Koyanagi Shoko: <rank> <name>, I really wish we were in Dubai in different circumstances.
Koyanagi: As the police chief, it still troubles me that someone in our team has betrayed us, that someone is actually working for KALA...
Isabelle Evans: And that's not half the trouble that we are dealing with, with Saira being kidnapped...
Koyanagi: Exactly, Isabelle. we are racing against the clock to find the 18 year old daughter of Kalim Moradi, who is abducted by our mole...
Harry Bowman: We thought Khaled Zuberi was the mastermind behind it all, with the mole trying to protect him and everything...
Harry: But it turns out that the mole ordered the murder of Zuberi!
Nasir Tariq: We need to catch the mole and fast, and I reckon...
Haider Ali: Chief! You won't belive it! I have figured out the identity of the mole!
Koyanagi: Alright, Haider. This is serious business. I'll meet up with you in 15 minutes in your library so we can discuss this at ease...
Koyanagi: Nasir, <name>, I'd like you to come along with me.

Some time later...

Koyanagi: So here we are, let's get inside the library!

Inside the Library...

Koyanagi: What the... Tell me this is not the dead body of Haider!
Koyanagi: This seems to be the work of the mole, as Haider was about to name them...
Koyanagi: Nasir, we proved in Libya that you possibly cannot be the mole, so I am offering you a place in our team. I hope you accept the badge, and investigate this murder.
Nasir: Why, I'd be honored! <name>, let's sweep the crime scene for clues!

Chapter 1

Investigate Library

Nasir: I know this might be hard for you, <name>. You have had known Haider for some time.
Nasir: I wasn't much acquainted with him, and yet I feel so sad seeing his throat slashed like that...
Nasir: But you're right. We owe it to Haider to find his killer. Let's send his body to Adashe.
Sumiko Chua: AHHHH! Is that Haider? NO!
Nasir: Mrs Chua? What are you doing here? Please wait outside for a moment, we need to take your testimony!
Nasir: You say you found a book? It has blood all over it, and it looks fresh.
Nasir: You're right, there are brown particles on it. Let's vaccum up a sample of that!
Nasir: What about these broken metal pieces? We must restore the object!
Nasir: <name>, Most of the literature masterpieces end with the villain being defeated... if only our mole knew that!

Autopsy the Victim's Body

Adashe: Always sad it is to see people end up on my table, but it's the worst when you know the person...
Nasir: Haider's death is a bummer for all of us, Adashe. That's why we need to tell us what you found!
Adashe: Well, Adashe was killed with a sharp blade. You should be looking for a knife.
Adashe: A few gashes to the throat ended his life. Just like that.
Adashe: However, the most curious thing that I noticed was a strange mark that his blood was making.
Adashe: Normally, the blood should just rush down, but instead, I noticed a strange looking symbol on his neck that must have been made by the killer.
Adashe: This is a very significant symbol. I know this because Haider spent a lot of time in my lab in his free time and he wouldn't shut up about history.
Adashe: You have assisted the GLA as Haider's replacement, surely you could recognize the symbol?
Nasir: Ah, yes! This looks like a palm branch, a symbol of victory in the Mediterranean region.
Adashe: Exactly! And this shows you that the killer is knowledgable about symbology!
Nasir: Well, it would certainly be symbolic once we put them away for good!

Examine Bloody Book

Nasir: Let's get those brown particles to lab!

Analyze Brown Substance

Sehra Qandeel: <name>, I can't believe Haider is dead.
Sehra: Haider was knowledgable about cultural cuisine... and I tasted a lot of amazing food due to him!
Sehra: But anyway, about your substance. First of all, I ran tests on the blood...
Sehra: And I can confirm that it is a match for Haider!
Nasir: So the book got bloodied because of Haider's murder!
Sehra: Precisely! And I then analyzed the chemical composition of the brown substance...
Sehra: And found the results to be a perfect match for the ingredients of popular chocolate Kat-Kit!
Sehra: Haider wasn't a fan of chocolates in general, and his stomach contents contained no traces of chocolate anyway, so the Kat-Kit was getting eaten by the killer!
Sehra: Between you and me, though, I am a fan of Kat-Kits... and it makes me sick that the mole enjoys them as well! Though I honestly can't blame them for that...
Nasir: Yes, it makes me sick as well that the killer has a sweet tooth for murder!

Examine Metal Pieces

Nasir: This is a gun from the GLA police armory! But I thought historians weren't issued guns? What is it doing here? Could the mole have dropped it?
Nasir: This is odd, perhaps we should ask the weapons expert herself!

Talk to Stella about the missing gun.

Stella Yankova: <name>, I have seen some troubling things in my career, but the murder of Haider on the hands of one of my fellows trouble me.
Nasir: Of course, it is troubling, and we'd like your assistance in finding the culprit.
Nasir: We found a gun in the library, but historians aren't supposed to carry guns...
Nasir: Since you're in charge of the armory, please tell us if you know who took the gun. They could very well be the mole.
Stella: Oh, about that... I gave it to Haider so he could protect himself. After all, he and Sumiko were extremely vulnerable.
Nasir: You gave Haider a gun? That's against protocol!
Stella: Who gives a rat about protocol when Haider's life wcould very well be in danger?
Nasir: That's true, I guess... Haider's life was in danger... and your gun certainly didn't help him...
Stella: Look, I don't know what you're trying to assumebut I am anything but disloyal to the GLA. Try to remember this in your investigation!

Interrogate Sumiko Chua about her presence on the crime scene.

