Chapter 2

Alan Smith: I'm sorry you didn't manage to get to the stadium.
Evan: It's not that. We managed to consider Harry Clover as a murder suspect and now he can't get out of the crime scene.
Evan: Gino is making sure nobody leaves the parking lot.
Alan Smith: And what do you pretend to do with him?
Evan: In fact we... We came to ask you what to do with Harry Clover.
Alan Smith: Oh, God. Well, I'm sure <Rank> <Name> will think about something great. Anyway, you had a really good idea when you put him there.
Sabrina: <Name>, you're here! Do you think this case will last too long?
Alan Smith: Sabrina Stone, you shouldn't get into my office without knocking the door.
Alan Smith: And as you said, <Rank> <Name> is in a case. So instead of messing around with those parfaits, I'd suggest you get ready, just in case <Name> gives you a sample to analyze.
Evan: It's a call from Gino, <Name>! I wonder what hapened.
Evan: Hi, Gino. Is everything fine?!
Gino: More or less. This guy called Timm says he needs to talk to <Name>.
Gino: Besides, a woman came to the parking lot and tried to escape. You know, many killers return to the murder scene to remove evidence.
Evan: Did you tell her to stay in the parking lot?
Gino: Of course I did! She's here now. Her name is Miranda Straf.
Evan: That name rings a bell. I can't remember very well who she is. Wait for us, Gino. We're going there.
Evan: We're leaving, Chief!
Alan Smith: Good luck with Clover.
Evan: <Name>, we could take a look at the parking lot again, before the suspects ruin our evidence, ok?

See what Timm needs
Evan: Officer Reina told us you had something to say to <Rank> <Name>. We hear you.
Timm: I saw someone there, on the roof! Up there. And I shouted at them, but they escaped!
Timm: It was a thief, I'm sure. And I won't let them steal from my parking lot!
Evan: How do you know it was a thief?
Timm: They were wearing a balaclava.
Evan: Oh, no. We already know who the thief is. Don't worry, we'll talk to him.
Timm: That's not all. I noticed that Hank's car was here. Could you take a look at it?
Evan: Of course! Thanks for your help, Timm.

Ask Gary Perkins about the parking lot
Evan: We were told there was a thief with a balaclava near the parking lot at Wisconsin Street. Was it Doodley?
Gary: Yes. But I'm a bit nervous. You know why? Because El Pantera is nervous!
Gary: <Rank> <Name> found something BIG about Harry Clover. And he's afraid the Flukes will fall!
Evan: Is... Is Harry Clover a Fluke?
Gary: I don't know.
Evan: Is he a Hades?
Gary: I don't know! He's just Harry. And he's got a lot of power.

Investigate Victim's car
Evan: This car smells horrible, <Name>! Cover your nose, there must be more asbestos here.
Evan: And this rock is really suspicious, by the way. Who keeps a rock in their car? And we know asbestos is a mineral. Let's send this rock to the lab.
Evan: Hmmph... A wallet. You're right, let's give a try!

Analyze Rock
Daniel: You should try a parfait. They taste delicious!
Evan: I hope Sabrina has something else in mind apart from those parfaits.
Daniel: <Name>, this rock is in fact asbestos, as Evan said. That's the reason why Hank's car smelled horribly.
Daniel: Your killer surely gave this rock to Hank to make him die a bit faster. So when I found a sample of DNA that didn't belong to Hank...
Daniel: I analyzed it and I can say the killer has blond hair.
Evan: Thanks a lot, Daniel. But I prefer the scent of asbestos. The whole lab already smells like strawberries!
Evan: Now that you mention it, <Name>, how did Timm know the victim was Hank? He told us his car was there but we didn't tell him Hank was dead.
Evan: Let's ask him, <Name>.

Quiz Timm about the rock
Evan: We found a rock of asbestos in Hank's car. Do you know anything about it?
Timm: No. I just look at my car. I don't know what Hank did with his car.
Evan: And how did you know the victim was called Hank? We didn't tell you.
Timm: That guy, Harry Clover, told me about him. And I remembered I knew Hank. I met him some years ago when we were working together.
Timm: And then I recognised his car, so I decided you would like to take a look at it.

