Name abbrevatied from "Ozonia Law Enforcement Agency".it's the top police in-game LEA in Ozonia.the main roles is like every season:the most efficent,intellegent,and trustworthly members from all the work fields from both genders (but cause its the male mode,the yeam is all male)

Main Roles

Personnel Age Position
Clifford Reynolds 46 OLEA chief
Ken Liang 37 Lab Chief
Player N/A Homicide Detective
Brandon Wainger 45 Senior Coroner(As the OPA senior coroner,does the autopsy task in the heavy murders(a.k.a the game cases)and analayze murder weapon if possiple and do other anatomic tasks when the victim is male)
Emmy Coats 26 Coroner(as the in-game OPA female coroner,doing the autopsy task and other brandon's jobs in cases when the victim is female)
Porter Obradovich 51 Senior Detective
Trevor Armstrong 33 Detective
Mike Newman 25 Detective
Dexter Townsend 27 Tech Expert/hacker
Arthur Strikland 40 Explosives & Weapons Expert
Marcel LeMcleod 38 Profiler
Stuart Ross 41 Historian
Danny Peace 25 Investgative Journalist/informant(legman)


This include indpendent members such as judges and mayors

Name Age Position
Dennis Goldstien 62 Mayor
Desmond Wallbrown 44 Judge
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