Sumiko: Haider's dead? This can't be!
Nasir: Yes, he's been murdered by the mole, and your presence on the crime scene makes you a prime suspect!
Sumiko: I'm a suspect? Are you serious? I was the one who discovered that a mole was in the team, after all!
Sumiko: I was only there because I found out that Haider had found the mole!
Nasir: So Haider didn't tell you who the mole was?
Sumiko: No, he didn't! But I don't understand why! I and him were in it together!
Nasir: You you realize that he might have not told you who the mole was because YOU were the mole?
Sumiko: Outragoeus, Kid! Have some respect! I've been loyal to the GLA!
Nasir: In any case... did you witness the murder?
Sumiko: No, I only got here a few seconds before than you two, I was in the interrogation room after Haider adruptly left me to go to Koyanagi!
(After interrogation)
Nasir: I hate to say this, but Sumiko seems like the prime suspect so far.
Nasir: You're right; Sumiko mentioned Haider was in the interrogation room moments before he died! We should go there asap!

Investigate Interrogation Room

Nasir: Ah, so I have been here a couple of times... It's ironic that I am here back again, but in a different role...
Nasir: As for the clues, we can learn something important from this torn paper.
Nasir: And this strange metal hand is making, uh, a very strange pose....
Nasir: There's writing on it, but it's faded. Think you can work your charm on it?

Examine Torn Paper

Nasir: This paper is actually the report from the case where the GLA first arrested Khaled Zuberi...
Nasir: Shouldn't it be in the records? What's it doing in the interrogation room, all torn up?
Nasir: Perhaps the mole wanted to remove the evidence of that case once again? In any case, we better talk to our Administrative Assistant, as reports are his job!

Talk to Harry Bowman about the report.

Harry Bowman: <name>, I'm so scared... the mole has killed Haider, what if they come after me as well? I'm only 20!
Nasir: Luckily, you'd be under protection... as you are already a suspect in his murder!
Nasir: We found this report, all torn up, in the interrogation room... Isn't it your job to organize reports and keep them at their proper place?
Harry: It is... But this report wasn't finished yet!
Harry: I didn't make the report for that case because I was waiting for the stolen evidence to be recovered!
Harry: And I made the report, last night, high on caffiene, but it wasn't good enough! It had many mistakes! So I disposed it!
Nasir: We hope for your sake that this is all that is behind the torn report, Harry.

Examine Strange Hand

Nasir: So, <rank> <name>, what did you find on that, uh, suggestive symbol?
Nasir: It reads, "For you, Haider; from Antonio."
Nasir: I wasn't aware Antonio was interested in Haider... but this warrants a talk with Antonio!

Talk to Antonio Cruz about the strange symbol.

Nasir: Antonio, uh, does this symbol look familiar to you?
Antonio: By God, yes! It's the figa! It's a good luck charm from where I come from, Brazil.
Nasir: Oh, so it wasn't... something else. As a historian, I was aware of it's... other significance.
Nasir: However, since you gave this to Haider I assume you and Haider were close?
Antonio: Yes, we were quite close. In fact, before his death, Haider came to me and told me that the chief and him were about to discuss the mole and we could breath peacefully again.
Nasir: Antonio, I wish you hadn't said that...
Nasir: But now, you're the last person to see Haider alive, which earns you a place in the suspect list!
Antonio: It's okay, <name>. I have loss my best friend today, it does not matter anymore. Nothing matters anymore.

Later, at the police station...

Nasir: We're so close to finding out who the mole is, and yet light years behind!
Nasir: It's extremely sad to see a fellow historian murdered in cold blood...
Nasir: But as much as I want to mourn his death, the only way to avenge him if if we focus. Let's recap.
Nasir: Let's see: Sumiko was suspiciously at the scene of murder, and it seems like Haider started distrusting us, but could he really be the mole?
Nasir: Stella illegally gave Haider a gun... What other rules could Stella possibly be breaking?
Nasir: Harry is an enthusiastic young guy and I fail to see if he has a murderer in him, but he needs to be more careful with his reports.
Nasir: Antonio was the last person to see Nasir alive and there wasn't much time between his meeting with Haider and the murder, so could he be the mole all along?
Nasir: We want answers, but we're out of leads. And we still don't know anything about Saira...
Isabelle: Worry not, Officers...
Isabelle: I've found Saira... and she's right underneath us!

Chapter 2

Nasir: We're so close to finding out who the mole is, and yet light years behind!
Nasir: It's extremely sad to see a fellow historian murdered in cold blood...
Nasir: But as much as I want to mourn his death, the only way to avenge him if if we focus. But who could have murdered their colleague?
Isabelle: Worry not, Officers, I've found Saira... and she's right underneath us!
Nasir: What do you mean, right under us?
Isabelle: Well, I went investigating, and under this plane of us, I found a trapdoor...
Isabelle: I opened it and found a secret bunker where Saira is being held captive!
Nasir: Thank you, Isabelle. Let's go to the bunker, <name>!

Investigate Secret Bunker

Saira: W-Who are you?!
Nasir: Worry not, Saira, we're from the Global Law Agency. We've come to rescue you!
Saira: Oh, thank God! I was starting to think I'll rot here forever!
Saira: They operated on me... I think they took out one of my kidney!
Nasir: Well, Saira, you're safe now. Can you please go outside so we can look for clues?
Nasir: <name>, amazing job on finding Haider's iGlasses! They must have been left here by the mole!
Nasir: We know that Haider loves gadgets, so this might have recorded the murder! Let's unlock it!
Nasir: And you want to go through this pile of laundry? Be my guest!
Nasir: And you're right: this broken badge looks a lot like the GLA badges... did our mole come here? One way to figure out!

Examine Broken Badge

Nasir: The badge belonged to Senior Detective Vasin Kapur? That's outrageous!
Nasir: Could Vasin be the mole? In any case, we need to talk to him, and fast!

Talk to Vasin Kapur about his presence in the secret bunker.

