Editor-in-chief was found dead in the Little Italy. Find this knife-wielding killer and put them behind bars.
—Case Teaser
The One with The Knife
Case 15.png
Season 1
City Waterborough
District Inner City
Case Number 15
Date of Release 20th November 2018
Partner(s) Tony Dunkin (Chapters 1-3)
Denisse Lopez & Sakura Kamenashi (Ascend and Beyond 3)
Patrick Cooper (1 task in Ascend and Beyond 3)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Trouble at Ascend High Playing with Iron

The One with The Knife is a case featured in Criminal Case as the fifteenth case in Season 1 and the fifteenth case in the series overall. It takes place in the Inner City district of Waterborough.


Tony and the player headed to little Italy to collect the body of Inner City Gazette editor in chief Colombo Geronimo

Mid-investigation, Sakura Kamenashi's girlfriend, Denisse Lopez was flagged as a suspect, causing Sakura to go berserk. Later, journalist Tyree Poynter publish an angry article calling the victim an demon. Soon, the team found enough evidence to arrest the victim's wife, Valeria Geronimo for the murder.

Upon admitting to the murder, she stated that she knew that Colombo was unfaithful to him, but she never knew that until she learned that he raped Belina Simeone(though she's unaware that Belina was raped). Outraged, she stabbed him to death several times near an Italian restaurant. Judge Raymond sentence her to 30 years in prison.

Post-trial, Sakura was concerned about Belina, She and the plarer headed to Little Italy Which that found a Suicidal note, which (per Patrick) was written by Belina, saying that she wants to end her life. Sakura, Patrick, and the player...

Meanwhile, the player helped Denisse to prepare a romantic dinner for Sakura. After the events, Penelope told the player to stay alert for Ascend Learning and the community feud.


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