Examine Wallet
Evan: Harry Clover's ID? So his wallet was in Hank's car!
Evan: <Name>, maybe we weren't mistaken when we included him in our suspects list.
Evan: But why did he leave his wallet here? Well, it's actually the second time he forgets his wallet in some place. However, this means he knew the victim and we have to interrogate him.

Give Harry his wallet back
Evan: Harry, did you know Hank Roberts? We found your wallet in his car.
Harry: Ok, yes, I knew him. He always came to me crying because the woman he loved didn't notice him. A shame.
Harry: Last week he gave me a lift to the sports club. I had lent my car to Orlando, my... roommate.
Evan: Yeah, roommate. Are you still at university, Harry?
Harry: Ok, my boyfriend! He's my boyfriend. But don't tell anyone, please keep it a secret.
Evan: What are you doing with your cellphone?
Harry: I'm listening to the match on the radio. I can't believe I'm missing it.
Evan: I'm so sorry. You're a murder suepct and you can't use your cellphone.
Harry: Hey, wait! Give me my mobile! HEY, <Name>! THAT'S MINE!!!

Evan: Lindsey, we got Harry's mobile! Could you analyze it?
Lindsey: Whoa, of course! I'll be pleased to see Orlando's secrets!
Lindsey: But could it be later? I'm helping Sabrina right now. And you're in a murder investigation, so it's not urgent.
Evan: Don't worry. Take your time.

Ask Miranda about the parking lot
Evan: Had we met before, Miranda?
Miranda: Yes, you interrogated me when my boyfriend was murdered. He was found headless on a bridge.
Evan: Oh, now I remember you! Weren't you Sabrina's friend from university?
Miranda: Exactly. She told me her birthday is tomorrow, and she invited <Rank> <Name>.
Evan: I would invite you, but you're a murder suspect at the moment. I'm sorry for you.
Evan: Why did you come here?
Miranda: Because I had left my car parked here and I wanted to leave. I didn't kill anybody!

Investigate Parking spaces
Evan: I'm sure an empty vial isn't something you'd expect to find in a parking lot, huh? However, this can't be really empty.
Evan: If we examine it in our lab, you'll find a clue! Let's go, <Name>.
Evan: Take care of the suspects, Gino. Specially Harry Clover.
Gino: Understood!

Examine Empty vial
Evan: These fibers are really small! I wonder why they were in a vial.
Evan: I know it'll be Sabrina's birthday soon, but... she'll have to analyze this.

Analyze Fibers
Sabrina: I'm sorry, <Name>, there are only four parfaits left. Daniel eats a lot.
Sabrina: Oh, so you saw Miranda again? If you can prove her innocent, can you ask her to come here? I'd like to see her in my birthday.
Evan: The fibers...
Sabrina: Oh, you're right! It was actually asbestos! Perhaps the killer gave this to Hank too.
Evan: I don't know how you can make someone wear asbestos for months.
Sabrina: I couldn't find anything useful. But maybe <Name> can.

Examine Empty vial
Evan: We have fingerprints, <Name>! Please, examine them. I want to know who owns a vial with asbestos.

Examine Fingerprints
Evan: Ian Wickle? That's not possible, <Name>! Again? Is he using asbestos as a drug?
Evan: We can't jump to conclussions, you're right. We should ask him first.

Confront Ian about the vial with the murder weapon
Evan: Our victim, Hank Roberts, was killed with asbestos. And we found your fingerprints on a vial with asbestos fibers.
Evan: I hope you have a good reason this time.
Ian: Hank gave me that vial. He said that I had to send it to a laboratory to see what it was.
Ian: But I didn't know it was a venom! You have to believe me!
Evan: You are really suspicious, Ian. You will be detained in our headquarters. I'm sorry.

