The New Life in the Bureau
Season 1
City Cooold City
District The Regas
Case Number #1
Partner(s) Amy Young
Preceded by Succeeded by
School's First Day No Back at Cooold City
The New Life in the Bureau it is the seventh case of the Regas City, and the fourteen at Cooold City. This case are the first with Bureau Suspects.

Case Background

After moving to the "Bureau" is completed, the police and the forensic team of the first phase, Jack placed television announcer television: Dogh Charmin, rewards the team and also promotes a video of the mayor, in which he says he wants the team to go where they give you a gift. Just when will the mother and father of Marina, go to the place.

His parents are Norman Johnson-Romanova, and Serena Johnson (mother of ex-mayor). Marina surprised gives a hug to her father, but her mother did not. A while later, she hears a noise, and his father shouted "bomb". When there is an explosion, the mother and daughter are wounded. But then, another explosion kills Norman Johnson.

The suspects in this case were: Chris Alexander, Alexander Maree, Serena Johnson, Marina Romanova, Jack Archer, Howard Johnson, Romine Troop, Randolph, Andrea Marquez and Alexia Urivell. In addition, the invocation of Grace Delaney and Frank Knight.

The culprit for the murder was Alexia Urivell, hated Marina, and attempted to kill her. Being an impediment to the inspection of the School stay with Norman. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison.


  • Norman Johnson-Romanova (Chapter 1-3)
    (A bomb in her life, change all)

Killer and motives

Alexia hated Marina, being an impediment to Norman and the inspection at school are together. Trying to kill her, accidentally kills Norman.


  • Alexia Urivell (50 years)


  • Chris Alexander (Student at School)
  • Maree Alexander (Cutie Mother)
  • Serena Johnson-Romanova (Ex-wife of Victim)
  • Alexia Urivell (Inspector)
  • Romine Troop (Ex-Teacher)
  • Randolph (A "Extraterrest")
  • Marina Romanova (Victim's Daughter)
  • Frank Knight (Ghost Police)
  • Andrea Marquez (Chief of Police)
  • Grace Delaney (Chemistry Member Ghost)
  • Howard Johson (Fugitive)


All time: Amy Young

Crime Scenes

Bureau HQ Stage Bureau HQ Bonus
Invocation Room Table of Invocation Invocation Room Bonus
TV Stage Cameras TV Stage Bonus


School's First Day The New Life in the Bureau No Back at Cooold City

In the next case....

Chief Ripley: A Terrific Murder are at TV
Ingrid Bjorn: Yes, Dogh Charmin
Jack Archer: The TV Announcer at the past case

Amy Young: Hey, Jones the wife is the next week
David Jones: Yes, Babe... My life is very perfect with you at my other side

Serena Johnson: "See you later, Baby"
Andrea Marquez: Help Me, Amy... Help Me.

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