At the "Unicorn Island" game machine
Emily: I don't see why you want to play this game {Name}. Is it horror or a puzzle game!
Emily: I hate horror games. They scare me whenever Alejandro plays them...
Emily: What? I guess
Emily: Don't mind me {Name} Just talking to someone.
Liam: BOO!
Liam: Hahahahahaha Did I get you {Name}.
Liam: How are you mate. I missed you so much.
Emily: Who are you sir?
Liam: I'm Attender. Liam Attender. I used to be {Name}'s Partner.
Emily: Oh. Interesting. I guess you and {Name} can talk. See you later {Name}
Liam: So playing Unicorn Island are we. I can't get pass level 4 on that game. How have you been?
Liam: That's amazing to hear. I guess you need to relax after all the murder inves-
A loud scream came from somewhere near
Liam: What the...Was that a loud scream. Come on. Let's check it out!

Chapter 1

Investigate "Benny and the Joy Machine" Game Area
Liam: Well there's the dead body. The body is that of Grant Drew. He's the maker of Benny's!
Liam: Well one of the makers
Liam: You also found a work pass and also gift packet. Let's find out what is it and get to work!
Liam: Come on {Name}. Let's not waste anymore time!

Examine Workpass
Liam: Well. You found a work pass that belongs to a Abram Nichiporchik
Liam: I've heard of him. He's the marker of Hello Shopkeeper
Liam: We better find him and talk to him!

Examine Gift Box
Liam: You found a get well soon card in that gift packet. There's also a message "Get well soon. Andy Coffin"
Liam: Andy Coffin! He's the maker of Five Day in Fredrick's!
Liam: Don't tell me you've never heard of that game. It's one of the biggest games right now!
Liam: Let's find him right now!

Talk to Andy Coffin
Liam: Hello Andy. I'm a big fan of the series
Andy: Amazing. Who's your favourite
Liam: I quite like that new acid animatronic.
Liam: Sorry {Name}. We are here on a murder investigate
Andy: A murder investigation? Of who?
Liam: Grant Drew. He was found murdered at his stand
Andy: Grant is dead! That's horrible.
Liam: I take it you knew him
Andy: Yes. I sure did. He was the nice one. Benny and the Joy Machine was one of my favourite games. Please officers. Take a look around my stand. It might help!
Liam: Thank you Mr. Coffin

Talk to Abram Nichiporchik
Abrem: Ah hello officers. How are you?
Liam: We are here on police business. we found your work pass on the Benny and the Joy Machine stand
Abram: I wondered where that went. Thank you officers
Liam: We also found Grant's body
Abram: His body!
Liam: Yes. He was murdered at his stand
Abram: Wow. That's not cool...
Abram: I will miss him a lot. May he rest in peace

Investigate Five Days at Fredrick's Stand
Liam: So you found a torn picture and a...What even is that!
Liam: Have a look at them so we can see what they are!

Examine Torn Picture
Liam: Oh. The picture was a fan picture with the victim
Liam: Sadly I haven't seen this fan. Let's see who is it shall we!

Examine Fan picture
Liam: So the picture is that of Jonah Williams.
Liam: We need to find him at once!

Examine Strange Object
Liam: I still have no idea what it is even if you've unlocked it
Liam: Let's send it to Fiona at once!

Talk to Jonah Williams
Liam: Hello Jonah. We understand you were at the Benny and the Joy Machine Stand earlier today
Jonah: I went to both the Benny and Five Days at Fredrick's stands. I was playing some games
Jonah: I'm looking forward to what is coming
Liam: Well I'm sorry to say that Grant Drew was found murdered at the stand
Jonah: Wait what. He was fine when I saw him last
Jonah: I was with Edward talking about thumbnails for his videos when we were at the Benny Stand
Jonah: Oh well. I'm sorry to see him dead. I guess I have to look for other games to play

Analyse Victim's Body
Amy: Well this was an interesting body since it doesn't show any signs of bleeding out but there's blood everywhere
Amy: I also found some cuts on his hands
Liam: Was the victim known for being depressed
Amy: No way. He was very happy with his job and life
Amy: I also found something on the body
Amy: Some pieces from a parkin cake!
Liam: How could you tell?
Amy: Cause I made some this morning. I'm sure your killer did the same since their was none of it in your victim
Liam: So our killer eats Parkin. Well we'll soon get this gingery rotten cake!