Evan: That's true, <Name>! Ian said he was hiding behind HIS car when we found him. If he owns a car, we can assume he can drive.
Evan: Those horrible dockside shoes! I forgot to check which suspects were wearing them.
Evan: I'm sure Harry was wearing flip-flops, so he's not the killer. Damn.
Evan: You say Ian was wearing docksides? Great, <Name>! Let's write that down!

Moments later...

Alan Smith: You got Harry Clover's cellphone?! I'm impressed! And who did it? <Name> or Evan?
Alan Smith: You say it was Evan, <Name>? Congratulations!
Alan Smith: I am sure that Lindsey will get what we want from it, Lead Inspector Evan!
Evan: So you're saying I'll be promoted to Lead Inspector?
Alan Smith: Yes! You helped us achieve one of our goals. Finding out who Harry Clover really is. But... anyway, <Name> is already a <Rank>. When <Name> joined us, you were still an Inspector.
Alan Smith: But I think nobody can get compared to you, <Name>! That's why I promote you very often.

Chapter 3

Alan Smith: What's that red light?
Evan: It's the sunset, Chief. The sun is setting.
Alan Smith: You can't waste any more time! Get back to the parking lot and find the killer before it's already night!
Evan: Yes, Chief! <Name>, I'd suggest we take a look at the security post again.

Investigate Timm's desk
Evan: I can't see any interesting clue, <Name>. Your favourite Lead Inspector has failed you.
Evan: You think there's something useful inside the cash register? Ok, I trust you. Let's take a look inside it.

Examine Cash register
Evan: A photo of Miranda? In Timm's desk? Hidden in the cash register?!
Evan: I think this photo says something about Timm. Should we ask the two of them about each other, <Name>?

Ask Timm about Miranda Straf
Evan: Why is there a photo of Miranda Straf in your cash register, Timm?
Timm: Isn't she so beautiful? I'm in love with her...
Timm: But this doesn't have anything to do with the murder you're investigating.
Evan: We know, but... We just wanted to be sure. Sorry for looking in your things without your permission, Timm.
Timm: It doesn't matter.

Evan: This time I looked carefully, <Name>. And Timm wears dockside shoes!

Ask Miranda about Timm Nesta
Evan: Miranda, are you going out with Timm Nesta?
Miranda: The one from the parking lot? Are you kidding me? He's like twice my age!
Miranda: He's just a stalker who thinks I will pay attention to him.
Evan: You sound really happy when you say that...
Miranda: I'm a terrible actress. You got me, <Rank> <Name>. I like Timm. But we aren't in a relationship yet. We're just getting to know each other.

Evan: It seems Miranda has already overcome her boyfriend's murder, <Name>.
Evan: But I noticed she wears those dockside shoes!

A few minutes later...

Gino: Do I have to stay here for too long, <Name>? I want to try another parfait!
Evan: You will stay here until we solve this murder, Gino!
Gino: Then checking that car would be a good idea. You only got into that car once.
Evan: That's not a bad idea. Let's go, <Name>!

Investigate Driver's seat
Evan: I don't know if these glass shards are related to the murder, but... just in case.

Examine Glass shards
Evan: This is a bottle of beer! But is it useful for us, <Name>? I don't think we'll find asbestos in this bottle.
Evan: Ok, let's examine it.

Examine Bottle of beer
Evan: If you ask me, this sample is just... water? I don't know. We'll leave it up to Sabrina, fine?
Evan: Oh, so it's saliva!

Analyze Saliva
Sabrina: C'mon, <Name>, I know you can do it before midnight! Arrest this killer!!!
Sabrina: I won't make it long. The samples of saliva belong to three different people. One of them is Hank Roberts, the victim.
Sabrina: The other two people are Gary Perkins and Ian Wickle!
Evan: I can't believe Gary is also involved in this. Let's go to his house, <Name>.
Evan: And Ian is still in his cell. We can interrogate him there.