Nasir: Detective Kapur, we found your badge in the illegal bunker! What could be an explanantion for that?
Vasin: <name>, it's not what it looks like it is... I can explain...
Vasin: When I came here, I kept thinking about Saira... She kept reminding me about my Arundhati...
Vasin: You see, my 5 year old Arundhati was lost from a set of a symbology movie I was doing and I never found her...
Vasin: Thinking about her wasn't easily. I tried to drown it it whiskey, and I kept drinking it...
Vasin: I got drunk, and the next thing I know is that I was in that bunker!
Vasin: I hurriedly came back from the incident!
Nasir: But, Vasin, wh-
Vasin: Not now, officers. Please. My head still hurts.

Examine Pile of Laundry

Nasir: Putting a plate in the laundry pile is strange... Somebody clearly wanted to hide it.
Nasir: Wait, you're telling me that this plate comes from Sehra's crockery set?
Nasir: <name>, we didn't need this... Sehra's now a suspect!

Talk to Sehra about her missing plate.

Sehra: <name>, Nasir, I just made some authentic alfredo pasta. WOuld you like to join me?
Nasir: Sure, Sehra. We notice one of your plate is missing though.
Nasir: We found this in the secret KALA bunker. It was well-hidden.
Sehra: Wait! How did you find that! I've been looking for it since ages!
Sehra: It went missing back in Africa... and I never found it!
Nasir: That doesn't sound very convincing, Sehra...
Sehra: What? Are you seriously suspecting me? I gave you the kat-kit clue! I helped you catch the mole!
Nasir: Yeah, and you admitted eating Kat-Kits too... Whatever the truth is, Sehra, for now we're forced to treat you as a suspect!

Examine iGlasses

Nasir: Dammit... there is nothing in it! And Sumiko's a suspect!
Nasir: Isabelle's boyfriend Sarem Al-Ebd helped us with technology last time, mayber he can do it again?
Nasir: Let's get this gadget to Isabelle!

Analyze iGlasses

Sarem: I would love you forever, baby!
Isabelle: I love you too, Sarem!
Isabelle: Oh, hi <name>. Didn't realize you were, uh, here. I suppose you want the results?
Isabelle: I have some bad news...
Nasir: So you couldn't find anything in the glasses?
Sarem: Yes. They were clean. I couldn't find nothing.
Sarem: Perhaps an actual tech expert could have found something, but I'm just an amateur who doesn't even study tech...
Isabelle: Don't worry, though... Haider had these glasess since some time, so he probably stored something on it!
Isabelle: And I remember that Haider had encrypted them well enough, so whoever deletec the files had to decrypt them!
Nasir: So the killer can decrypt files... I'd like them to see decrypt the jail codes to try to get out!
Nasir: Speaking of jail... Why don't we check out the interrogation room again?

Investigate Interrogation Table

Nasir: Good job, <name>, finding that key! It matches the shape of the library lock!
Nasir: There's some fresh sweat on it, can you take a sample of it?
Nasir: There's this diary lying around carelessly... I don't like to breach the privacy of anyone, but we don't have any choice but to recover its faded text!
Nasir: And you found a tablet? We should crack the code to solve the murder!

Examine Key

Nasir: You've brilliantly collected the sweat! Seeing how fresh it is, th emole might have used this key to go inside the library...
Nasir: As Sehra is a suspect, we cannot send this to her... Let's hope you can use a microscope and know some biochemistry!

Examine Sweat Sample

Nasir: The sweat belonged to Antonio! Between him having access to the murder scene...
Nasir: And being the last person to see Haider alive... he becomes a prime suspect! We need to talk to him, again!

Talk to Antonio about having access to the crime scene.

Nasir: Antonio, we found that you owned this key...
Nasir: Typically, the historian's office's key should only belong to Haider itself, but yet you have this...
Nasir: Ad your possession of it casts you in an unfavorable light!
Antonio: Believe me, <name>, there is nothing suspicious about it!
Antonio: Since Natasha died, Haider had been helping me a lot...
Antonio: Eventually we became best friends... we were closer than brothers! There was no bond stronger than the bond between us!
Antonio: We even gave each other the spare keys of our offices if they were ever needed... I went to his library a lot to learn Symbology...
Antonio: Haider even gave me the decrypting key for his gadgets!
Nasir: As a literature enthusiast, I've read a lot of Shakespeare... including his play about Julius Ceaser!
Nasir: And I can tell you that the worst betrayal is often by a close friend, like Brutus...
Nasir: But rest assure, if you hav Haider the most unkindest cut of all, <name> will know!

Examine Diary

Nasir: Good job revealing the text! The diary belongs to Sumiko Chua...
Nasir: Look at this... "Haider is distancing himself from me. He isn't sharing any intel he might have found. Could he have learnt of my connections to KALA?"
Nasir: This is highly suspicious! Let's talk to Sumiko about her confession of being the mole!

Talk to Sumiko about her connections with KALA.

Sumiko: What are you doing with my diary? Give it back!
Nasir: Sorry, Mrs Chua, but the diary is evidence... of you confessing to be the mole!
Sumiko: Wait... I didn't confess anything! I'm not the mole! Please show me the diary...
Sumiko: Oh, that...
Sumiko: Well, <name>, my imbecile son revealed to you back in Egypt the connection of my family with KALA...
Nasir: Don't try to make us believe it was about your family connection with KALA! Haider already knew that back in Egypt!
Sumiko: Well, there was something else my son didn't mention... Something even more embarrassing than the fact that Kat-Kit is my favorite chocolate...
Sumiko: I was a member of KALA in my old days! They taught me a lot of skills... They taught me how technology works and operates, from everything from encryption and decryption to hacking!
Sumiko: Eventually I found that their goals weren't so noble... So I left them! I joined the GLA, but asked Chief Shoko not to tell anyone of my criminal past! The GLA had taught me even more than KALA!
Sumiko: For example, Haider kept talking about symbols all the way and I don't think I'd be able to ever forget those trivial details...
Sumiko: But I have left KALA! There's no way I'll be a part of it again!
Nasir: I hope you are telling the truth, but if you aren't, your next diary entry would be from prison!

