David: Hello <Rank> <Name>, you must be the new guy.
David: Come <Name>, let me show you around.

Later in the park.
David: Well, that was great, right <Name>.
David: So what do you want to do nex...
David: Hold on <Name>, my phone's ringing.
David: This is David.
Chief Randy (on the phone): David, its Chief Kilter. Someone called a break in.
David: But chief, I'm showing <Rank> <Name> the city!
Chief Randy: I don't care! Go to the crime scene and find out what is going on!
David: Well, you heard the chief, let's go to the place where there was a break in.

Tyler: Oh officers, thank goodness your here.
Tyler: Quick, it happened in John's house!
David: Sir, can you please calm down.
Tyler: Ah yes, I'm sorry. I panicked when I heard glass shattering.
David: Alright, just wait here, we'll be answering you some questions Mr...
Tyler: Armstrong, Tyler Armstrong.
David: Okay Mr. Armstrong, stay here. <Name> and I will go to the house.
David: Alright <Name>, let's go!

Chapter 1

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Investigating Living Room

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Take care of the killer now!

David: Mr. Armstrong, you're under arrest for the murder of John Ballinsky
Tyler (Shocked): What! Me! I would never kill him!
David: Oh yeah, we found your "How to Break In" book in John's house.
Tyler: "How to Break In" book, That might be his. Even though, his family did awful things before.
David: His family sure did. But John doesn't green eyes, we found your DNA on his napkin!
Tyler: So what, it must have been his wife. I seen her many times, and she has green eyes!
David: Yeah, but she doesn't have a badge like you!
David: Face it Tyler! We know it was you, we found you breaking into his house on John's security camera!
Tyler (Shocked: What! He has a security camera?!
Tyler (Hand on his mouth): ...
Tyler (Disappointed): Alright, you got me! I did killed him!
David: Why, because John was stalking you?!
Tyler (Infuriated): Yes! I was annoyed by him stalking me!
Tyler (Confused): When I first moved here to Greeny District, he disliked me for some reason.
Tyler: I always thought this guy is not friendly to new people, so I started to get into it.
Tyler (Scared): But then, the stalking started got too deep!
Tyler: I caught him stalking outside my house!
David (Shocked): Wait, you caught John stalking you outside your house!
Tyler (Infuriated): Yes, and that's when I had enough!
Tyler: I read the "How to Break In" book, broke into his house, grabbed one of his kitchen knives and stabbed him to death!
David: I think we have enough Mr. Armstrong!
David (Holding handcuffs): <Rank> <Name>, cuffed Tyler please.
David: Tyler Armstrong, you're under arrest for the murder of John Ballinsky!

Judge Peterson: Tyler Armstrong, you're here for the murder of John Ballisky. How do you plead?
Tyler (Determined): Innocent, your Honor. John was stalking me everyday, and I got annoyed by it!
Judge (Confused): If you got annoyed by the victim stalking you, why didn't you call the police?
Tyler (Speechless): Um, I never thought of that...
Judge: Well, you should of thought of that before. I could of sentenced him to jail for that.
Judge: But since your brain is not thinking clearly, I sentence you to 25 years in prison.
Tyler (Hand on his head, disappointed): Damn it, why didn't I think of that before I killed him?
Judge (Crosses his arms): Don't you dare give me that look.

David: Well, I'm glad we put Tyler behind bars.
David: If you weren't here, I would never get this case solved.
David (Excited): Let's go to the chief's office, he'll be so proud of you.

Grass Is Greener (1/6)

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