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The Kitty Cats
Type Criminal organization, Prostitution ring
Headquarters Several brothels spanning across Blue Coasts' City Center
Founded by Akiko Miyadai
Leader Madeline Maxwell, Robert Steinberg, Akiko Miyadai
Allies Eva Dominique (under threat)
Enemies Blue Coasts Police Department

The Kitty Cats is an organization dedicated to sexually exploiting prostitutes, focusing mainly on young women and trans people in general. It serves as the main antagonist throughout the cases of the City Center in the city of Blue Coasts. As the player investigates, it becomes more and more apparent that The Kitty Cats are also related to some form of police corruption to avoid their downfall.

Role in cases

During the murder investigation of Jayne Daniels, one of The Kitty Cats' prostitutes, the team met local police commander Eva Dominique and found out that Natalia Ferreyra (who they already knew was a prostitute) was working in the same organization. At one point, it was discovered that Natalia's father had died back in Colombia and that she "just couldn't go" there for some reason, which was keeping her from seeing her family again and also claiming the inheritance she was entitled to. After the murder was solved, Annabelle Chashiroua talked to the player about Natalia's situation and told them that most probably, her pimp was practically holding her hostage and not allowing her to leave, which meant that she was not a sexual worker by choice but that she was being sexually exploited instead.

Annabelle decided to join the player in an investigation and try to figure out what was happening to Natalia. They discovered thanks to a leaflet that the prostitution ring in which she worked was called "The Kitty Cats" and that the owner of the brothel they'd been to was a certain Madeline Maxwell. She talked to Natalia personally and assured that they would devise a plan together so that she could escape safely to Colombia with the help of Sharlyn Wetton, a CIA agent.

Moreover, the team found out that The Kitty Cats was the same organization for which Candace Hunter had worked. Candace had been a witness to the murder of four prostitutes (also kitty cats) which Annabelle had been in charge of investigating when she worked for the City Center Police Branch under Eva Dominique's orders. Candace had not been protected by the local police as they should have done with a witness in such a case, and therefore she subsequently disappeared and was still missing to the present day. Eva's squad had never investigated her disappearance and had given up on the quadruple murder as well. Annabelle explained that helping Natalia would give her closure after not having been able to either save Candace or claim justice for the other four victims.

The team got suspicious of Eva, since she had shown little interest in the quadruple murder and Candace's disappearance six years before, and had also asked the player to temporarily put Jayne's murder investigation on hold.

Right when Natalia Ferreyra was about to leave the USA and escape, another murder investigation ensued, meaning that the airplane could not take off since it was now a crime scene. This situation put Natalia and the team in dire straits, since they needed to solve the murder as fast as they could so that Natalia could escape before The Kitty Cats noticed her absence. Mid-investigation, Eva Dominique asked the player who were they trying to help escape in the plane, which made the team believe that Eva had found out about Natalia. This was later proved to be a confusion due to a rumor started by Andrew Bolstein, which was actually about Sharlyn Wetton leaving secretly. Furthermore, Madeline Maxwell showed up at Hans Rougel's office to report Natalia missing while he was reading about Candace's case. This was not good since Madeline had seen the files and pictures on his desk, so now The Kitty Cats not only knew Natalia was gone but they also knew that the police was investigating their old crimes.

After the murder was solved, the team tried to make their plan work as soon as possible. Before she left for good, Natalia gave the player a list of all the prostitutes that she knew, and to their surprise the list contained an alarmingly high number of young trans people. Thomas Ravens explained that trans youth was often times more vulnerable due to employers not willing to give them a job and sometimes their parents kicking them out of their homes, which meant that they were not only homeless but also not able to find a job. Due to this, they ended up accepting The Kitty Cats' offers to be sex workers, only to realize later that it was actually an exploitation ring. The team asked chocolatier Harry Buddock to increase his donations to the Lavender Project, an NGO dedicated to sheltering trans people and finding jobs for them, so they could provide better for trans youth before they ended up at the mercy of The Kitty Cats.

Before Natalia's plane took off, someone managed to sneak into the airport's runway and leave a note on her plane window threatening her, saying that if she ever returned to Blue Coasts, they would do to her the same thing they'd done to Candace Hunter. The note contained traces of a plant located in the Evergreen Wetlands, which meant that the author of the note had for some reason been there recently.

Now knowing that The Kitty Cats could be hiding something in the wetlands, the team ordered a search around the area, and the officers in charge of it eventually found a dead body buried by a route. The corpse turned out to be Candace Hunter herself, putting an end to the mystery of her whereabouts and whether she was alive or not. They decided to investigate her murder and finally claim justice for her, which Eva Dominique had not wanted/been able to do, along with Oscar Yeable a local police officer which they also suspected for Candace's murder and who had been the one in charge of investigating her disappearance.

While they were investigating her death, Hans Rougel discovered an old arson case about a fire in Shokunin Grove, which had taken place the same day that Candace had gone missing, hinting that both her murder and the arson were related. When they finally arrested Madeline Maxwell for Candace's murder, she decided to co-operate to alleviate her sentence, and said that there were two other leaders, one of which had killed those four prostitutes 6 years before and the other one being the Shokunin Grove arsonist. With Madeline already out of the equation, the team could focus on helping Zoey Biglia, a trans girl also being exploited and who Madeline was not allowing to transition since she "attracted more customers that way". They managed to get the Lavender Project to find her a job and somewhere to live.