Examine Tablet

Nasir: Splendid job unlocking the tablet, <name>!
Nasir: I must say, I have no clue what this website it, though...
Nasir: Good idea! Chief Shoko is interested in pop culture, so maybe she can dig up on this website?

Analyze Website

Koyanagi: <name>, please tell me this investigation is about to end... I cannot take the stress of it any more!
Koyanagi: I still can't believe someone from MY team could betray us like that...
Nasir: Um... Chief... The website...
Koyanagi: Oh, yes... It's strange to pe performing analysis in a lab, instead of managing files from my office!
Koyanagi: Anyway, it's one of those stupid Friendnet compatibility quizes...
Koyanagi: This is actually a screenshot that Stella took, where Friendnet declared her to be compatible with Haider.
Koyanagi: If only the circumstances were different, it might be a little cute...
Nasir: Thanks, Chief! <name>, let's ask Koyanagi about her crush at the victim!

Talk to Stella about her relationship with the victim.

Stella: So you guys are back! Tell me you caught Haider's murderer! We can celebrate the moments by these Kat-Kits!
Nasir: We're close, but we haven't caught them yet. Speaking of Haider, we've found out about this quiz and we were wondering if you liked Haider.
Stella: Like? As if I'd like someone as nerdy and boring as Haider...
Stella: But I don't know how it happened. I gradually fell in love with him.
Stella: He reciprocated, and we even spent a night together! Even if his ideas for a romantic night were making me listen to Symbology lectures, I still enjoyed his company!
Stella: But as time passed, he told me that he didn't really felt the spark anymore.
Stella: That was the worst heartbreak ever! Fate is strange... I never thought I'd actually fall in love... or that I'd be rejected!
Stella: This was like me not getting how firearms work... or not being able to decrypt my brother's computers!
Nasir: Stella, unrequited love can easily be the motive... and with your looks and skills, you may easily be the mole!
Nasir: I really hope that doesn't happen, because then the next guy you'll flirt with will be a fellow prisoner!

Later, at the station...

Nasir: Once again, we are short of leads... So let's recap!
Nasir: Detective Kapur got drunk and visited the KALA bunker...
Nasir: Sehra's plate was found in the bunker, but she denies every going in there! What other explanation is there, if she is not the mole!
Nasir: Sumiko pretty much admitted her ties with KALA... but do the ties still exist?
Nasir: Antonio was the best friend of Haider... but he keeps finding himself in suspicious places!
Nasir: And I'm not sure how to think of the Haider/Stella romance... But surely the motive behind the murder isn't love?
Nasir: In any case, at least we found Saira. We-
Nasir: Hold on, my phone is ringing...
Nasir: Hello?
Saira: Help me, <name>! I am locked in this library inside your plane...
Saira: And one of your officers is trying to murder me!

Chapter 3

Nasir: Once again, we are short of leads... So let's recap!
Nasir: Detective Kapur got drunk and visited the KALA bunker but at least we found Saira. We-
Nasir: Hold on, my phone is ringing...
Nasir: Hello?
Saira: Help me, <name>! I am locked in this library inside your plane...
Saira: And one of your officers is trying to murder me!
Nasir: Hold on, Saira, we're coming!

In the library...

Saira: Thank heavens you're here! This Vasin Kapur guy has been standing here with his gun, trying to search for me!
Vasin: Hold on, <name>, I can explain-
Nasir: Oh yes, you definitely owe us an explanation!
Nasir: And while we're here, <name>, why don't we have a look around here?

Talk to Vasin about the incident in the library.

Vasin: It's not like what you think, <name>. I was only trying to protect Saira!
Nasir: What kind of protection was that, Vasin? Also, you're a suspect in the investigation about uncovering the person that may have wanted to kill Saira!
Vasin: FINE! I bloody well may be a suspect, but I don't give a damn!
Vasin: The mole is still at large, and they may want to kill Saira, and I cannot let her become the next Arundhati!
Vasin: I know how much it hurts to lose a child, <name>. I ended my Bollywood career after Arundhati's disappreance. To find justice for her, THAT was my motivation for joining the GLA!
Vasin: And anyway, I did try to calm Saira down, you know! I offered her some of my Kat-Kits, but I guess she was too scared... I am sorry for what I did, <name>. I probably made matters worse for Saira!
Nasir: One question: How did you enter the library? It's supposed to be locked, that's why we kept Saira there!
Vasin: Well, every lock, along with having keys, has an encryption-based-mechanism as well... I only decrypted it!
Nasir: Well, Vasin, I am sorry for your loss... Let's hope you didn't kill Haider, or you'll have plenty of time lamenting over it in prison!

Investigate Bookshelves

Nasir: This faded paper looks promising, with Haider's signature on it... Let's recover the text on that, asap!
Nasir: And this Napkin looks promising, with the initials K.Z.; it could have been Zuberi's!
Nasir: What is the napkin doing in Haider's laboratory? I guess taking a sample of that pale substance might be the answer!

Examine Faded Paper

Nasir: The paper is all written in Urdu...
Nasir: Which isn't a problem, as Urdu is one of the many languages I know!
Nasir: It's a ghazal... Did you know that ghazal is one of the most popular poetry genre in Urdu? A ghazal does not need any correlation between its individual couplets!
Nasir: Which makes it perfect for expressing one's thoughts! And this ghazal is talking about betrayal and regret...
Nasir: Haider's commented 'Nice Work, Sehra!' I do agree it's a beautiful ghazal, but the themes warrant another talk with Sehra!