Analyse Unlocked Strange Object
Fiona: I'm amazed you couldn't or didn't know what this is {Name}
Liam: What is it?
Fiona: It's a hidden Sword Glove from the game Killer of the Rich
Liam: Killer of the Rich. Isn't that the game that keeps coming out with a new entery every year
Fiona: Yep and I also know that you need to play 1000 hours to get this as a well done
Tom: So out killer plays Killer of the Rich
Tom: We need to say quiet to get this killer {Name}

At the office
Liam: I was hoping to play games with you. Not play games with the killer but here we go
Liam: We found Grant Drew murdered at his stand
Liam: We also know that the victim was killed with a game object
Liam: We have 3 suspects. The maker of Hello Shopkeeper, The maker of Five Days at Fredrick's and a fan. We done even know wh-

Chapter 2

Liam: I was hoping to play games with you. Not play games with the killer but here we go
Liam: We found Grant Drew murdered at his stand
Liam: We also have three suspects who seems sadde-
Liam: Let's have a look outside!

Liam: Who is she?
Liam: We need to grab her and take her into questioning right now before she blows up another bomb!

Talk to Ellen Looper Rochester about her game rant
Ellen: Let me go. I can walk by myself
Liam: Right. First question. How are you connected to the Looper Rochester?
Ellen: I'm Edward's Sister and Susan's and Ronald's child
Liam: Okay. That was the simple part. Why were you ranting about games and setting off bombs
Ellen: They won't real bombs and I was mocking someone who though games were bad
Ellen: I do hate some games though. I gave that Killer of the Rich game a try and it's horrible.
Liam: Have you he-
Ellen: About the news about that Grant guy. Of course. Edward will be so sad. He was really looking forward to that game
Ellen: More then me when I see Parkin. I could go for some now
Liam: We much request that you don't do anything and also {Name}. Let's have a look at the Feedback café...

Investigate Feedback Café
Liam: Oh. You found a newspaper and also a bin.
Liam: We need to find out what the newspaper says and see what the bin is hiding!

Examine Bin
Liam: You found a poster in the bin
Liam: It's saying Benny and the Joy Machine
Liam: You're right. Someone's being rude and wrote "Worst game ever. Please kill yourself". Jeez!
Liam: Let's send it to Matthew to see what he can find!

Examine Newspaper
Liam: So the newspaper shows an article
Liam: It reads "Today Grant Drew will show before Judge Alex Holiday for the attended murder of Abram Nichiporchik!"
Liam: What the...Abram never told us about this. We need to question this at once!

Question Abram Nichiporchik about the attended murder
Liam: Abram. We found some interesting imformation about this newspaper article
Abram: Where did you find that? I thought it was out of people's minds
Abram: Fine. That evil person tried to murder me because I "Took" his ideas.
Abram: Even though I didn't. I like Parkin Cake and Killer of the Rich. I don't take ideas!
Abram: Then he came into my house and tried to murder me for no reason!!
Liam: Well let's hope you didn't murder them to get revenge or you'll be making your next game...From prison!
Analyse Benny and the Joy Machine Poster
Fiona: Thanks for the poster {Name}. My young child will love this
Liam: Wait? But you're single
Fiona: I adopted a child Liam. Believe me. Anyway
Fiona: I analysed the handwriting and found out that Jonah Williams was the one who wrote the review.
Liam: Jonah. But he said he loved the game. Now calling it the worst game ever. You're right. We need to talk to him

Talk to Jonah about his review on the poster
Liam: Jonah. We found a poster with your review on it where you call it the worst game ever
Jonah: Well it was a good game until them microtransactions came in!
Jonah: It was fine at first but with each chapter it got worst. It's just like that game call Murder Cases who try and force you to buy money and gives you stickers
Jonah: Who though stickers were a good idea in a HORROR game. I will never know. At least I can play Killer of the Rich now.
Liam: If it turns out you murdered Grant for Microtransactions. You will be playing Killer of the Rich behind bars.
Liam: And alright {Name} Let's take another look at the victim's Stand!

Investigate Demo Screens
Liam: So you found a broken object. Maybe putting it back together will tell us more
Liam: Also I swear we got rid of all the blood...Let's get a sample of the blood from the glasses
Liam: Come on {Name}. Let's do this!

Examine Broken Object
Liam: Oh. I know what this is. It's a small robot that does small tasks around the house
Liam: And this has a name tag. It belonged to Mabel Gotts
Liam: Wait. You're right. We do know her. Let's question her!

Examine Bloody Glasses
Liam: So you have some of the blood from the glasses. Great! Let's send it to Richard at once!

