The Elite is The International Police Organization that will appear In The World Edition.

The Team

Name Age Homeland Position
Joy Anderson 30 Washington DC, United States Of America Chief
Matthew Murphy 29 Montreal, Canada Administrative Assistant
The Player N/A N/A Elite Force Detective
Koharu Matsuo 40 Osaka, Japan Elite Force Agent
Ian Reyes 23 Pasig, Philippines Elite Force Officer
Gennady Anisimov 45 Samara, Russia Coroner
Cumar Maslah 33 Mogadishu, Somalia Forensic Expert
Salah Merabet 32 Quargla, Algeria Technical Expert
Sydney Jones 28 Canberra, Australia Profiler
Graham Cameron 30 Edinburgh, Scotland Field Agent;

Weapons and Ballistics Expert

Abrahan Sousa 36 Brasila, Brazil Historian
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