The More the Deadlier
General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District Blizzardbill
Case # 9
Initial release date 28.3.2020
Partner(s) Salvador Weiss
Bianca O'Brien
Case chronology
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Blocked! Through Fire and Water

The More the Deadlier is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the ninth case of Raxelville. It's also the fourth one to take place in Blizzardbill district.


One week after the events of the latest case, the team headed to Blizzardbill village in order to find Mina and Nigel and stop The Phantom from entering underground tunnels. Few hours later, Salvador called player and Bianca, saying how a guy started coughing and vomitting blood on the Christmas market. They immediately went there, only to find Hollywood actor Colin Argent dead with blood coming out of his mouth. Salvador and player then sent his body to Alex Carrington, who revealed that Colin died after swallowing razor blades that were put in his cake. The duo then investigated the Christmas market and added hot chocolate seller Sven Mongeau, young boy Curtis Quincy and victim's grandmother Natalie Argent on the suspect list. When they returned back to the Christmas market, they got approached by Alex, who told them that he saw a wolf in Colin's camper van.

Salvador, Alex and player headed there, only to realize that a ''wolf'', is actually a husky. Right then, photographer Andrew Blackpaw came by and thanked them for returning his dog. After Andrew left, Salvador and player investigated Natalie's house before adding spy Ruth Wu on the suspect list. They also discovered that Colin lashed out on Curtis for hitting him in the face with a snowball, and that Natalie wasn't proud with most of Colin's movies. The pair then returned back to the market. Right then, Salvador got shot in the arm with an arrow.

The player then took bleeding Salvador to Axel, who promised to take care of him. Since Salvador got injured, Bianca decided to join the investigation. The duo then investigated Colin's van and discovered that he and Ruth were dating, but Colin broke up with her when he discovered her secret identity. After searching Natalie's house once again, the team found out that Colin was severely bullying Andrew in high school and tried to apologize to him when he saw him on the marketplace. They also discovered that Sven was tired of Colin's diva attitude and splashed him in the face with hot cocoa after Colin insulted him. After all of these events, the team found enough evidence to arrest victim's grandmother Natalie.

When confronted, Natalie started crying and said that she never wanted to kill Colin. Natalie wiped her tears and explained that she planned to kill her son, Colin's father. Heartbroken grandmother proceeded to explained that Colin's father was turning Colin into a monster and spoiled brat. When Natalie discovered that Colin's father introduced Colin into adult movie industry, Natalie tried to talk some sense into his father, but he refused to listen, insisting that she should let Colin live his life if she wants the best for him. Angry, Natalie bought a cake, put razor blades in it and sent it to her son, having no idea that Colin would end up eating it instead. Natalie sobbed and apologized for lying to them, saying how she was too scared to turn herself in. Bianca and player then handed her to the proper authorities.

After reporting Natalie, Bianca and player talked to Ed Heller about Salvador's current state, to which Ed responded that he lost a lot of blood, but he will probably be fine. Angered that someone shot their friend, Bianca and player decided to find who it is, so they searched the christmas market again. However, they only managed to find a strange glowing ice statue in Sven's bag, so they sent it to Ed. After analyzing it, Ed told them that the statue resembles other artifacts, meaning that the glowing ice statue could be the last artifact that The Phantom needs. The pair then confronted Sven for possessing the statue. Confused Sven then explained that he found it near Mila Maynard's movie set and kept it, thinking that it's expensive. Sven then told them that they can keep the statue if they want before leaving. Happy that they found the last artifact before Evangelina's squad, the pair gave it to Ed, who promised to take care of it.

Meanwhile, Lexi, Tristan and player investigated the marketplace once again to see if there can find anything that could lead them to Nigel and Mina. The trio then found a strange folder, similar to one they found in the museum few weeks ago. They gave it to Ed, who told them that whoever kidnapped Nigel and Mina is one of The Phantom's affiliates. Ed also discovered that their kidnapper mentioned how ''the tall one'' was talking to her watch before throwing it in the forest, near a fancy trailer. Tristan then got an idea of locating Mina via her watch, so the pair immediately searched Colin Argent's trailer, only to find Mina's broken watch. After restoring it, Tristan analyzed it and managed to track down Mina's phone in the abandoned timber mill. Lexi then hugged Tristan for finding her girlfriend and her father. Tristan hugged her back and said that he would do anything for her since he couldn't just sit and watch her be sad. After two best friends hugged each other, they informed Bianca about everything.

After all of these events, Bianca told everyone to warm up since they will be going to the abandoned timer mill to find Nigel and Mina. Right then, Lexi got a video call from a person wearing a black hoodie and their voice high pitched. The anonymus caller promised to free Nigel and Mina if they agree to hand over the last artifact and, if they refuse, both Nigel and Mina will be eliminated. Heartbroken Lexi agreed to give them the last artifact. Having no choice, the team headed to the timber mill to save Nigel and Mina...



  • Colin Argent (died after swallowing razor blades on Christmas market)

Murder Weapon:

  • Razor Blades




Killer's Profile

  • The killer has a dust mite allergy.
  • The killer knows the Bible.
  • The killer speaks Spanish.
  • The killer is female.
  • The killer wears a scarf.

Crime Scenes

Christmas Market Bloody Table Christmas Market Bonus
Victim's Trailer Campfire Victim's Trailer Bonus
Natalie's House Christmas Tree Natalie's House Bonus
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