Talk to Sehra Qandeel about her ghazal.

Sehra: <name>, please arrest Haider's killer as soon as you can. I can't wait to cook again... or write poetry!
Nasir: Ah, yes. About the poetry... We saw your ghazal. Very impressive.
Sehra: You saw my ghazal? Which one?
Nasir: The one you let Haider see. The one about betraying people...and regretting it.
Nasir: They say ghazal is great for expressing one's self, Sehra... The fact that you let Haider of all people see, shows that you were having second thoughts about being the mole...
Sehra: How dare you? I'd never betray the team! That ghazal was simply a piece of literature, that's all!
Sehra: I let Haider see it, because he was the literature guy! I hoped that he could offer me critic... but he merely gave a simple answer!
Sehra: It's as if he was disinterested in my work! But that doesn't matter, because I am not the mole!
Sehra: Nasir, the truth is, that you're new and you just cannot comprehend the bonds between the team. You're treating this as just another investigation!
Nasir: Just like another investigation, someone killed someone in cold blood! And if that were you, Saira, your next ghazal would be about hardships of prison!

Examine Napkin

Nasir: Now that we have a sample of that stain, we can send it to Adashe!

Analyze Stain

Adashe: The stain was very old, but I managed to find that it was a popular middle eastern dish, hummus!
Adashe: However, that hummus was not eaten by Zuberi at all... it would have been detrimental to his health considering his BMI!
Adashe: However, I found a bit of saliva in the stain... enough for me to determine that it came from Haider!
Nasir: Haider used that napkin? That makes no sense...
Nasir: And it gives us no new lead on his murder at all! Zuberi's dead...
Adashe: Yes, but I found this napkin filed as a clue in the investigation about the mole!
Adashe: You know that Harry is in charge of filing evidence, right? It makes sense that you talk to him again!

Talk to Harry about the napkin.

Harry: Don't strain yourself on this investigation, <name>! Here, have a Kat-Kit, they're energetic!
Nasir: Easy for you to say, Harry, but the problem is that things are going really weird in this investigation...
Nasir: You filed this napkin as a clue in the investigation about the mole, right? We need to know more about the napkin!
Harry: Oh, yeah. Sumiko gave it to me. She said that she was suspicious that Haider was the mole. She wanted this to be filed as an evidence while she unearthed more dirt on Haider...
Harry: I still couldn't believe it... Haider was the mole, or at least, had good relations with Zuberi... Oh, the irony!
Nasir: Weird, why would you mention it now, and why didn't Sumiko mention it?
Harry: Well, I was dubious about Sumiko's claim. The evidence was rather flimsy, I didn't really believe her!
Harry: And now my Symbology teacher is dead, and my decryption teacher a suspect! What the hell is going on with the team!
Nasir: Well, Harry, your story is dubious as well... and as the incharge of evidence, you can easily take away files for Zuberi!
Nasir: If that is the truth, the next evidence filed wouldn't be done by you!

Later, at the station...

Nasir: I am not sure what is happening, <name>!
Nasir: What was Vasin thinking, doing what he did?
Nasir: And while Sehra is surprisingly a great poet, her themes are a little... concerning....
Nasir: And I find Harry's story rather hard to believe, mind you... but surely the mole would make at least better lies?
Nasir: In any case, we know that the mole visited the bunker... and that's where we'll go now, to wrap up the investigation!

Investigate Bunker Cupboard

Nasir: This antique Syrian knife is bloody! This is definitely the murder weapon!
Nasir: Collecting some of the white substance from the handle could prove beneficial!
Nasir: And you want to go throw the debris? It's true, it's orderly, as if someone wanted to hide something inside it!

Examine Antique Knife

Nasir: Let's get the white substance to Adashe!

Analyze White Substance

Adashe: I can definitely feel that you're extremely close to arresting the killer! And this clue is all what you need!
Nasir: Go on, Adashe, I'm all ears!
Adashe: Firstly, I can tell you that the blood on the knife is a match for Haider, so this is the murder weapon!
Adashe: I found your substance to contain silicone and hydroquinone...
Adahse: ...both of the chemicals are effective in removing scars!
Adashe: Therefore, I conclude that the substance was, in fact, a scar removing cream!
Adashe: The fact that this was present on the murder weapon proves that the killer has a scar!
Nasir: The scarred killer is roaming free, <name>, we've got to catch them soon!

Examine Debris

Nasir: So why would someone hide a Kat-Kit wrapper? Oh, you're right, drops of blood got to it...
Nasir: Our mole was enjoying themselves a Kat-Kit bar when they were butchering Haider, so this definitely belongs to them!
Nasir: Which means Adashe would want to take a look on it!

Analyze Wrapper

Nasir: Adashe, tell us that you found something on the wrapper that will help un incriminate the killer!
Adashe: I did! First of all, <name>'s hunch was right: The blood did belong to Haider!
Adashe: Now, as for the wrapper, I did manage to find some skin cells from where the wrapper was opened...
Adashe: Now, there are only so much skin cells that could be gathered by a wrapper, so a detailed analysis was not possible...
Adashe: And secondly, I do not specialize in DNA profiling, so I could not really tell you a lot about your killer.
Nasir: But, Adashe, you told us that you found something...
Adashe: Yes, I did. Even though a detailed DNA profiling couldn't be done, I managed to identify a Y-chromosome... which is only found in a male!
Nasir: Nice work, Adashe! So there is a man somewhere among us who betrayed the GLA and murdered Haider... but now, he will be regretting it a lot!

After completing all tasks...

