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The Hoax of Murders
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General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Airport
Case # 56
Initial release date 26. III 2020.
Partner(s) Mia Diaz
Case Chronology
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Tearing Apart Light it Up

The Hoax of Murders is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 148th case of the game and the 56th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in District X, district of Fario.


Following an information that Nicoletta has been escaped Chief Loukas ordered the player and Mia to find her no matter what as she is important key to this story about LUMIA. The team then started a search that eventually led them to the oil factory where a flame seemed to be seen near the factory. Armed and ready the team rushed closer where they found a person tied on the pole, with lava falling down their body.

As the body was highly damaged, identification wasn't possible so the team sent bod to the autopsy and hoped for the best as they started to investigate further. As they started the investigation they came across a oil factory employee Fukushimo Crazy who was oddly green. As they started to examine further they discovered that their old friend Jacob von Bryne was very interested for the local demolished shop before discovering reasons to suspect a Russian neohuman Ghoran Lipovski. After Matilda finished with the autopsy of the burned corpse whe said that she successfully identified the victim as their arsonist-glitterati runaway Nicoletta Marconi. She then added that she discovered traces of the chicken flavor all over the rope the victim was tied with, eventually discovering that the same flavor was used for the instant ramen.

Following the autopsy, the team stepped inside to recap the case before Mia got a call from Bruno, who told the team that someone chases him. As Mia went to ask who a loud crash was heard before the line was cut out. After the line was cut out the team rushed to Arif in hope that he will find Bruno's location. After he successfully tracked it down they rushed to the crashing site where they found Bruno and questioned him about what happened. He said that while doing the patrol to see why oil factory is so important and to discover more abut the mole someone started to follow him and eventually led him to the car crash. After searching the crashing site they found that the Jacob threaten the victim because while she was in run from the jail she bumped and destroyed 5 000 year old bones of the ancient humans. As well, the team tracked that Dominique Stern used to stalk the victim before discovering that the victim found that Fukishimo is Ronald's son who was sent to finish a job of his father, alarming the red light for the detectives who decided to keep an eye on him.

Mid-investigating, the chief approached the team and told them to check the news where Ghoran stood in front of the crowd, telling everyone that Fario Police Department spread hoaxes and faking murders to gain influence over the city. With a shock the team rushed to the press conference to speak to Ghoran who said that the victim is well and alive and that they just spread rumors, saying how he saw her being near the recent crashing site. Th team investigated the place and found Nicoletta's wig and clothes, which Karen analyzed and found tat has Dominique's DNA who said that he just played around for his social experiments before discovering that Bruno and the victim had and arguments where Nicoletta tried to seduce him to get her free.

Later on, after all pieces of the puzzle were completed, the team went and arrested Ghroan. Upon being questioned about the murder he backed away, repeating that is a hoax and that they arresting a non existing killer but how the team started to pressure the evidence more and more Ghoran cracked and confessed but said that it was the only way to get rid of the potential threat for Russia. He then explained that Nicoletta wasn't just a basic socialite but a highly experienced cheater, gambling addict and a professional cat-burglar who stole old secrets from the Russian underground. The team looked confused at him on what he explained that he was made in the later 80s by the government of the soviet union as a spy machine but that shortly after the union dissolved and he left to be under Russian control until couple of years ago he wasn't send to Fario alongside lots of documents and secrets who dated back to 1920s. He then said how only night someone broke into his apartment and stole those documents and that he worked hard since then to obtain the evidence and DNA to find who did it until he found that it was Nicoletta after which he did a deep background check to discover her secrets and connections after which he helped her to escape and made her go to the oil factory where he knocked her off and tied up before grabbing the lava gun in attempt to destroy her entirely but didn't count that police will be there sooner then expected. At the trial, he was found guild and sentenced to life in jail by Judge Gilmore.

Post-trial, the team was approached by Bruno who said that he has something judge to confess. Bruno then sighed and told the team that he wasn't all honest in the investigation and that reason why he was on the road wasn't only because of Nicoletta but because he wanted to continue John's steps and discover who the mole is. Mia then stood up and told him that if he does that he risk to lose a life like John did but then Bruno stopped her and said that he is careful before asking the player to help him to find his shoulder bag because he discovered something new. The player agreed and a due hit the road towards the crashing site where they found Bruno's bag, however already opened and teared apart. after restoring the bag and documents the team decied to be sure so they sent everything to the lab where Madison found a DNA of Jacob on the bag before saying that the documents in the bad where all deranged due to water they were exposed to which made Bruno to curse. Because of the new discovery they approached Jacob who swore that he didn't mean harm and that he just inspected it, thinking that is related to the archaeology and not to destroy any physical evidence needed to the police, which resulted the team to fine him before they got a call from Matilda who said that she discovered something odd in victim's high heel and that the team need to inspect in more. After they returned and inspected that Matilda found they saw that what Nicoletta hid was an address of the old shop They returned there where they searched the place again and soon found a safe full of drugs missing from the Airport. However, after the analyzes, Karen confirmed that this is just a bit of the large storage but that she found an insignia of FPD, meaning that who ever hide drugs around the district is the mole who works for Nerocius.

In the meantime, Mia and the player were asked by the Chief to speak with Nefertiti Nebet about her decision if she wants to joins the official consultant. The team went to her camper and asked but she was still insecure due to reasons of the mole and everything and said that she will need more time but that they can help her with something. She said that a new digging site is discovered near the oil factory and that she want to be sure that everything is clean. Mia and the player went there to make sure about that where they discovered something dug in the dirt. After they dug it out they found that is a weird cryptex there. After opening it they found a strange Hard Drive that they sent to Arif who after the analyzes confirmed that Hard drive belong to the police and that is stolen a year ago while the "last battle of Fario" and that it belonged to Abismo and that contains a lot of files of Libidine and old departments and planed and schemes planned for this one but that many of it's content is still encrypted.

The team then reported everything to the chief who said that they should not let this go and push harder to find the mole and free this cursed departments. Then, Abbi came to the team and said that she and the player are invited to come to Madam Casandra's luxury party.



  • Nicoletta Marconi (Found tied on the pole, lava falling down her body)

Murder Weapon

  • Lava gun


  • Ghoran Lipovski



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer drinks cocoa.
  • The Killer eats instant ramen.
  • The Killer reads Victor Hugo.
  • The Killer has a rash.
  • The Killer has AB- blood type.

Crime Scenes

Oil Factory Grounds TBA Oil Factory Grounds Bonus
Old Shop Broken Doors Old Shop Bonus
Crashing Site TBA Crashing Site Bonus


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