The First Case is the first case of Silcon Center, a district in Ropel City and the first case of the game.

Victim:Vera Kingsley (found lifeless on the beach, with wound on her legs)

Weapon:Sharp Knife

Killer:Amanda Uarana

This case is suceeded by One Man, One Woman.

Killer's Profile

The killer wears blue

The killer has brown eyes

The killer wears lipgloss

The killer eats chips

The killer eats mints


Milton Dimitri (Vera's Cousin's Dad)

This suspect has brown eyes

This suspect eats mints

This suspect eats chips

Rosie Dime (High School Friend)

This suspect wears blue

This suspect wears lipgloss

This suspect eats mints

This suspect eats chips

Amanda Uarana (High Scool Enemy)

This suspect wears blue

This suspect has brown eyes

This suspect wears lipgloss

This suspect eats chips

This suspect eats mints

Madeline Springer (Victim's Best Friend)

This suspect eats mints

This suspect wears lipgloss

Jacob Turner (Victim's Boyfriend)

This suspect has brown eyes

This suspect eats chips

Crime Scenes

Shore, Lifegueard's Hut, Shore Bonus

Vera's House, Television, Vera's House Bonus

Schoolroom, Desks, Schoolroom Bonus


Chapter 1

Investigate Shore. (Clues: Victim's body, Paper, String)

Autopsy the victim's body. (9:00:00) (New Crime Scene: Vera's House)

Examine Paper. (Result: Unkown Man)

Examine String. (Result: The Killer Wears Blue) (Attribute: the killer wears blue)

Investigate Vera's House. (Clue: Ripped up photo)

Examine Unknown Man. (New Suspect: Milton Dimitri)

Interrogate Milton Dimitri

Examine Ripped Up Photo. (New Suspect: Rosie Dime and Amanda Uarana)

Question Rosie about her taking a picture of the fight.

Question Amanda why her and Vera were in a fight.

Go to Chapter 2 (1 star)

Chapter 2

Investigate Schoolroom (Clues: Drawing, Pencil)

Examine Drawing (New Suspect: Madeline Springer and Jacob Turner)

Examine Pencil (Result: Blood)

Analyze Blood (8:00:00) (Result: Vera's blood) (Attribute: The killer has brown eyes)

Interrogate Madeline (New Crime Scene: Television)

Interrogate Jacob (New Crime Scene: Desks)

Investigate Television (Clue: Paper bag)

Investigate Desks (Clues: Vera's Purse, Mint Packet)

Examine Paper Bag (Attribute: The killer wears lipgloss)

Examine Vera's Purse (Result: Crumbs)

Analyze Crumbs (Attribute: The killer eats chips)

Examine Mint Packet (Result: Slime)

Analyze Slime (3:00:00) (New Crime Scene: Lifeguard's hut)

Go to chapter 3 (1 star)

Chapter 3

Investigate Lifeguards Hut (Clue: Bloody Mints)

Examine Bloody Mints (Attribute: The killer eats mints

Arrest killer

Go To Additional Investigation. (2 stars)

Additional Investigation

Check up on Rosie Dime

Investigate Shore (Clue: Flipflop)

Analyze Flipflop (2:00:00)

Give the flipflop back to Rosie

Check up on Madeline Springer

Investigate Vera's House (Clue: Broken Vase)

Examine Broken Vase

Give the Vase to Madeline

Go to next case (No Stars)

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