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The Heart of the Serpent
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Yahatu Village
Case # 35
Initial release date ?.?.2021
Partner(s) Elena Yellowstone
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
A Test of Faith The Beginning of the End
(in TBD)

The Heart of the Serpent is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the thirty-fifth case of Secrets of Yahatu and the sixty-fifth case overall. It's also the fifth and last one to take place in Yahatu Village district.


After meeting up with Arian and other armed villagers, the team was ready to face Clint Russo and bring him down for everything he did. Rosa Chapman, who wanted to bring Clint down for separating her from her son and destroying her life, said that she'll enter first and distract Clint while others ambush him. The group then entered the temple separated and Elena and player ended up going down the bloody narrow path and finally ended up finding the sacricial chamber. Ready to bring Clint down, Elena slowly climbed out of the tunnel to reach the sacrificial chamber, only to stumble upon Clint's dead body with a huge wound on his chest. Shocked, Elena and player quickly met up with others and explained what happened. Terrified, Arian told them that the crown is missing too and they couldn't find it anywhere, meaning that whoever murdered Clint took the crown. Confused, Autumn approached them and told them that she checked the CCTV cameras around Hardville Town, and the chaos in the city didn't stop despite Clint being dead. Wanting to stop Clint's killer from fulfilling Clint's original mission, Elena and player investigated the scene and found enough clues to suspect activist Imogen Shepherd, Parker's sister Dani Colton, and her boyfriend, reality TV star Silvano Strong. When they returned back to the chamber, Autumn told them that her drone filmed someone following Clint inside...



  • Clint Russo (found dead in the sacrificial chamber with his heart torn out)

Murder Weapon:

  • Manual Heart Removal


  • Not yet Incarcerated



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Killer's Profile

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Crime Scenes

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