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Evan: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! I'm Evan Day, your new partner! Pleased to meet you.
Evan: <Rank> <Name>, a woman named Cecilia Di Giappo told us she'd seen her brother's dead body at their family's farm. We have to go there and investigate!

Chapter 1

Investigate Farm
Evan: Our victim has injuries in his back. Let's send him to the lab for Daniel to autopsy.
Evan: And these trousers might be useful too. We should examine them.
Evan: Let's also talk to our witness, shall we?
Evan: And you found our murder weapon, a hammer. Congratulations!

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Daniel: My name is Daniel Mossle, <Rank> <Name>. Welcome to Townville Police Department! Daniel: The corpse is Facondo Di Giappo, who is an Italian, like Cecilia. He manufactured milk.
Evan: How did he die?
Daniel: According to the wounds on his back, he was hit by the hammer <Name> found. Judging by the weight of the hammer, the killer must be over 140 lbs to have picked the hammer up without struggle.
Daniel: Also, according to the penetration angle, the killer has to be shorter than 5'8 according to the penetration angle.

Examine Trousers
Evan: Maybe this hair isn't our victim's. Let's give it to our expert, Sabrina Stone.

Analyze Hair
Sabrina: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! I'm the team's expert in forensics, Sabrina Stone.
Sabrina: This hair, which was found in Facondo's trousers, belongs to a near relative of his.
Evan: Is that so?
Sabrina: Yes, it is! The structure of both DNA helixes were quite similar.
Evan: Then, <Name>, Cecilia is much more suspicious now! Thanks, Sabrina.
Sabrina: Oh, silly me. Don't forget that your killer has black hair.

Ask Cecilia Di Giappo about the murder
Evan: What do you have to say about Facondo's death?
Cecilia: I found him in the farm bleeding from his back. That's all I can say about this accident, I think.
Evan: Who else lives here apart from you?
Cecilia: Well, Facondo and I have a cousin, Rico, who often works at the farm. He was here the day before the accident.

Ask Rico Marchi about his relation with the victim
Rico: It's true. I was there the night before Facondo was killed. I came back today to see if it was true.
Evan: Is there anybody else? I mean, someone who could have killed Facondo Di Giappo.
Rico: No, I don't think so. Nobody else visits the farm very often. Maybe because Facondo wasn't very good at his work. He used to live in his hut alone. Who would like to visit him?

Investigate Hut
Evan: This book might say something about the farm, surely.
Evan: But it's locked, can you?

Examine Locked Book
Evan: <Name>, I would think this was Facondo's diary! Unfortunately, Facondo's penmanship is illegible! However, he wrote on each page "Danger wears red. Danger will kill me. I cannot tell the truth! Please help!".
Evan: This is clear! The killer wears red clothes! I think it's time to send someone to jail!

Arrest Killer
Rico: Me? But... he was my cousin! Do you really think I could kill him?
Evan: <Rank> <Name> has many proofs that say you are guilty for his death. We have this diary of his which says you threatened him and were to murder him.
Rico: No, I... That hammer is not mine!
Evan: Who said something about hammers? You definitely are his killer! Explain to us what happened!
Rico: This morning, I came to the farm. I hadn't told Cecilia I was coming, so she didn't know I was there.
Rico: I picked up a hammer that was on the floor, and I called Facondo. He was in his hut, as he always was.
RIco: I saw him looking at me behind the window. He was writing something.
Rico: He came out of the hut, and I hit him. W-with the hammer.

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, good afternoon! I'm Alan Smith, the Chief of Police. Welcome to the Townville Police Force.
Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, Inspector Day has told me everything about your success in your first case! Anyway, you should chat with Cecilia Di Giappo. She was related to Rico and Facondo.
Alan Smith: She must know something about the "truth" the victim talked about in the diary. Go back to the farm and investigate!

Talk to Cecilia about illegal dealings
Evan: Now that Rico will be in jail for 30 years, we have to ask you about something that worries us.
Cecilia: What do you want now? This farm will become bankrupt because of you.
Evan: Your brother talked about some kind of truth. You must know about illegal deals in the farm.
Cecilia: I won't utter a word. Investigate what you want in his hut. I shan't help you!

Investigate Hut
Evan: These documents say something about some experiments with hipotroqes. What is that, <Name>? Sabrina must know that, let's ask her.
Evan: <Name>! These bills are written! They say "to HYS". We'll have to send them to the tech expert, she'll investigate it.

Analyze Documents
Sabrina: I'm sorry, Evan and <Name>, but I don't know any substance with the name of hipotroqes. It must be a specific name for something that only Facondo knew.

Ask Cecilia what hipotroqes are
Evan: Cecilia, <Rank> <Name> and I have been working in the hut and found some suspicious information that would be clearer with your help.
Cecilia: I won't answer anything!
Evan: We need you to talk about those hipotroqes. What are they and what do you use them for?
Cecilia: Well, I see you've gone so far with our milk industry. By the moment, I will not speak, but I recommend you to go and talk to Rico before asking questions to me.

Analyze Money
Lindsey: I'm... Lindsey Vain, <Name>. The tech expert. Now let's talk about the bills.
Lindsey: Dear companions, I've investigated HYS and I found out it's a firm which is Rico Marchi's. It's specialized in biochemical studies or something like that.
Evan: I don't know why, <Name>, but I think Di Giappo farm buys those blessed hipotroqes from HYS to do some bad things.
Evan: <Name>, we should visit Rico Marchi in jail. What do you think?

Investigate Rico's firm
Rico: You again? What did you come for? I don't want to see anyone.
Evan: We know you own HYS and you're giving Cecilia Di Giappo hipotroqes. What's all of that? Is that an illegal business?
Rico: Yes, I own HYS, but I haven't worked there for much time. I just use the hipotroqes. I sell them to the Di Giappo farm, but just that.
Evan: We know that hipotroqes are used in the milk the farm produces. What is that for?
Rico: I can't talk too much. Ask Cecilia and she'll tell you.

Evan: Chief Smith, Rico Marchi and Cecilia Di Giappo refuse to talk about the hipotroqes. We can't do anything else.
Alan Smith: Go right now to Di Giappo farm and ask Cecilia! Tell her we'll send her to jail if she doesn't spill the beans!

Make Cecilia squeal
Evan: Miss Di Giappo, if we don't hear from you the truth about hipotroqes, you'll be behind bars for a long time!
Cecilia: Okay, okay, I'll tell you. Hipotroqes is the name we've given to an addictive drug we put in our milk to increase the level of purchases.
Evan: Well, <Name>, I think that's enough. Why don't we arrest Cecilia?