The whole world comes to investigation in The Europe Edition. Various law enforcement agencies govern certain localities across the globe, but the European Metro Police (EMP) serves as a top police force specializing in difficult crimes to deal with by average law enforcement localities.


Europe focuses on a group known as The Quartimann Society, a group that hates doctors and nurses, and kill them, and The Modern Day Revolution, a rebel group against the Quartimann's.

Case # City Country Case Name Team Mate
#1 Derry Ireland Silence in Ireland Arthur Lionel
#2 Cardiff Wales The Shooting Range Sandy Beach
#3 Glasgow Scotland Splitting the Bill Arthur Lionel
#4 London England When the Clock Chimes Arthur Lionel
#5 Paris France Beneath the Tower Millie Fonne
#6 Berlin Germany Remembering Old Times Greta Mortz
#7 Rome Italy Torn to Shreds Bella Forte
#8 Stockholm Sweden Catching Fire Sandy Beach
#9 Oslo Norway A Glass of Murder Sandy Beach
#10 Nuuk Greenland Family Ties Aanaya
#11 Athens Greece How to Save A Life Arthur Lionel

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