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Laura: Good morning <Name>. Hi Larry
Laura: Sorry. The chief
Laura: I've heard Kat And This is
Laura: Anyway. Let's get house Name!

House in the Room
Larry: So now that we here. What do you see?
Laura: Mr Clark Ok
Larry: Oh my god... Laura: Let's go Admin House

Chapter 1

Investigate House
Laura: Oh my... This is horrible. Her name was Abdul Patrick OMG
Laura: You also found a box? But it's play
Laura: Let's also get this body to Richard. She'll know what to do.
Laura: it's too late!
Laura: Let's not stand there and wait. Come on. We need

Examine Pieces of Wood
Laura: So you found a locked bag
Laura: Well you meant

Examine Locked bag
Laura: Wait. You found a name in the box?
Laura: What is the name?
Laura: Florence Sanders? I believe that's the victim's sister. Here

':Ask Florence Sanders about her brother''
Florence: Where is that brother is dead
Laura: Hello. Florence What's up
Florence (shocked): Murdered!
Florence (crying): I'm sorry to say but we found your brother Abdul's dead.
Florence: W-What. Good But But You're joking. She was fine a my doll
Laura (sad): Yes I'm so sorry Florence
Florence: Oh dear. How to kill my brother...
Laura: Very well. We must ask you
Laura: And I agree <Name>. We Again

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