Nasir: <Name>, remember the first time you met me? I thought that the Khaled Zuberi threat was the worst thing ever...
Nasir: And yet here, I'm in your team,, investigating someone mroe sinister... someone who kept the top police agency in the dark and even killed Zuberi!
Nasir: Ah, we'll reminisce later... for now, we have everything we need to arrest the traitor, so why keep them waiting?

Take Care of the Killer Now!

Nasir: Harry Bowman, you are under arrest for the murder of Haider Ali...
Nasir: ... for the masterminding of Khaled Zuberi's murder...
Nasir: ...For kidnapping Saira Moradi...
Nasir: ...for betraying the Global Law Agency...
Nasir: ...and for being a part of a terrorist organization!
Harry: Wait! You got it all wrong! I am the most loyal member of the GLA!
Nasir: Who do you think you're fooling, Nasir? We found the antique knife you used to slash Haider's throat... we found the book smeared with Haider's blood... and your Kat-Kit stains!
Harry: Kat-Kits are the most popular snack in the GLA, nearly everyone eats them!
Nasir: Not everyone is well-versed in the study of Symbology... Yeah, we noticed the curious little sign on Haider made by his own blood.
Harry: Haider never stopped blabbering about Symbology! I bet everyone in the GLA's practically Robert Langdon now, thanks to him...
Nasir: We also found Haider's glasses, which probably had recorded the murder, but you deleted them... using your decryption skills!
Nasir: Furdermore, we found your scar treatment cream all over the murder weapon!
Harry: So if you're arresting people based on their knowledge of file encryption and decryption, then you should go for Sumiko! I learnt everything from her, and she even has a scar!
Nasir: Alas, unfortunately for you, Sumiko isn't a man... You were careful enough to hide even the trivial Kat-Kit wrapper, but we found it!
Nasir: Why did you murder Haider? Oh, we don't need to know, you wanted your secret safe... but we're curious as of why did you join KALA?
Nasir: I mean, I heard you had an abusive KALA aunt, so it'd make more sense for you to not be a member of a terrorist organization like KALA, right?
Harry: Don't say KALA is terrorist! They have a higher moral ground than your agency!
Harry: Alright, I admit! I'm the mole! I killed Haider because he snooped into my files and found that I was the mole! I was more useful to KALA if I wasn't exposed!
Harry: But I never wanted to go that far! I never wanted to kill Haider... or Khaled Zuberi!
Nasir: I'm afraid what's done is done. You're still getting behind bars. However, why did you join KALA first place? I mean, your aunt sounds very abusive-
Harry: Will you please shut up about my Aunt? Yes, Addilyn was abusive! But that's not the whole story!
Harry: The Bowmans are practically the founding memebers of KALA. We were all raised up believing in KALA's superior goals for the world!
Harry: I had my teenage rebellious phase... so Addilyn had to discipline me! There's nothing wrong with that!
Nasir: Disciplined? From what I've heard, that doesn't sound like disciplining. Heavens, you are the walking example of the Stockholm Syndrome!
Nasir: But anyway, why do you think KALA has the moral higher ground?
Harry: Why, of course! You do know that! We're trying to create a better world... a more peaceful world... in our underground cities!
Harry: Yes, violence in involved, we do have to purge the degenerates to make sure only the good people remain, only the people who deserve a better world remain in one!
Nasir: That does not sound like a better world... anyway. I'm curious about one more thing. Why kill Zuberi? Why, after all the trouble you took trying to clear his name by stealing evidence?
Harry: Oh, you think you know a lot? You don't! You don't even know Zuberi was the leader of KALA! That's why I took all the trouble to keep him safe from the GLA! But yes, I never liked the person!
Harry: Zuberi was ruining KALA! Slowing its goal of a better world by his incompetence! Especially in Nigeria, he became too much of a liability, so he had to be silenced!
Nasir: Well, I can't say I get yur shrewd logic, but I think I have heard enough.
Nasir: You want a better world, but in this world, you're messed up enough to kill your mentor and betray your colleagues, at age 20, no less, so I shudder to think what it'd be like in YOUR world!
Nasir: You even kidnap a girl of nearly your age to force her father to do your dirty work, and you say you have a moral higher ground? You make me sick Harry. The court will decide your fate now!
Harry (Shedding a tear): ...
Harry (Crying): What have I done? Oh, I'm really horrible!
(In Court)
Alaina Robertson: Ah, you I finally get to see the GLA mole! To what do we owe the honor?
Alaina: Oh, so you killed your historian, almost double your age, to stop him from exposing you? Yet his murder was the one that really exposed you... Talk about irony...
Alaina: Anyway, do you want to say anything in your defence?
Harry: No, your honor. I've said everything I needed to in my confession.
Alaina: Good choice, because what you have done can in no way be defended, from any definition of morality.
Alaina: Although, I must say, you do have a bit more of a dark side than a normal 20 year old... And I thought that I was a rebellious teen...
Alaina: Anyway, I'm sure we're not here to talk about my teenage habits...
Alaina: Harry Bowman, what you have done is unexcusable. Murder, treason, kidnapping... the list of the heinous crimes you have committed is long.
Alaina: Taking everything in account, I sentence you to life in prison with a chance of parole in 40 years!
Harry: It doesn't matter anymore! I have tainted my hands in blood, yet it didn't help in achieving KALA's supreme goals! I am on a moral low ground!
(Back at the station)
Koyanagi: I must say, I'm still troubled by the dark side Harry has shown. I had always thought of him as a good, albeit a litter careless young man...
Koyanagi: In any case, it will take a lot of time for the GLA to heal from the damage Harry inflicted upon us... starting with finding a new historian and an assistant!
Nasir: Ah... about that... I think I have done more than enough detective work for a lifetime... I'm not doing it again in any way!
Nasir: However I don't think I can leave the GLA, so may I have the position of your new historian?
Koyanagi: Absolutely, that's fantastic! Now we need an assistant...
Koyanagi: <name>, meet me in my office in some time. I need to discuss with you the way forward!

