The Final Frontier
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Pharaoh's Den
Case # 27
Initial release date 21.1.2020
Partner(s) Parker Colton
Case chronology
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Ancient Stab The Road Most Travelled

The Final Frontier is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-seventh case of Secrets of Yahatu and the fifty-seventh case overall. It's also the second one to take place in Pharaoh's Den district.


After Autumn located Yahatu Goddess's tomb, the team headed there, hoping to bury her crystals and uncurse the Yahatu village. However, as they were driving, they saw hunders of people in front of the Area 51. Confused, Clint Russo went to see what's going on, only to get pushed by Luke Graves, who said that he and his best friend Kenneth Cooper apparently saw aliens nearby and that someone then killed Kenneth probably to silence him. Realizing that the entire tomb is probably surrounded by the crowd, the team decided to help Luke solve Kenneth's murder so they can finally get to the tomb. Exhausted, Parker and player then cleared the scene and found Kenneth's body with a hole in his chest. After investigating victim's car, Parker and player found enough clues to add Luke to the suspect list, along with businesswoman Viola Fox. Surprisingly, they also found enough clues to suspect Logan's boyfriend Jay, who nervously admitted that he joined the raid on Area 51 simply because he was interested in Luke and Kenneth's story. After Parker and player returned back to the scene of the crime, panicking Elena told them that someone set their van on fire.

After regrouping, angered Clint said that they need to hurry up with the investigation because he can't stand Area 51 raiders anymore, saying how setting their van on fire was the last straw. Parker and player then investigated the burning van and found enough clues to suspect victim's sister Erica Cooper and Hardville Town Mayor Jackson Riorta, who happened to be Jay's father. Later during the investigation, the team discovered that Kenneth and Luke argued after Kenneth got scared and refused to join the Area 51 raid the first time it happened, angering Luke. The duo also learned that Kenneth broke Viola's nose for being a Trump supporter few years ago, making the pair argue when Viola recognized him earlier. After returning back to others, panicking Logan told him that Jay is arguing with his father and that it's getting out of control.

Parker and player then went to see what's going on and saw Jackson shouting at Jay, telling him to stay away from Yahatu Archaeological Association for his own good, but Jay didn't want to hear any of that. After calming them both down, Logan hugged and kissed Jay and lead him away from Jackson while Parker and player searched the highway. After investigating all of the remaining crime scenes, the team discovered that Jay and Kenneth were dating a while ago and that Kenneth tried to win back Jay's heart. The duo also learned that Kenneth vandalized Jackson's posters, thinking how he's not capable of being Hardville Town Mayor. They also found out that Erica tried to stop Kenneth and Luke from getting inside of Area 51, fearing for her brother's safety. After all of these events, Parker and player discovered that Kenneth Cooper's killer is Luke.

After denying their accusations, Luke finally confessed to the murder. When Parker asked him if he really shot Kenneth just because he changed his mind about the Area 51 raid, Luke laughed and said that it was nothing personal and that he only had to make a distraction. Confused, Parker asked Luke to explain, making him reveal that he's another Luz del Sol cult member and that, after almost every other cultist got arrested previously, Rosa started working harder than ever to get the crystals from Lori Hanna and uncurse the Yahatu village herself. Rubbing his chin, Luke said that he spied on the team when they finally located Yahatu Goddess's tomb. After finding it's location, Luke made up the entire alien sighting situation and then shot Kenneth with a laser gun to make it seem like he was silenced by the government. Luke smirked and said that it worked pretty well and that raid on Area 51 gave him enough time to find the tomb and find another entrance that hasn't been found by the followers of Esme's sibling. Knowing that Esme's sibling wants to get rid off both the team and Rosa's cult, Parker told Luke that he must tell them where the additional entrance is because Esme's sibling could be up to something very dangerous, but Luke snapped and said that the cult would never team up with them. After reporting Luke to appropriate authorities, Mayor Riorta approached them, saying how he needs to talk with them immediately.

The team then spoke to Jackson, who told them that Jay informed him about their current mission and that he has info on it. Jackson explained that someone planted bombs and blew up multiple important archaeological discoveries around Pharaoh's Den and Hardville Town, along with underground passages between those places. Parker suspected that followers of Esme's sibling could be trying to block all possible entrances to Yahatu Goddess' tomb. Wanting more leads on them, Parker and player investigated the Area 51 gates and found Luke's backpack. Suspecting that Luke might have some discoveries, Parker and player searched the backpack and found Luke's tablet that they sent to Autumn. After analyzing Luke's tablet, Autumn told them that he kept in touch with Rosa this entire time and that Rosa is hiding somewhere in Pharaoh's Den too. Smirking, Autumn then invited the player to go pay a visit to Luke in prison and grill him about Rosa's location. Autumn and player then spoke to Luke, who laughed and refused to reveal anything about Rosa's location. Autumn then started flirting with Luke and got him to finally reveal that followers of Esme's sibling are waiting for someone to deliver the explosives to them to block the last possible entrance to the tomb. After grilling Luke to reveal his discoveries, Autumn and player told Parker that they should go and find out who is going to deliver the explosives and where. However, Clint stopped them and said that Parker should try and do this task alone. Clint sighed and told Parker that he keeps relying on the player and Elena, and that he can barely do anything right without getting in trouble. Parker then rolled his eyes and said that he can handle himself very well before walking away from them.

Meanwhile, nervous Jay approached the player for help, saying how it's very important. Insanely blushing, Jay told the player how he and Logan have been dating for few months now and how he's 100% sure that he wants to marry Logan. However, after everything that happened today, Jay admitted that he lost the ring he bought for Logan and that he needs player's help with finding it. The duo then investigated the burned van and found Jay's empty ring box in a pile of dirt. Jay then started panicking, saying how someone probably stole his ring. Before Jay could start hyperventilating, the duo approached Caroline for help, who discovered that fingerprints on the ring box belong to tomb raider Salvador Price. The duo then confronted Salvador, who nervously laughed and said that he stole the ring from them, thinking it could go well with his collection of antique jewelry. Salvador then returned the ring to them, apologizing for making a mistake. After sending Logan a text to meet him on the scenic viewpoint, Jay went to propose to him, supported by the player and Caroline. Jay approached Logan from behind and wrapped his hands around him, kissing him on the neck. Shaking, Jay told Logan that he loves him more than anything else in the world and that, with everything they've been through together, both good and bad, he's sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with him before kneeling down and asking Logan to marry him. Shocked, Logan just nodded and burst into tears, hugging Jay tightly. Caroline and player then decided to leave the couple be.

After all of these events, Parker returned back to others, still hurt by Clint's words. When asked about the explosives, Parker said that there is a race taking place across the entire Pharaoh's Den and that one of the racers is another follower of Esme's sibling. Parker explained that, since the finish line is literally near the tomb, the racer will deliver the explosives there once they finish the race. Wanting to stop followers of Esme's sibling to block their last entrance to the tomb, the team went to watch the race and find out which racer is carrying the explosives...



  • Kenneth Cooper (found dead on the Area 51 gates with a hole in his chest)

Murder Weapon:

  • Laser Gun




Killer's Profile

  • The killer knows astrophysics.
  • The killer uses a selfie stick.
  • The killer has read Truth About Aliens.
  • The killer weighs 145 lbs.
  • The killer has an oil stain.

Crime Scenes

Area 51 Gates Barbed Wire Fence Area 51 Gates Bonus
Burned Van Front Seat Burned Van Bonus
Highway Lake Shore Highway Bonus
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