After investigating Madeline's brothel, they found a restraining order she had issued against Eva Dominique on the same day she had gotten promoted to District Commander. Eva was questioned about what her role in the organization was, but she kept refusing to answer until she finally said that "her hands are tied" and urged the player to keep investigating The Kitty Cats' crimes. Apart from that, they found out that there had been another witness to the quadruple murder apart from Candace, which Annabelle described as "a man near his sixties that everyone took for an insane person speaking gibberish", but she had actually been able to understand what he was trying to say. Working with that witness had been the reason George Nearnight asked her to join his team.

With Madeline already in jail, the team still needed to find the two other pimps, so they investigated the casino where Laila Myers was working picking up clients. They found a leaflet with a phone number but it turned out to be hers, due to The Kitty Cats becoming more careful after Madeline's downfall. Jerry Bryar interrogated Laila about who her boss was but she said that she would rather be arrested than have trouble with her boss, and that she knew what kind of stuff she was not supposed to tell the cops. Knowing that they would get no info from Laila, they tried to find more leads and eventually discovered the DNA of Camilla Sweeney on a condom. After investigating her social media, Violet Nearnight and Jerry concluded that she was probably a prostitute working at a bar Groovey Booze since she was there every single night and posted pictures asking if there were "any men looking for fun to hang out with tonight". Therefore, they decided to focus their attention on Camilla as their next step towards bringing down the prostitution ring.

While the player and Nora MacMillon watched Camila Sweeney, a murder was committed. Noel Nicollier, who was talking to Camilla, suddenly died after drinking a poisoned coffee. James Robert contacted local Commander Eva Dominique to ask for assistance in the investigation but after hearing some information about the case, she said that "her hands were tied", meaning that someone related to The Kitty Cats was there at the crime scene. However, she was not giving them any information and neither was Camilla.

After the case was solved, the team discovered that the victim's "godfather", a certain Robert Steinberg, had also issued a restraining order against Eva on the day she became Commander. This meant that he was Laila and Camilla's boss, the 2nd pimp they were looking for. Moreover, on a note for Camilla he implied that he was also the killer of the 4 prostitutes who had died six years before. The player and Nora went to arrest him immediately, but having anticipated the situation, he took Camilla at gunpoint as his hostage and escaped in his car. With no other choice, they let him go but started chasing him right after that.

As Nora and the player chased Robert Steinberg's car through the highway, it suddenly drifted aside as they heard a bang. Someone had shot Robert as he was driving, killing him right on the spot. Laila Myers and Camilla herself became two of the suspects. Laila revealed that after Madeline Maxwell was arrested, some of her prostitues were reassigned to Robert, with some others presumably being taken in by the 3rd unknown leader. After the police started approaching Laila to ask for her boss' name, she knew that Robert would fall in no time as well. She urged him to do something not only for himself but for all of the girls who would end up homeless after the police got onto him, but unfortunately Robert's only choice was to escape.

After solving Robert's murder, the team put pressure on Eva to explain what her relation to The Kitty Cats was. She denied to give any information, but after finding that Robert and her knew each other even before she was a police officer, she exploded and confessed that she used to be one of Robert's prostitutes. One day, she decided to become a police officer and asked Robert to leave, which he obviously opposed, but then the 3 bosses together realized that having a mole in the police could be useful. However, she gained too much power and once she became a district Commander, they realized that they'd bit off more than they could chew, so they each issued a restraining order against her and threatened not to do anything to their organization. Even if Eva feared for herself and her family, she still encouraged the player to bring the last pimp down.

Besides all of that, they found out that Laila Myers was gearing up a protest so that the victims of Madeline and Robert could get state assistance, due to the fact that it was not easy for hundreds of homeless prostitute to just find jobs instantly.

Unfortunately, Mayor Akiko Miyadai paid no attention to Laila's manifestation, and while hundreds of prostitutes protested right across the City Hall, someone unrelated to The Kitty Cats killed her. In the end, the head of the Lavender Project agreed to shelter the trans prostitutes who had been left in the street.

Once the murder was solved, Hans Rougel discovered that the Mayor was the last leader of The Kitty Cats that they needed to arrest. She confessed that she had started the whole exploitation ring to launch her political career, and said that she had killed Sir Gregor in the Shokunin Grove fire since he was a key witness in the quadruple murder cases. Since he had no family or friends or neighbors, it was a perfect plan for her since no one would notice he was dead. This meant that the actual Sir Gregor was dead, and the one they'd been talking to was an impersonator, which the team also confronted.

Murders committed

  • Four unknown prostitutes - 6 years prior to the current storyline, to prevent them from escaping their brothel
  • Candace Hunter - 6 years prior to the current storyline, to prevent her from exposing the previously stated murder
  • Sir Gregor - 6 years prior to the current storyline, died in the Shokunin Grove fire

Known members

  • Natalia Ferreyra
  • Jayne Daniels
  • Lucas Rose
  • Madeline Maxwell (leader)
  • Candace Hunter
  • Four unnamed prostitutes who were murdered
  • Zoey Biglia
  • Robert Steinberg (leader)
  • Laila Myers
  • Camilla Sweeney
  • Eva Dominique (formerly)
  • Akiko Miyadai (leader and founder)

Known customers

  • Joseph Knowles
  • Bartholomew Timbleton
  • Randy Cohen
  • Oscar Yeable
  • Ignatius Mallett
  • Timothy Oaks
  • Noel Nicollier
  • Steve Barrell