The New Mayor
Season 1
City Cooold City
District TV World
Case Number #21
Date of Release September 30th, 2015
Partner(s) David Jones
Preceded by Succeeded by
Quickly Victim Police Save the King

The new Mayor it is the fifth case of the TV World, and the twenty-second at Cooold City.

Case Background

They began the feedback! The player, Wendell Romanova and Grace Knight, candidates are chosen new mayor. The first word is dictated by Wendell Romanova, followed by Grace Knight and then the player says: "My police team is ready to help you in all your needed, population"

During the popular game, the team of police is dead sister of a candidate, Aretta Knight. But when the player talk to Grace, she incriminated murder the player.

In the end, the murderer is Grace Knight, sister of the victim and police, want to ruin the player's career, blaming him for murder. In addition, as a replacement for Grace joins Martha Price.

Grace is accused of murder and taken to court for life.


  • Aretta Knight
    The Grace Knight's Twin are found dead

Killer and motives

Grace Knight


  • Queen Isabelle II (The Queen)
  • Prince Albert (The England Prince)
  • King Ernest Weinstonne (The King)
  • Marina Romanova (Profiler)
  • Wendell Romanova (Candidate)
  • David Jones (Quasi-Suspect, added in Additional Investigation)
  • Grace Knight (Candidate)


All time: David Jones

Crime Scenes

Police DP Chief Table Police DP Bonus
Loyal Family Castle Throne Loyal Family Castle Bonus
New Mayor Ceremony Food Table New Mayor Ceremony Bonus


Quickly Victim The New Mayor Police Save the King

In the next case....

Queen: Chief <name of police>, you're under arrest to kill the England King, Ernest Weinstonne, an-
Marina: BANG!
Queen: Oh... Nooo, ARRGGGH!.

Marina: Sorry, Queen.... I... I don't have the int-.
Queen: Not, Marina.... You are under arre-
Queen: Arrgh!
Albert: Grandma.... You are a killer.... You kill the Queen, Marina Alexandra Romanova

Chief: Marina, you are sentenced to life, for kill the King and the Queen of England.

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