The Drown Friend-Ship (Case #2) is the second fanmade case released by Tomoshiro.

Case Background

The Victim was Shay Uramarot, who was found death on a Palanquin Ship with no visible wounds. The killer was Marousse Ostimanim, a very good friend of Shay, who didn't kill him at all, he only destroy the friendship between both because of a simple discussion about a game. Shay wanted Marousse not to fight with Abbey Iriji, who insulted Marousse and his favorite game: WowHow? A japanese danmaku shooting game made by Zoom.


  • Shay Uramarot

Murder Weapon

  • Words


  • Marousse Ostimanim


  • Abbey Iriji (Has talked with the victim on Friendnet)
  • Marousse Ostimanim (Plays Danmaku games, wears a hat, has talked with victim on Friendnet)
  • Zoom (Plays danmaku games, wears a hat.)

Killer's Profile

  • The killer wears a hat
  • The killer plays Danmaku games
  • The killer has talked with the victim on Friendnet

Crime Scenes

  • Palanquin Ship
  • Helm Ship
  • Hats shop
  • Hats wardrobe


  • Chapter one:
    • Investigate Palanquin Ship (Clues: Victim's body, Victim's heart)
    • Autopsy Victim's body (18:00:00)
    • Analyze Victim's heart (06:00:00)
    • Talk with Abbey Iriji
    • Talk with Marousse Ostimanim
    • Investigate Hats Shop (Clue: Dirty hat)
    • Examine Dirty Hat (Result: Sample)
    • Analyze Sample (03:00:00)
    • Talk with Zoom
    • Investigate Helm ship (Clue: Laptop)
    • Analyze laptop (00:30:00)
    • Arrest killer
    • Go to Additional Investigation (1 star)
  • Additional Investigation:
    • Check up Zoom
    • Investigate Hats wardrobe
    • Examine hats (Result: Zoom's hat)
    • Give the hat back to Zoom
    • Investigate Next case (4 stars)


  • This is the only case of Tomoshiro with only two chapters including Additional Investigation
  • This case characters are based in the game "Touhou Chireiden: Undefined Fantastic Object".
  • This case is based on real events
  • This case is made as an excuse for Chan Jun Loong by Tomoshiro, who's very sorry about what happened.