Ask Gary about the victim
Evan: Gary, we found out that you know Hank Roberts. And as we are investigating his murder, we decided to interrogate you.
Evan: Didn't he tell you anything about his weird new clothes?
Gary: No. But I thought it'd be better not asking him. After all, it wasn't important.
Evan: Those clothes killed him. Is there anything important you want to tell us?
Gary: I'm sorry, but I never noticed anything strange. Only the fact that he started coughing every day.

Evan: One more time, dockside shoes. Are they really so trendy? Even Gary wears them, <Name>! I'm starting to worry. Should I buy ones too?

Ask Ian about the victim
Ian: Get me out of here! I didn't kill Hank, believe me!
Evan: We'll see if we have to set you free or not after you tell us why you had a beer with Hank in his car.
Ian: Because I have the right to do so. Hank was my friend.
Ian: Your Chief said I had the right to call someone, so I called a lawyer. He says I don't have to say anything.
Ian: Then, if you want to learn more about Hank, ask his real killer.

A while later...

Lindsey: Evan, I couldn't help it. I snooped around Harry's cellphone. My jealousy is far stronger than me, you know?
Lindsey: And I found a conversation with Hank! This might help you arrest the killer and come here.
Lindsey: You know, to eat the parfaits.
Evan: C'mon, tell us what you found.
Lindsey: Harry said "Are you sure those new clothes you're wearing are normal? Where did you get them?"
Lindsey: Hank replied "A friend gave them to me, but you don't know him, so telling you his name is useless".
Lindsey: You don't know HIM... HIS name...
Evan: <Name>, the killer is a man! And you say we can arrest HIM now? Fantastic!

Arrest killer
Evan: You are under arrest for the murder of Hank Roberts, Timm Nesta! Put the handcuffs on this psycopath now, <Name>.
Timm: You won't arrest me, <Rank>! I've got a gun and I know how to use it.
Evan: You don't want to shoot anyone, Timm! You just want to calm down and put the gun down... C'mon.
Evan: Put that gun down, Timm. I've got one too and I can use it better than you.
Timm: I won't go anywhere without having killed <Name> before!
Timm: What the-?! Who was that?!
Gino: Put the handcuffs on Timm, <Name>. Mr Nesta, you have just added the words "murder attempt" to your file.
Evan: Gino?! GINO!!! You just saved <Name>'s life!
Timm: What are you doing?!

Esteban Gonzalez: You have been poisoning Hank Roberts for over a month?! And you tried to shoot <Rank> <Name>???!!! I can't believe it!
Esteban Gonzalez: You are insane, Mr Nesta.
Timm: I did it because I love Miranda Straf and he wanted to take her away from me!
Timm: Then I noticed he gave a vial with the asbestos to Ian Wickle. I was afraid he'd discover my perfect plan!
Timm: But he didn't suspect anything, not even in his last minutes. It worked!!!
Esteban Gonzalez: It wasn't really clever of you, you know? Once he finally died after weeks of torture, you left him in YOUR parking lot.
Esteban Gonzalez: Timm Nesta, you're condemned to life imprisonment in a psychiatric institution!
Esteban Gonzalez: Besides, Mr Perkins, Mr Wickle and Mr Clover will go to a hospital to check they didn't get poisoned with asbestos too, as they spent time with the victim.

Miranda: Thanks for that, <Name>. Thanks for showing me that my boyfriend was just a crazy person!
Evan: Miranda, we'd like to invite you to Sabrinas birthday. Can you please come with us?
Miranda: Of course! She knows how to cheer me up when I'm depressed.

Alan Smith: Now you will try those parfaits. I know you've been waiting for it.
Alan Smith: We got Harry Clover's cellphone, and now he will be in a hospital for a few days. You really helped me with this issue, <Name> and Evan.
Alan Smith: Some weeks ago I promoted Octavius Keys, now I promoted Evan and... Gino, for saving <Name>'s life and being capable of shooting at Nesta's gun...
Alan Smith: I promote you to Detective!
Gino: Wow, thank you, Chief Smith! I'll do my best as a detective!
Alan Smith: Now, shall we celebrate?
Gino: Chief, it's just ten o'clock. We didn't even finish cooking dinner.
Miranda: <Rank> <Name>, Sabrina prepaired more parfaits. Why don't you try some?
Miranda: Oh, before you go... Can I ask you to do something?

