The Emporium is a league of scientists of the sort. The leader of the Emporium is Tatyana Yefremova, geneticist and Nobel Prize winner. The Emporium is the protagonist of Unicus the Unique's fanmade storyline, Science As We Know It.


The cause of the formation of the Emporium is to thwart sources of evil across the globe. However, they can also stop around the globe for other science-related reasons.


The Emporium hosts the top scientists from all of the six continents, along with additional recruits. The personnel of the consist of ten main members, each serving a different purpose, as seen below.

Personnel Age Hometown Past Profession Position Duties
Tatyana Yefremova 46 St. Petersburg, Russia Geneticist Commissioner of the Emporium

Oversees the work of the Emporium day by day. Occasionally helps others with work, along with working in the field.

Arman Ruslan 48 Astana, Kazakhstan Geneticist Administrative Assistant Assists Yefremova with her daily duties of administration. Also has the right to lead in cases of the leader's absence.
Ashton Irvine 45 Sydney, Australia Director for Medical Board of Australia Chief Medical Examiner Manages and assists lab personnel with their analyses. Occasionally performs analysis on drugs and medicines. 
Youssef Rameses 39 Cairo, Egypt EASRT-RSC Employee Astrophysicist Does work regarding outer space, satellites, cosmodromes, and the sort. Handles astrophysical data if the occasion rises.
Alejandra Hernandez 58 Lima, Peru Coroner Anatomical Analyst Autopsies murdered corpses, along with handling anatomical forensics. Can also help restore the health of wounded Emporium personnel.
Izumi Hashimoto 39 Sapporo, Japan Hacker Digital Analyst Handles and analyzes digital and technical evidence to help investigators incriminate the identity of the perpetrator. Also issues new leads whenever possible.
Emmaline Delacroix 25 Calais, France Psychiatrist Criminal Profiler Analyzes objects and/or clues that cannot be analyzed by digital, physical, clinical, anatomic, or technical forensics, but instead through psychological analysis.
Ananya Ranadive 60 New Delhi, India Museum Curator Historian Analyzes ancient artifacts and/or documents and uses historical measures to bring or decipher important information from them.
Beckett Landon 35 New York, USA National Forensic League Member Spokesperson Acts as the spokesperson for the Emporium. Spreads speeches regarding threats to the world, along with warnings. Occasionally used to talk to diplomats.
Omar ben Kassem 52 Casablanca, Morocco Defense Intelligence Agent Bodyguard Assists scientists arrest notorious criminals by gaining outside information and/or using violent measures, sometimes performs analysis on murder weapons.

Threats Thwarted

None yet!

Series Appearances

As the main protagonist in Season 1 by User:Unicus the Unique, the Emporium appears in all episodes of his series.

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