A local subway station was shut down for a party of the century. But then a murder just took place. Find out who sent this "poor" victim to his death bed
—Case Teaser
The End of the Line
Case 11.png
Season 1
City Waterborough
District Money Mile
Case Number 11
Date of Release 28th October 2018
Partner(s) Tony Dunkin (All Chapters)
Courtney Martinez & Sakura Kamenashi (50 Tones of Green 5)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Observe and Kill A Penny for Your Death

The End of the Line is a case featured in Criminal Case, as the eleventh case of Season 1 and the eleventh case overall, It takes place in the Money Mile district of Waterborough.


Penelope Diaz sent Tony and the Player to the Queen Street Subway Station after reports of a disturbance by the Waterborough Transit Authority. They discover a party being thrown. After shutting it down, they found the body of company director Thomas McCarthy.

Later team team found enough evidence to arrest plastic surgeon Paul Burke for the murder

Upon admitting to the murder, Paul said that he fell in love with Georgina Lawson and would do anything to protect her. Paul could not bear it when it came to his attention that Thomas had an affair with Georgina even though the surgeon was already married. In retaliation, he cornered Thomas in the subway station and stabbing him with a candlestick and fleeing the scene. Judge Raymond sentenced him to

Post-trail, Sakura wants to dig in more into who is behind the stock fraud,

The team prepare to go arrest Samuel for orchestrating the fraud



Brisa Schmidttrain operator


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