Additional Investigation

Miranda: I'd like to ask if you-
Evan: Chief, your phone is ringing!
Alan Smith: I'm sorry. Ehem... Good morning, Townville Police Department.
Rita: I am Rita Deuce, from Townville's Public Hospital. The patients Clover, Harry and... Wickle, Ian want to talk to <Rank> <Name>.
Rita: I know it's a bit late...
Alan Smith: A bit? Fine, I'll tell <Rank> <Name> about this. Thank you.

Ask Harry what he wants
Evan: We've got your mobile, the police knows you're trafficking weapons, we know you are a Hades, your business with El Pantera...
Evan: And you still want to tell us that's not true.
Harry: Of course it's not. There's surely something wrong in your investigation.
Harry: I want you to give me Hank's tickets for the tournament's final match. I bought them for him, but now he's dead. And those tickets can't be wasted!
Evan: They are not yours.
Harry: They are mine, because I bought them and you know how to check it. So, please...
Evan: Alright, we'll take a look at Hank's car.

Investigate Victim's car
Evan: I think Hank wasn't really looking forward to the finals, <Name>. He tore the tickets up!
Evan: We could restore them for Harry, huh? After all, he'll go to jail really soon.

Examine Torn tickets
Evan: The tickets look great now, <Name>! I hope Harry doesn't bother us again, at least until the tournament finishes.

Give Harry the victim's tickets
Evan: Here are your tickets for the final, Harry! Enjoy the match.
Harry: Of course I will enjoy it! It's Falcons vs Sakuras. The Sakuras beat National today, it was 2-0!
Harry: I'm scared because winning the finals is more or less winning the gang war, you know?
Evan: You're right! The Hades are fans of the Falcons and the Flukes, of the Sakuras!
Harry: Exactly! And the most fearful person in this district is Ash. I don't know wht he's going to do after the match.
Harry: Thanks for your help, <Rank> <Name>. Do you want this burger from the hospital bar? I'm not hungry.

Ian requested your help
Ian: I told you I was innocent, <Rank> <Name>. I hope I can live a life free of murder suspicions from this moment on.
Evan: You have to understand that a vial with asbestos was REALLY suspicious.
Ian: By the way, that's what I want to talk about. Vials, <Rank> <Name>.
Ian: Do you remember my bakery, in the shopping mall? Newville Inc. doesn't exist anymore, so now it's Jade River Shopping.
Ian: The paint on the walls is getting old and I have to paint my shop again. I had a vial with a bit of the paint I want.
Ian: But I lost it. Can you see if it's in the parking lot?
Evan: Fine, we'll look for that vial.

Investigate Parking lot
Evan: <Name>, this looks like paint, but we've arrested Ian for drug abuse once. I'd rather check if this is paint or not.
Evan: We should take a sample of this substance first, don't you think?

Examine Vial
Evan: Perfect! I'm sure Sabrina won't have any problem with analyzing a sample hours before her birthday!
Evan: I just think of that laboratory and I get dizzy. It smells like strawberries!

Analyze Substance
Sabrina: I just can't wait, I want to blow the candles!
Evan: Is there going to be a cake? I love cakes!
Sabrina: Actually, I was going to put the candle on a strawberry parfait. What do you think?
Evan: I don't want those parfaits anymore, I feel like I've already eaten all of them.
Evan: Now tell us. Can we leave Ian free, or do we have to arrest him again?
Sabrina: You can let him live free. This is real paint. And I think he wanted to find this exact same paint color.
Sabrina: Tell him it's called daffodil white!
Evan: I thought daffodils were yellow, but that doesn't matter now, does it?