Talk to Mabel Gotts
Mabel: Ah {Rank}{Name}. I didn't know you would be here
Liam: We were going to say the same thing
Mabel: Oh. I just came here for the Rochester Gaming Event. Why do you ask?
Liam: Because we found Grant Drew murdered at his own stand
Mabel: Oh wow... Sadly I didn't know the man so I can't give me word on him. But I can give you a word on the Parkin. It's very nice!
Liam: We'll need you to stay here under the investigation is over

Analyse Blood
Richard: So I analysed the blood that you gave me and it showed blood
Liam: Wow. I didn't see that coming.
Richard: That will get you no where. Now don't interrupt me again or I'll be forced to push you out
Richard: The blood was interesting since it came from the nose
Richard: Which means your killer has a nose bleed!
Liam: A nose blood you say. Come on {Name} Let's get this killer

In the office
Liam: You are doing very well mate. You found two new suspects
Liam: And found out that the killer has a nose bleed
Liam: But which one of the five suspects would murder Grant. I bet it's Abr-
Jonah: Well you better stop. Because I'M the one who murdered Grant!

Chapter 3

Arrest Killer

Liam: So you are the killer of Grant Drew Ellen. Why did you do it. Your mother is dead and your father is not doing well
Ellen: What. You think I murdered Grant. You are going to need massive proof
Liam: Well first off we found out that you eat Parkin
Ellen: Are you mad. We are in Yorkshire. A lot of people eat that. I can't be the only one
Liam: We also know you played Killer of the Rich and that bleeding nose isn't doing you any good.
Ellen: Shut up. I got it when I learn my dad was going to die in a few weeks
Liam: And what about your bow tie and glasses. They are also part of the mix I'm guessing
Ellen: I see you've done your homework. I let my great grandfather down
Ellen: He would have been do disappointed
Liam: Which grandfather?
Ellen: Haoraio Rochester you idiots. I worked years on the perfect murder with books written by him
Ellen: And you almost thought it was that mad lady you met before
Liam: What was your motive though
Ellen: He overstayed his welcome. The Rochesters and the Loopers wanted to get rid of him
Ellen: Of course all the goodie two shoes didn't take part in the vote
Liam: Wait. There are evil members in your family!
Ellen: Aren't there always. Maybe you should look every now and again
Liam: We will stop your family if it's the last thing we do
Ellen: Are you mad. Our family is huge. You'll never find every bad apple in our family!
Liam: I'm done listening to her. Ellen. For the murder of Grant Drew. You are under arrest

At the trail
Alex: Ellen Looper Rochester. You stand trail for the murder of Grant Drew. What do you say
Ellen: The murder happened in Rochester soil. I can keep my lips shut
Ellen: Just that you stepped into OUR town and you choose to play by our rules and if you overstay your welcome. We'll get rid of you
Alex: Are your family also connected to the murder of your mother
Ellen: Lips are sealed
Alex: You refuse to talk about the murder which means you will get max. I sentences you to 95 years in prison!
Ellen: Make that 95 nanoseconds!
Ellen: Also watch out {Name} You messed with the wrong family!

In the office
Liam: Jeez. Did you see the way she looked at you when she left. She was smiling like nothing
Liam: Now we must know which Looper Rochester are the bad ones
Liam: Is Edw-
Edward: Well {Name}.Don't ever come looking for me EVER AGAIN! Was crying
Liam: What the...

Good or Bad Ending (2/6)

A few Hours Later
Liam: Well I don't know about you. But Edward had me scared
Liam: What did we do wrong?
Liam: I'm so confused
Taylor: Hi {Name} Have you seen Edward?
Liam: Have we ever. He came in here screaming his head off about "Not coming back"
Taylor: We need to find him. He can't be out town without me or Edmon
Liam: Where do we look
Taylor: How about in the feedback café. I asked there and they said he might have been there
Matthew: Before you go. There's another Looper Rochester here to see you
Liam: With one
Matthew: A Tom Looper Rochester
Taylor: That's my father.
Liam: {Name} I know looking for Edward is important but I understand if you wanna go talk to Tom.
Liam: Just hurry!

Investigate Café
Liam: You found some broken glasses {Name}. Who do they belong to?
Taylor: They are Edward's glasses!
Liam: {Name} fix them as fast as you can!

Examine Broken Glasses
Liam: You fixed them. Well done. There's a message on them
Liam: "Stop looking for me. I'm leaving town for GOOD!"
Taylor: He can't do that though!
Liam: Where could he have gone too?
Liam: Maybe the glasses can tell us something. I guess we could send them to your chief.