Snake in the Grass (6/6)

Isabelle: So it's true, <name>? That Harry was the one who betrayed us?
Adashe: Young Harry was someone we all overlooked; just oneone with the boring clerical work... except that he bit us in the back!
Stella: I still can't believe it was Harry... He always seemed so innocent, so carefree, so youthful... but I guess looks can be decieving.
Koyanagi: Thankfully, Harry has been thrown to bars... thanks to <rank> <name> and our newest member, Nasir Tariq!
Koyanagi: Also, we need a new administrative assistant... <name>, I'd like your help in that... I left my bag in the interrogation room, can you find it?
Vasin: Also, <name>, I am sorry for my erratic behviour. I think I should seek help...
Vasin: Perhaps I should talk to my fiancee about that. She will know what to do...
Sarem: Before you go, <name>, I had something about my mind.
Sarem: I finally recovered some data on Haider's glasses, and it seems like we was seeing Khaled Zuberi...
Nasir: But Haider wasn't the mole, we have proved it!
Sarem: Of course, he wasn't! But I felt like I should bring this to your attention.
Isabelle: Yeah, you should have. Honey, would you wait outside so I can talk to you about that video?

Investigate Interrogation Room

Koyanagi: So there my bag is, <name>! Good job!
Koyanagi: Oh, don't be shy, just rummage through it already. It's okay!

Examine Koyanagi's Bag

Koyanagi: So you think my mobile stores the details of the new administrative assistant?
Koyanagi: Sneaky, you just want to read my conversation with Val!
Koyanagi: Damnit, you opened my chat with him... and yeah, he did ask me for the administrative assistant job...
Koyanagi: I have been thinking about this, but hiring my boyfriend would raise a lot of questions on my honesty and credibility. I'll, therefore, let you make a decision.
Koyanagi: Oh, so you think he is a good choice? Then you should also come with me to officially hire him!

Hire Valentine Seymour as administrative assistant.

Valentine: Darling, I was under the impression you were busy with work after the recent... fiasco...
Koyanagi: Yes, I'm here on work purposes...
Koyanagi: Val, we reviewed your application for joining the GLA... though next time I'd prefer you used chief@gla.org to communicate with me for official purposes, instead of my personal number!
Valentine: Oh, so I am in or not? I'd love to be a part of Rene's team again!
Koyanagi: Oh, <name> was the one who made the decision. They think you'll be a wonderful addition to our team!
Valentine: Fantastic!, And <name>, did you know that my ancestor Rene Seymour was the founder of the GLA?
Valentine: Amazing, isn't it? Let me get back to work!
Valentine: And Koyanagi, would you like lunch at that famous restaurant to celebrate this? <name> can come along as well!

Talk to Sarem about the video.

Isabelle: So, Sarem, what's it about?
Well, I was working with Sumiko and she was teaching me some technical stuff...
And we recovered this video!
Of course, Haider wasn't the mole, but this video is pretty depressing... see for yourself!
(Video starts)
Khaled: So, my buddy, Haider, what is the thing with you?
Nothing, Khaled. I came here to provide you reports of the historical analysis. You can find it here.
Thank you, Haider. Your loyality to KALA won't go unrewarded.
(Video ends)
Sarem: Well, now you see...
Sumiko: I don't get it though... He was definitely affiliated with KALA. Perhaps Harry didn't know that? In any case, he wasn't much rewarded by KALA.
Isabelle: Well... this definitely is disturbing.
Isabelle: Haider's library was where he practically lived, so his secrets can be uncovered there!

Investigate Library

Isabelle: You found a safe behind this shelf? Sounds like the place to hide things. Let's unlock it!

Examine Safe

Isabelle: Good job unlocking the safe, <name>. This firearm inside looks pretty advanced... Let's get it to Stella!

Analyze Firearm

Isabelle: Stella, dear, how're you holding up?
Stella: Not fine! I found some disturbing things!
Stella: Why the hell would you bring this to me? It'll only tarnish my fond memories of Haider!
Isabelle: Stella, I'm here for you. What did you find?
Stella: Well, this firearm is the best firearm I've ever seen! It's fully automated, with a great speed of firing bullets, and easy to use mechanics!
Stella: In short, it is very advanced! I also found KALA's logo on it by viewing it under special light filters.
Stella: I also found a message from Zuberi: 'Haider, this is what they plan on doing.'
Stella: And the worst of all: I found Haider's fingerprints all over it!
Isabelle: Well, that unfortunately confirms that Haider was a member of KALA!
Isabelle: Imagine how shocked Chief Shoko would be... two moles in the team... But I guess we should talk to Antonio! He was a good friend of Haider, maybe he can shed some light on all this!

Talk to Antonio about Haider's affiliations.

Isabelle: Antonio, are you aware that Haider was a KALA agent?
Antonio: Why would you tarnish a dead man's memory?
Antonio: But yes, Haider used to be a member of KALA.
Isabelle: You are telling you knew Haider's affiliation and didn't tell the team?
Antonio: Haider trusted me a lot. But he never told me that he was KALA... not until he defected!
Antonio: Some time after Natasha was killed and I was despaired, Haider told me that he used to be KALA, but left it seeing that they ignored his pleas for leaving Natasha alone.
Antonio: But from that day, he swore revenge on KALA! His affiliation was with the GLA since that day!
Antonio: He didn't want me to tell that to anyone, and I respected that. Because Haider really changed, and for me, of all people! He was loyal to the GLA, and even gave his life to it!
Isabelle: Thank you, Antonio. It makes this troubling information easier to digest.
Isabelle: Haider was a good man after all. I'm glad we had this conversation.
Antonio: Indeed. Here, Haider named you in his will, take the money!
(After talking to Antonio)
Isabelle: Haider was a complex character, but what matters the most is, that at the end, he was ours. Not Khaled's.
Sarem: Hey, Izzy. I must say getting to work in a top class police agency was not my idea of a date...
Sarem: But It was awesome. I love you, Izzy. I got to know all the awesome people here, and <name>!
Isabelle: I love you too, Sarem! I hope you join us someday...
(Isabelle and Sarem kiss.)
Sarem: I've got to go, now. See you, honey!
Isabelle: Goodbye, Sarem!