Give Ian the vial
Ian: Tell me, did you find my vial with paint?
Evan: Yes, and the color of paint you want is called daffodil white. It looks like the color of my apartment walls.
Evan: I think it will look great in your bakery.
Ian: Thank you! I hope you don't get any case in the Tournament Finals.

Miranda needs to talk to you
Miranda: <Rank> <Name>, now I can talk to you.
Miranda: I gave Timm a ring some days ago. It was a present my father gave me when I was little, and I wasted it on that mad man.
Miranda: I'm sure it's in his desk at the parking lot. Could you try to find it?
Evan: Of course, Miranda! Let's go to the security post, <Name>.

Investigate Security post
Evan: The ring isn't anywhere around here, <Name>. And I don't think Timm would be rude to the extent of trashing a present.
Evan: C'mon, it was a present from his girlfriend! Why would he put it in the trash?
Evan: Ok, you win. Let's take a look at the trash.

Examine Trash bin
Evan: I don't know who can be so inpolite, <Name>. This ring is beautiful, I would never put it in the trash!
Evan: Miranda will love this. Why don't we go back to the HQ and give her this jewel?

Give Miranda her ring
Evan: Is this the ring your father gave you, Miranda?
Miranda: Oh, yes, this is the one! Thank you so much, <Name> and Evan.
Miranda: This ring is worth over a million dollars, you know? It was targetted by Ruben Williams some years ago.
Miranda: I think it'll be the perfect present for Sabrina. It's worth more than a million!
Miranda: Please, have this. Timm used it to avoid breathing asbestos, I guess, and you'll need it if you ever find a case like this one.

At midnight...

Sabrina: IT'S MIDNIGHT!!!
Miranda: Happy birthday, my friend! I love you.
Evan: <Name>, these parfaits are delicious. I guess I wasn't tired of their smell after all.
Sabrina: Let's see what presents you bought... This one is from Octavius, and it is...
Sabrina: A bonsai? Wow. I was really expecting a tree as a birthday gift.
Octavius: Lin- Lindsey told me you wanted a bonsai!
Lindsey: No, I said Banzai, the new movie by Artclan Studios which features Sabrina's favorite actor, Octavius!
Lindsey: Open my present, Sabrina!
Sabrina: It is... BANZAI!!!
Octavius: BUT- Honey, I was supposed to give her that movie!
Lindsey: I'm sorry, sweetie. When you said you'd go to the plant nursery to buy a bonsai, I thought I should give her the movie.
Sabrina: Miranda, this ring is so precious!!!
Miranda: Thank you, my friend!
Alan Smith: Hm... Sabrina, this is what I could get you. I hope you like it.
Sabrina: Chief Smith, this dress is beautiful!!! You have a really good taste in clothes.
Alan Smith: My... wife liked these dresses...
Gino: This is my present, Sabrina! Here you are.
Sabrina: It's a...
Sabrina: A poster of "Banzai". Thank you very much, Gino.
Wane: I hope you like this, baby.
Sabrina: Oh, <Name>, he's my boyfriend, Wane! Remember I talked to you about him?
Sabrina: It's a... a flash drive?
Wane: It contains a song I wrote for you. Please listen to it.
Sabrina: I love you so much! And... Daniel!
Daniel: Evan and I bought a present together, just for you.
Evan: Here you are, the mobile phone you wanted!
Sabrina: But it's so expensive! You... you shouldn't have!
Lindsey: You forgot to buy a present, <Name>? Come with me, I have to tell you something.

Lindsey: <Name>, I investigated a bit more about Jessica Trimmle, the woman who died poisoned by cyanide twenty years ago.
Lindsey: When she was young, she had a son with a man, I don't know who the man is yet.
Lindsey: But I found his son, he is called George Framel! I've contacted him and he says he can talk to you next Friday.
Lindsey: He's the owner of a place called "The Catalunya Palace". It used to be a hotel owned by the Spanish community.
Lindsey: But now it belongs to him and there's a restaurant on the ground floor. He's a chef.
Lindsey: There's also an auditorium in the first floor. It's a really cool place!

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