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Arrest the killer now!
Leonard Butler: The game's over Franklin, we know you killed Justin!
Franklin Summerfield: Yeah, I did. Guess you did figure it out eventually huh?
Leonard: Really? You don't even want to hide your crimes from us? No trying to lie your way out of this?
Franklin: I don't see a need to, you know I did it, lying now wouldn't help me.
Leonard: U-um... I'm a little surprised by your... cooperation. Would you mind telling us why you did it?
Franklin: Oh I'd love to show you why I sent that pig to hell! It's because of what he did to my sister!
Leonard: We know Justin dated Jeniffer, is there more to the story than we already know?
Franklin: Story? More like horror story! That swine got her pregnant! She's 17! He basically already ruined her entire life!
Leonard: He got a minor pregnant? And you knew about this? Why didn't you just tell the police?!
Franklin: Because I wouldn't have gotten my revenge on him for what he did to her... I needed to do it. Not only for me but for her too!
Leonard: How would killing the father of her child make her feel any better?
Franklin: Because Justin didn't care even a single bit about her! He told me that he was going to break up with her!
Franklin: He was a big, dirty stain on society, so I got some supplies and cleaned up.
Franklin: And as if calling my sister a wh*re wasn't enough, he legit spat on my entire family!
Franklin: I had enough of his... existence. Let's say that. I'm pretty sure you know what happened next.
Leonard: And I bet you know what happens next now, you're going to prison!

Judge Anemone: Alright, alright everyone settle down. I have work to do here.
Judge Anemone: Franklin Summerfield, you stand trial for the murder of Justin Shepherd, how do you plead?
Franklin: Guilty. No ifs or buts, I did what I had to do to make myself feel righteous again.
Judge Anemone: Righteous?! You don't even know the meaning of that word sir!
Judge Anemone: I understand that your family is going through troubled times but that is still no excuse for your actions!
Franklin: I know that people always say that violence is never the solution... but in this situation, it is... Well, for me at least.
Judge Anemone: I bet that won't stay long seeing where you're going. This court hereby sentences you to 20 years in prison. Court adjourned!

Loss of Heart and Soul (1/6)

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