Seek advice from Sehra Qandeel.

Sehra: Well, well, if this isn't my favorite bollywood superstar...
Vasin: Sehra, honey, I have been worried. I feel the need of sharing it. I have been very irresponsible today.
Vasin: You know it's not like me... I even hurt Saira! I wold never do that! But my daughter's pain isn't healing yet...
Sehra: Oh, no worries about that! Here, I have been making Saira some curry, and I am sure she wants to tell you something!
Saira: Look, Uncle Vasin. I understand it was not your fault. I kind of... overreacted.
Saira: But the Arundhati you keep mentioning... I heard her name by Harry.
Saira: Perhaps he knows about your daughter? Why don't you ask him?
Sehra: I think Saira is right, Vasin. The only way to heal your heart would be to get to know what happened to Arundhati. It'll give you some closure as well.
Sehra: Before you go, why don't I pack you something to eat? You both look famished!

Talk to Harry about Arundhati.

Harry: Oh heavens, this is torture! Just tell me I can still help the GLA in some way!
Vasin: Well, you could, for once, try to make some amends. You're still not getting out, you despicable little-
Harry: I don't care about getting out! I made a rash decision, doing to these lengths for KALA, and I regret it now! I have information on Arundhati!
Vasin: You do what?
Harry: Yes! One of the points we clashed on with Zuberi was that he was slowing everything! Part of his plan was to raise a well-trained army of children and adults... That is why Arundhati was kidnapped!
Vasin: You say Arundhati was kidnapped by KALA? Alright. But if you're against the army as it would be slowing things, why kidnap Saira?
Harry: Oh, you cannot make an ommelette without breaking a few eggs... I- they needed a way to off Zuberi, but they were going to release Saira later!
Harry: Anyway, I have my KALA documents in the bunker. It would tell you where Arundhati is! Good luck in your fight against KALA, even though I hope they win!

Investigate Secret Bunker

Vasin: Did Harry really help us? That's refreshing... anyway, did you found those documents?
Vasin: Ah, here they are...
Vasin: This page mentions Arundhati Kapur... but the rest of the document is faded, not that it'll trouble you!

Examine Document

Vasin: Alright, so my daughter is in... Afghanistan? Getting military training... from terrorist groups? This is a new low... I wonder if she'll even recognize me...
Vasin: I've got to save her, <name>! I didn't get closure from this investigation, but only a burning spark... to save her!

Later, at the station...

Koyanagi: I read all the reports, <name>... this investigation is getting even more twisted than ever...
Koyanagi: We had not one, but two moles? This akes me hate myself as a police chief... but at least Haider joined us later!
Antonio: I think we should not mention Haider's past... everyone makes mistakes, but what matters is that he was with us at the end!
Sehra: Exactly! He gave his life for us!
Isabelle: It's true, we should only celebrate Haider for his good qualities...
Sumiko: I was with him the past few days, and he was really passionate to catch the mole!
Koyanagi: Exactly. For now, Nasir will be joining the team as the historian...
Nasir: Hey, guys!
Koyanagi: Meanwhile, our disgraced assistant is to be replaced by Valentine Seymour!
Valentine: Can't wait to work with you, Koyanagi! Umm... I mean... with all of you!
The GLA: Welcome, Nasir and Valentine!
Koyanagi: Now, Haider is being put to rest... let's go...

At Haider's funeral...

Koyanagi: Haider Ali, you were the GLA's most talented historian...
Koyanagi: We enjoyed our time with you and we hope that if there is an afterlife, you're enjoying it!
Vasin: You were always so brave, Haider... so kind and brave!
Antonio: You were the best ever friend I could ever ask for!
Sumiko: I understand you were suspicious of me, Haider. But before that, you were a great partner in field!
Sehra: Haider's quest for knowledge was ever strong! You;d expect a historian to be boring, but no, he was adapted to technology easily!
Adashe: It was not only technology he was well versed! Anatomy, Physics, Linguistics, we wanted to learn everything! He often questioned me at work about my job!
Isabelle: Even though he might have chosen the wrong path before... he realized the error of his ways and became a valuable asset for the GLA...
Isabelle: The brave soul even died for us, for the GLA!
Stella: Haider wasn't just about knowledge. He was about love as well. And kindess. He always treated everyone nicely!
Nasir: I might not have known you much, but our interactions only showed you as a helpful and calm guy...
Valentine: Rest in peace, Haider!
The GLA: Rest in peace, Haider!

Later, at the station...

Koyanagi: The case has been a roller coaster, <name>!
Koyanagi: We will always feel the shock of it all... but it's time to move on!
Koyanagi: Vasin, I have read your reports, and I am really sorry about Arundhati....
Koyanagi: Therefore, I have decided that our next destination is South Asia! We will be looking for Vasin's daughter and KALA's army...
Koyanagi: And Nasir told me that KALA's etymology indicates it was born in South Asia, so we will try to wrap them up for good there!
Sehra: South Asia! The land of good food!
Sehra: Also, uh, me and Vasin hope to tie the knot there, in our homeland!
Isabelle: Wow, that sounds fantastic! Here we come, South Asia!

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