Analyse Glasses
Matthew: I know this is bad. So I'll be fast. The letters on the glasses were those of true anger.
Taylor: Well it is known that Edward has anger points here and there but they are never this bad
Matthew: I had that feeling. Anyway. I found some paper pieces in the glasses. They are from one of the stands
Liam: We don't have time to check both of them. Which one
Matthew: Well the paper has a "F" on it
Taylor: The poor boy must have gone to the Five Days at Fredrick's stand. Come on. Let's grab him.
Matthew: Maybe get something to eat first. The thought of an angry teenager makes me scared

Investigate Five Days at Fredrick's Stand
Edward:......Was crying
Liam: Is he alright? What do we do
Taylor: Let me handle this...
Taylor: Edward?
Edward: W-What?
Taylor: What's wrong?
Edward: E-Everything. Both my father and mother are dead or dying and my sister's in prison and then I overheard them two thinking I was part of this secret group in the family
Edward: I couldn't take it...Even after what he did to me
Taylor: Of course. You can't let it get to you though. He cheated on you with a girl. I know how that feel
Liam: Wait. His boyfriend cheated on him?
Taylor: Seems so. Let's get Edward back to the station and let me talk to him

Talk to Edward Looper Rochester
Taylor: Are you alright cous?
Edward: I guess. I just can't believe it...
Taylor: I know. Just take your time while we ask some questions
Liam: Do you remember anything about this secret Rochester group?
Edward and Taylor: A bit. Mentioned here and there between two people
Edward: One was my Mother and one was my father
Liam: Your father. But he's the mayor of Rose Hill
Edward: I know. Doesn't mean he might not be trustful.
Liam: Where is he now?
Edward: In his house
Liam: Let meet him still we!
Edward: Before you go. Take this

Talk to Ronald Looper Rochester
Ronald: Oh. You found me {Name}
Liam: Is it true what we heard. You are part of the secret group?
Ronald: Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. You'll never find out
Liam: You still have time until you "die" Ronald
Ronald: Oh. Do I? Poor Edward. Never listened to me or anyone in the secret group.
Ronald: Yes. We tried convicting him to join but he didn't. Was he the one who lead you here
Liam: What's that ticking noise
Ronald: What? All I hear is the ever closer hands of death
Liam: {Name} RUN!
A few seconds after BOOM!
Liam: I can't believe it. He blown himself up. Wow
Liam: Let's just go back to the station {Name}. We'll tell Edward later...

Talk to Tom Looper Rochester
Tom: I know I better be fast because you are looking for Edward
Tom: But I might have found something that relates to the prison escapes
Liam: How do you know about that sir?
Tom: I just do. Anyway I found a piece of paper near the Benny and the Joy Machine stand
Liam: Is it still there sir?
Tom: Of course. It might be a bit faded though

Investigate Benny and the Joy Machine
Liam: Well this must be the faded paper Tom mentioned. I'll get your dusting kit

Examine Faded Paper
Liam: Well done {Name}. Now what is on the paper?
Liam: Put your phone over it...Why?
Liam: Oh. You think it's one of them QR code thingy
Liam: Let's send it to Fiona.

Analyse QR code
Fiona: Anyone could have done this. Why do I have to do it
Fiona: The QR lead to the Feedback Café and it was something to do with a secret meeting
Liam: The feedback café you say. Come on {Name} Let's go!

Investigate Counter
Liam: You found a locked box. How strange.
Liam: I don't know the symbols on it. Maybe unlocking it will help us

Examine Locked Box
Liam: There's an old picture in the box. It's of the Rochester family and the Looper family meeting.
Liam: Yeah. There's nothing more as can do here. We are at a dead en-
Liam: Was that a gunshot in the police station!
Liam: Let's go out now!

In the main office
Taylor: H-He was shot. We aren't sure by who.
Edward: It was that no good ex-boyfriend of mine
Liam: Edmon shot you. But why? I know love and this is just taking it too far
Edward: H-He went that way
Edward Falls to the ground
Amy: Well this removes him from the list of bad Rochester. Taylor. Carry Edward to my lab NOW!
Taylor: Yes miss...
Liam: Was any clues left behind so we can find him?
Emily: This ripped paper looks like it could hide something
Liam: Fast. Get it fixed NOW! We need to find Edmon

Examine Ripped Paper
Liam: So the address on the paper is that of "24 Gunhold Line" and there's a message
Liam: It reads "I knew you Looper Rochesters were evil. Now die!"
Liam: What the...did Edmon really think Edward was evil...
Liam: You're right. We need to tell the rest of the team about this!

At an emergency Meeting
Larry: I just heard the news. Who in the world would shot MY cousin?
Matthew: According to Edward. It was that "No good" ex-boyfriend of him
Larry: Edmon shot him. Why?
Liam: Well we found proof that it was because he was a Looper Rochester
Larry: WHAT!? Just because we have the last name of Looper Rochester doesn't mean we are all bad!
Matthew: Quite
Matthew: Amy. What's the progress
Amy: The bullet is out. It didn't hit anything important so he should be fine
Matthew: Good. Another question is where did he go?
Liam: He when to 24 Gunhold line is my guessing. That address was on the paper
Matthew: Well done {Name}.
Larry: I will go with {Name} chief. We need to get him as fast as we can
Matthew: Good idea and be careful. I heard the local VR shop is there.
Larry: Very well. Come on {Name} Let's go get a shooter!

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