The Leader's Game End
Season 1
City Cooold City
District Amusement Park
Case Number #1
Partner(s) Yann Touisant
David Jones
Preceded by Succeeded by
"ABC1 Group" Discover One Is Missing
The Leader's Game End, it is the sixth and penultimate case of the Amusement Park, and in the Cooold City. The case features with the discover of "ABC1 Group" leader .

Case Background

This case is the penultimate Amusement Park, and marks the discovery of Wealthy Group. Everything begins with the account of what happened in all cases the district. At the end of the count, Jones, get sad, and on the way to the station, is hit in the head, and goes off to a place where she was brainwashed, and force him to kill Amy Young.

In the curator, Jones with the knife goes where Amy, but Grace was there that shoots him in the arm, which leads to an arrest. But, two days later, Grace was found dead suffocated in the laboratory room. The first suspect is Jones, listed as suspicious after an Indian Anakee, police members: Andrea Marquez, Yann Touisant, Amy Young, Hannah Choi, Cathy King and Nathan Pandit.

At the end, chapter 2, everyone will arrest Cathy, who went to see Alex Turner, there she confesses to be the leader, but decided to grab angry and fired a bullet in the chest and died there. But, in chapter 3 we discover that Cathy did not want to commit suicide, he was brainwashed. In the arrest, the player discovers the real culprit.

The group leader is Andrea Marquez, along with Alex Turner, Grace Delaney, Samuel King, Knight Frank, Cathy King, Roxie Sparks, Lola Vallez, Bob Rooney, Rosa Wolf, Mika Chicken, Bobby Bunny, Neddy Fazbear, Marvin Mackenna, Caroline Riesco, Eliana Jenkins, White Oyarzun, and Ramon Jenkins.

The living members of the group were arrested to life in prison without condition of freedom. Leaving: Amy Jones, Yann, Nathan, and the player on the team. So the new group would be determined in the final chapter of the District Amusement Park, which was determined at the end of the additional investigation: "One is missing"


Grace Delaney
(Smothered with the marks of blows in the head)

Killer and motives

Andrea, did not support to see Grace as snitch team, and decides to kill her so suffocated.


  • Eliana Jenkins (Life)
  • Ramon Jenkins (Life)
  • Marvin Mackenna (Life)
  • Andrea Marquez (Life)
  • Rosa Wolf (Life)


  • Anakee (Indian)
  • Andrea Marquez (Chief of Police) - Killer
  • David Jones (Brainwashed)
  • Amy Young (Police)
  • Yann Touisant (Victim's Friend)
  • Hannah Choi (Victim's Friend)
  • Nathan Pandit (Victim's Friend)
  • Cathy King (Hacker)


Chapter 1, 2: Yann Touisant
Chapter 3: Nothing
Additional Investigation: David Jones

Crime Scenes

Lab Table Lab Bonus
Grace's House Grace's Bed Grace's House Bonus
Jail Table of Jail Jail Bonus


"ABC1 Group" Discover The Leader's Game End One Is Missing

In the next case....


Amy: Jones, i need talk with You..... ¡I like you!
David Jones: Amy... wooh.

Yann: Down the Gun, or I Kill Amy
Amy: Please, down the gun
(David down the gun)
Yann: This is best

David: ¡Amy, i like you!

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