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The Last Battle
Season 1
City Down City
District Central City
Case Number 1
Partner(s) Jones West
Preceded by Succeeded by
none Canibal Carncage

The last battle (Case #1) is the very first case of the game. It is also the first case of the city of Down City and its Central Center

Case Background

The victim was a protagonist of criminal case Grimsborough named Tony Montana, who was found dead at the entrance to the town stuck in the wall. He was killed  by a drug dealer named Johnny Byrd. Since this case was strictly a "tutorial case" , he killed Tony because he killed his grandpa(Donald Byrd is grandpa of Johnny Byrd).Johnny goes to prison with sentence life in Jail


  • Tony Montana (was found nailed to the wall)

Murder Weapon

  • nail gun


  • Johnny Byrd


  • Johnny Byrd
  • Natasha Striker
  • Kacper De Santa
  • Peter Montana

Killer's Profile

  • Killer has a black eye.
  • Killer wears a green sweat.
  • Killer has a blond hair.

Crime Scenes

  • School Wall
  • Kacper garden


Chapter 1

  • Investigate School Wall. (Clues: Victim's Body and Nail Gun)
  • Autopsy the Victim's Body. (00:00:05)
  • Investigate School Park. (Clue: green material)
  • Analyze green material. (00:01:00)
  • talk with Peter Montana
  • Talk with Johnny Byrd about wath his doing in a school
  • talk with Natasha Striker
  • talk with Kacper De Santa
  • Investigate kacper garden(clue:blond hair)
  • analyze blond hair(00:00:05)
  • Arrest the Killer.
  • Go to Additional Investigation. (no stars)

Additional Investigation

  • Check up on Kacper De Santa.
  • Investigate Kacper Garden. (Clue: apple)
  • Examine apple (Result: poisoned apple)
  • Analyze poisoned apple. (03:00:00)
  • Talk to Kacper De Santa. (Reward: Green Shirt)
  • Go to next case(1 star)


  • This is the only case which includes three clues about the killer.
  • This is the only case which features only 4 suspect.
  • This case is proparly this what happend with Tony when he left a Pacific Bay(He Dead)
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